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PizzaGate Bombshell: Alefantis Kill Room Located! Investigator’s Life Threatened!

Friday, January 6, 2017 12:10
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(Before It's News)

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The James Alefantis Kill Room



at the
Pegasus Museum in D.C.

James Alefantis Threatens Investigator’s Life, His Mother’s Life


Notice the “kill room” at the building on the right side with no windows on the ground floor.

State of the Nation

The worldwide Pizzagate Citizens Investigation has been in a bit of a doldrums these past couple of weeks.  Most of us, however, knew it was just a matter of time before the investigation broke wide open.  And so it has.

Two major happenings have just taken place.  First, the infamous KILL ROOM built by Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis was located with absolute precision.  The following video breaks it all down.


Then, the investigator who did the excellent P.I. work made contact with Alefantis and was subsequently threatened along with the life of his mother (and family).  The video below has recorded the entire affair with email chains and other testimony.

VIDEO: #PIZZAGATE – BREAKING: Alefantis threatens to murder researcher!

We’re not sure it gets any bigger than this.  You got the Kill Room identified and matched up perfectly with the photos posted by jimmycomet on Instagram.  And, you have the exact location at the Pegasus Museum at 3518 11th St. NW in Washington, D.C.

Big Picture Understanding

Everyone ought to understand that Pizzagates and Pedogates have been going on forever. Those who direct these child exploitation enterprises have, by and large, never been exposed.  Over time they have gotten very lax.  Others have gotten downright sloppy.

After 8 years of Obama’s Sodom & Gomorrah, the pedophiles and pedophobes became very arrogant and full of hubris.  It is in this environment, also known as the Obamanation, that much evidence has been left everywhere, all over the Internet.  None of them ever thought that Hillary would lose.  Hence, they all got very careless and complacent, inattentive to crucial details and extraordinarily irresponsible with damning information.

The upshot of this awesome “Kill Room” development is that there will be many other HUGE breakthroughs that will ultimately compel the proper authorities to investigate Pizzagate. This is the main purpose of the global citizens movement and function of the 5th Estate—to reveal so much hard evidence about Pizzagate that both local and national law enforcement agencies have no choice but to prosecute these heinous crimes.

Let’s get busy!

State of the Nation
January 6, 2017


The perfect match:

BREAKING: PIZZAGATE BOMBSHELL | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary


THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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  • Is it full of DNA evidence, bones of children, and videos of him and other politicians raping and murdering kids?

    Because if it’s not, no one is going to pay it any attention and the government controlled media will continue to ignore and/or mock it, then it will be swept under the rug by crooked cops and paid off government investigators.

    • Hillary and Bill Clinton love fresh young meat. Subpoena DNA samples and they are done. God rest these young children tortured souls.

      • Hell…I paid them millions to win for me and the dark side. They failed…time to be punished for their failure.

  • Bring Ground Penetrating Radar experts and do a thorough scan!

  • Pizzagate is real, but it is not centered around a pizza place.

    Gimme a break! These guys are smart enough to not shit where they eat!

  • Why isn’t the video straight on here instead of link? But by the look of it that guy is exactly right but now they would of cleaned everything out so at the least he’d get a fine for illegal construction. They’ll be moving and changing all the hard evidence now. Someone should of broken in there to video or done a tunnel rat from the end of the block.. I bet there’s big stormwater drains would connect to that underground “structure.. The angle they’re digging would lead next door and under it.. Excellent find but unfortunately now they’ve had time to cover thier tracks. :roll: 🔫

  • I just reviewed both of these videos.

    There is enough evidence in the SECOND video, wherein Alefantis perpetrates criminal and indictable offenses, to put the scumbag in prison for many years.

    It this is what it looks like, then Alefantis is finished. And in case this wasn’t going to find its way into the right hands — I just personally made sure that it now has.

    Say it forget it, write it regret it. Every heard THAT, JIMMY COMET? IDIOT? Alefantis doesn’t even bother hiding behind a PSEUDONYM for much of it, and the kid does an excellent job drawing Alefantis out into the record with his threats. Pizza Boy was just too damn pissed off to even think clearly, and he just TORPEDOED HIMSELF.

    God bless this kid for having the guts to go public with this.

  • gemini

    Something seems strange about this incident.

  • gemini

    At the end he says with a big smile “Oh and if you get a chance check out his site and his shirts.” What the f*ck ever.

  • I will investigate this…my way thanks for the pics,interesting all the air conditioners you have some really bad members beforeitsnews but that is how arrogant these bad guys are.I have foreseen your demise bad guys no matter where you go no matter where you hide you won’t escape your destined justice.

  • e.Oh by the way soro,s I have pictures of your son preparing for a cannible feast of a women in a white dress,your a sick f— and that messege I put here was directed at you flesh eater.

    • Show the picture for all to see and also make sure you do a google search for Soros’ son’s image and put the hyperlink here.

      Everything will be exposed soon for the world to see.
      There is no way that they can keep the lid on this.

      God is going to make sure of this….

      We are going to make sure of this…

  • Then when you’ve found this, shouldn’t you have kept quiet and did more research, get real solid 100% proof before alerting everyone, including them??

  • GRR

    The jews are 100% behind this.

    Did you know that for every circumcision performed by a Rabbi on a tiny male baby the rabi first cuts the skin off and then gives the baby a blow job and suck all the blood up.

    Some of these creeps actually give the baby the blow job and then bite the skin off whilst sucking the blood. They say that this is for ‘antiseptic’ purposes.

    This jewish fuckers should be all sent to jail.

  • they are getting nervous alifatis pedos stalked my face book

    got the names

  • SIF

    :evil: Seriously if this is all true…then may the perpetrators burn in hell.

  • What am I missing here? Yes of course i see that the rooms match up in the two photos, evidenced by the brick work.. but how does that make this room the “kill room” pictured in the original kill room instagram?
    Something really odd here.

    • ..and yes I’m aware of the proposed “kill room” that was illustrated by a sign depicting a coffin and the reference to the workshop.

      But people should remain alert to the existence of inside jokes, horrible as they may be, being taken for “evidence”.
      A lot of games happening with pizzagate but who’s playing who?

    • I wondered the same thing. The pictures inside of the building with the brickwork could very likely be the same, but that doesn’t really connect them to the “kill room” picture. It just shows some people working. It’d be like if I said someone got murdered in my bathroom, then posted two different pictures of what could possibly be my great uncle’s kitchen and cited it as proof because the two kitchen pictures match. Huh.

      • I refer you to the very first comment of this thread. If there’s no body than there’s no crime…or whatever

  • Hey why won’t you make a pizza out of them the perpetrators?

    • Only maggots will eat it, so what? You a maggot racist?

  • Be aware, this may be a false to get someone to check out the location so they can put out even more fake shite like the Megan Kelly interview and claim that alternative media is harassing them.

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