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U.S. Government Admits Chemtrails/Secretly Spraying Toxins on American Citizens – The Most Comprehensive Chemtrail Article Ever!

Friday, April 15, 2016 9:23
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How many people think you’re a “nut-job” because you can use your two eyes, look up in the sky and exhibit the bravery to utter the words “something’s just NOT right”?  Then send this article to those uninfromed name-callers.  The information presented here is a compilation of the most RELEVANT information you’re gonna need to PROVE that damaging Chemicals (which form airplane CHEMTRAILS) ARE being sprayed into our atmosphere by governments, which result in the harm of the people below. 

The following video is an admission by Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agriculture Defence Coalition, who addresses the UN on the truth behind chemtrails, geoengineering, and weather modification.

The acknowledgement by the UN that our skies are being polluted with aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver should give weight to the claims that Chemtrails cause a whole host of health problems in the general population, including:

Neurological effects, heart damage, eyesight issues, reproduction failures, immune system damage, gastrointestinal disorders, damaged kidney, damaged liver, hormonal problems, and more.

The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.

Listen very closely what Mrs. Peterson has to say and share it with others!

Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”

Smithsonian Now Admits Chemtrails are Geoengineering

Smithsonian Now Admits Chemtrails Is Geoengineering

“This haze is caused by airplanes, and it is gradually whitening blue skies”, says Charles Long of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado.

“We might be actually conducting some unintentional geoengineering here,” Long said at a press conference this week at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED: Climate Scientist Admits Jets Are “Dumping Aerosols” 

Jasper Chemtrails-Aerosols

Actual photo used by Dr. Kirkby to demonstrate “jets dumping aerosols”

This video excerpt from Dr. Kirkby’s 2009 CERN presentation makes it clear that IPCC climate scientists, Geoengineers and government agencies are fully aware that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere with the effect of deliberate climate warming.

Jasper Kirkby is a particle physicist currently engaged with cloud physics research at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Looking beyond greenhouse gases, Kirkby’s work looks to a causative link between cosmic rays and global warming.

Kirkby says:  “These are clouds seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere”.


In an article published in the journal NATURE” Kirkby reports that cosmic rays “seemed to enhance the production of nanometre-sized particles from the gaseous atmosphere by more than a factor of ten.” He added, however, that the particles in question are far too small to serve as cloud condensation nuclei.

Dr. Joyce Penner’s statement in the TV News clip echos the 1999 Climate Change Publication – “IPCC SPECIAL REPORT ON AVIATION AND THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE” (PDF), page 17:

“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”.

So jet aircraft are dumping chemical aerosols high in the atmosphere to create artificial contrails that spread into thin, high artificial clouds that your TV meteorologist has been told to misrepresent by telling the public they’re only “ice crystals”.

Dr. Kirkby’s comment confirming that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere reveals that this covert geoengineering and chemtrail operation is well known by government agencies like NASA, NOAA, the FAA, – the IPCC climate scientists being paid to churn out climate change propaganda and geoengineers like David Keith, Ken Caldeira and their boss, Bill Gates.

The public needs to demonstrate their outrage at the massive conspiracy of government secrecy that allows these toxins and bio-weapons to rain down on global populations.


Complete One Hour Lecture

Cosmic Rays and Cimate

Jasper Kirkby (speaker) (CERN)
Corporate author(s) CERN. Geneva
Series: (CERN Colloquium) Original Video Link
Lecture note on 2009-06-04
Subject category CERN Colloquium

Abstract: The current understanding of climate change in the industrial age is that it is predominantly caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gases, with relatively small natural contributions due to solar irradiance and volcanoes. However, palaeoclimatic reconstructions show that the climate has frequently varied on 100-year time scales during the Holocene (last 10 kyr) by amounts comparable to the present warming – and yet the mechanism or mechanisms are not understood. Some of these reconstructions show clear associations with solar variability, which is recorded in the light radio-isotope archives that measure past variations of cosmic ray intensity. However, despite the increasing evidence of its importance, solar-climate variability is likely to remain controversial until a physical mechanism is established. Estimated changes of solar irradiance on these time scales appear to be too small to account for the climate observations. This raises the question of whether cosmic rays may directly affect the climate, providing an effective indirect solar forcing mechanism. Indeed recent satellite observations – although disputed – suggest that cosmic rays may affect clouds. This talk presents an overview of the palaeoclimatic evidence for solar/cosmic ray forcing of the climate, and reviews the possible physical mechanisms. These will be investigated in the CLOUD experiment which begins to take data at the CERN PS later this year.

Advance to Minute 44:00 for the “Jets dumping aerosols” segment.

Prince Talks Chemtrails

Govt. Admits Chemtrails/Toxins Sprayed On It’s Citizens -Mainstream Report

CHEMTRAILS. USA Government, ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!!

Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version)


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  • dufus

    These are criminal acts against humanity. Even the pilots should pay the price.

    • Equalizer

      Military needs to step up and start bringing these CIA planes down… Follow them to their secret runways…Drone location and destroy.

      • apache5

        most of these CIA aircraft depart from military airports.

        • 2QIK4U

          Correct They’re all in on it Every single soldier from grunts upwards know

  • FraMar

    A nice compilation of some older videos as well as later ones. I’ve seen several of them before but you’ve neatly packaged them into one webpage, to provide a great, condensed history of this criminal activity.

    If a viewer cannot look at all the videos, I suggest they at least watch the one with Rosalind Peterson just below the line:
    “Listen very closely what Mrs. Peterson has to say and share it with others!”
    the testimony of several pilots, doctors and scientists, that appears below the line:
    “Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails”

    If someone still doesn’t think this is serious, then watch the others as well. Even with this presentation, it is only a part of the evidence the Agenda 21, LINE ONE on the Georgia Guidestones, is being put into practice.

  • Kyle Schumacher

    They admitted this crap back in the 60s my friends. Do your research.

    Check out my series on the book of Revelation!

    God Bless!

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