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Dear Vladimir: It’s Not Us

Friday, October 7, 2016 0:10
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 Dear Vladimir: It’s Not Us..Image result for vladimir putin

Thursday, October 6, 2016

By Anna Von Reitz

We are going to say some things that you, Mr. President, are already aware of. We say them because the American People are tragically unaware of these facts and they need to know:
American foreign trade and foreign policy have been controlled by Britain for 227 years.
This is one of the results of the original states contracting for “essential government services” from the United States, which is a British-controlled corporation headquartered in the foreign international enclave known as the District of Columbia.
Most Americans have never read the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, which shows that King George remained the “prince” and “Arch-Treasurer” of the “United States”. Most Americans have never read the actual Constitution and grasped the fact that this agreement gave Britain control of American Trade and Foreign Policy.
We can now see why we have been kept at nearly constant war for most of our history: Britain has used us as its Bully Boy to cause trouble and engage in war for profit throughout the rest of the world, just as it is trying to do now in the Middle East.
As a spider at the center of its web, Britain pulls the strings and through its agencies—the United States and British Crown– wrecks havoc calculated to fill its coffers with no risk and no exposure to itself. 
While directing a US foreign policy that is plainly self-destructive and insane from the American standpoint, Queen Elizabeth pretends to have clean hands and so does the Lord Mayor of London— but the historical documents and the facts are the facts.
All the trouble we are having in the Mideast is caused by Britain, not America.
And it always has been.
The Americans want free access to the Persian Gulf, unmolested by anyone, for the purposes of Free Trade.  And that is the only legitimate interest America has in the Middle East.
We trust that the EU is competent to solve its own gas and oil supply problems with no assistance from us. 
They could embrace and use free energy technology to solve a great many dependency problems.  They could use LNG and ship in supplies and develop storage capacities like Japan and China.  They could direct their re-investment capital to their already existing oil development projects in the North Sea.
Instead, British Intelligence is working to influence the outcome of US elections and trying to start WWIII.  Their recent exposure of CIA false flag activities is especially ironic, since British Intelligence controls the CIA and mandates all its actions. 
If you dig deep enough, it is always Britain at the bottom of the dog pile, causing war and destruction for the entire rest of the world. 
They have never been willing to live on their own talents and resources and have chosen to be parasites instead.  They have built their successive empires on fraud and human enslavement and legal chicanery.  They have never given up feudalism.  They have never given up colonialism. 
Most recently, they have moved their financial operations to China, with the result that 800 loyal Chinese Generals have been purged, and Russia and the “United States” are being pitted against each other at every turn while China sits smug and brags about all the gold it suddenly has. 
And nobody questions this?   
Britain disrespects the Constitutional agreements it has with the Americans on one hand, and on the other, abuses American trust.  They have used us as the front-men for British aggression and self-interest for generations,. They have deliberately confused their own puppet, the United States, with America and the American People, so as to blame us for their treachery and wrong-doing.   
Let everyone always remember that the “United States” is not America.
Let us also plainly state before God and everyone, that Britain and its corporate shadow government doing business as the “United States” is a problem for the entire world, including the Americans.
This time, if anyone goes to war, let’s make sure we get the real culprits and address the actual problem once and for all, instead of stupidly bashing each other for their benefit.
Rumors are circulating of a “tactical nuclear exchange” between the British-controlled United States and Russia.  Let us observe that there is no such thing as a tactical nuclear exchange and that if such a thing happened, it would rapidly spread to global destruction–and that destruction would be the result of British meddling, guile, and greed. 
Instead of targeting the hapless Americans whose worst sin is gullibility, please focus your fire power on Britain?  And ask your Chinese allies about their new Best Friends? 

If the Earth is to be destroyed in a firestorm of nuclear bombs unleashed because of the endless dishonesty and greed of British commercial interests, at least let’s all have the satisfaction of taking the actual perpetrators down with us? 

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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  • smfresh82

    You are a real piece of work Ms Von Reitz. Anyone with half a brain knows the vatican’s role in all of this. Which you NEVER place blame on for anything. You blame the nazis, khazarians/zionists, and britain.

    That’s because your job is to salvage the control of the roman cults, the vatican, the jesuits. PURE EVIL. We all know the jesuits run the show and the zionists answer to them.

    We know Tim Kaine is a jesuit put in place so Hilary can be sacrificed after the election is stolen and then Kaine can take her place. And if that goes off course there’s also the back up Jesuit agent, Donald Trump.

    We are aware of the blood sacrifices carried out at the Vatican. We are aware of the rampant pedophilia in your religion (cult). We are aware that you have a blood seal. You must do what you are told or you will be the next one sacrificed. We are aware that each pope is required to participate in blood sacrifices. We are aware that the archons are controlling the world through the 13 black nobility families. The names people don’t ever hear. You like to throw the lower level cronies out as the ones in control to protect the real controllers. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bush’s, Clintons they are all low level compared to the black nobility families like the house of borgia.

    We are aware of who you really are. THe sister of a former pope who is a sick and twisted blood sucking pedophile. A nazi himself. So are you. I know where your name originated. Funny how you have like 5 names.


    You will pay for this. MARK MY WORDS ANNA…WE ARE WATCHING YOU

    SO TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH NOW and come clean or suffer the karma that’s about to be brought to you. You know remote viewing is real and what we can do to you. Brain aneurysm? heart attack? We will not take anymore lies. We will not stand by and let people like you lie to the American people while you try to portray yourself as the hero and savior like you’re exposing the bad guys.

    Your lies have caught up to you. So think long and hard about your next move. Think long and hard about your life and what you want it to be like in the next 5 years. Total annihilation? or complete truth and spiritually transformed back to the light. It’s up to you. Choose wisely.

    You know all those people your ancestors slaughtered in the first holy roman empire? MY ANCESTORS. PAYBACK IS COMING.

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