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Fully Visible Planetary Body in Our Sky – October – 5 – 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 11:45
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Here it is folks. That is not lens flare. 

It can also be seen at Oregon – USA – October – 2 – 2016 

Also at Crete – Chania-Greece

October – 3 – 2016

Once again at Mount Olympus – Greece
October – 2 – 2016

Crete – Chania – Greece

October – 1 – 2016

Mount Olympus 
September – 29 – 2016

And then there is this…. I wanna know what this is. Video is after screen shots on this one.

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  • Hayduke

    This is the way Nibiru looks when you view it through the NEW IMPROVED BINNER GLASSES!!! STILL ONLY $99.95!! You can even see people working on the surface of Nibiru!!! You can see NFL stadiums on Nibiru, they all kneel for the anthem on Nibiru!!! You can watch them work on Nibiru in their government offices!!!

    • real_journo

      cool! Put me down for a pair!

      • JuViolet

        lol right?!

      • Hayduke

        You’ve got it!

    • LucidMebin

      Oh Mitch – you’re so good, people don’t even know when you’re making fun of them <3

      • Hayduke

        I would have explained it to him. I don’t like people being scared for no reason.

  • 1 darkstar

    Don’t see any clear spheres, NOT A DAMN THING.

    • JuViolet

      then I feel very bad for you sir.

  • skyguy66

    Do you folks not think that IF something is BIG was visible to the NAKED EYE and not only though a camera lens that it’d be front page news everywhere? If you can’t see it with the naked eye, it is an artifact of the camera lens system. Period.

    When Nibiru finally does appear in the sky it’ll be known to all by all and not just a few delusional ones examining pictures looking for fame and notoriety.

    • JuViolet

      except that I never said this is Nibiru…. I don’t know what this is. I call it “clear sphere” because to me that’s what it looks like. Also the camera can pick up things our naked eye can’t.
      I don’t know what Nibiru looks like and I agree that when and if it ever show up it will be visible for everyone (which already have been recorded by multiple sources a second Sun) but anyways. I agree that this is not Nibiru as I never said it was.

    • TuffENuff

      What makes you think a digital camera sees exactly like a human eye does? It doesn’t. You can add filters, lenses… all kinds of things to change what the camera sees. Can your eyes do that? Congratulations, sky guy. You are the first actual alien to write a comment on BIN.

      • JuViolet

        lol exactly

  • rocorollo

    The real Nibiru is very close to the Beehive cluster, M44 in the Crab constellation. This time of year it comes up in the East a couple hours before sunrise, it is below and a little South of Castor and Pollux. You can’t see it w/o a telescope.

    • JuViolet

      Thanks for the info. On a side note… I never said this is Nibiru =)

  • Qrob

    That is not a planet. Is it coincidence that you only see it when the sun is directly into the camera? If it was really there you would see it all the time. In fact it would be easier to see it when the son was blocked by mountain etc.

    • JuViolet

      is it coincidence we can only see the stars at night? Of course the Sun light have a big role is exposing whatever it is they are trying to hide up there, but things are getting through and a lot of people are recording a lot of weird stuff all around the world.

  • The Watcher

    There is no Planet X / Nibiru!

    • Neo

      Well thank you, Oh omniscient one. What exactly is it that you are watching?

  • chip

    Look.. nibiru is a brown dwarf only seen in the infrared there are no reflections. I keep seeing these videos and they are all lens flare no matter how much you want to believe.please stop these videos are so bad… stop reaching for something that is not there!

    • JuViolet

      thanks for watching

  • Anonymous

    ~ 40° N, 117° W

    Near the horizon, SW, 90min after sunset


  • Daniel Jackson

    I suppose that people who have never read a book, nor took science might believe this, and such people might analyze things like this and imagine they see things. It’s just like them folk who have never left their back yard and who have never been in an air plane or did much to gain some experience in life might assume the world is flat since all they know is their back yard and the back lot. By the way if there was a planet as close to us as that lens artifact makes it appear, then we would have had some problems here on earth some time back. I suggest the author get an education.

    • JuViolet

      and its like those people that assume about other people… thinking they know how other people live their lives or what other people know.
      Also I never said this to be Nibiru. I don’t know what this is. I do know I have never seen it before and this is why I’m sharing, because I wanna know what these things are.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    So if it is ‘clear sphere’, how can you see it, naked eye or camera aided. IT’S CLEAR, nimrod!!!! :mrgreen:

    • JuViolet

      the glass is also “clear” how can you see it?

      • Central Scrutinizer

        You don’t, you see through it. Otherwise, it pretty much defeats the purpose of a window, eh!!

        Seriously, JuViolet, you got way too much time on your hands to be endlessly staring at webcams all day, hoping to catch a glimpse of a magical, mystery “Planet” that does not exist. But, … I suppose everybody needs a hobby……. :mrgreen:

        • JuViolet

          you know the beauty of recording it is that I don’t have to sit and watch. ;)
          and I’m guessing your hobby is to waste your time commenting silly things on somebody’s post that has a genuine question. Also you shouldn’t assume things about people since I never said this to be Niburu… so.. Thanks for watching.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Who said anything about Nibiru??? This comes directly from your title “Fully Visible ””’Planetary””” Body in Our Sky”. I mentioned ‘Planet’ “that does not exist”. Who now is leaping to conclusions.

            But yea, my hobby is to run by the cages of animals here on BIN and poke them with a stick. Why, you ask. Cause it’s funny to me!!! That’s the ONLY qualification. It makes me laugh. :mrgreen:

          • JuViolet


        • JuViolet

          also… don’t you see the sky behind it? isn’t that what see through means?

          • Central Scrutinizer

            And it’s all the funnier when the target is such an easy mark….. :mrgreen:

          • JuViolet

            oh please…I’m so used to people like you lol keep on laughing dear. Keep on laughing ;)

    • JuViolet

      I said CLEAR not INVISIBLE. ;)

  • YellowRoseTx51

    Thats not a planet

    • JuViolet

      I don’t think it is either. I don’t know what it is.

  • LucidMebin

    Okay – I know you’re really enjoying putting these video’s on here and telling people you’ve discovered something – and you get very annoyed when people disagree. But these are lens flares all day! I’m not trying to insult you – but they really really are, I promise. They’re see through first of all – it’s it was a “planetary body” it would be solid. Take these to a film professor or something like that, they can explain it to you in person.

    I’m down for any weird/crazy unexplained stuff, but this is NOT unexplained. You’ll get there…

    • smfresh82

      there are gaseous planets are there not? You are saying all planets must be 3 dimensional? you’ve got a long way to go.

      frequency vibration consciousness LOOK IT UP there are things right in your face you cannot see. operating outside the frequency of visible light you can detect in limited 3d consciousness. what do you think that “junk” DNA you have was for? Leaving you only 3% active DNA you are in a lowered state of consciousness that resembles sleep. A form of a trance. You wouldn’t know it because we are all born that way. The genetic alteration of humanity occurred over 5000 years ago. Some people are now awake and no longer in that trance. Activation of the crystalline DNA brings you to full consciousness and you will be able to see things you could not before.


      • smfresh82

        whoops **MATRIX

      • JuViolet

        I thank you for your effort but some people will just never see it. I keep trying to but its like talking to a wall. Such small minds is what got us in this mess in first place.

    • LifeIs

      LucidMebin well. A planet with a frozen atmosphere might develop a coma, like a comet, at some point.

      smfresh82 most of the planets have atmospheres (gas) and no, planets are not 3 dimensional, they are all 4 dimensional spheres in 4 dimensional space. With a hollow space in the center, and a 3 dimensional axis of rotation.

    • JuViolet

      wow… you must have been living under a rock or something…

      • LucidMebin

        You know what – I tried to be nice, but I’m done. You crazy loons who sit in mommy’s basement looking through the interwebs for something “unexplained” to proclaim to the world are just simply seeking attention. Continue to believe there are weird planets that are floating around us and everyone is out to get us – and I’ll just hang out read your stuff and silently laugh at your uneducated bologna.

        • JuViolet

          Thank you for watching. Please subscribe for some more laughter =)

  • truther357

    If Killary is elected…X might be the only thing that will save what’s left of this ‘politically stupid’ nation.
    At least she will not get the bragging rights… as Barry and Soros does and did!

  • MI5didit

    Hi JuViolet, I truly honestly admire how you handle all these shills and trolls… Whatever it may be, please keep up the good work.. Best regards.. Big smiley face!!

    • JuViolet

      Thank you. I guess I’m used to it?! I know what I see and I know I’m not the only one. I also know that some people will never see it until its too late.
      Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.
      Look, I don’t know what those things are, I just name them as they look like to me, that’s all. They can make fun all they want, soon enough they won’t be laughing much. =)

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Oh, I’ll still be laughing….most notably at you. BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

        • Central Scrutinizer

          #BlackComedyMatters :mrgreen:

          • JuViolet


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