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Trump to Announce Nibiru During Victory Speech

Monday, November 7, 2016 12:37
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An inside source with close ties to the Trump campaign provided shocking information as to Donald Trump’s plans for election night. If he wins the election, Trump will reveal the existence of Nibiru—said to be a brown dwarf star and seven planets on a near-collision course with Earth—during his victory speech. The information stems from a source with unimpeachable credentials, a friend and associate of the Republican nominee. For this to happen, however, Trump must diminish Hillary Clinton’s four-point lead in the polls, or prove the pollsters wrong and win the election in a landslide.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, belongs to a cabal devoted to concealing the truth about Nibiru until the last possible moment, in hopes that she and her elitist friends can weather the storm in underground bunkers and rise to build the world anew once the dust settles.

“President Trump will not permit this charade to continue,” our source said. “He knows Hillary’s plans, and, sadly, she knows his—that is why Clinton is desperate to stop him. But Trump will prevail, and once and for all demolish the Nibiru cover-up, allowing Americans to take whatever actions they deem necessary to prepare for the worst possible scenario. You know, a lot of people have wondered why Trump has not devoted more than just one-hundred million dollars of his own money toward the campaign. Well, he’s been putting that money to a much more important issue.”

Unsealed records, obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, indicate that Trump has spent over thirty million dollars on Nibiru research. He enlisted the aid of prominent, ostracized NASA scientists, people like astronomers Paul Cox and Dr. Stephen Greenbaum, to study Nibiru’s expected impact on Earth. Trump’s scientific advisers admit that Nibiru will ravage the earth, but have posited that Nibiru will not arrive until the winter of 2019, a significant deviation from previously established forecasts.

“Future President Trump has high confidence in his scientific team,” our source said. “He will use the added time to warn and help prepare Americans to survive the Nibiru cataclysm. He will fulfill his promise to President Putin. Unless they get to Trump first. But he’s well protected. You saw what happened in Reno.”

Saturday afternoon, a protester disrupted a Trump rally in Reno, Nevada. Austyn Crites, a Democrat posing as a disgruntled Republican, attempted to incite a mass riot during Trump’s second really of the day. The United States Secret Service rushed into action, whisking Trump off the stage before Crites neared the podium. Against the advice his protective entourage, Trump triumphantly returned to the stage to finish delivering his message to the American people. We later learned that Crites has a criminal arrest record and is a known agent provocateur employed by the Democratic National Committee. The secret service discovered a pair of silencer-equipped .45 caliber handguns, a miniature flame-thrower, and a pocketknife on his person.

“Hillary Clinton has demonstrated her willingness to stop at nothing to stop Trump,” our source said. “This potential assassination attempt shows her resolve to eliminate Trump before election night. Regardless, Trump will prevail and tell the world about Nibiru, hopefully on election night.”

Following Hillary’s concession announcement, President-elect Trump and special guest astronomer Paul Cox will take center stage and warn the world about the forthcoming Nibiru cataclysm.

“This will be the most Earth shattering annoucment ever made,” our source said. “Donald Trump is a caring man. A man of principle and character. He is a family man who loves his wife and children. He wants people be aware of the threat while he and his team try to find a means to stop that threat.”


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  • Central Scrutinizer

    OK, that’s just a reach for clicks. You got me on the ‘Mystical, Magical Fantasy Planet’, but the Trump tie-in. Weak, at best. (Oh, in case you are wondering, I still don’t believe in the Nibiru nonsense. Right Capt. PE? {Hey – Go easy on that salt for Boxing Day, don’t want to upset the Blood Pressure, I mean you have enough to worry about right?}). :mrgreen:

    • LifeIs

      My blood pressure was borderline high for a long time. Then, I started taking magnesium supplements. One needs to balance calcium and magnesium, you see. And you need plenty of vitamin D and vitamin K with calcium. Magnesium dropped my blood pressure to the point that the blood bank staff was concerned. But it’s fine.

      By the way, the planet you don’t believe in doesn’t care what you believe. It does as it pleases, as it has for God knows how long.

      I think I understand our political system well enough to say, when you hear an official announcement, from anyone in authority, disaster is upon you. No one is going to give you time to go wild with panic.

      Yes, Trump will win. I don’t believe that even Diebold machines can save a candidate who promises that she will “never be indicted.” What kind of a promise is that? It’s like Nixon’s “I am not a crook,” it damns with faint praise.

      Not to mention promising to pay for her programs by raising social security taxes for wage earners.

      Not to mention promising to go to war in Syria, on top of the wars we already have.

      Not to mention promising to “tweak” Obamacare. This is the same person who had a chance to overhaul the nation’s health care system, in 1993. And she made such a mess, nobody would touch her plan.

      I have much to be sad about, not much to worry about. It would be nice if the hints from London and Rome were nothing, and last Christmas wasn’t our last. It would be nice if Father Martin (reporting what Lucia Santos heard from Mary) was wrong somehow, about us not reaching the 100th anniversary of Fatima in May.

      But look around you. And look at the Israeli interest, and the US government interest, in Patagonia, lately. That’s the southern part of South America. The Prez visited there earlier this year. And Secretary of State Jackass F. Kerry is passing through there just after the election.

      It will have a different climate, after the Earth’s axis of rotation is tilted, relative to our orbital plane. As will Antarctica.

      You’re running out of time to connect the dots and understand what’s happening in your world.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        While you did down vote me, I won’t hold a grudge. I will just sit back with my ample supply of salt, waiting for XMas to roll around. But I am glad you got your magnesium supplements. I care about you Capt. PE. I want you around on Boxing Day!!! And ever single day after that, when your fantasy planet (despite your Priest and the creepy kids predictions) makes an EPIC no show!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • HitleryforPrison

      Right! you are more delusional and I. He must first burn me at the stake! I will be partying with a handful of teenage girls, pedophile style baby! What difference at this point does it make!!!?

      • Cmonsense101

        Well dude, I don’t know if the planet x thing is legit or not. But you can rest assured if Killary or Donaldo tries to mess with Damascus, putin’s radioactive dildos will very likely impregnate major cities in Amurika. Then we won’t need planet x to worry about our existence as a human race. Planet x or no planet x, sex would be the last thing on your mind.

  • Detergent

    OK. I’ll bite. And where will he tell us to retreat? Into the hollow earth, or below the flat earth… gee, I can’t remember which is which. Oh! I remember. Humanity will be swept into the next dimension.

    I’ll have my popcorn ready.

    • Debbie

      Supposedly the government has many, many underground cities and an entire rail system underground from coast to coast…I have read about it many times from multiple sources over the last 10+ years….complete underground bases under Denver airport and entrances to underground cities in Texas and New the Ozarks…in Virginia…..and the Pentagon has said 7 trillion dollars has gone missing just recently….they have no idea where it is, if it was stolen or what it was used for…they say it is completely unaccounted for, Catherine Austin Fitts said it is more like 50 trillion….maybe it was stolen or maybe much of it is in these underground these cities. They built a massive underground resort type structure right outside the West Wing just since Obama has been in office…..

    • Eggzactly

      lookup underground bunkers, the ozarks.

  • Eggzactly

    Lay off of the meds, Seriously. :roll:

  • Gorganzola

    Why do people have receptionists? When most people call a business, they don’t want to talk to us anyways. Why in the world are we here! You know what I hate most? People call us when it’s most inconvenient for THEM. So, when I tell them something they need to know, they quickly interrupt me and tell me they’ve got to go to a meeting and whatever is fine. THEN, they have the nerve to hang up on me. What the heck? You called me! I didn’t call you and interrupt your life! You called me to talk to me! You want me to help you, or not? If you want help, you’ve got to give me the time to help you! It’s ridiculous what people expect! GAH!!!

  • Youareallnuts

    Wait, wasn’t Someone’s Bonehead saying before that Trump was blocking Putin from blabbing about Nibbyroo, and now they’re saying he’s going to tell the world? Come on, make up your damn mond!

  • Youareallnuts

    Also I must’ve missed that part of Donnie’s speech.

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