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4 Powerful Truths That Will Change Your Life

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 2:02
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by Lamisha Serf-Walls; purpose fairy


“One of the greatest paradoxes of your physical senses is that your eyes actually show you what you believe, not what you see.” Mike Dooley

The single most transformative piece of wisdom I have ever learned is this:

Your beliefs create your reality

This concept has been around for ages, but for many people it may have fallen on deaf ears until just the right moment when they needed it most. At least, I know that’s how it worked for me.


This profound truth is something I lived without for most of my life. For me, “life” was simply a string of unfortunate events that happened to me and like a corn maze, I had to meander my way through the best way I knew how without getting lost along the way.

Most of my life, I carried with me this heavy belief that life had to be hard and if anything good ever happened, it would likely be followed by something bad to balance it out. After all, who was I to be too happy?

It took many years of personal development and soul work to understand that life was never something that simply happened to me. Instead, it was an ever-changing tapestry that I had the freedom to co-create with the Universe through my thoughts, beliefs, and personal truths-aka my mindset.

Since then, I’ve been on a journey to cultivate a mindset that supports my ideal life through mindfulness and a sacred daily practice. Along the way, I’ve collected a few key secrets that are paramount in helping you to conquer your mindset and transform your life for the better.

1. Your eyes show you what you believe

This was one of the most profound pieces of the puzzle for me. If you are new to the whole idea of mindset work and you aren’t sure how your beliefs might be creating your reality, take a look around you. What do you see? Are you doing work you love? Are you engaged in fulfilling relationships? Are there areas in your life where you feel completely stuck? Do you tend to expect things to change or have you settled into the fact that this is just the way it is?

When you take stock of your external reality without judgment, you can begin to unravel some of the thoughts and beliefs that help create those circumstances in your life. Get curious about what you see and ask yourself what are the thoughts and beliefs you have around work, love, relationships, or even money. You may be surprised to find that the positive thoughts you thought you had, aren’t all that positive.

2. What you expect is what you receive

This little nugget blew my mind wide open. When you think about what you want in life, do you power that thought with the expectation that you will get it or does it always remain a want? Growing up, I was very aware of what I wanted in terms of a partner, my career, and even finances, but I never expected to receive those things because up to that point, I never had. It was like I had set up some barrier between what was ‘real’ and what was just a pipe dream.

The key to receiving what you actually want is to expect it. Unfortunately, most people use their past to set the tone for what they expect in their future. You don’t have to have a history of great relationships in order to meet the perfect mate, but you do have to be open to the fact that it is possible and learn to expect it. The same goes for anything else you desire in your life.

3. Everything can change (for the better) in an instant

No matter how bad things may feel or how dire your situation is, this truth will hopefully bring about a sense of ease. The truth is, everything can (and does) change instantly when you are open to the possibilities. In fact, the only reason things aren’t changing for the better more quickly is because we tend to expect things to take a long time.

For example, when you aren’t feeling well, you may expect it to take a few days before you are feeling better again. When things are financially tough for you, you may expect it to take a long time for things to be resolved. But, when you are open to the possibility that everything can change (for the better) in an instant, they do. Money flows out of places you never thought possible or you begin to feel better seemingly instantly. A little question I love to ask is, “What else is possible?”. By simply asking that question, you create a circumstance for miracles to occur. Not convinced? Give it a try!

4. You choose your truths, they don’t choose you

When you know that you have the power to create your own reality, you also know that you have a choice in what you believe. In fact, your personal truths are simply beliefs that you’ve “proven” over time based on your experience. So, if you don’t like the way your external reality looks or feels at the moment, it’s time to choose some new personal truths.

Here’s how.

Just like we did in #1, take a look at the various aspects of your life and ask yourself what do you believe to be true about those areas? Is money hard to make? Is love hard to find? Are you habitually negative or always running late? If those are the truths that you have accepted up to now and they haven’t served you, what would you like to be true for you?

For instance, you might choose to believe that money is easy to make, love easy to find, and that you are the most positive person you know. When you spend a bit of time embracing these beliefs (I suggest with a daily practice) you will begin to see your external reality shifting for the better.

If I could give one more bit of advice it would be to actively work on building a mindset that supports your big dreams and intentions on a daily basis. Whether you read affirmations, personal development books, or use visualizations, committing to a sacred daily practice is a sure-fire way to transform your life in ways you never dreamed were possible.


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  • Pauljr

    Just within the last two days I have touched on this subject with my friend. First, I saw a youtube video on how the theory of Quantum Mechanics became a science. Basically, they show that thought is effecting reality, and that somehow we are living in a hologram like mind matrix. That’s when second, I realized that thought based reality might have a lot more credit than I had previously given it. Now, three days later or so, I see your words. Very well done. Do you have more words I can read?

  • Morgana Le Fay

    While there may be some truth insofar as your beliefs influence how you react to your surroundings, they don’t control the environment you are subjected to, and wishful thinking is delusional at best….kinda like prayer.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      As they say: Wish into one hand and $hit in the other; see which one fills first.

  • zak1955

    Feeling and thinking that you deserve something is called a belief in entitlement, which is a thinking error. We already have too many people with that attitude running around causing problems as it is! Some even think they should have been President instead of someone else because they were entitled to it! But as you can see, just because you believe in something doesn’t make it a reality! Everyone has to work together for common goals to be reached. That’s reality!….

  • Redlist Renegade

    I would liken this to playing the Lottery ! With the following Exceptions ; (1.) Your eyes show you what you WANT to believe (especially if you bought your lotto tickets when you were drunk or high) ! (2.) What you expect is NOT what you receive (they ALWAYS sell you the Wrong numbers , personally I suspect a conspiracy) ! Everything CAN’T change for the better because you and I will NEVER win the “Big One” (See the above comment here) ! (4.) You choose your truths , they don’t choose you (“What a fool believes he sees no wise man has the power to reason away) and as good old P.T. Barnum put it , in so many words , “There’s a Sucker born every minute” !!! So much for the “Lottery” as a philosophy for Life !!!

  • The Clucker

    ““One of the greatest paradoxes of your physical senses is that your eyes actually show you what you believe, not what you see.” Mike Dooley”

    So if I were to believe that everyone else is a flying spaghetti monster wearing green tweed pants then that’s what I’d see? Pff.

    Alrighty then.

    We’ve all heard countless stories that start with “You wouldn’t believe it!” Apparently those people were seeing things they didn’t believe could happen.

  • Joseph66

    What you are referring to is also known as the law of attraction, metaphysics, prayer, or just a strong desire to create the type of reality people want to live in. It’s been said that if you fail to plan, your planning to fail. However, most people go through life without really considering that they could have, be, or do more if only they were told that they have the potential to do so, and were instructed on how to proceed. These are reality based truths that apply only to reality, and not to what is spiritual truth.

    Reality is always based on beliefs, ideas, conclusions, suppositions, delusions, illusions, and on and on. Look at yourself in the mirror objectively and you will see the image you created about yourself. Is that who you really are or is that just an image? Who are we really, or should I say actually? The image is more than wishful thinking because you created it out your beliefs. Beliefs are nothing more than thousands and thousands of words put together in your mind to form your reality. They can bring about good conditions or bad depending on which way you choose. Therefore, the ways you choose to live your life is based on wishful thinking. In other words you pray to yourself to form your world.

    Beliefs are not always instantaneous until they are accepted as a solution to some national or world problem as an idea, which when accepted becomes a reality. And we have to many of these realities know as governments, religions, and racists beliefs that only brings about divisions and conflict. So called working together to bring about a better world has always been based on different ideas and where has that gotten us?

    Wishing You All The Best In Life!

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