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Who Else Is Being Blocked Now When Visiting BIN? Web Browsers Blocking Visitors to BIN, Warning that ‘’ Is a Deceptive Site’!

Friday, October 7, 2016 15:37
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Here is the page I started seeing today upon visiting BIN from two separate locations.


Interested in seeing who else is experiencing this warning.  

Get to know those of like mind in your local areas, the end of Alternative News could very well be just over the hill now….

More importantly, get to know your Creator through Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

God Bless you and yours dear reader, and Good Journeys

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  • Mayhem

    Nope and that’s not a BIN site anyway.

    • PaulTarsuss

      In my case, the address was blocked by the browser with the warning that it was directing traffic to the site.

      So, either someone at BIN is testing efforts to keep the site up via an alternate web route, or it’s being spoofed by those who wish to keep people from being exposed to the information shared here.

      Given the recent internet hand off, who knows what’s truly in store for the freedom of information….

      Good Journeys

      • Mayhem

        Perhaps it’s a country of origin thing, regarding the request, because it’s still working from down under.

        Or do you mean this message…

        You are now leaving Before It’s News. We aren’t responsible for any content or security on this site you are about to visit, please visit carefully.

        Click to continue!

        … which has been a BIN thing for years?

        • Mayhem

          I’m also using chrome because i just don’t care who knows what and the reason i don’t use my name has everything to do with accepting zero credit for my efforts rather than anonymity from prying eyes.

          Anyway it all sounds very interesting and i’m feeling a little left out.

          • Mayhem

            Dot-TK is Tokelau Islands a territory of New Zealand, which is where i’m from, so that might explain it?

        • Aeneas

          I’m in Melbourne Australia and I too received the above “Deceptive Site Ahead” warning. When I log in now it goes straight through. Curious about what’s going on here.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I got the warning page earlier, too.

  • larry4765

    I got it also. What gives?

    • N. Morgan

      We all got it..

      It seemed to only happen to me when I was using Chrome.

      Did you notice that too?

      • PaulTarsuss

        I actually went to a friend’s house to try it out on his PC. It worked as normal for about twenty minutes then the warnings started popping up.

        In my experience, it is not beyond the realm of probability that the powers that be are conducting intelligence gathering to see exactly when and how this site’s users react to the warnings….

        And just who they contact and how regarding the situation.

        After all, as many of us have come to appreciate….

        “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – Orwell

        Good Journeys

      • Jacko

        Nope, we don’t “all got it”. I for one never saw this popup. I use Chromium (Open source version of Chrome) together with Privacy Badger, HTTPSEverywhere and ublock origin. And of course run on Linux.

  • johnnymule

    I got the big red page first thing this morning. took a few minutes to figure it out and how to get around it. I believe that Before it’s news is the first to be censored.this is just the trial run.

  • Jack

    Not entirely uncalled for. I never open BIN article”s attached pages as in the past I have gotten malware from such.

  • Mica Molecule

    Yes my friend’s cp and mine in New Zealand have the same warning you can get past by clicking on DETAILS

  • Drunk Unkle

    I’ve got a number of domain names from and yes they do eff up sometimes.

  • MiaA

    This is only happening with Chrome. I tested all other browsers.

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    The powers that be , don’t like all the articles and comments that focus on subjects like the Nw0, Je$uits, the R0man cath0lic church, p0pe and the */atican, that go on here. You know your over the target when your taking flack. Earlier in the week while on this site and typing comments, my browser just X’d out completely by itself three separate times, but only when I was typing comments. I don’t know if something fishy was going on or what, but it was very strange.

  • vimy15

    I’ve been getting this warning also. However, I select the details option and then proceed to the site. I don’t trust the internet .. too many trolls … spy software .. “they” know who we all are .. that’s ok .. people who want a different version of the truth are not criminals even if “they” say so …

  • vimy15

    well … im being watched .. i can’t leave comments despite being logged in .. i noticed on u tube when i type something and go to it later, my comments are never there. so either the moderators delete my posts or there is another reason .. oh well.. the end is near anyways

  • elite killer

    yea its comming up only using google chrome

  • unidentified

    chrome was recommended online as the safest browser, much better than internet explorer was, windows still wants to run updates frequently because of online threats and malware, be sure to make copies of your important files and photos if they arent already on a mass storage cloud

    • Jacko

      Just use OSS it’s the safest software there is. Everyone can see what it does. And vulnerabilities are USUALLY fixed within hours. It’s not bulletproof but sure is better then closed source software.

  • AmbrociousXP

    Solution to this problem:

    Download the Tor Browser which anonymizes your browsing. Just Google Tor or use this quick link:

    Main Tor Website:

    It’s 100% free to use by the way.

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Easy to hack and tons of backdoors for the government to use, since it was designed by the government to catch pedophiles.

      • wreakhavoc

        Almost correct. Except the last meaning which would be
        “to control the people”. That has always the original plan from start.

  • Me

    Huh, I have not seen that warning. I use nortons, ghostery, and ad blocker plus. I never see ads, popups or viruses. However, your browser could be set to warn you of suspicious sites. Just a thought.

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger


  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    That feature in chrome relies on user feedback.

    It’s easy to misuse.

    Enough people downvote a website, and it happens, can be used like a DDOS.

  • sgalas

    Yup blocked in chrome and firefox…. if there is no warning to enter the site, your browser is outta date :P

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Actually think it’s their ads, I have all ads blocked, and all ad blocker blockers blocked, and havent seen anything, my S is up to date.

  • nweb

    It happened to me the first time I visited yesterday, even though I had comto the site the same way I always do: I typed “b” in the address bar and Chrome finished the URL for me and I hit ENTER. Then I get that Red Screen Message. I live in the US and use Chrome, if that helps. I thought it was very strange, but at least I could click DETAILS and “go anyway, even though unsafe” or whatever it said.

  • darlin51

    I got that red whole page covering/warning page yesterday too, not there this morning. Sceered me so much I went to my EDGE browser instead !! :cool: F Google, they do more stuff like this and I pull the plug on internet, TV, and phone.

  • VirusGuard

    Both microsoft and google have these block list to protect you from hackers and viruses but they are also used to censor the internet and half the sites on these lists are not hacking or doing anything wrong apart from saying the wrong things that TPTB don’t like you to read.

    Trust nothing including software and services that comes out from the USA

  • VirusGuard

    Just took a peek at hxxp:// and it’s teaming with the usual spyware from Google and Youtube but the cheeky bastards have a sticker up that says it part of the “Internet defence leage”

    You don’t defend the internet by hosting scrips for Google and B4IN does the same too


    I also received this warning.

  • GiveMeStrength

    Yes, it’s definitely Chrome. You should go ahead and get the new browser that Brendon Eich (The former head of Firefox) has made available. It’s called the Brave Browser, and is apparently free of Google’s shenanigans, especially using it’s analytics scripting that seems to hijack other browsers (making them hang) or doing things like this.

    I now avoid Chrome like the plague.

    • Jacko

      Brave is based on libchromium too so you’re not avoiding Chrome as much as you want us believe…

  • WhiteDawn

    Brave man.



    • Jacko

      It doesn’t have element hiding (yet?) which makes sites look weird with white boxes where ads used to be.

  • Anonymous

    Dont use google chrome google is gov. They have their home base in mountain view california which the spot it is at is a military base

  • Don\'t Fear

    Yep. I got the same message for BIN and Infowars when I used google search. I switched to other search engines like fire fox, Start page and AVG Secure Search with no problems.

  • shulmice

    If you are blocked by firefox use Chrome in incognito window

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