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WCIT – Jim Stone

Sunday, November 13, 2016 14:34
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William Shatner is a confirmed “Deplorable!William Shatner (Captain Kirk, from Star Trek) is one of us, no ifs or buts. In a now censored Twitter conversation, this happened: Conundrum E. Nigma @ConundrumENigma
@WilliamShatner Sorry Bill, our nation is in crisis and your contribution to society has dwindled to nostalgia. Pls enjoy your end quietly.
William Shatner Verified account ‏@WilliamShatner
William Shatner Retweeted Conundrum E. Nigma
You poor precious snowflake; you didn’t get your way so everyone needs to run around like chicken little?
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, gotta laugh. Good for now and later. Twitter wiped this out. So Twitter is the confirmed enemy.
This brings to mind the New York times. Are you going to forgive them, as they asked you to, and actually believe they are going to be honest now? The NYT admitted they lied all through the campaign, apologized, and is now begging for forgiveness. SO ARE YOU GOING TO GO BACK TO THE HAS BEEN “NOSTALGIA” NEW YORK TIMES, OR GET ON BOARD WITH THE CAPTAIN?

George Soros has been sued for the protestsThe father of a slain Dallas police officer is suing Soros and Black Lives Matter for $550 million dollars. The father of the Dallas police officer who was killed by a lone gunman during a Black Lives Matter protest is suing the organization’s activists and George Soros for $550 million. In a separate suit a Baton Rouge police officer is similarly suing for injuries sustained during a BLM protest.
Soros deserved it. I suggest anyone who gets damaged by the current protests do the same thing. Obviously you won’t get this story from the MSM, you will have to read RT for this kind of news.

You now have to officially register to use the internet in ChinaThere were rules on the books earlier, but it is now official – if you are going to use the internet in China, you now have to be 100 percent accountable to the government. And it is against the law to suggest a system other than the socialist system China now has. China has officially labeled Tor and VPN options as “terrorist software”. Soros ought to be thrilled with this, NO DOUBT a Hillary presidency would have meant the same in the U.S. and there is a solid reason behind why some in the U.S. media are calling for an assassination of Donald, and solid reason behind why Soros is paying for the protests. They wanted their commie China in America, and damn near cheated their way into it.

Soros paid opposition,A heads up: Last night there really was a Craigslist ad (if you heard rumors about this) asking for protesters to fake being Trump supporters by wearing read, and “acting against the protesters”. But this is already busted because the Craigslist ad got caught. The best thing to do with the protests is to stay home or drive around them. Soros is not going to have people he paid for do a lot of property damage because everyone knows it is him, and he is responsible for anything that happens if he pays for it. Anyway, the Craigslist ad was offering protesters $35 an hour, paid at the end of the day. I SUGGEST HAVING UNEMPLOYED TRUMP SUPPORTERS, GO TO ANY PLACE ANYTHING LIKE THIS IS PAYING PEOPLE TO PROTEST, SIGN ON, BE A “DO NOTHING WORKER” and cash in. Just take his freaking money. Be all mellow and stuff. Knock the legs out of his protests by being part of them and doing a lousy job, all the while you tell everyone else to “not get violent” and get paid real well in the process. That would squelch the fire real good. And DO NOT WEAR RED.

The Electoral College cannot be stolen nowArizona and Michigan were suspicious, because they took so long to report. However, now that they have and they went to Trump, you can forget about anyone rigging the electoral college to go against Trump, it won’t happen. First of all, in 29 states electors are bound by the law under threat of punishment to vote the way the people voted. In the rest of the states, they won’t be punished but will be replaced with someone who will vote the way the people wanted. Add to this the fact that there are a large number to influence now, and it is an impossibility that it would go any other way than Trump.
The Soros crowd is making false claims that the electoral college was put into place to prevent someone like Trump from getting in. This is a lie. The electoral college was in fact put into place to limit the power of the large states, so they could not walk on the small states. The electoral college is to provide an averaging of power, and give small states a larger voice than they would have with a straight popular vote.
Obviously the Soros crowd would love people to believe their lies, and that electors could vote any way they want, but they cannot, the election is set in stone. Their only hope was to fool people into thinking the electoral college could change things, (with a tiny lead from Trump) and then sway only a few electors in a few places to flip it to Hillary, while issuing massive payouts to prevent anyone from enforcing the law and depending on public ignorance to take care of the rest. However, With so many electors in so many states now solidly in Trump’s pocket, that’s not going to happen. In fact, if an elector decides to switch sides and go with the majority (which won’t change outcomes anyway) they can flip their vote to TRUMP and not be punished, because it will not change the election results anyway. There is a much bigger chance of this happening than anything else.

Vaccine damaged babies noticed in Mennonite communities “They begin walking, then they get the shots and stop walking. It takes them two or three months to walk again, and when they do, their personality is different” During the election cycle, (which kept me from posting about this because it was off topic) I spoke to a Mennonite man named Keene who was selling Mennonite cookies on a street corner in Mexico. I was surprised he spoke English asked him why there were so many Mennonites in Mexico. He said that the Canadian government had become so hostile to Mennonites that they have been moving to Mexico in large numbers. I asked him if the same thing was happening in the U.S. and he said yes – the Canadian mennonites fly right over the U.S. and go straight to Mexico, where there is much more freedom than either the U.S. or Canada. He said the American Mennonites are going to Mexico the same way.
He said they are setting up large colonies in Mexico because the Mexican government leaves them alone, and that the Canadian and American governments are becoming very invasive, to the point of destroying them.
I then shifted the conversation to vaccines and asked if the Mennonites accepted vaccines. He said they sometimes did, but that it was becoming less common because the vaccines obviously damage the babies. He said that when a baby that has started walking gets vaccinated, it gets very sick, stops walking for at least two months and when it is able to walk again it is not as smart and the personality has changed.
The Mennonites are, more so than an average American family, more likely to know what their baby was like and are a lot less likely to take crap from a doctor saying the vaccines did not do it. THE MENNONITES KNOW.
OH, AND MENNONITES ARE WEB SURFING “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!” NOT! Keene was very surprised to meet someone who was not Mennonite who would even ask the question about vaccines destroying babies, it has been HELL for them, THEY ALL KNOW IT, AND MENNONITES DO NOT EVEN GET ON THE INTERNET TO READ ABOUT IT. It is not an “internet conspiracy theory” for them, they have seen it first hand. All they ever get is the same sh*t from doctors, telling them that if they think the vaccines hurt their babies, they are nuts!

Simple logic shows over 10 million votes stolen from Trump.FACT: Many districts reported enormous turnout for Trump nation wide. Yet Hillary beat Trump in the popular vote? And more importantly overall voter turnout was low? Lets add this up.Enormous turnout for Trump plus Hillary beating him in the popular vote EQUALS MASSIVE TURNOUT FOR THE ELECTION OVERALL, which did not happen. If enormous turnout happened for Trump, and overall voter turnout was low, THEN THE ELECTION SHOULD HAVE GONE MASSIVELY FOR TRUMP AND NOT SPLIT EVENLY WITH HILLARY. Which means, if Hillary beat him in the popular vote, PRACTICALLY ALL HER VOTES WERE STOLEN VOTES. How many? Good guess would be TWENTY MILLION.
Folks, that is the ONLY ANSWER.
That is exactly why I got what I needed to make this gif:

Thank GOD the point is moot.

Actually, the point is not moot, we HAVE TO get rid of the electronic voting machines. That will be a GREAT petition.It is now a near impossibility to finish stealing the election from TrumpTrump officially took Michigan. I am surprised. That means it is now technically impossible to steal the election away, electoral college defections or not. I was not expecting that to happen, and it is obviously good news.

Trump supporters are far more educated than Hillary supportersIf you comb the ranks of Trump supporters, and then comb the ranks of Hillary supporters (who are not government employees) you will find that the real Hillary supporters are actually the lowest of low lifes who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. GROUP 1: The Hillary ranks. Who is in the Hillary ranks?
1. People who took government jobs of all types, especially administrative positions that produce nothing and do nothing but trouble the public.
2. People who are on welfare and expect a handout.
3. People who work in the media and entertainment, and could only be there by sucking up to the Jews and complying with their every whim.
4. People who are at the absolute top of the pyramid, who’s only goal is to enslave and parasite feed on Trump supporters.
And that really does sum up Hillary’s support, which can account for no more than 25 – 30 percent of the total population. This is the dead weight produce nothing consume all segment of society – the “snowflakes”.
GROUP 2: Trump supportersWho is on Trump’s side? 1. Small, medium, and large business owners, with “large” meaning they have 1,000 employees or less. There are more that own larger businesses, but they don’t make up a huge segment.
2. ALL COLLEGE EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO SOUGHT OUT REAL JOBS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR, and design, invent, and manage what group 1 expects to consume while smoking a rainbow.
3. The working class, that actually makes things group 1 buys, calls themselves great with, and then turns around and calls the working class “deplorables” all the while without the working class they’d be walking through the woods naked, digging for berries and grubs and worrying about a worm that just dug into their exposed foot. The working class produces every last thing they need to live a posh life where that will never happen.
4. Farmers and rural types, including mechanics, harvesters and anything else food related, which group 1 looks down on most of all, and would starve without. What a bag of morons group 1 really is.
The bottom line is that Trump represents the soul of America that is getting sucked by parasites in the Hillary club. And the soul of America just received a strong dose of de-wormer and antibiotics. Group 1 is screaming as a result.
Group 1 is screaming because it only consumes, and produces NOTHING and the consumption stream just got a shut off valve.

FACT: IF TRUMP MAKES AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, GROUP 1 LACKS TALENT TO SUCH AN EXTENT THAT IT WILL BECOME SUBSERVIENT TO GROUP 2, AND BE RELEGATED TO FLIPPING HAMBURGERS AND MOPPING FLOORS BECAUSE “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” MEANS THE END OF HIGH PAYING JOBS THAT PRODUCE NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE. There will be a few that manage to keep on blood sucking via banks or other leveraged means, but the vast majority of group 1 is headed straight into the gutter, unless they all wisen up and actually start working jobs that will actually push America forward while realizing they are not too good for it after all.Nov 11 2016 Let Oregon secede, and teach those snowflakes a lesson.It has to be a proper secession. The moment they secede, the U.S. military has to block all interstate highways and all other roads in or out. After all, the border MUST be enforced. All people entering and exiting have to be checked, to make sure they have proper visas and if they don’t they do not pass. Then, any electricity coming in from the rest of the country has to be cut immediately. They did not negotiate it’s use as a sovereign state. Obviously the interstate highway is not theirs, that is Federal property, so the United States keeps 1 side of the north south route open for American use so the trucks can still pass, and lets Oregon use the other side, as a two way road. Passport needed to get through the on ramps on the side America takes. Eventually a different route can be built under Trump’s infrastructure plan, no big deal, and then we seal the whole damn thing off.
Oregon then does not have to pay federal income tax, but they also do not get any federal benefits. It will be up to them to float their own boat. Oregon, as a sovereign state, will have to set aside land for embassies from 250 different countries. I am sure they will LOVE IT.
Yeah, let the snow flakes have their way, and get a good dose of the sunshine of reality. Oregon contributes so little to the country it will not be missed and might not even be able to support itself.

“They” are STILL not as advertised, even if I do not mention it daily1. I still do not think Assange is at the embassy. He’s in jail or dead, and he did not “get his internet back” EVEN AFTER THE ELECTION IS OVER. NEVER FORGET: THE EXCUSE TO “DISCONNECT” HIM WAS SO HE COULD NOT INTERFERE WITH THE ELECTION. REMEMBER THAT? Well, the election is over, and his “internet is still cut”. I don’t buy the “appearances” he’s made either, even Adobe now has products that can fake it and as anyone who is on top of things, “Hillary” is not the real hillary either.
FINAL ANSWER: Assanges “behavior” changed after the incident. “He” started misspelling names of long time partners. FOUR PEOPLE at the top of Wikileaks suddenly died. What about that? It’s a front now. Even if they get a good body double in and everyone believes it, Assange is DONE. Want a good example of what I’m saying? Look at this about Hillary – she’s fake now too and it simply cannot be argued: 2. Hillary is Hillary(tm) and not actually Hillary. The real hillary was gone at the 911 memorial, never to return. The Hillary we are seeing now is an impostor, and since the entire image is a puppet anyway, the people at the top, pulling the strings don’t care who fills the image. Take a look at the picture to the left here and think – it is not Hillary, no ifs or buts. DO NOT BE FOOLED, WE DO NOT HAVE HILLARY NO MATTER WHAT ANYTHING OR ANYONE SAYS, AN IMPOSTOR LOST THE ELECTION. What more can I say? Do I really need to explain this when the picture shows it so clearly? If I stop talking about something, it is because it is old news. If I think a correction needs to be made, I will specifically state it, reference what I got wrong in the past and correct it. Just because the media is releasing all kinds of stuff about “Assange” and an election was run with “Hillary” does not mean I think they are real, even if I call the IMAGE OF WHAT THEY WERE by the same name. We have entered an era where the scam is done so well that body doubles can be dropped in and people are too blind to see it. The mind control works so well that people still believe practically everything the MSM says, even truthers do. People have to come to grips with the fact that they can’t believe ANYTHING the MSM says, they even lie about the weather, which people can immediately observe directly and the media still gets believed even when caught by direct observation. The Hillary lie could not possibly be more obvious than the pictures show, both taken within weeks of each other and people still don’t get it. They still believe she’s real.

Newsweek Hillary final answer:Mr. Stone. Along with your site update today 11/11/16 I also just sent this to some family and friends. I also just sent you three message through your message system on this from another address of mine.
It would appear absolute confirmation that Jim Stone was / is correct. I can find NO evidence of a Trump edition. So……….
All the Best,
Mike in upper Michigan.

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News


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