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So Obvious: Obama Regime Planning Massive False Flag Terror Attacks on Monday to Halt a Trump Victory and Save Democrats From Being Indicted

Saturday, November 5, 2016 21:58
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False flag terror attacks

(NaturalNews) Getting right to the point, Donald Trump is set to win this election by a landslide, so forces inside the corrupt government regime currently occupying Washington are working overtime to try to disrupt the election by any means necessary.

As history has repeatedly shown, when the U.S. government wants to achieve a political outcome (destroying talk radio, confiscating guns, denigrating white people, etc.), they just roll out a mass shooting or terror attack of some sort to disrupt current events, change the narrative, and invoke the emotional response from the public that gives them the support to expand their own unconstitutional power. It works like clockwork for the simple reason that many people are so incredibly gullible and uninformed that they stupidly believe anything CNN tells them.

Now, with Donald Trump clearly positioned to achieve a stunning victory against a criminal cartel of Clinton operatives who are likely to soon find themselves in prison, the Obama administration is unleashing every trick in the book to halt an inevitable Trump victory (and the downfall of the Obama / Clinton racketeering enterprise) and save the Clintons from being indicted.

Obama administration announces attacks in Texas, New York and VirginiaTo achieve this, the government recently issued a warning that “al Qaeda” would attack Texas, New York and Virginia. As reported by CBS News, an obedient propaganda arm of the corrupt government regime:

CBS News has learned about a potential terror threat for the day before the election. Sources told CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that U.S. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al Qaeda could be planning attacks in three states for Monday. It is believed New York, Texas and Virginia are all possible targets, though no specific locations are mentioned.

Later in this article, I’ll reveal to you the obvious fact that al Qaeda is funded by the very same groups that fund the Clinton Foundation. They’re all connected and scripted by globalists (keep reading).

The “al Qaeda” story is just cover for the government’s own domestic terrorism false flag attacksDo you really think it’s sheer coincidence that such an attack would be announced by the government itself, timed to take place just one day before the American revolution movement elects Donald Trump and begins the criminal takedown of the Clinton racketeering enterprise?

Don’t be stupid. There are no coincidences when it comes to power hungry elitists staging world events to consolidate their power.

The real explanation is that if any attacks happen at all, the U.S. government itself will carry out those terror attacks on Monday, immediately followed by Obama calling for an election delay, Martial Law or somehow blaming Trump followers for all the attacks in the hopes of swaying the election outcome on Tuesday.

New York is being chosen because pro-Clinton elements of the government are likely planning to blow up an FBI building (or two), and get rid of James Comey and all his loyalty investigations agents once and for all. Don’t believe for a minute they aren’t capable of this. The Clintons are serial murderers. I don’t have time to go into the entire list of dead people here, but do your research on and see for yourself.

(By the way, if you don’t think the government itself will blow up FBI offices and kill dozens of its own agents to achieve a political goal, you don’t know the history of Oklahoma City, which also happened under a Clinton regime, no coincidence…)

Virginia is being chosen to try to tip the scales there in a very tight race that Clinton looks likely to lose. Watch for terrorist targets to include Trump elections offices or infrastructure targets that would prevent Trump supporters from being able to vote (bridges, highways, power grid substations, etc.).

Texas is being selected simply because the federal government hates Texas and wants to see Texans die. It’s no more complicated than that. The terror attacks in Texas will deliberately avoid areas populated mostly by liberals (Austin) while targeting more conservative areas of Dallas, Houston or San Antonio (to kill as many conservatives as possible).

The Obama regime is the “homegrown violent extremist”According to ABC News, a source told the news organization that these attacks will be linked to “homegrown violent extremists.” Gee, you mean like the Clintons?

“As we have long said, in this environment, homegrown violent extremists could strike with little or no notice. Our concern that violent extremists could be inspired to conduct attacks inside the U.S. have not diminished,” said the source.

This is, of course, a scripted narrative cover story to pre-blame gun owners and Trump supporters for the terror attacks actually carried out by the government itself.

Again, if you don’t think the government plots to carry out false flag attacks to achieve political aims, then you know nothing. You are too ignorant to participate in a free society. A simple review of the laws of physics and WTC building 7 would tell any informed person that the 9/11 attacks were planned months in advance and carried out with orchestrated precision. Why? To pass the Patriot Act, obviously. (Why do you think the Bushes are so anti-Trump, anyway?)

A work day was chosen because the attacks will target office buildings or schoolsNow, here’s a bit of insight I’ve gained from over a decade of analyzing false flag attacks and writing about the criminal, corrupt government currently occupying the positions of high power in the United States.

False flag attacks are always scripted to produce maximum visual impact, including lots of on-camera blood, body parts blown off, missing limbs, screaming mothers and so on. Think Boston Marathon times ten. It’s all part of the recipe for generating the maximum emotional impact as scenes from the scripted attack are replayed thousands of times on CNN and other propaganda channels to emphasize whatever political narrative is being simultaneously catapulted into public consciousness.

Monday is a work day, and a work day has been specifically chosen because the attacks will obviously target office buildings or schools where lots of people are packed into the buildings.

This points to the attacks taking place in downtown locations in the large cities of Texas, New York and Virginia. In large cities, attacks carried out by the government against their own people have a larger impact in terms of blood, body bags and lots of screaming, all caught on video because the news stations are already nearby.

The kind of attacks the government is likely to use in downtown office buildings or schools include:

• Mass shootings (which also makes it easy to blame gun rights, especially if they can murder a lot of children in the process, which they love to do).

• High explosive bombings (with a convenient militia patsy ready to kill on sight to take the blame).

• Dirty bomb weapons (combination of radioactive isotopes and conventional explodes, detonated in any high density population area).

• Chemical weapons (unleashed into the ventilation systems of large buildings).

The Obama regime will mass murder American citizens to achieve these three thingsRemember the keys in all this from the government’s point of view:

1) Maximize the emotional aftermath of the scene.

2) Blame your political enemies.

3) Disrupt the Donald Trump victory.

On point #3, in order for these false flag attacks to sufficiently disrupt the election itself, they must be carried out on a grand scale, causing so much mayhem and death that Obama will seem justified in claiming the election must be delayed. Watch for explanations like, “We cannot disenfranchise the voters of Virginia…” or similar phrases.

This realization points to the possibility that the scale of this false flag operation — if indeed the government pulls the trigger on it — will be truly massive, perhaps even dwarfing the 9/11 attacks. To make sure law enforcement is ready to respond to the attack, a “terror drill” will usually be held the same day. These drills are always a sign of an impending false flag attack, as we’ve seen with numerous other attacks in history. Sometimes, “drills” simply “go live” at a predetermined moment.

The desire to maximize the emotional impact of the terror scene means news networks will be tipped off as quickly as possible to make sure they arrive and capture all the blood, gore and suffering on video, because that’s the most important element of the entire operation. Crisis actors will be at the ready to jump on camera, pose as parents or loved ones, and belt out on-camera cascades of sobs and tears before collecting well-earned paychecks for their performances. Later, analysis of the video footage will reveal those same “loved ones” to also play the roles of SWAT team responders, EMT responders or even journalists. It’s all scripted, just like the entire Clinton campaign was scripted to destroy Bernie Sanders (see Wikileaks).

Everything broadcast by CNN and MSNBC is a lie. The entire “news media” is nothing more than state-run propaganda, no different from the state-run media of North Korea or China.

One more possible scenario: The mass bombing of liberals to blame Trump supportersThere’s one more possibility in all this that needs to be stated on the record: The false flag mass murder of large numbers of Clinton supporters in order to blame Trump supporters.

If you don’t think the criminal Clinton cartel stages violence for political purposes, you aren’t aware of all the violent crime admissions already caught on tape by Clinton operatives, thanks to Project Veritas. In the videos, dozens of different Clinton operatives openly admit to money laundering, violating campaign finance laws, and most importantly, instigating acts of violence at Trump rallies to blame Trump supporters (with the whole thing being staged in front of TV news cameras).

Committing acts of violence to blame their political enemies is ripped right out of the democrats’ playbook. It’s politics 101 for these leftist extremists who typify modern democrats and liberals. They LOVE committing violent acts as long as they can blame it on conservatives, Trump supporters or gun owners.

In this possibility, the most likely target is a Clinton rally, where government operatives plant a bomb to kill as many civilians as possible, while scripting their “saving” of Hillary Clinton, who will emerge as a kind of war hero (yeah, and she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia, too…).

Unfortunately for the false flag operatives, almost nobody actually attends any Clinton rallies, meaning this idea probably won’t achieve the numbers they’re looking for unless they artificially boost the participation. They’d have to bus in a few hundred homeless people — which is usually how the democrats pack the rallies anyway — and then detonate a bomb that blows up all the homeless. This is completely fine with the democrats, as they know homeless people bleed just the same as everyone else.

Don’t believe any of this? Wake up to the truth about how the masses are so easily manipulated…For those reading this who don’t believe a word of it, I’ll just say it bluntly: If you really think the political elite are willing to leave the outcomes of important elections up to the will of the people, you are incredibly stupid.

You do not live in a democracy. You live in a totalitarian regime that operates under the illusion of democracy.

Most of what you believe about current events and U.S. history is blatantly false. Most of what you believe about the course of near-future events is completely wrong. You, like almost everyone else, suffer from normalcy bias. You are also highly susceptible to social shaping of your beliefs and values, meaning you accept almost anything as true as long as most of the people around you validate the same conclusion.

As a result, you, like almost everyone else, are viewed as a pawn by the political class. In their minds, your only purpose of existence is to be a vessel of convenient manipulation to go to the polls in sufficient numbers that the ruling elite can proclaim they have been “duly elected” and therefore wield seemingly legitimate power over you.

The false flag attacks like the one pre-announced for Monday only serve to manipulate your emotions into supporting their agenda. And if the ruling elite have to murder a few thousand Americans with a dirty bomb, a chemical weapon or scripted nuclear accident terrorism event, that’s fine with them. Anything to stay in power is justified in their minds, no matter how destructive or cruel.

FEAR is their weapon to demand your obedience. They control your mind by staging violence, staging wars, staging terrorism and so on.

IRREFUTABLE FACT: ISIS terrorists are funded by the very same groups that fund the Clinton FoundationIt’s all right here in this Julian Assange interview:

JP: The emails that give evidence of access for money and how Hillary Clinton herself benefited from this and how she is benefitting politically, are quite extraordinary. I’m thinking of when the Qatari representative was given five minutes with Bill Clinton for a million dollar cheque.

ASSANGE: And twelve million dollars from Morocco …

JP: Twelve million from Morocco yeah.

ASSANGE: For Hillary Clinton to attend [a party].

JP: In terms of the foreign policy of the United States, that’s where the emails are most revealing, where they show the direct connection between Hillary Clinton and the foundation of jihadism, of ISIL, in the Middle East. Can you talk about how the emails demonstrate the connection between those who are meant to be fighting the jihadists of ISIL, are actually those who have helped create it.

ASSANGE: There’s an early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton, not so long after she left the State Department, to her campaign manager John Podesta that states ISIL is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now this is the most significant email in the whole collection, and perhaps because Saudi and Qatari money is spread all over the Clinton Foundation. Even the U.S. government agrees that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIL, or ISIS. But the dodge has always been that, well it’s just some rogue Princes, using their cut of the oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

But that email says that no, it is the governments of Saudi and Qatar that have been funding ISIS.

JP: The Saudis, the Qataris, the Moroccans, the Bahrainis, particularly the Saudis and the Qataris, are giving all this money to the Clinton Foundation while Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State and the State Department is approving massive arms sales, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

ASSANGE: Under Hillary Clinton, the world’s largest ever arms deal was made with Saudi Arabia, [worth] more than $80 billion. In fact, during her tenure as Secretary of State, total arms exports from the United States in terms of the dollar value, doubled.

JP: Of course the consequence of that is that the notorious terrorist group called ISIl or ISIS is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation.


JP: That’s extraordinary. NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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  • Pink Slime

    Yes, quite right. The homegrown terrorist is the Demoncrap himself. Liberals always call YOU what they are.

    Look who wants to disarm you, kill your babies (abortion), bring in the enemy (illegal immigration), started all wars this century, sending your male and now females into battle underfunded, undermanned all the time? Always threatening you with increase taxes of all kinds and bigger government bureaucracy and spying. Always saying you never give or do enough and working you to death (they were the original slave owners).

    Yes, the REAL homegrown terrorist – your loco Demoncrap. They all need to be HANGED!!

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    “So obvious”

    Whats the excuse when it doesn’t happen?

    Will you post a follow up story about how you’re so obviously full of Sh|t?

    • 1 darkstar

      Well, it may not happen, but you know how they do things.

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        We’re already enslaved, nothing is going to change.

    • FraMar

      Well, I agree. I hope he’s starting on the followup story now.
      They don’t need a false flag. The voting machines are already programmed for a Hillary win, and if that’s not enough, then the electoral college members are bought.
      Still, I will be delighted if I’m wrong about that.

  • smfresh82

    what’s obvious is this election is a circus and I cannot wait to stop seeing this nonsense

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      Every election is just a show, we have no control over the outcome.

  • Elijah

    I’ve been stating that the false flag was always meant to catapult Trump into power for over a year. It’s all by design to sink opposition and Trump wins! He is the long awaited Masonic capstone.


    “the government recently issued a warning that “al Qaeda” would attack Texas, New York and Virginia.”

    As everyone and their young children should have figured out by now, al Qaeda is “the base” for the CIA in the Middle East. No doubt about it. First, it was used to deter the Soviets in the ME, now it’s used to overthrow ME governments who are non subservient to US/Israeli hegemony and the goal of Eretz Israel, which will be the headquarters of the long planned NWO if all goes according to their plan. If al Qaeda attacks America, it’s because they are following orders from the USG. If the public is stupid enough to believe al Qaeda attacked America on its own, than we will get exactly what we deserve. Those who believe government/mass media narratives at face value, without even questioning anything, are as big of a threat to our way of life as any terrorist. Nobody, in the last 204 years, has attacked America on American soil. Aside from Israel on 9/11, of course. There is no outside threat. Not Russia, or China, or Iran, or North Korea, or the Philippines, or Panama, or Venezuela. The only threat to America is and always has been the puppet government located in the District of Criminals and the Babylonian Talmudic moneychangers who own the souls of politicians.


    And when this DOESN’T happen then what? Once the black man is outta office and shyt gets worse with Hillary or Trump what will mighty WHITE America have to say then? Other than the normal hate y’all been spewing out ya mouth every since 1492? :mrgreen:

    • questioneverything

      What are you spewing now? Racism still exist, however it is now reversed. You would think that once slavery ended and we got past the 60′s & 70′s that this shit would be over with. It’s funny how, neither you or I, nor anyone alive has owned a slave, yet black folks today, who really have no clue about what life was like then, continue with this attitude like whites owe them something. I’ve read several of your comments on BIN and I have a sneaky suspicion that you sit in your house with black sheets on.

      Ignorance has been black folks kryptonite since the black movements in the 70′s. Have you ever noticed how different black folks carried themselves in the first half of 1900′s? They were classy, although poor, education was important, they had something to prove to the whites. Now…. Well….most carry themselves like a Jerry Springer special, but wonder why they are still not treated equally. Bottom line is white racism is almost nonexistent these days, hell, most white Americans either have a black family member or they want to be black themselves. Its the blacks who are racist now, not only to whites but to themselves. “your too black, your too yellow”, referring to each other as Ni***s, constantly shooting, jumping, robbing each other. Don’t take it out on white folks, it’s the governments fault, they dont give a shit about middle to lower class blacks or whites. Stop looking for something that you think someone owes you, no one owes you anything. If you feel like “you” were stolen from Africa, even though you were legally purchased from your “African” ancestors you are so proud of, not to mention the first slave owner was black, then by all means please use your “freedom” to go back to your “motherland” but I assure you, that you will crawl your proud black ass back to this country that you despise so much. They ain’t got Medicaid and foodstamps and the health department. Stop acting like circus clowns and earn respect, freedom and slavery can be bought, but respect is earned. I’ve heard a few black folks say “i aint gotta act white to be respected” its not “acting” white, its called behaving civilized. Look at other countries, notice how black folks carry themselves there. It’s black Americans that act like somebody from the trailer park that wins the lottery and lose their freaking minds buying redneck stuff. If you have blue hair and your car is painted like a Reese cup, NO ONE is going to take you serious.

      You’ve been given more protection and rights than whites have, use it wisely. If you don’t behave like Re-Re from the projects, then you should be mad at your black people for finally getting freedoms and rights and acting like attention whores. Im sure Harriet and MLK are rolling in their graves knowing how majority of black folks are behaving. As far as whites go, its not your neighbor who did this to you, its our wonderful government who designed this plan to keep you down, to kill each other and stay high and drunk and on welfare. You are doing exactly what they want you to. Divide and conquer. Just a thought…. Imagine what America would be like without any black people?

    • questioneverything

      “mighty white America” will probably say the same thing that black folks are saying about their mighty black president. It’s not the color of someones skin that makes them likable or competent, its their intentions, integrity and the way they treat others. I knew Obama was a fake ass black man the second I laid eyes on him, he went to Harvard in the 70′s, think about that for a moment. He can’t relate to the average black person. I think black folks looked to him as a Saviour. I guess they didn’t realise that anyone, no matter their color, will sell out and give up their mama for a dollar. Welcome to real life people, everyone is out for themselves. Since 1492? Isn’t that when Columbus discovered America? Black folks have been used as slaves way before then, and the English didn’t start colonizing until 1607. Not to mention that half of the white people that populate America are from Italy, Ireland, Germany etc. And didn’t even come to America until 1890-1920, after slavery and were also referred to as ni****s. My family in particular has nothing to do with ANY slavery and/or racial issues. You mad at the wrong one, it’s comments like yours that cause “feeling” especially to a white person that has no hatred toward ANY race. Racial hatred is ignorant, And your not helping.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Monday’s more than half over.

    Another failed prediction, brought to you by BINs fine “contributors”.

    • frosty

      A little research would inform you that the warning of an ISIS attack on election day originated from federal authorities, not BIN contributors, and was picked / published by numerous and various news sources.

      Knowing that ALL of the powers that be (banks, media, war machine….etc) support Clinton and are afraid of Trump, perhaps this is another desperate psych-operation put in place to instill fear in the public and keep them from going to the polls to give Trump a landslide victory which would be practically impossible to rig.

      If this is the case and the people stay away from the polls, then whether or not an actual attack happens is irrelevant; the psych-op worked.

      America, don’t be afraid; go out and vote.

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