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Emailgate: This Is Why Hillary Is in Such Serious Trouble—With No Way Out!

Monday, April 25, 2016 5:00
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A Non-Stop, One Woman
Crime Spree


Is Clinton really running for president to avoid prison?

The Department of State-Clinton Foundation fiasco was set up as a parallel government


Emailgate and Servergate make Watergate look like a tea party

State of the Nation

There are very good reasons why the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton is taking so long. The scandal, variously known as Emailgate and Servergate, is much, MUCH bigger than what the media has falsely portrayed.[1]  It is also a scandal that has cast its net around many more conspirators than just Clinton & Company.

It ought to be obvious that President Obama himself is directly implicated in the serial law-breaking that went on with both Clinton’s personal email account and home server. Obama was well aware of the patently unlawful arrangement and subsequent criminal activity and is therefore complicit—profoundly complicit.  This is why he makes periodic proclamations about no laws being broken; a completely inappropriate statement for a POTUS to ever make about an ongoing FBI investigation.  He’s guilty by virtue of playing email exchange with Hillary for all those years with her personal email domain.  He knew it like everyone else, and yet had the audacity to claim that he first learned about the unlawful setup from the media accounts when Emailgate first broke.

U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Reveals Clinton Email Criminality


Special Note:
It should be obvious by now that the Secretary of State (SOS) has always improperly utilized back-channel, off-the-radar correspondence systems to hide their serial illegal activities. After all, U.S. gunboat diplomacy has become infamous around the world and is always commandeered by the SOS.  Therefore, coordinating acts of terrorism, color revolutions, civil wars, and war-mongering are critical pieces of the SOS portfolio. Committing ‘necessary’ acts of high treason is especially high on their daily “To Do” list.   Hillary Clinton was not only involved in the greatest SOS crime spree in American history, she was also running a very lucrative family business on the side.  Hence, she had inordinate incentive to keep all of her illicit enterprises off the books and in the dark.  It really does appear, however, that the Administration set her up; not only to do a LOT of Department of State (DoS) dirty work, but also to expose the Clinton Foundation covert criminal enterprises.  There is no other reason why Clinton would have been so foolish in establishing what was essentially a parallel government and personal enrichment scheme functioning under the DoS umbrella.  Clearly, she was set up in this regard—BIG TIME!

For the uninitiated what the Clintons were in fact doing was running their version of a parallel government.  The primary purposes behind this illegal operation of personal enrichment through the exploitation of the office of the Secretary of State are manifold. First and foremost, financial gain appears to be a huge personal motive for the rapacious Clintons.  Secondly, Bill saw an extraordinary opportunity to play president again, especially after his wife lost the nomination to Obama.  Bill also wanted to take advantage of State in order to grow the Clinton Foundation (TCF).  Not only is TCF his baby in every way, it represents a vehicle for him to forever exert his influence on American foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes

This last point is perhaps the most important. The Clinton Foundation is not your typical NGO; it is a covert CIA-structured operation with objectives far different from the charitable work that it was chartered to do.  Is there any major U.S. charity or  philanthropic organization operating in foreign lands that is not used by the CIA to furtively spread its tentacles around the globe?  This is how they have always done it, just as they have utilized every American embassy as a literal CIA nest of clandestine activity in all of the respective host countries.

The key point here is that all of Hillary Clinton’s initiatives at State were inextricably intertwined with both governmental and personal pursuits that then got so entangled it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.  Benghazigate, yet another scandal to embroil Clinton, is really so much deeper a black operation than what the MSM will, or can, reveal.  As a matter of fact, the law-breaking in Libya was so serious and pervasive that only the Clintons could be counted on to complete the unseemly job. However, losing an ambassador and three other State Department employees was not an easy thing to do, even for hardened career criminals like Hillary Clinton.


The Law Is Squarely Against Clinton

Despite the incessant spin by the Clinton campaign, she and her co-conspirators broke several laws in the conduct of both Emailgate and Servergate.  The willful mistreatment of top secret and highly classified information took place because it had to take place.  The coterie of DoS criminals was essentially carrying out illicit black operations in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, etc. during Clinton’s entire term at State.  And Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, was aware of and blessed each and every premeditated crime spree.

The following video lays bare the raw truth about Clinton’s culpability in this ongoing saga. The only conclusion that anyone can make is that the whole Obama Administration was involved in this conspiracy to wage unlawful wars of unprovoked aggression.  The video makes clear that Clinton was probably chosen to do all the dirty work, as Secretaries of State are usually called upon to do.  Remember SOS Madeleine Albright’s war in Yugoslavia, Colin Powell’s Iraq War and Condoleezza Rice’s embarrassing saber-rattling, as well as John Kerry’s Syrian War and Ukraine Civil War debacles.   No other office in the U.S. Government is used to promote the perpetual war economy like Secretary of State.

VIDEO: The Scary TRUTH About Hillary Clinton

The real problem for Clinton et al. is not just the email and server; rather, it is primarily the heinous war crimes which were committed during their business-as-usual misconduct. This is exactly why it has taken so long to release email correspondence by the DoS.  What those emails reveal is nothing short of both a governmental and personal crime spree; therefore, the U.S. Federal Government is as guilty as the individual parties.  How can the involved co-conspirators possibly disclose so many profound criminal acts (as documented by their emails) perpetrated against nations around the world, friend and foe alike?

The simple point of fact is that if this scandal really breaks wide open, the entire Executive Branch will be decimated by indictments and convictions.  The seriousness of the felonies is also such that many outside of the Executive Branch will also likely fall hard on their swords.  And Obama will have the farthest to fall as he knowingly participated every step of the way in those ongoing crimes against humanity.

Obama Must Be Tried For Treason And War Crimes

The Clinton Foundation

Whenever Bill Clinton is involved, you know there is going to be a lot of sordid behavior and horse-trading to cover it all up.  That’s always been the Clinton MO, and probably always will be.  In this instance the Clinton Foundation was used to provide the veneer of legitimacy to the morally bankrupt scheme to basically take over the whole Middle East by way of ISIS terrorism, ISIL war-making and IS war-profiteering.[2]  Africa, too, has suffered from the very same plight, as has much of Latin America; albeit, through the relentless projection of American soft power.

Whenever ‘charity work’ is undertaken by a large NGO entity like the Clinton Foundation, it’s almost always used as a cover for an agenda marked by conquest and domination. Never has the phrase “wolf in sheep’s clothing” rang more true than when the Hill-Billy tag team worked their magic at State.  Perhaps never in U.S. history has such a power couple so usurped an Administration by simply being themselves.


Were one to peer deeply into the financial workings of the Clinton Foundation like Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash did, it is certain that a maze of financial irregularities and fiscal improprieties would be found the deeper one looked.  Moreover, the lines between government and nonprofit and for-profit business would also quickly blur … by quite purposeful design.


Where it concerns Clinton’s ignominious reign at State and all the destruction that was done to international relations and the global order, anyone would be awestruck were they to be privy to the real truths.  Even insiders don’t know what they don’t know, so complicated and perfidious are the relationships of what is essentially a den of thieves. Whenever it concerns the State Department, the CIA, the White House, the NSA, the DIA and the involved other alphabet soup agencies, the real back story is always fraught with a narrative that is “thicker than thieves”.

Make no mistake about it, the lawlessness that has marked Obama’s two terms is both stunning and unparalleled in U.S. history.   It has created an extremely conducive environment for “anything goes, anytime”.  When the Clintons were green-lighted to proceed with their various schemes of unconscionable enrichment, how could they resist crossing every line they approached.  They have never gotten caught before … except for that little impeachment thing.

Which is exactly why Hillary Clinton is really running for president.  It represents her one and only chance to stay out of prison for another 4 years.

State of the Nation
April 24, 2016


[1] Judge Napolitano – The Evidence Against Clinton Is Overwhelming

[2] Four Star General Presents Indisputable Case for a Temporary Military Takeover of the U.S. Federal Government …
… After Exposing Covert Scheme to Invade 7 Countries in the Mideast by the U.S. Military and its Proxies (ISIS)


HILLARY CLINTON: THE MOVIE — Banned by the Courts in 2008

A Single Delaware Address is Home to 200,000 Shell Companies — Including 2 of Hillary Clinton’s

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  • EOD\'s

    No matter how bad KILLERY is …
    The Democtrats need her for president as Odama can’t stand for another term of offices as he’s got to
    take up position at the Dis-United Nations to advance the NWO plan and some one has to stop Trumph !

  • ElOregonian

    Pit of snakes; Den of vipers. Reptilians, the whole lot. The span of the stakes of hell must be extended to fit all the rot that exists on this earth today.

  • Bobwire


  • last_layman

    What she did (just) in email-gate was pure and simple an act of treason against the USA. What’s more upsetting is that she is discovered, but still with no indictment all because high level corruption within FBI, likely one day public will find out that at least half of our representatives are as guilty as she is. Is there any other reason for them to have private data-centers for “safekeeping” violet and other top level info and mails if not to provide them to some other third party? Democrats are you so naive or plain ignorant not to name her a traitor as she is one, selling our intel and American lives!!! :cry:

  • Bob DD

    Nothing will happen to HRC!

    • last_layman

      She was and still is David R. prime bit*ch, but also a very costly one. :twisted:

  • tonyw

    nice story. all would be good if it sticks. One has to get past the judges in america who are part of the “buddy” group.
    Too many people will take cash and power in payment for power. the politicians from all sides do not have the gumption or have too much to hide themselves to be out in front making noises. Nothing will be done as a certainty if any of the current presidential runners get elected …except of course The Donald then there may be a slim hope. But he will probably be killed before he gets too close to that

  • Pink Slime

    There is no way anyone should be voting Democrap after they gave us the “enfante” terrible, the negro sodomite. Who has done unbelievable damage and quite possible an irreversible one.

    He also has the strong possibility of creating a FF operation to remain in illegal power and declare martial law where usurpers and tyrants like to operate in being a narcissist.

    Astonishingly the mightiest country is fallen by a scrawny worthless sodomite negro. Surely this is the work of the Lord’s hand for our disobedience and sin.

  • 2QIK4U

    Why does she continue to Rig votes, steal votes, make valid votes for opposition null and void, she’s still walking around, she’s still breathing? When is one of the U.S armed forces going to be sick of being demoted to a Negro’s cannon fodder and Finish him :?: :oops: it’s an embarrassment to be in the U.S forces Today .

  • LookingForward

    I’m not sure what staggers and baffles me more…………… that this “Criminal” is still preening around trying to become the Democrat nominee for POTUS or why a large portion of the populace still votes for her??

    She and her criminal husband should both be behind bars but as the late great George Carlin used to say about these supposed elites……”It’s a big club and we’re not in it”!

  • putupjob

    this is all nice talk about when the US was still a lawful country.
    the lawlessness so pervasive today has reduced the US to banana republic status.
    the clintons are moving on to the presidency as a gateway to massive covert operations for amassing personal wealth.
    hillary has a target up around 10 billion for clinton crime inc.

    there is nothing to stop them. the legal system of the US is now for prosecuting the enemies of the elites.
    that is the primary purpose of the department of justice.
    and the hillary reign of terror will see the intimidation and prosecution of her enemies, many who were foolish
    patriots who decided to protect and defend the constitution of the US. big mistake.

  • 2QIK4U

    She WAS NOT SET UP ! Her arrogance think’s that she is not only above the law but she has bribed so many people she think’s she is the law. HANG HER HIGH

  • sed

    Just think how criminal the next admin get to be regardless of who is installed!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. They never get less corrupt.

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