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5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Freak Outs in Response to Trump’s Win

Saturday, November 12, 2016 12:15
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Even with all the melodramatic histrionics, notice none of them are actually making good on their promises to move out of the country (or, in Cher’s case, to blast off into outer space).

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!


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  • Mayhem

    Of course they’re not leaving America.

    It’s the grown up version of holding your breathe till Mummy or Daddy caves in and gives them what they want.

    Cry bullying is all they’ve got left. (geddit?)

    • freedomringsforall

      Yeh and the hives are because she is a big hot sweaty slob

    • The Clucker

      Agreed. They were only trying to influence the vote of their fans, trying to take full advantage of their “celebrity status.” I guess it didn’t work for them. I doubt a single one of them leaves the country because of the election.

  • Uriel#73

    Good Lord I have never seen a bigger bunch of baby a$$ c*nts in my entire life. Can you imagine if all those MEN who landed on the beaches in Normandy had been such whiny biatches as well as all the women in this country during that period of time. Can we please just make the left wing a crime against humanity or something?

  • Pink Slime

    Hollowood, what else can I say? About as phony as a $3 dollar bill or obama as “president”. Now that is Hillaryous.

    • apache5


  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Right, cause you guys wouldnt be doing the same thing if Hitlery won.

    Hey pot, go call the kettle black somewhere else.

    • wiseoldlady

      No we would NOT act like that. The mentally unstable are amongst the left bunch.

      We would be on the phones calling congressmen and reporting the fraudulent votes and all the rest of the fraud switching to Hillary. We do NOT behave in such repulsive DEPLORABLE fashion. We are MORE intelligent and disciplined than the corrupt left….the left is the actual trailer trash of the planet. College does NOT = smart or educated. Just a bunch of stupid indoctrinated cry babies.

      As for this present Hillary vote count it is manually schemed and created. Obviously the crooks finally got their chance to pull the tons of boxes out of the warehouses with the tens of thousands of pre selected Hillary ballots and are now counting them. Plus they are still trying to bribe the electors with $150,000 off shore accounts to switch their votes to Hillary on December 19.

      If Obama was a decent human he would demand these imbecile spoiled brats clear the streets and go back to the real world. But they are paid by George Soros and even bused in to cities to have more Ferguson, Missouri, repeat incidents. It is all fake and fraudulent BS.

      • Mayhem

        They’ll never get it, oldgirl, because projecting their faults on to others is all they know. It’s a form of virtue signalling and along the same lines as preemptive strikes. You know, where they’re convinced their foe is about to attack so they get in first and hypocritically claim the moral high ground while being the true evil.

        And speaking about Oil-bomb-ya did you see him lose control of the crowd last week…

        … in a classic example of how they treat their own?

        How about the backlash currently directed toward Oprah Winfrey? These animals can’t be told anything, like “Shill”, not even to take a deep breathe and hope for the best.

          • Mayhem

            Um, here’s a news flash for ya, “Shill”, – Putin isn’t from America either so that’s two of your links thrown out before we even start and secession doesn’t necessarily involve violence so really you’ve only provided two links from which you might be able to make your case. I’ve checked them both and neither of them contain credible threats of violence from right wingers. And by “credible” i don’t mean a very few random BIN nutters.

            In fact this article…


            … boils down to some millennial, named Jarod Halbrook, calling for a march and a woman, named Rhonda, saying she (as in a single individual) was “ready for a revolution” if Mrs Clinton wins.

            And this article…


            … relies on a purported News article…


            … where the militia group spokesman, Chris Hill, very clearly says that they won’t fire the first shot.

            So all in all, “Shill” your desperate attempt to make any sort of case falls flat on it’s arse and you going to have to come up with way better than this.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            My main point Mayhem, and I know its hard for you figure out, since you believe everything you were ever told, is that the Trump supporters would whine just as much.

            Hell, right up to the election when Hitlery was favored to win, every other article on BIN was “VOTER FRAUD” “STEALING THE ELECTION” “WHAT WILL WE DO WHEN HITLERY WINS” “HOW TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE THEFT OF THE ELECTION”.

            Those links I gave were just a few I found while barely searching just this site.

            Are you so obtuse that you cannot understand there were stacks of articles on BIN alone calling for people to start a civil war if Hitlery won?

            Believe whatever you want, arguing politics is about as fruitful as arguing religion, so why bother? Plus BIN is full of whack job morons too blind by the world they want to live in, they cannot see the world they already do live in.

            Hopefully Trump makes America a great place, and in 8 years we’ll all be flying around in hover cars and enjoying free energy, with every kid promised a spot in college.

            That would be great, but I stand by the fact that either candidate wold deliver the same future, and in both futures, its the rich looking out for the rich, while standing on the backs of the poor.

          • Mayhem

            You call what the leftists are doing “whining” and have the gall to call me obtuse! Beating a white guy and stealing his car is whining? Well over 300 arrests, and counting, during anti Trump protests are a result of Police not tolerating whiners? Or is “whining” a euphemism for violent and destructive behaviour now-a-days?

            Those links failed to make your case in any credible way but still you insist the lefties are only doing what the right wingers would have done if Hillary had won. Perhaps if the conservatives had trashed America when Obama was elected you’d have a point but as it stands your best argument relies on what ifs and straw-men.

            We’re not arguing politics, “Shill”, we’re arguing the losers reaction to not getting their own way.

            Your idea of America being great is steeped in the things you want, i notice, like flying cars & free education/energy but not security and jobs. Very telling, “Shill” very telling indeed.

            Do you also stand by hurling abuse instead of arguing like a grown up? I mean, by all means, call me a maggot or moron all you want but if you think that’s constructive then you’ve got issues my friend.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            lol, agree to disagree.

            Enjoy life through the eyes of sheep.


          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            Oh yeah, and I do consider it whining, because I’m not talking about the idiot rioters.

            In any riot like this, 99% of the people there, are there for the rioting and looting.

            They probably dont even know or care who won the election.

            Thats why the police and governments like to start rallies and protests, then plant people to turn them into riots.

          • Mayhem

            If you’re not talking about the idiot rioters, “Shill”, then why did you put up five links in an attempt to make a case that certain groups were planning to make trouble if Hillary won? Your desperate scrambling, in order to save face, is only making the hole deeper and yet i’m the moron!

            Not to mention where you said…

            “Sure theres riots, being organized by TPTB.”


            … which makes it look like rioting is exactly what you were talking about. Hmm?

            Back pedaling isn’t agreeing to disagree, “Shill”, and while folk have every right to whine, all they like, they don’t have the right to violently demand they get their own way after losing fair and square.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            I dont read you.

          • Mayhem

            So i’d noticed.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            Thats the spirit!

    • Me

      I could be wrong, but I don’t recall anyone threatening to leave the country if Hillary was elected. If any of the whining would be reciprocated, we’d of seen it when obama was elected. We did not. We saw anger, and resolve.

      • Mayhem

        Because the pampered but intellectually fragile snowflakes can’t argue so they simply act out their fears. Oh they’re all about “inclusiveness”, “tolerance” and “equality” right up to the point where anyone dares to disagree with them.

        Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes gives a classic example of typical libtard behaviour over here…

        … where he goes straight for the name calling just because feelings.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          We (you and I and the rest) are picking sides that the WORLD has cut out for us to choose from.

          Paul said: dissentions, strife, divisions, enmities…

          …these are disqualifications.

          For ALL of us.

          We need to retreat and re-think.

          BOTH sides have legitimate grievances and BOTH sides are coalescing into factions from which there will be NO return.

          Think about the Matrix. It was so easy when we all saw it at a remove. Two sides being set against each other — Copper Top batteries and such? –

          Let’s US ALL not be so easily provoked.

          I’m mad.

          I voted for Trump because I FEAR nuclear war with Russia.

          People of the world?

          We’re being played.


          We can smoke a peace pipe and give a big F U to our FAILED LEADERS ON ALL SIDES!!!!!!


          Can’t we?

          • Mayhem

            Did Paul say that to “all” or was it directed toward believers? Am i to consider Air-Quotes-Shill-Air-Quotes my brother when his first words to me were…

            “Its the truth maggot. Has nothing to do with sides, moron.”

            … or should you rather direct your rebuke toward him?


            Neither side have grievances that legitimize rioting and that, Beef, is my entire point. I’m angry with the leftist sense of superiority (Matt 23:4) and their hardheartedness (Mark 3:5) and i feel perfectly justified in it.

            I would have voted for Trump because Hillary is a provable Liar, Murderer, Fraud and quite likely a Traitor too but if you don’t want war with Russia then i suggest America stops poking the Bear irrespective of who is in charge of the Nuclear codes.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            That was no rebuke, Mayhem.

            Was more thinking out-loud.

            This is going to end very badly and there’s no use playing into the traps set before us.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            Thats because I can tell you’re a c@nt Mayhem.

            That’s why I opened that way (on a different article, with different comments, fyi).

            I think it’s important for you to know, I start laughing at you before I even read your responses.

            I dont vote in the presidential election.

            Never have, never will, because it’s a scam.

            You keep calling me a shill, it’s like you dont understand that its in my name to mock everyone that thinks thats what I’m doing. If I was a shill, I would be acting as an enthusiastic player in a game, when I actually work for the person putting the game on.

            You need to understand, I hate the game, and think the players all idiots.

            That does not make me a shill.

            Hence the air quotes.

          • Mayhem

            I’m not calling you a shill, dummy, i’m simply abbreviating your user name. Sheesh you have got it bad haven’t you. Victim mentality i mean.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes


            I do.

            But c’est la vie.

          • Mayhem

            The alternative, to western democracy, is anarchy. Good luck building or maintaining infrastructure under anarchy.

            Otherwise i totally agree, “Shill”, that the system is flawed and truth be known i don’t vote in my own MMP elections either.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            I dont support anarchy either.

            But I’m glad we have something in common.



      Go back 4, and 8 years. We were just a devastated when the Zero won. We didn’t march in the streets, threaten to assassinate Zero. I don’t remember business being vandalized, or fires set.

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes






        Yeah you’re right, you guys werent calling for anything if Hillary.

        • LifeIs

          You’re equating opposition to a fraudulent win, with opposition to a legitimate win in spite of fraud.

          A fraudulent win can be, and should be, challenged in court. And when the electoral votes are counted by the (new, Republican) Congress.

          An attempt at winning by the use of illegal alien voters, dead voters, and machines that count votes as fractions or as multiples, depending, was made.

          But Clinton didn’t steal enough votes to achieve a fraudulent win. If she HAD, and if the courts and Congress were to fail us, as they did in 2000, THEN a decision would have to be made, by the people. As it was in 2000.

          • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

            Ah, so you only support voter suppression when it works in your favor? Like the hundreds of thousands of legal citizen voters removed from the voter roll because they have common last names? And the common last names happened to be names mainly had by black and Hispanic voters?

            Because that kind of voter suppression ran extra heavy this election thanks to the Koch brothers on behalf of the Republicans to favor Trump.

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