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Obama And Hillary Inciting War With Russia

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 3:23
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by Rev. Joda Collins

For years I have stated, verbally and in print, that Obama will do his very worst for America in his final days as President. That is why I called for his impeachment and removal a long time ago.  We have entered his last days. On two fronts Obama and Hillary are taunting Putin into war with us (America). 
It is mandatory to understand two things. First, Obama does not care about America.  He never has and he never will. The more unstable America is the better he likes it. He has worked hard for eight consecutive years to do as much harm to America and Americans as he can.  Obama is for the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of this country. The Muslim Brotherhood has a better chance of taking over America if America is unstable. Obama’s dream begins with an unstable America and ends with the Islamization of America with him in a power position.  
The second thing to remember is that Hillary Clinton is a narcissistic – sociopath. She does not care about America either. Hillary only cares about Hillary. Hillary wants to be President. Anything and anyone that gets in her way is, to her, deserving of destruction. And, that includes the United States of America (you, yours and our way of life). 
Putin has expressed his desire that Donald Trump becomes President of the United States and not Hillary Clinton. He made his position known and he is effective in swaying votes away from Clinton. For that reason and that reason alone Obama and Hillary are willing to start a war with Russia.   At this late point in the election process, That is the kind of thing narcissistic – sociopaths do.  Obama and Hillary have only two goals. First, is to punish Putin for his influence in the election.  It appears they (Obama and Hillary) may try to do that by levying cyber attacks against Russia.  Second, is to create an unstable America in the hopes they can use that instability to delay or cancel the election process because Obama and Hillary fear they are losing to Donald Trump even their rigged election.  
The second area that Obama and Hillary are inciting war with Russia is relative to the war in Syria (borders Israel on Israel‘s northeast sector). 
Sometimes understanding the world of politics, especially world-politics can be confusing.  However, politics whether it be local, state, national or world are not complicated. Politics are, however, intricate. Once the little parts are understood the big picture is easy to see. 
All politics of the unscrupulous are built on the same foundations.
     1.  Money.
     2.  Power.
     3.  Self-interest.
In that order!
That is all there is to it.  Find out who the unscrupulous players are and follow the money, power and self-interests.  Self-interests are usually just money and power, so money and power are usually the only two considerations.  
Without much notice to most Americans until that last two or three days, Obama and Hillary have brought the USA to the brink of war.  Here is how.
    1.  The leader of Syria (Assad) and the leader of Russia (Putin) are oil-business partners, long-time allies and they are friends. This is the money.
    2.  ISIS, Obama (the Father of ISIS) and Hillary (the Mother of ISIS) are friends.  This is power and money.
ISIS, along with other groups (including the Obama/Hillary Administration), wants to overthrow the government of Syria and establish a Muslim dictatorship under Sharia law.   If that happens, the business arrangement between Syria and Russia becomes null and void.   Therefore, Putin does not want that to happen and is using the military force of Russia to overthrow ISIS (in Syria) and other groups that are trying to overthrow Assad.  Putin has no interest in war with America if America is not involved in the attempt to overthrow Assad.  
Obama and Hillary want ISIS and other groups to destabilize the government of Syria (overthrow Assad) so the Muslim Brotherhood has a chance to take over. Obama tried this three years ago and Congress along with the American people stopped his overt attempt. I wrote about this in 2013 –
by Rev. Joda Collins Suddenly, Obama is concerned about human life and civil rights? On Obama’s watch, thousands of Christians are killed in Africa for no other reason than because they were Christians. Obama does not want to bomb his home Country!…

However, Obama and Hillary have continued covert operations in Syria. 

Americans are preoccupied with the election.  It does not appear Congress is wise enough or powerful enough to stop Obama now. That means WAR with the second most powerful nuclear military force on the face of the earth!   Some reports say that Obama has declared additional air space over nuclear bomb launch areas off limits to aircraft.  

Putin has told Russians to prepare for nuclear war with America.  This is not a joke or false flag.  The Obama-Hillary spin is that Putin hacked the early presidential voting process in favor of Trump. That is a false flag.  That is a lie designed to justify staying in Syria, continuing to support ISIS, continuing to assist in ousting Assad and starting war with Russia.  Obama, Hillary and the Democrat Party have and are cheating in the presidential election process.  They are good at it because they are experienced at it.  However, they fear that even with all their cheating Hillary will still lose the election.  Remember, please, Obama and Hillary are world-class liars and the liberal media is doing all they can to get Hillary elected; that includes lying. We no longer have a truthful main-stream media. We have a Democratic Party-media bought and paid for and/or successfully intimidated by Obama, the Clinton’s Crime Syndicate and the Democrat Party.

Russia is openly fighting in Syria against those trying to overthrow Assad. The United States is fighting in Syria against Assad via supporting ISIS and other anti-Assad groups.  This is not a secret from the world but it is a secret from the American people. Actually, it is not a secret from all of the American people but a secret from the low-information American people, which is roughly 65%.
If Hillary and Obama continue supporting ISIS (and all or any other anti-Assad groups) in Syria, then Russia will have to go to war against not only ISIS but America.  That war may or may not be limited to Syrian soil. 
Why is Obama pro-ISIS?   Obama is supportive of anyone and any group who will overthrow a non-Muslim government and replace it with the Muslim Brotherhood. That is one reason why the White House is filled with Muslim Brotherhood members.  Obama and Hillary expect to be in positions of world power if and when the Muslims via the Muslim Brotherhood controls the world.
Never forget that Obama is a Muslim and he shares the Muslim-Islamic dream of world domination.
Why does Hillary want ISIS to overthrow Assad?   The Muslim Brotherhood bought Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

They will continue to own her as President.  That is why she wants our southern border open for Muslim terrorists and why she wants to bring in millions of Muslims in to our Country.  The more Muslims that are in America the more likely she will be elected President and the more likely America will stand with ISIS against Assad.  That is why Putin does not want Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. And, that is why Putin supports Donald Trump as President

Putin would prefer not to go to war against America. It is expensive and will put his nation at risk. However, if Hillary becomes the President she will continue the attack against Assad by continuing to support anyone, everyone and any group that will work to overthrow Assad, thus open the door for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Syria.  The wicked foursome (the Democrat Party, most RINO Republicans, Obama and the Clinton’s) are corrupt.  I hope you understand that by now.
If you want war with Russia right now, just let Obama and Hillary cyber-attack Russia and let Obama and Hillary continue their military and financial support for ISIS and other anti-Assad groups in Syria.  If war is diverted until after the election and you want war with Russia after the election, vote for Hillary, the Mother of ISIS.  Obama, the Father of ISIS will remain close by her side. 
Assad is not anti-Israel. Putin is not anti-Israel.  The Muslim Brotherhood, Obama, Hillary, the Democrat Party and most RINO Republicans are anti-Israel. Historically and to the present day, Israel is America‘s ally but Obama’s and Hillary’s enemy! The bottom line is that Obama and Hillary are traitors to America. They are taunting Putin into war now and they will put America at war with Russia if Hillary becomes President.  The wicked foursome does not care about America continuing as a sovereign nation.  The Muslim Brotherhood has promised them money, power and their self-interests met in the Muslim Brotherhood New World Order.  
Do you get it?  

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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