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Trump Goes Ape S*** on Hillary at Religious Dinner! Wow! Unbelievable! Where Is Bill?

Thursday, October 20, 2016 19:09
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Trump hates Hillary so much that he can’t even pull back at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner! Where Is Bill Clinton?

Never seen anything like this! Look at the faces of the people around him, including Maria in the background. They are stunned!!! Brutal!! Where is Bill Clinton? Have no idea who would have written that for Trump, but it was brutal and in my opinion REALLY funny!!!

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  • The Watcher


    • Fringe Design Lab

      Exactly. Voting is like sending your christmas list to santa claus.

  • st

    hope she bursts into flames

  • truck driver

    Hillary is a 4th degree coven witch and she sold all the Pentagon secrets to Russia and china

    • sarah

      She gave the U.S. response time for nuclear launch out for free to all the world last night at the third Presidential Debate. Posing a threat to national security.

      Now wonder why she did that?

      We are on the edge of war with Russia. She sometimes meets in private with Putin.

      Was her U.S. response time for nuclear launch her freebie to Putin?

      Or, was she sending the U.S. response time for nuclear launch to someone else?

  • Boo

    Some harsh statements hard to hear. Sad thing is she created the life and took the actions that one could comment on with such hard truths.

    • Mayhem

      Ah watch her speech at the same dinner. She gave as good as she got and it is a roast after all.

    • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

      Look at those men around Trump sweating and stressed. Wow!

  • jknbt This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • b4

      go back into your hole you little scared bunny rabbit—the world is going to be in flames soon no matter who is prez–its just time–rather go up in flames with trump then that miserable pos hitlerly—and calling her that is giving her too much credit

    • Redlist Renegade

      Get your FAT head out of your ASS and go back to the LIEbral website that you are usually on or even BETTER Yet just GO TO HELL where you OBVIOUSLY Belong Libelous Liberal Troll and Left Wing SHILL !!! You’re NOT Welcome on HERE !!!!

      • Mayhem

        Looks like the angry injun has served his ban and now he’s back to delight us with his vile rhetoric.

        Am i right, Red Man, or am i right?

        • Mayhem

          Yep, same tired MO with the multiple accounts.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            You don’t actually think Injun was a right-winger, do you?

            That mental defective had leftist tendencies, all day long. But it’s been a little slow around here lately…

            …I wonder when he’ll be coming back.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            Two downvotes?

            Maybe he’s already here.

          • Mayhem

            Nah, i was just trailing bait, Redlist Renegade isn’t vile enough by a long shot but not for lack of trying.

          • THOTH

            The Red Man always used emoji’s and almost always added something about hating the White man, or “Christocreeps” worshipping a “man god.” Personally, I don’t think it’s him, but I haven’t been around the BIN for a while so I can’t say for sure.

            Good to see you guys are still keepin it real around here. I hope all is well with you guys.

      • jknbt

        people who don’t have anything intelligent to say always fall back on insults

        • BEEF SUPREME

          That’s not true. Sometimes dumbasses just sit down and drink beer.

    • sarah

      Trump is not an embarrassment.

      He’s really just George Washington in disguise.

      Stand up America we’ve got a job to do.

      Elect Trump President of the United States of America and lets drain the Washington D.C. swamp.

      Hillary is threatening everyone in Washington D.C. with disclosing their deepest secrets or adding them to her kill list.

      That goes for anyone else that gets in her way too.

      Let her give it her best shot. She can’t kill us all.

      There are some who would rather die on their feet with dignity a free man. Than to live in slavery on their knees.

    • wiseoldlady

      Nope…he refuses to be dishonest and politically correct which is the way we should all be. He is not diplomatic and that’s OK. Hillary needs to hear every word he says because it is FACT.

    • Just me

      The only comment that rings of truth – and you all can’t take it.

    • Eggzactly


  • zero

    Who did he get to write the last [too many] Hillary jokes, Alex Jones? He had the room, but he went too far and lost it, he should have skipped from the Melania joke to the wrap up. That would have been spot on, but instead he basically blew it.

    • sarah

      Did you hear what she said about him in her roast of him at the same dinner?

      I thought it was far worse and her comments drug on and on.

      • wiseoldlady

        No, did not listen to her it would turn my stomach the same way it does when O idiot talks.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t call bat shit. I’d call it the truth. That’s what this country needs, the truth. They conditioned everybody through all this “political correctness” until now just the truth is out of line.. Wonder how things got so out of contro? NO TRUTH! If someone doesn’t the way that feels they need to change their ways instead no one telling the truth so we don’t hurt corruptions feelings or make anyone uncomfortable. Much better than everyone being uncomfortable simply because they were called out.

  • Redlist Renegade

    It’s to bad that Dorothy and Toto and Company weren’t there too to dump a big bucket of boiling water on that Wicked Old Witch so that everyone there could have watched her UGLY , EVIL Ass MELT before their very eyes !!! If the Shit Fits Hitlery WEAR IT !!!

  • Fringe Design Lab

    That wasn’t that brutal at all. My first thought when I heard he was running was that he is controlled opposition. Hillary hired him to run. Think about it his last job was basically an actor on a tv show.

    • wiseoldlady

      And you don’t think she has been acting or should I say PRETENDING all these decades.

      • Fringe Design Lab

        I think you fail to understand that I am suggesting that both candidates are in collusion to fool you into thinking you have freedom.

      • Redlist Renegade

        She’s been pretending , in public before the tv cameras , to be a caring “champion” of the people alright but more and more people are finally seeing her for what she REALLY is which is Evil , Deceptive and Self Serving to the CORE !!! I have absolutely no problem with us having a woman as our president , just Not THAT woman or anyone like her !!!!

  • wiseoldlady

    Also it was a very TENDER telling of Donald’s marriage when he asked beautiful Melania if he was OK after the part about her. Shows how much he loves her, respects her, cares for her.
    Unlike the other thing and her open dike, lesbian, pedophile, sodomy, rape marriage.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was interesting that Hillary referred to President Obama as a MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!

    • questioneverything

      Yep! Hillary can’t keep a secret to save her neck, literally :wink:

  • Luke harwood


  • stompk

    WOW! Trump is a badass. Can’t wait to vote for him.

  • No Body

    These people are conning you all
    that debate was 2 stories 1 for you and one for them. it’s hidden in the words and numbers
    the shit running across the bottom..
    hand signs
    facial expressions
    little red riding hood priest

  • Richard Parker

    Well, there is a good example of a Freemason get together. Do you still think it’s not about a NWO: a one world government; a Freemason illusion of utopia?

  • Geeper

    “Trump Goes Ape S*** on Hillary at Religious Dinner!”

    Uh, you haven’t heard of the Alfred E. Smith dinner before?

  • The Seer

    :lol: ho pardon Me , let me think about it once Am in the WH … :lol:

  • Daughter of the Church

    A missed opportunity for the Donald:
    Since it was a charitable dinner for the benefits of Catholic charities, Donald Trump could have told what true charity is regarding immigration policy by means of a simple parabola.

    The parabola: “If an arsonist sets the neighbors’ house on fire, the reflex charity is naturally to offer hospitality to the neighbors…” (The Donald turning towards the cardinal who would oblige).Then continuing: ” but before and above, the real charity, IS TO STOP THE ARSONIST” (the Donald then turning at H. who had to laugh nervously), then to help rebuilt the neighbors’ houses, so the neighbor may quickly return safe into their own home” (Donald Trump, the successful New York entrepreneur and builder would have turned towards the crowd of those rich democrats who could not but applaud).

  • Ralban

    Best speech yet by The Donald.


      You mean PRESIDENT The Donald.

  • coveredlikeatent

    6 million man hitlery is licking her lips

  • coveredlikeatent

    Come on Maria let those girls out

  • coveredlikeatent

    Who is the are the guys sitting to the right and left the dude on the left looks like his junk is wearing off look at this guy sweat please go get your fix you are looking mighty sick

  • coveredlikeatent

    The Cardinal there is a satan worshiper let’s not forget what god helped the catholics build anything it wasn’t the GOD Yahweh the one with the big G

  • humaka

    Hitler was one man…

    whom had no power, lest there be a massive group of peoples hungry for revenge with evil definitions of others filling their minds…

    the feelings one serve and obey within it self create all the self experience of one self, for all good and bad…

    wonder how many shall serve and obey their own trickery in their own mind and emotions.

    hopefully none.

    but my oh my grandma and grandpa, what large mean biting hating teeth you have.

  • Болеслава

    Hilarity is so smug because she thinks she’s going to charge Trump with treason for simply liking Putin when she wins her rigged election. I hope the American population has other plans.

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