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WCIT – Think the “basket of deplorables” gaffe was bad? Hillary called her own voter base a BUCKET OF LOSERS while speaking at a Goldman Sachs convention!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 16:11
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BUSTED BY HIDDEN CAMERA: “THEY BUS PEOPLE AROUND TO VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES”The DNC election commissioner was busted by a hidden camera that caught him saying how they bus people around on election day to vote multiple times, he is tricked into going into detail and explains it ALL. Right down to the nitty gritty details! EVERYONE WHO CAN, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THAT VIDEO AND SAVE IT. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED AND IT WILL DEFINITELY BE WIPED OUT.AN IMPORTANT REMINDER:Hillary has 1. Called white America a “basket of deplorables.” Hillary has 2. Called Latinos, blacks and other minorities a “bucket of losers”
If hillary thinks whites are a basket of deplorables, and minorities are a bucket of losers, obviously she exists to serve ONLY the new world order elite. That’s all that is left after her buckets and baskets are full.ALL of minority America needs to be shown what Hillary has said about them, and be made aware of the fact that Hillary is NO ONE’S FRIEND.Beware of fake “mail releases”The newest “mail hacks” are being used for P.R. and are NOT REAL. UPDATE: This post got tampered with, it did not make it to the server the way I sent it and I had to fix it several times. This is something “they” do not want said.The latest Podesta mail releases (October 10th) made it look like Clinton is in favor of releasing free energy technology, and alien disclosure. And I call BUNK. First of all, the same evil people who want the new world order are the ones who have buried free energy technologies. They buried the tech because at this time waging war requires fuel, which makes it too expensive for little people to do. If you want to fight a war, it requires massive support platforms. With the current status quo you cannot move tanks, fighter jets, or any other war machine other than a long range bomber to a war zone without a massive FUEL BURNING support structure to get it there. This requires a massive budget that only nations and the elite have, and they do not want average people to have a way to achieve any sort of parity with them. If free energy tech was released, it would make it possible for people who had no budget at all to wage war against the greater powers effectively. All you’d need to do is crank up your free energy motor and go to the battlefield without even gassing up first. It could be anywhere in the world and you could return home to anywhere in the world when you were done. If your travel machine was small, (and it could be if it did not need to carry fuel) you could hide it anywhere and wait for a “decapitation” strike against the elite. Free energy tech will never be released because of this – they see it as a threat.

So I call the latest mail release a load of sh*t, we have enough to hang them anyway. They won’t EVER hang if they have not already, and they have obviously seen the “hacks” as an opportunity to make themselves look GREAT. DO NOT LET THEM FRONT A P.R. SCAM IN THE NAME OF A SUPPOSED “LEAK”, ALL YOU WILL SEE IS THEM “TALKING” ABOUT RELEASING SOMETHING AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE WHAT. They’d never release it even if 300 people discovered it 300 different times in 300 different places and ALL had to be silenced to prevent the tech from coming forward. But if they can make you think Hillary is a nice gal because “she wanted us to have it” all the better for them I guess.October 10 2016
POST DEBATE POLLING RIGGING PROVEN, (scroll down)They have made it clear: The election WILL be stolen. What will a stolen election this time around mean?A stolen election this time around means that Monsanto will be shoved down your throat while the
bees go extinct and the Monarch butterfly dies. Monsanto GMO is the irrefutable cause of both. A stolen election this time around will ensure that Ernie and Bert remain gay, to form impressionable young minds to suit the New World Order.
A stolen election this time around will ensure your children receive forced vaccinations specifically tailored to destroy them.
A stolen election this time around will ensure the destruction of the “deplorable” white population of America.
A stolen election this time around will keep the global warming scam alive to ensure you will soon be walking rather than driving.
A stolen election this time around will make good and sure the middle class is wiped out while Soros takes it ALL.
A stolen election this time around means you will most likely be chipped and that cash will be eliminated.
A stolen election this time around means kissing any pretend privacy you think you have goodbye forever.
A stolen election this time around will make sure all remaining useful jobs are shipped out of the country, and the crappy jobs will be done by robots while the illegals rob everything you have because they can’t get work to pay to eat either.
That won’t matter much after a stolen election, because Hillary will make sure most of America is nuked by Russia after stealing the election anyway.
A stolen election this time around means something worse than common core will be used to “educate” the children.
A stolen election this time around provably means that your children will officially be made the property of the state, with the parents playing a subordinate role, if any role at all. That is, of course, for all the children who are successfully dumbed down by the vaccines without actually being completely destroyed. If the vaccines DO destroy your children completely, the state will walk away, leaving YOU to deal with the problem.
A stolen election this time around means that the American military will be forced to fight a world war after ALL of America’s technology has been transferred to the enemy.
A stolen election this time around means that people who were aligned against Hillary beforehand will be done away with. The internet will definitely be wiped out also. The media will work in unison to deceive and direct the public, completely without resistance.
A stolen election this time around means “free speech” will officially become “by permit only” (as it is in many places already) and then promptly punished even if all permits were issued if it deviates from the official lie.
A stolen election this time around means even more legislation will be written to put the barrier to entry into business so high that only major corporations will be able to do anything at all. Average Joe will be buried under so much paperwork (which will be handled with ease by 50 employees at a huge corporation) but business for “joe” will finally, officially become impossible. Fascism at it’s finest.
A stolen election this time around will mean that even mundane pass times, such as fishing will be regulated so extensively they won’t be worth it to try. If you can get a boat, the motor will be subjected to so much scrutiny you might as well row, and you had better not cast a line in location ***. You will get no fewer than 2 visits per outing from one regulation force or another. And you won’t even know what violations could land you a fine or jail time.
A stolen election this time around means that the respect Trump hopes to cause Police officers to deserve will be forever sidelined by having all police both nationalized and be dangerous A-holes who treat everyone like a terrorist after being trained in Israel.
A stolen election this time around means that medical expenses, one way or another, will take every last dime you have, even if you never have anything go wrong because you will be forced to buy ridiculously over priced insurance whether you want it or not.

The bottom line is that we cannot allow this election to be stolen. A stolen election this time around will mean that your future will be decided by the world’s top criminals, and a woman who has already proven she has what it takes to make the death camps a reality. They won’t tolerate resistance, they will just cart you off. The time to start shooting will be on Nov 9th, NOT WHEN THE GOONS ARRIVE TO TAKE YOU AWAY. Remember: They have been outed already and have every chance to run for it NOW and surrender peacefully. They probably won’t, and when they steal the election and do away with the functioning of the peaceful process, whatever happens next is their own fault. Have no sympathy for ANY crook who could have run, but instead kept kicking the door in one last ditch effort to take it all.
Hillary’s hack-a-thon team is laughably obviously rigging the post debate pollsIf they want it to be believable, they can’t do it THIS MUCH!
THEY HAVE DEFINITELY PROVEN THAT THEY ARE GOING TO STEAL IT. THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL. THE DRUDGE POLL PROVES BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT THEY ARE GOING TO STEAL IT, “LOSERS” AND “DEPLORABLES” BE DAMNED.THIS IS WHAT GUNS WERE MADE FOR. THIS IS WHAT THE SECOND AMENDMENT WAS WRITTEN FOR. ARE WE ALL GOING TO STAND AROUND WHILE THE NATION IS DISSOLVED BY THESE FRAUDULENT CRIMINALS WHILE WE HAVE THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM IN OUR OWN HANDS? So what if some of us get hurt or killed putting it right. What the hell will be left to live for after an election steal anyway?October 9 2016 DebateWanna know how it went? Just look at this picture! UPDATE: AND AFTER THIS, HILLARY IS “MATCHING AND BEATING” TRUMP IN THE POLLS!!!Trump is doing much better this time. I am having problems updating (it took a half hour to post this one line) but Trump told her she’d be in jail and the FBI would be investigated if he could make it happen.
He’s BLOWING HER AWAY. She’s DONE. I will comment on this in depth tomorrow, but this is like an early christmas!

OMG!! Hillary just said “Even if you DON’T vote for me I’m going to be president, and I want to be the best president.” Oh, you mean by making the election a “hackathon”??!!??3 against Trump. Both moderators were hammering Trump. It is all so corrupt it showed clearly and is going to hurt! Let’s see how much the polls get scammed this time! Any support for Hillary now ought to be out of sympathy.

BATTLE TACTICOver 800 forums and blogs linked to this web site already, in October alone. That is POWER, let’s use it!Go to every forum you know of. HERE IS WHAT YOU POST AS A SUBJECT LINE:Hillary called her own voter base a bucket of losers!After that, SAY THIS: “If Hillary thinks Trump supporters are a “basket of deplorables” and her own voter base is “a bucket of losers” then CLEARLY she does not represent America. Who does she really represent? THE ONE PERCENT GLOBAL ELITE, there is nothing else! THEN TAKE THE CAPTURE OF HER SPEECH TO GOLDMAN SACHS AND EMBED IT BELOW THAT, TO PROVE THIS IS NOT B.S. AND THAT SHE REALLY DID CALL HER OWN VOTERS A BUCKET OF LOSERS!
Hillary cannot survive such clear proof that she “deplores” the entire population of America, and wishes only to serve the elite. This needs to be spread far and wide, ARCHIVE AND POST!DONATIONS:
When you donate, make sure you are not sending in Pesos or only 5 percent of what you send will show up!Mike sent 20 Mexican pesos via Paypal and the mail box, thanks! You can donate via Paypal by sending to the (preferred) and mail boxes, thanks!
UPDATE: THERE WILL BE NO RESPONSES SENT VIA E-MAIL BECAUSE IT WILL BE CENSORED, AND EVEN PAYPAL STOPPED LETTING ME SEND MESSAGES TO PEOPLE WHO DONATE. ALL CONFIRMATION IS POSTED HERE, IN THE FULL AMOUNT SENT WITH NO ABBREVIATIONS FOR AT LEAST THREE DAYS TO HELP PREVENT INTERCEPTS. Your donation will not show as having gone to this web site, don’t worry about having a different location receive it. All that matters is if it shows up here within (at most) a day.
Victoria sent $35 USD via Paypal and the mail box, thanks!
Kathryn sent $10 USD via Paypal and the mail box, thanks!
James sent $53.50 AUD via Paypal and the mail box, thanks!
Helene sent $30 USD via Paypal and the mail box, thanks!
Peter sent $20 AUD via Paypal and the mail box, thanks!

Let’s hope Trump goes for bloodTrump tapes probably sourced from the NSA, which would definitely have recorded everything he ever said via hacked phones.I am not happy with Trump’s locker room talk. It did not look good. However, it is peanuts in reality. And I strongly believe the NSA will be providing more recordings of Trump. That is the source, BET ON IT. The NSA was the source of Trump’s tax return also, BET ON IT. And with the way that backfired, well, it is laughable. If dirty NSA games, where everything you ever said around a hacked cell phone that could possibly be taken out of context are what Trump is up against, Trump had better not be playing softball today. What could Trump do to wipe out Hillary?
1. Tell the public that Hillary called her own voter base a “bucket of losers” at a Goldman Sachs convention (the next report, scroll down for that) and then pop the question: Who do you want to vote for? A white guy who might hire you, or a WHITE WOMAN WHO CALLED YOU A BUCKET OF LOSERS? That alone would kill her.
2. Trump could point out the fact that Hillary’s own web site STILL has, embedded in the source code, her calling this election a “Fully televised 18 month hackathon”. If he did that, she’d be gone in one shot.
3. Trump could show the picture above, on this page, showing Hillary with a bunch of Arabs and then reference a few of her mails that prove she founded ISIS. That alone would kill her.
4. Trump could talk about how the Clinton foundation scammed billions for the Haiti earthquake, and paid out effectively $0. That might not be instant death, but it would be a good shot.
5. There are numerous proofs of deviance with Hillary that could significantly damage her.
6. If Trump showed the frames where Hillary is missing from the video, or scrambled in appearance which proves she is a layered projection in her own rally speeches (which are attended by practically no one, which makes this easy to cover up) and then attacked her body double at the debate for being fake, he could probably do serious damage. Anyone who was not a flaming idiot would probably see the light from that alone.
7. The latest leaks show Bill Clinton accepting a million dollar bribe for the Keystone pipeline while he was president and has reams of data with regard to TARP, kickbacks to the Democrats, and “pay to play”. If Trump referenced that, Hillary would be GONE.

Trump has plenty of ammo that would blast Hillary to oblivion in a single shot. Let’s all hope he uses it!October 8 2016 Think the “basket of deplorables” gaffe was bad? Hillary called her own voter base a BUCKET OF LOSERS while speaking at a Goldman Sachs convention!No wonder why they released their best ammunition against Trump at this time! HA HA HA, she’s TOAST!
DEAR BLACK LIVES MATTER: TRUMP MAY NOT BE YOUR FAV, BUT HILLARY IS ALSO WHITE, AND CALLED YOU AND THE LATINO COMMUNITY A BUCKET OF LOSERS!So you now know what a Hillary presidency will think of you! You will not get favored status, or a path upward from this gal!
CLINTONS NUKED.Ok, this is big. It is a story with several facets. 1. The U.S. government issued an accusation against Russia (with no proof whatsoever) that Russia did the latest hacks, which netted over a million documents that prove massive corruption within the democrat party.
2. This was done after the democrats said the documents were not real. PROBLEM: IF THEY WERE NOT REAL, THEN THE HACK WOULD NOT BE REAL, AND RUSSIA WOULD NOT BE THE SOURCE, AUTOMATICALLY. Problem. BIG problem. The U.S. government, from the highest levels, just told the entire American public that these documents now being released ARE REAL by accusing Russia of releasing them.
3. The documents are more than spicy. Already one of them proves that Bill Clinton, as President, accepted a million dollar bribe for approving the Keystone pipeline. That’s huge. And there is lots more.
4. So what did the Clinton team do? It released a recording of Donald Trump “talking lewd” about women. In the recording, trump said “I just start kissing them..Just kiss. I don’t even wait,’ “Grab them by the pussy” “And when you’re a star they let you do it.” So Trump fired back with some of the things Bill has said on the golf course. One that stands out is “Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have”. Ouch. That stings. I’d like confirmation on that, but apparently Bill really did say that.
So this is backfiring badly on Hillary, and she’s having her troll team – “Correct the Record” – go online with a blaze of comments saying the Republican party is going to cancel Trump’s nomination, that Trump is dropping out, and that this is all so horrible, all the while Hillary and Bill are guilty of so much worse it’s laughable.
5. All of this is happening against the awful back drop of what is going on in Syria, and Hillary’s desperate need to start a huge war with Russia. They were hoping that releasing this against Trump would destroy him. It backfired. And when war is the only other option, that’s spooky. -so-
Keep your ear to the rail, something huge might be coming soon. NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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