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Eight Days to America’s Armageddon

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 11:14
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We have eight days until America meets her ultimate fate and this is what we are about to inherit as a leader.

Hillary’s Epitaph

By hook, or crook, this is who we are about to elect into the White House. This is what she’s accomplished:
  1. Whitewater
  2. Sitting on the Board of LaFarge when the first payments were given to fund ISIS by LaFarge
  3. The first failed version of Obamacare when she was first lady
  4. Vince Foster
  5. The Travelgate scandal when she was the First Lady
  6. Selling 20% of America’s uranium to the Russian (NY Times)  TREASON
  7. Stealing $2 billion of Haitian relief money.
  8. Posting Ambassador Stevens travel plans prior to Benghazi   ACCOMPLICE TO MURDER
  9. Benghazi
  10. The drug and money laundering of the Clinton Foundation
  11. Paying out 5% of the total proceeds of the Clinton Foundation to charity while pocketing the rest
  12. Using foreign money in Presidential campaign
  13. Pay for play- Perpetuating arms arms deals with nations that sponsor terrorism, when serving s Secretary of State,  in exchange for payments to the Clinton Foundation
  14. Preparing to run to a country who has no extradition agreement with the United States in order to escape the justice that is coming her way (eg Qatar).
  15. The ongoing email scandal in which she obstructed justice by deleting 33,000 emails that were under investigation by Congress
  16. The ongoing email scandal in which she sent out emails with security designations as “ABOVE TOP SECRET”  and she did so 22 times   ESPIONAGE
  17. Refusing to step down and creating a constitutional crisis in a nation that is hopelessly divided already
Hillary’s new administration will consist of the following goals and this is not even being kept secret.
  1. Enacting the largest tax increase on Americans at $1.3 trillion dollars.
  2. The elimination of the family structure as we know it though increased power given to CPS’ around the country though Health and Human Services. Remember? It take a Village to Raise a Child? Or, was it the Village Idiot to Raise a Child?
  3. The elimination of inheritance.
  4. The elimination of Christianity.
  5. The elimination of free speech and she has made this one abundantly clear with her comments toward the alt. media.
  6. The elimination of free speech.
  7. The creation of a borderless nation.
  8. Increasing the importation of  possible terrorists without national security vetting.
  9. The elimination of the Second Amendment.
  10. A President who will never leave office until she dies.
We are witnessing the possible installation of the modern day version of Stalin as the President of the United States.
I could go on and on, but fortunately, I still have a life that is worth living.
The big question is this: Why aren’t Americans from every race, color and religion in the streets demanding an end to her candidacy?
I have written about this before, perhaps America is now ready to look at herself in the mirror.
The following represents why America has not had enough of the criminality. The following 3 psychological principles have manifested in the form of a self-created prison that over half the country finds itself in.

The CNN Effect-Group Think

The world of psychological research provides the definitive answer as to whether we should fear our military in the coming storm ahead in the form of a phenomenon called group think. Group think is often described as a decision-making process whereby the group members go along with what they believe is the consensus. Group think has also been used to describe individual acquiescence to authority even when the authority has limited power to enforce compliance. Group think often causes groups to make hasty, irrational decisions, where individual doubts are set aside, for fear of upsetting the group’s leadership and balance.
The Migram Experiment
The Migram Experiment
The controversial 1963 experiment, known as the Milgram Experiment demonstrated that with very minimal verbal pressure, and nothing else, approximately 65% of the population will put someone to death based upon the orders of a perceived authority figure. And this occurs when the authority figure, in the Milgram experiment was not allowed to apply any REAL threats. For a complete description of the Milgram Experiment, please click here.
The MSM tells America Trump cannot win, Hillary is good and Donald is bad. The political leaders, owned by the corporations who have been raping this country for 40 years tell us to vote for the criminal Clinton. And like good little sheep, we follow orders  of the elite, just like the Nazis.

IF the Media Tells the Lie Often Enough, the People Will Come to Believe It: Confirmation Bias

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.”  
William Casey, former CIA Director
Confirmation bias is the same in any tyrannical form of government.
Confirmation bias is the same in any tyrannical form of government.
The social psychological term, confirmation bias, refers to the fact that the masses will believe even the biggest of lies, if they hear it often enough. Confirmation bias and group think work hand in hand to enslave Americans into believing in and accepting a self-destructive paradigm. Television MSM news has a filtering impact on the perception of reality.  The psychological concept of confirmation bias means that when we hear a message often enough, we come to unquestionably accept the message as authentic and real. And the message is amazingly consistent because only six globalist corporate entities control over 95% of the media.
Donald Trump is racist! You have heard it before and you will keep hearing it until every nonwhite person in America believes that if he elected, America will see a race war.
trump is a racist
Racist and sexist, that’s Donald Trump and we hear this over and over and over and the unaware masses in this country come to believe as the real facts fade into the background.

Trump Cannot Win According to the Polls, Says the MSM and It Doesn’t Matter What You Do- Learned Helplessness

Why won’t America stand up for herself? Why is the country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction, now sitting idly while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper?
The answer to the above question lies in the psychological concept known as “Learned Helplessness” as discovered by Martin Seligman in the 1960’s.
“Learned helplessness” occurs when an animal, or a person, is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape from. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action”.
seligman 2
Phase One
In the first phase of the learned helplessness experiment, Seligman placed a dog on an electrical grid, shocked the dog and noted that the dog would demonstrate the ability to escape the aversive stimulus.
Phase Two
In the second phase, the dog was barricaded on the grid and was unable to escape the painful shocks. Eventually the dog laid down and passively accepted the shock.
Phase Three
Seligman then removed the barricades and the dog could have easily escaped the shocks. However, the dog, conditioned by the prior set of events, simply laid down and accepted the shocks, without mounting any resistance whatsoever. This, in large part, is where America is at today.
Trump has removed the barrier (phase three) and America has a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of God. We have a chance to reclaim a measure of respectability from the criminal enterprise system that we presently under.
It does not matter if you vote. Trump cannot win, says the globalist controlled media. The research shows us that one factor, and only one factor, can move the masses to action. When people see their loved ones in danger (ie cannot feed their children), they will act with purpose. This is the angle that the awake must use to awaken the sleeping sheep in this country. Do I think it is going to happen, I don’t think so. However, if we all get on our knees and pray to God for forgiveness and deliverance, we might be surprised at what happens.

There are only 8 days to America’s  Armageddon

 Credit To Common Sense


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  • Debbie

    America is officially under communist control…Hillary will be installed and you can’t stop it…from Jim Stone freelance:


    Worldnow is a central company that helps all the news stations stay synchronized so they all report the same news. This is a bust of that company, that already has the election results ready for the stations to post, complete with their station graphics. On election day, they go live with this. This is completely confirmed in the second report on this page, including proof that the posted results are NOT a test.

    Get the WRCBtv (Chattanooga) page in the capture above that has already been prepared for election night directly from worldnow while it lasts and here is the direct link to WRCBtv that proves they don’t have it posted yet. IMPORTANT – look at the lower left hand corner of your browser when you access WRCBtv. You will see all content is coming from, which proves that the page capture above is a hidden page that will be used when the time comes. You can’t get to it from ANYWHERE on the WRCBtv web site, it is waiting at Worldnow to be posted.

    You can see that the tabulation is set up to hit the end percentages with an algorithm to steal it changing the numbers automatically as the vote progresses to hit those percentages by cross checking this first list (below) here for WMCTV in Memphis, with the second list from KFVS 12 in Missouri that is embedded in the report below this list, where I prove this is legit. Cross comparing the two lists mathematically proves yet another way that an algorithm with dynamic fractional vote tabulation is being used to steal the election. On election day, you will see the same percentages overall, with only the numbers that claim to equal them different. The difference in total votes shown on the station pages, with the same overall final percentages proves the election theft is automated to hit desired percentages, no one has to lift a finger during the election itself to accomplish the steal.

    Here are the easy to read totals THAT ARE ALREADY TABULATED FOR WMCTV in Memphis. They will not even know this was busted until after coffee tomorrow so the direct link will prove what I am saying for at least this night. IMPORTANT: The first six tables in the link show zero percent reporting. Scroll past them to see the rig.

    Line 119: US President Alabama
    Line 121: > Donald Trump (R) 715,592 44%
    Line 122: Hillary Clinton (D) 634,275 39%
    Line 125: US President Alaska
    Line 127: > Donald Trump (R) 115,252 44%
    Line 128: Hillary Clinton (D) 104,973 40%
    Line 133: US President Arizona
    Line 135: > Donald Trump (R) 906,638 46%
    Line 136: Hillary Clinton (D) 867,218 44%
    Line 139: US President Arkansas
    Line 141: > Hillary Clinton (D) 320,102 38%
    Line 142: Donald Trump (R) 289,862 34%
    Line 149: US President California
    Line 151: > Hillary Clinton (D) 4,076,539 45%
    Line 152: Donald Trump (R) 3,643,970 40%
    Line 156: US President Colorado
    Line 158: > Hillary Clinton (D) 452,857 23%
    Line 159: Donald Trump (R) 367,446 19%
    Line 180: US President Connecticut
    Line 182: > Hillary Clinton (D) 508,013 45%
    Line 183: Donald Trump (R) 451,669 40%
    Line 186: US President Delaware
    Line 188: > Donald Trump (R) 148,943 44%
    Line 189: Hillary Clinton (D) 132,602 40%
    Line 192: US President District of Columbia
    Line 194: > Donald Trump (R) 111,157 45%
    Line 195: Hillary Clinton (D) 99,648 40%
    Line 198: US President Florida
    Line 200: > Hillary Clinton (D) 2,758,845 44%
    Line 201: Donald Trump (R) 2,543,706 40%
    Line 206: US President Georgia
    Line 208: > Donald Trump (R) 1,490,410 45%
    Line 209: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,324,808 40%
    Line 211: US President Hawaii
    Line 213: > Hillary Clinton (D) 158,720 42%
    Line 214: Donald Trump (R) 152,232 41%
    Line 218: US President Idaho
    Line 220: > Donald Trump (R) 198,675 44%
    Line 221: Hillary Clinton (D) 176,677 39%
    Line 228: US President Illinois
    Line 230: > Hillary Clinton (D) 2,006,362 44%
    Line 231: Donald Trump (R) 1,807,369 40%
    Line 234: US President Indiana
    Line 236: > Donald Trump (R) 1,077,142 45%
    Line 237: Hillary Clinton (D) 957,461 40%
    Line 239: US President Iowa
    Line 241: > Donald Trump (R) 490,319 44%
    Line 242: Hillary Clinton (D) 436,740 39%
    Line 251: US President Kansas
    Line 253: > Donald Trump (R) 392,701 44%
    Line 254: Hillary Clinton (D) 349,617 40%
    Line 257: US President Kentucky
    Line 259: > Donald Trump (R) 721,167 44%
    Line 260: Hillary Clinton (D) 647,285 40%
    Line 265: US President Louisiana
    Line 267: > Hillary Clinton (D) 565,941 38%
    Line 268: Donald Trump (R) 536,155 36%
    Line 280: US President Maine
    Line 282: > Hillary Clinton (D) 223,591 43%
    Line 283: Donald Trump (R) 207,990 40%
    Line 286: US President Maryland
    Line 288: > Hillary Clinton (D) 934,981 45%
    Line 289: Donald Trump (R) 831,655 40%
    Line 292: US President Massachusetts
    Line 294: > Donald Trump (R) 960,930 44%
    Line 295: Hillary Clinton (D) 864,838 40%
    Line 298: US President Michigan
    Line 300: > Hillary Clinton (D) 1,495,253 40%
    Line 301: Donald Trump (R) 1,420,490 38%
    Line 306: US President Minnesota
    Line 308: > Hillary Clinton (D) 835,772 45%
    Line 309: Donald Trump (R) 643,190 34%
    Line 317: US President Mississippi
    Line 319: > Donald Trump (R) 455,836 44%
    Line 320: Hillary Clinton (D) 404,169 39%
    Line 326: US President Missouri
    Line 328: > Hillary Clinton (D) 919,407 44%
    Line 329: Donald Trump (R) 826,715 40%
    Line 333: US President Montana
    Line 335: > Donald Trump (R) 124,285 35%
    Line 336: Hillary Clinton (D) 106,531 30%
    Line 340: US President Nebraska
    Line 342: > Donald Trump (R) 266,304 44%
    Line 343: Hillary Clinton (D) 238,319 40%
    Line 346: US President Nevada
    Line 348: > Hillary Clinton (D) 392,071 47%
    Line 349: Donald Trump (R) 349,756 42%
    Line 354: US President New Hampshire
    Line 356: > Donald Trump (R) 233,389 44%
    Line 357: Hillary Clinton (D) 211,541 40%
    Line 361: US President New Jersey
    Line 363: > Hillary Clinton (D) 1,225,655 43%
    Line 364: Donald Trump (R) 1,104,143 39%
    Line 372: US President New Mexico
    Line 374: > Donald Trump (R) 257,643 41%
    Line 375: Hillary Clinton (D) 243,336 39%
    Line 382: US President New York
    Line 384: > Hillary Clinton (D) 2,874,820 49%
    Line 385: Donald Trump (R) 2,464,969 42%
    Line 388: US President North Carolina
    Line 390: > Hillary Clinton (D) 1,834,827 54%
    Line 391: Donald Trump (R) 1,427,089 42%
    Line 393: US President North Dakota
    Line 395: > Hillary Clinton (D) 106,150 39%
    Line 396: Donald Trump (R) 81,170 30%
    Line 401: US President Ohio
    Line 403: > Hillary Clinton (D) 1,768,330 45%
    Line 404: Donald Trump (R) 1,571,848 40%
    Line 408: US President Oklahoma
    Line 410: > Donald Trump (R) 532,869 50%
    Line 411: Hillary Clinton (D) 479,581 45%
    Line 413: US President Oregon
    Line 415: > Donald Trump (R) 437,729 35%
    Line 416: Hillary Clinton (D) 375,196 30%
    Line 419: US President Pennsylvania
    Line 421: > Hillary Clinton (D) 1,892,527 44%
    Line 422: Donald Trump (R) 1,714,575 40%
    Line 426: US President Rhode Island
    Line 428: > Hillary Clinton (D) 176,102 44%
    Line 429: Donald Trump (R) 158,149 39%
    Line 433: US President South Carolina
    Line 435: > Hillary Clinton (D) 686,264 44%
    Line 436: Donald Trump (R) 610,431 39%
    Line 442: US President South Dakota
    Line 444: > Donald Trump (R) 118,104 40%
    Line 445: Hillary Clinton (D) 88,577 30%
    Line 448: US President Tennessee
    Line 450: > Donald Trump (R) 707,501 36%
    Line 451: Hillary Clinton (D) 699,358 35%
    Line 457: US President Texas
    Line 459: > Hillary Clinton (D) 3,171,201 42%
    Line 460: Donald Trump (R) 3,020,193 40%
    Line 463: US President Utah
    Line 465: > Donald Trump (R) 229,420 30%
    Line 466: Hillary Clinton (D) 191,184 25%
    Line 475: US President Vermont
    Line 477: > Hillary Clinton (D) 102,409 44%
    Line 478: Donald Trump (R) 91,938 40%
    Line 483: US President Virginia
    Line 485: > Hillary Clinton (D) 1,207,579 44%
    Line 486: Donald Trump (R) 1,087,068 40%
    Line 490: US President Washington
    Line 492: > Hillary Clinton (D) 830,496 39%
    Line 493: Donald Trump (R) 679,285 32%
    Line 499: US President West Virginia
    Line 501: > Hillary Clinton (D) 276,617 44%
    Line 502: Donald Trump (R) 248,391 40%
    Line 506: US President Wisconsin
    Line 508: > Donald Trump (R) 795,047 40%
    Line 509: Hillary Clinton (D) 587,532 30%
    Line 515: US President Wyoming
    Line 517: > Hillary Clinton (D) 41,824 30%
    Line 518: Donald Trump (R) 34,853 25%



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