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Anna Von Reitz : Stern Warning About “Satanic Ritual Abuse”

Sunday, October 2, 2016 11:54
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Sunday, October 2, 2016
Anna Von Reitz

I am not “unaware” of the problem. Nor am I unaware of the history of these vile practices and venal religions.  

I doubt that it exists to the extent you believe it does, because out of all the many people who have come to me and ranted about this, none of them proved to be victims themselves or to have any first-hand knowledge— and that indicates a whole lot of gossip and hysteria going on. 

And this is why I have given everyone who is “pushing” this a stern warning.  If you do have any actual, factual, first-hand knowledge of such practices and fail to come forward and properly report these crimes, you are an accomplice to them. 

Even victims can be held accountable as accomplices if they don’t report the crime, because their silence permits the continued abuse of others.

I have been told that many victims can’t specifically identify their attackers because they were unknown adults or they used masks to hide their identities, however, with the breaking of several child-trafficking and sex slave kidnapping rings  in Britain and in the United States and elsewhere it is becoming possible to compile Rogues Galleries of known perverts.  Those visual files can be used to match these creeps to their deeds—but we cannot prosecute them without injured parties and complaints.

So I repeat— telling me secondhand gossip all day long doesn’t get the job done. Looking at photographs and connecting the dots and filing the sworn affidavits does.

I have been told that many victims are afraid of being murdered if they tell what happened to them.  Aren’t they being “murdered” every day by the fear?  At what point do you say, “To Hell with this!  I am either going to get them or they are going to get me!”

What do you all think I had to come to, to raise my hand and do the things I have done?  I’ve flown in the face of the entire “federal government” like an avenging angel: CIA, FBI, IRS, BATF, DOJ— the whole criminal lot of them.

And you are telling me that the survivors of these crimes don’t have the anger and the strength now that they are adults to face down the lousy, stinking, vile cowards who did these things to them as children? 

Fear gets you nowhere. Fear corrects nothing.  Fear just begets more fear and helpless rage and feelings of powerlessness.  Fear lets them get away with it. 

Bah, humbug, on all of that.  We all have a choice to live fearlessly or die by slow inches of misery—all marching on to an inevitable end that comes whether you fear it or not. 

So why fear dying, if your fear denies you the joy of life and freedom and happiness and even destroys your self-respect? 

I came to a day when all fear passed away, a day when I knew for certain that I didn’t want to live another day in fear.  

Getting the actual victims and eye-witnesses to the point where they realize that their lives aren’t worth living until they address their fear and overcome it —is necessary.  It’s the only way the perpetrators can be brought to justice. It’s the only way for these practices to be suppressed.

I’ve been told that many victims have suffered memory suppression, hypnosis, and other advanced “mind-altering” techniques designed to “wipe their memories” and ensure their silence.

The true Satanists among us have used date rape drugs and drug induced lobotomies for centuries.  It’s part of their stock and trade.  But modern science can easily identify the presence of these drugs and it’s unlikely that those using them would go undetected for long.

There are two things you have to keep in mind about people who prey on children: they are cowards and they are mentally and emotionally warped. Many of them were abused children themselves, and they act out the aggression they feel toward their own attackers and demonstrate their “power” as adults by raping new generations.

These acts are all acts of violence and shaming.  They have nothing to do with sex per se.

That said, nothing can be done until you have facts, victims, and witnesses who are able to come forward and press charges. All of you out ”raising public awareness” via ignorant gossiping do nothing whatsoever to help anyone or resolve anything.  You just create new problems.

By all means, keep your eyes open and watch your children like hawks.  If you see anything at all abnormal or unusual going on, question it directly or report it. 

When my son was young I used an innocent subterfuge to make sure he was always with me and always aware of his surroundings.  I told him that I might get lost, so he needed to watch me and watch where we were at all times. 

I never lost my car in the parking lot again and I didn’t have the problem of chasing toddlers under clothes racks, either. To this day, he remains very alert and aware and sensitive to his surroundings.

I also made sure that he was never left alone and that I knew exactly where he was.  I took him to karate and mixed martial arts lessons from an early age.  I made sure he knew weapons of all kinds and how to use them. 

This is a beautiful world, but it can also be ugly and violent.  If you have any sense, you have to take precautions and think about what you are doing, where you are, who you may encounter, and how you are going to react if you are attacked. Your defensive stance must become automatic and instinctual. 

As a parent you have to defend your children and teach them to defend themselves.  If you are a decent adult, you also owe a debt to the community to watch out for other people’s children.

One day as I was walking home from work I observed a little girl, about seven, standing alone on a street corner. She was crying. Her Mother had left her alone at the Public Library— just walked out the door and forgot her and the Librarian closed the library— just booted the little girl out on the street at five o’clock.  She didn’t know the way home and was frantic, as any child would be. 

At least a dozen other adults walked right past that child and never stopped to ask her what was wrong. 

I found it shocking then and I still find it shocking now.  How could the Librarian be so clueless and stupid as to leave an unaccompanied seven year-old on the street and make no effort to contact her family?  How could all those other “busy” office workers walk right on by?

I can only tell you that they did and as a result, a little girl was put at terrible and unnecessary risk. Anyone could have driven up and stuffed her into a car.  Anyone could have taken her hand, as I did, and led her down the street.

It was past closing time for all the public buildings in that part of the city, so I went to a nearby house and knocked on the door, explained the problem, and asked the householder to look up the Mother’s telephone number.  Before we could dial, the Mother drove up— frantic as her daughter had been. 

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” 

God was looking out for her and her daughter.  He put me in the way of anything truly bad happening, but this is all very instructive.  We all have moments of attention lapse.  We all do incredibly stupid things.  It’s then that we have to have a decent community and good people in it, who care about their neighbors, who make an effort, who protect children from harm. 

Those of you who are all hyped-up and looking for Satanic Rituals behind every woodpile, why not organize yourselves to detect any signs of any such thing in all the churches and clubs and institutions?  Why not make the pledge to keep silent vigil as you go about your business, to watch out for children, to guard them, to protect them.  Why not support groups like “Amber Alert”?  Or start your own local child welfare advocacy group?  Why not publish safety leaflets in cooperation with the local police and schools?  Not to scare children, but to reasonably inform them of safe practices— like going places in groups with known friends and staying with your group?  And to inform their parents?

There are hundreds of valuable, useful, practical ways that you can weigh in and make the world a safer and better place for children.  Do them. 

And puhleaze—–stop sitting on your butts uselessly gossiping about this topic? Stop spreading irresponsible rumors about other religious groups and foreigners whose only sin is being foreign? 

Child abusers come from all religions, all levels of society, all races.  This hideous phenomenon is part of what Jesus  and the Jews of his time called, “The Great Abomination”, the worship of Ashtoreth, the Mother of All Harlots, Idolatries, and Blasphemies. 

Right now, in this day and age, a giant statue of Ashtoreth is standing in New York Harbor, masquerading as the “Statue of Liberty”—– or more properly, the Statue of Libertines. 

Remember what Jesus said—- “When you see the Great Abomination standing where it should not stand….”?  Well, —you tell me what is a statue honoring an evil Babylonian fertility goddess doing standing in the middle of New York Harbor?  A goddess famous for the sacrifice of babies by burning them alive?  A goddess famous for raping little girls and selling them into lives as temple prostitutes?  

Ashtoreth is standing where she should not stand and giving her a new name doesn’t change a thing.

Whatever else we are, a mélange, a nation of mutts, a melting pot, a stew pot, gullible hicks, livestock—- or all the other names we have been called by European Elitists—–we are not a nation of devil worshipers and we don’t deserve a giant idol of Ashtoreth standing in New York Harbor proclaiming that we are.

If you want to see the moral conscience of America awaken, form a Committee to get rid of the “Statue of Liberty”. 
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