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Whoa! Hillary Thought the Camera Was Off of Her, But No …. Watch This! (Video)

Monday, October 10, 2016 14:38
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Ha! Surprise! Trump got under her thick, sick skin!


The Conservative Tribune reports, This clip from the debate happened as Trump was talking about health care. Hillary wasn’t willing to interrupt Trump, but she was pretty willing to show what she thought of the Republican nominee. So, how did Hillary handle the loss? In the most Hillary way humanly possible: by cursing out Donald Trump. TAKE A LOOK

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BTW, Hillary talks about taking the high road, but she is doing the same thing the supposed low road is doing!!




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  • Болеслава

    Unless the Republicans can fix the voting system they are toast and America will be toast. It will be obliterated by a world which will not tolerate a Clinton presidency and will launch a pre emtive strike.

    • TRUTHY1

      Your statement is so close to the truth that we Americans will not accept it. We have been programmed to accept the Bolsheviks point of view and support it ! Instead of a Constitutional Republic,which we were founded as,we have become the most loathsome Democracy ever conceived ! Francis Bacon’s Grand experiment is coming to an end to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER under Luciferian control. All the non spiritual people will not get this point even though the proof is in front of their eyes !! I live within spitting distance of the Satanic Cabal in Washington D.C. so I would be Vaporized when the first strike happens,Bring it on, I’m ready to meet my maker in the name of serving Justice to the Zionist Traitors !

    • Wity

      Hey~ to the guy with the excellent flag icon, how do i pronounce your name in English ?
      I enjoy your comments… but i only have and English keyboard…..

      I do believe Vladimir will be forced to stop a NATO attack on Russia by using an EMP weapon
      but doubt he will strike first as that will put him at a distinct disadvantage against the NWO 666

      There is the very distinct possibility China will invade the USA and start things off using using
      a North Korean weapons launch …..

      As you an l know the purple whore of the new Babylon has to fall ( Clinton & New York )

      • Mayhem

        It means the Duke of Poland – pronounced Boleslava – it took 30 seconds to find out using my favourite search engine.

        You’re welcome.

        • Anonymous

          I despise Hillary, but this lip licking can not possibly be construed as swearing. What rubbish. No wonder we are dismissed as kooks. Hillary is one of the most vicious, abusive mouths out there to her underlings. So get something REAL.
          30 yrs she screamed, raged, ranted SOMEONE must have genuine ftg of it they can provide.
          Call to Americans: bring it forth and post!

    • Daughter of the Church

      Dear (?? can’t pronounce it!!), -my apologies for having called “Ivan” in previous comments. So I’ll call you “Duke of Poland” for now on…
      The Republicans cannot fix the voting system. In fact this primary voting system is spreading everywhere, such as in France for example where the national electorate will soon have to chose between two stooges of the NWO.

      As for Mrs. Clinton, unless foul play, she ain’t gonna make it. So what might happen? Election cancelled, and the same result that you predict: The United States, as the beacon of the fee-world, will be snuffed.

  • Anonymous

    I would say that is a stretch and not worth making a video.

    • Daughter of the Church

      It was no “stretch” at all! It was a curse.

      Lesson one: never let a witch near you; never let a witch into the home which implies to never listen to her; to never look at her: a witch will whisper a curse with a smile.
      Lesson two: a curse is pure hatred, be it send with rage, or as a sweet poison.
      Lesson three: a witch is a master in her craft, which means that she may hide the visible curse under the appearances of a “lesser” curse, such as a neutral “f@#$ you”, while the in reality it may be the throwing of much more powerful words said in Sumerian, or Enochian.

      Anonymous do not dismiss the body language of a witch.

  • charlie2dogs

    i think its bullshit

    • WoBuZhiDao


  • dennisR8

    Soon we and mostly I, will be singing “Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead”. May be two to four years in jail then dead in jail still. Laughing is going to be a modern pass time for many Americans. History books changed to tell the treasonous story of Prescott Bush and his evil “Operation Paperclip” with many German Nazis.

    The truth told of how the Rothschild family along with the British Royal family ORCHESTRATED world war one and two for the sake of world political domination and currency debasement.

    “Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead”. Laughing all the way home

  • CharlesH

    I saw her lips saying “oh damn, I think I left the iron plugged in”. NO…wait – I think what she said is “oh shit – the cookies, they’re still baking!!!”. :idea:

  • Canderson

    I would have some guy project a magic circle right in-front of that witch, she can not handle that.

  • Josie

    I despise Hillary but that’s a stretch, looks like she is just licking her lip…

  • dagiles

    I don’t see it and I dont like her. I think you are a little over the top saying she said FU to Trump. You can do better than this!!

  • wiseoldlady

    NOPE…..she said YOU”RE DEAD….I can read lips.

    • Daughter of the Church

      wiseoldlady, you might be right in your interpretation. She definitively threw a curse at the man, and it was probably a lethal one.
      It also might have been a worst curse than what you read from the English, because it might have been pronounced in a language of the craft. The language of the occult often dissimulates behind a more common vernacular.
      In all case IT WAS A CURSE. The proof being with the number of shills coming in close row at covering-up the malfeasance of their mistress.

      • Daughter of the Church

        a curse, any curse may be deflected, and returned to its perpetrator as a boomerang. The curse from the last televised debate is no exception. This is why the shills are coming in force in order to protect the one who threw a curse that no-one was supposed to see. This is no laughing matter for this woman, because her master the devil has absolutely no humor.

        Now to sound like a broken record: the only shield against a curse is the Blood of Jesus Christ poured-out for the redemption of man’s sin on the Cross. Pray the 153 Hail Mary’s of the holy rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, because ultimately she is the woman who will crush the head of the serpent. She IS the woman who brought the Christ the first time, and she is the one who will bring Him again.

  • Microbe

    That was kinda weak Gary. I could see Hillary maybe getting ready to say something, but chose to stay quiet. I really didn’t find anything substantial about the video. Take care.

  • Pink Slime

    I agree.

    This rubbish lady is saying FU. You can see this. But it does not matter because NOBODY should accept her presidency should she win it by one way only – FRAUD.

    And that will mean WAR that the Democraps want so badly on you. She can NEVER be accepted and this time the people must rise up and not act like sheep like with the negro sodomite.

    As usual only a small percentage will stop this Oueer Hillary from just like in the American Revolution Kueer George. We are CURSED with the ‘elite. They never go away and CURSES each generation.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    You guys are such idiots.

    Including this Penn look alike, wanna be news anchor, and his Wal-Mart suit.

    I wonder what his wife thinks about him playing pretend news man and turning the guest bedroom into his play studio. Oh wait, I’m sure this obsessive goof is not married.

    Go on thinking that the people running for president aren’t groomed for it years in advance.

    Go on thinking that the next president hasn’t already been chosen.

    Go on thinking your vote actually matters.

    Trump or Clinton?

    It’s whoever the men behind the curtain want depending on their agenda. Neither candidate can or will stop it, if that was true, they wouldnt be allowed to be “running”.

    Enjoy your jail cell known as life in America.

  • unidentified

    no that’s a false statement/interpretation by lip reader, she knew there was a split screen setup and wouldnt mouth the words f you tho she might have been thinking the words :eek: :roll: :lol:

  • 3RD BORN

    Your stretches to reality, Gary Franchi et al, are getting further & further from actuality. Please stop overloading an election, especially in its last month with such non-sensical distractions. This did not warrant a video.

  • Room With a View

    she heard something, look at her eyes just before she says it. Almost like someone whispered to her. Creepy bitch. If you are right wiseoldlady, then if anything happens to her, this certainly will be incriminating evidence…..if that is what she said.

  • Eggzactly

    This is not news and Mr blue screen news man tends to waste peoples time with his non news reports. Everytime I have clicked on the sensationalized headline and watch the video, I instantly click out because this wannabe guy waste peoples time. Like just now. :roll:

  • Wity

    Just found out what was really happening with Killery here…..

    She was having a moment with Trump as her bitch and accidently dropped a smelly that made her wanna barf !

    Problem is it got trapped in her flubber and microwave radio wring connections

    Giving her a sudden electric shock up the gazoita valve which she mistook for an orgazim……

    Actually in her case a Brain Fart…..

  • Richard Parker

    Exodus 22:18 – “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” thus saith YEHOVAH!

  • AJjj100

    If Hillary is elected when she is asked do you sware to up hold the US Constitution so help you God? With her hand on the bible her answer will be, I do and that will be a lie. If Donald is elected when he is asked with his hand on the bible, do you sware to up hold the US Constitution so help you god? His answer will be, I do and that my friends will be the truth! Vote wisely because you freedom is at stake

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

    Because she knows Trump’s right. Hillary is one of those “I’m Gonna..I’m Gonna” people. I am so happy to see Trump take the kid gloves off on her!

  • jbw

    Don’t see it….

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