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Deep State Has Been Defeated — The New World Order Has Been Halted

Friday, January 13, 2017 5:30
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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today


Deep State Has Been Defeated,
The New World Order Has Been Halted

TMR Editor’s Note:
Please bear in mind that this analysis is speaking to the long game.
On that score, it’s clearly over for TPTB primarily because of the
power of the Internet.  The Global Control Matrix will get more
difficult to manage and manipulate.  Hence, their demise is rapidly
approaching mathematical certainty.

The Millennium Report

There are no more options for the NWO ruling cabal!


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Starting the hot phase of World War III,
Triggering a worldwide Stock Market Collapse,
Engineering the Second Great Depression,
Staging an Alien Invasion via Operation Blue Beam,
Manufacturing a global Pandemic and Depopulation,
Inducing a series of catastrophic Earth Changes,
Geoengineering a Global Warming “Extinction Level Event”
Steering an Asteroid into Russia, etc., etc., etc.,
None of these harebrained schemes will work anymore
for the Illuminati and their omnipresent Axis of Evil.

Just as Pizzagate is catching up with the
U.S. Establishment, Pedogate will catch
up with the 
World Shadow Government

The Millennium Report

It ought to be clear to every resident of Planet Earth that the New World Order ruling cabal has been thrown into complete disarray.

That the Illuminati plot to install an overt One World Government is in absolute chaos.

That their multi-century agenda to foist a state-sponsored One World Religion on humankind has been thwarted.

And that their many conspiratorial plots to depopulate the world have failed dismally.

The bottom line is that those who populate the peak of the pinnacle of the planetary power pyramid are clueless about how to proceed given the following state of affairs:

• Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be goaded into a World War III scenario—Period!  When the deployment of just one EMP can knock out grid USA, really what would even nuclear war look like …without a functioning electrical grid.  The Kremlin also has access to Tesla-inspired, scalar-wave weaponry that has not even been imagined by the Military-Industrial Complex.

• The stock market can be forced into a precipitous decline by way of a controlled demolition similar to 2008; however, this time the guilty financial terrorists and economic saboteurs will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  In other word, the whole world now knows that all financial crashes and economic collapses have been meticulously fabricated by the banksters.

• The Second Great Depression has been ongoing since 2008 after having been triggered by the 2000 collapse and the 9/11 War on Terror.  Hence, there’s no stopping the natural breakdown of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS).  Certainly the best financial engineers know this, as well as understand their utter impotence to avert the final blow out.

All of the other “End Time” events highlighted above ought to be easily seen as practical impossibilities for the Illuminati to implement, especially at this late date as their Global Control Matrix literally self destructs in real time.

Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System

Now many will quickly protest that there is nothing from stopping the NWO cabal from executing a total yet perfectly controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System.  And, they are right.

However, if the international banking crime syndicate (aka banksters) tries this little move one more time, their whole monopoly game goes away forever.  In other words the people throughout the entire planetary civilization will never again permit them to run their fatally flawed game on them.  After all, the banksters have been outed like never before and now await a fate similar to the aristocracy during the worst years of the French Revolution.

How so?

The Internet has simply allowed for the dissemination of so much raw truth and hard facts about the true workings of the GE&FS.  We all now know who they (banksters) are, what they have done in the past, and where they live now.  We also watch their silly false flag operations flop every other day now.  Some of us actually predict their nefarious deeds before they carry them out.

Who is not familiar with the wreck and ruin wrought on the planet by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers?  By Big Pharma and Big Oil?  By Monsanto and Halliburton?  They are all known by their actions and can no longer hide, especially with so many interlocking directorships which mutually incriminate them all.

With so much extremely damning evidence uploaded to the Internet since 1995, the folks who own and operate the GE&FS are all exposed like never before in history.  Should they attempt to take down the GE&FS to their benefit yet, again, they will be hunted down and hung from the nearest tree—for real.  The people want justice like never before.  When their pension plans, IRAs, Keoughs and other retirement accounts have been gutted–look out!

The current state of the economy, both national and global, is such that everyone’s thinking about when the other shoe will drop.  In their fear and apprehension about what the future may bring, many common folk are researching and investigating like there’s no tomorrow. That’s because — on some level — they know that there may not be a tomorrow.

The product of their sleuthing has put the banksters in their crosshairs.  Who doesn’t know that behind the banksters stands many more clandestine operators who are even more culpable of enslaving and harming humanity.  That ubiquitous network is known as Deep State.

The Internet

More than any other thing in recorded human history, the Internet has created a much more level playing field.  Of course, this is anathema to the Illuminati as they have always been on top and will never tolerate anything but a tilted playing field.  In this fashion, they are always playing with our money and our time and our energy and our real estate and our gold and other valuable assets.

Were the cabal’s financial engineers and economic architects to carry out a controlled demolition, they would guarantee themselves a lifelong cell at Guantanamo.  Yes, things have really changed that much; it’s just that most don’t know it yet.   Which is why this piece is being written before the critical Inauguration Day of Donald Trump.

More than any other monumental event of 2016, the election of Donald Trump illustrates just how much things have really changed.  Even BREXIT pales in comparison to The Donald’s improbable victory.  Therefore, the writing is on the wall which clearly messages the ruling elites that their game of greed and money and power is over—forever!

Should they deign to be so stupid as to pull the plug on the GE&FS, forces will step in to short-circuit their nefarious plans and maintain order.  More significantly, such a  convicting pretext will have been presented to frogmarch the perps out of their alpine hideaways and seaside villas and into the nearest prison cell.

It will again be the Internet that will empower the inhabitants of Earth to police the planet so that the banksters never set foot in a bank again.  Just as a global citizens investigation has been underway regarding the Washington, D.C. Pizzagate and global Pedogate scandals, people power is emerging in ways and places never seen before.

PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal

The Pizzagate revelations, which are coming out fast and furiously because of the power and pervasiveness of the Internet, is creating a very conducive environment for the powerless to take back their power.  Pedogate has likewise created an international forum for victims everywhere to speak their truth to power like never before.  Truly, Pizzagate / Pedogate will provide the lynchpin for the malevolent global power structure.

P E D O G A T E: A Global Child Exploitation Crime Syndicate

The Illuminati, the Neocons, the Zionists and Alien-Human Hybrid Controllers

The ultimate disposition of this criminally insane cabal of psychopaths is the only remaining challenge for the global village to meet straightaway.

Where will the world be safe with the likes of these entities still on the loose?  Who would volunteer to house such a dangerous group of genocidal murderers, incorrigible kleptomaniacs, war-profiteering warmongers and serial producers of chaos and pandemonium?

This difficult question, then, is one that must be answered decisively and swiftly.  Many commentators have spoken of a negotiated truce with these monsters, as though the planet is big enough for them and us to peacefully co-exist.  No, not quite!

In any event, now that they have no place to go once they have been stripped of their ill-gotten gains and misappropriated wealth, their influence and power over the affairs of men will be greatly diminished.  Nonetheless, the wheels of justice must be allowed to turn so that their billions of victims can rest safely and soundly.

Perhaps an off-planet penitentiary can be found that is within the legendary waterless region.  Actually, they will probably find a way to wreck that realm as well.

Incidentally, just who is it that belongs to the Deep State Network?  It would be much easier to identify who isn’t a part of that VERY exclusive club.  The following graphic is a good place to start for the uninitiated, as is the following extended essay.  The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA
Continue reading HERE.


Special Note:
The critical point of this article is that TPTB (those who run the Deep State) cannot crash the economy like they have always done, timed according to the Shemitah calendar.  If they are so reckless and ignorant as to try to sabotage President Trump’s term in office via a coordinated collapse, then they, too, will lose everything.  And, they will never get it back.  Once the financial institutions are destroyed and economic systems devastated, they, too, will lose their age-old power and influence.  The United States will be compelled to consider a whole new paradigm, specifically one that is free from the endemic corporate corruption and easily manipulated institutional arrangements.  The banksters should be refused participation and prosecuted for their endless financial terrorism and economic devastation of nations large and small. Then, there will be no place for economic hitmen and financial terrorists who are employed by TPTB to take down countries rich and poor.


“Ding Dong! The Witch is dead.”

With the ignominious defeat of Hillary Clinton, the Trump and BREXIT movements will grow into a worldwide phenomenon as the globalists are forced to retreat everywhere.  As a healthy brand of nationalism spreads to the four corners of the planet, the sheer power and momentum may be enough to keep the cabal in check until they are dealt with appropriately.

Perhaps the best thing that a President Trump can do as of his first day in office is to shut down the treasonous Mainstream Media.  He must also remove the numerous traitors from Congress and intelligence agencies, as well as from the many other departments which comprise the U.S. Federal Government.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The True Enemy Of The People

The sooner that Trump takes these initiatives, the sooner the American people can take back their government.  As an unrivaled change agent, his work will be largely dedicated to tearing down the highly offensive Obamanation.  In that capacity Trump ought to bring his wrecking ball everywhere he goes until the Obamanation has sufficiently fallen into its own footprint, so that the American Republic can be rebuilt in the image of the Founding Fathers.

Every good builder knows that the better the demolition, the better the foundation for the new edifice to be built upon.  With this crucial understanding, the first thing to go must be the present incarnation of the GE&FS.  For the world has been transformed into a financial prison as it has an economic jailhouse for most of humanity.

May the patriotic nationalists of the world rise up quickly to consolidate the gains that have been thus far been made.   Only through a concerted effort will a complete emancipation from these warlords and wardens be possible.  Deep State must be dismantled so that the New World Order can be terminated, once and for all.

Were the people of good conscience to coalesce around the same Earth rehab plan, the serial obstructionists wouldn’t have a chance to sow their seeds of discontent.  Why is it that the bad guys are always working together more efficiently than the good guys?  One would think that a righteous cause like saving Planet Earth would galvanize a movement like no other in modern history.

Let’s get busy! 

The Millennium Report
January 12, 2017

CAVEAT: Author’s Note

Even though Deep State has been effectively defeated does not mean that humanity is out of the woods.  We are still moving through exceedingly perilous times.  The next year is sure to bring the most unforeseeable series of “3 steps forward, 2 steps back” events ever witnessed.  In fact, the doings of Donald Trump will continue trigger extreme reactions from the vestiges of Deep State which continue to operate—EVERYWHERE.  Their extreme desperation is palpable and impactful, vengeful and unpredictable.  Hence, it has never been more important to remain vigilant … like sentinels guarding whatever space and time you were put here to safeguard.  In the sweet aftermath of victory, dangers alway lurk, especially in 2017.  Much more context and deeper understanding will be provided in Part II of this analysis.


Deep State: Where the Shadow Government Meets the Corporate Controllers

SERCO: A Corporate Octopus With Tentacles Wrapped Around The Globe


Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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  • 2QIK4U

    Maybe where you are but nothing has changed in Australia. Major help is needed. Our entire media system and morals are completely corrupt. Imagine every single news outlets you have are all CNN ! The closest truth we get is a car accident happened next it’s always a fire somewhere then BS and within the first 3 minutes they’re already onto sport and weather then 90% is governed propaganda and total lies. Now Trump is in I would again consider a working visa to see ‘Murica. Especially the deplorable rednecks and teach you lot how to drink REAL alcahol. :smile:

    • sitrep

      Yeah the Cabal really pulled one over on you good people in Australia, Gave you a good Kangaroo Humping, stripped you of your rights. and left defenseless, all this, and no Pie, and wine too.

      Did, anyone even complain? or did everyone just lay down like a wet noodle?
      They got to be putting something in the water, Ehhhhhh!!!!!!Mate!!!!!!!

      • Deputy Dawg

        It should be noted that the way us American citizens receive information from the White House is about change big time. Trump’s press secretary just announced on Fox the Trump Administrations is opening up the press core to every journalist whether from the lying mainstream to alternative media. He even included bloggers!

        The government narrative (propaganda) that has always prevailed is soon coming to a well deserved end! The flying sacks of monkey dung who provided cover stories for the elite criminals just had their wings ripped off at the diaphragm. We might actually get some real news for a change. Once the networks start going under, which they will, they will begin an attempt to redeem themselves by ratting on the the bad guys instead of lying for them. Sadly for the mainstream liars their turnaround will be a day late and a dollar short.

        A Student of the Word

        • Jayne

          I believe it when I see it.

        • Jayne

          Sounds great and all, but I believe it when I see it.

    • The Trump Prophecy

      Not to worry mate, soon the whole earth will be liberated from these luciferians. These networks are all tied together. Once it’s head is cut off, their funding will run dry. All of their control mechanisms are failing including their written “prophetic” time lines that includes The Shemitah and their modified book of Revelation. We are entering an Era of re discovery where all truth will be known. All mechanisms of control will fall, including our Science, History and Religion. The luciferians Reign is over.

    • Mean Old SOB

      You’ll have to learn how to spell it first, mate!

      Cheers, Brother… :wink:

    • 2QIK4U

      Yep they’ve well and truly already done everything that you guys fight against. And yep they have always had fluoride and who knows what else they’ve mixed. Now our skies are chemtrailed flat out. It’s been summer for about a month and Victoria has had two clear sunny days. Last Monday the moon was sitting one hour behind the sun and I noticed a lot of American videos already about it. Something isn’t right on and off this planet. Both sides of our major political parties are also Masonic.. It’s like Saddam Hussein. Yes we’ve beaten them to “temporarily “hide under there rocks but like any exterminator knows you have to go deeper into the nest to eradicated the vermin. Some vermin survive with the head cut off guys so we must continue to attack the body. Someone had better tell Gary Franchi of THE NEXT NEWS NETWORK to stop making videos suggesting Julian Assange is business as usual as there STILL HAS BEEN NO PROOF OF LIFE SINCE OCTOBER. Notice it was the FIB that just released 1100 Clinton emails NOT Wikileaks.

    • 2QIK4U

      Hahaha true mean old sob.. Never trust auto dictionary on a Chinese phone! I have to keep reminding myself that

    • David Gordon

      2QIK4U – I’m in Golden, Colorado. You are welcome any time, mate. I have a friend who wants to sublet an excellent apartment this Spring. Send me a note through

    • 2QIK4U

      That is very kind and Thankyou David Gordon. As soon as trump is in I’m looking at visas and to see if I can get in at least.. Will research your area mate and learn what oppurtunity lies waiting for me. Thanks again :) can’t reply directly here as submit button has dissapeared after a reply David.

    • 2QIK4U

      ANDY AND BENEVOLENT. Shit if u have blue sky I’m driving up tomorrow ! A lot of Victorians are noticing thing s are out of wack here and even had a conversation with the Council and off the record they admit there’s a lot of air force activities between Tasmania and Victoria. In the same conversation one of them mentions he’s noticed the sun not setting directly west here anymore but sth west. I believe we have somehow twisted in our orbit as proof of Antarctica melting seems to becoming truer as we go. If you have telescope access look at Venus tonight and you’ll see something unusual. Plus it’s seemed to follow us a bit to long now. We were supposed to cross each other but Venus was supposed to continue faster and upwards in orbit. It hasn’t done this ?. Fkd if I know what’s going on.. Clouded Victorian skies for nearly a month with two normal days inbetween? Great Summer so far.. Brisbane usually has its monsoon season now doesn’t it? But if it’s blue (ish ) like you two say I’m coming up for a week or three.. If I do make it to America just before my visa expires I’m searching these “unreachable unsearchable caves in the Grand Canyon. I’ve found a few places on google earth that seem suspicious so it’s great for a drone… Here’s to an Excellent 2017 everybody 😁

    • 2QIK4U

      DAVID GORDON…. ROCKETS? You just said that magic word :)

    • 2QIK4U

      DAVID GORDON . Ever thought of adding a solar fan to add to the power and convection of your Camping equipment? You could possibly double the forced air and get it even hotter faster? .. Sorry typical engineer in me.. Always have to mess with a perfectly fine product : lol )

  • 2QIK4U

    When a country allows a porn magazine that’s filled with REAL Rotted corpses and women slutting all over them I think it’s an obvious sign there’s sick people in control. And I first saw this American magazine in the nineties..

    • VirusGuard


      Hitler did indeed want books burned in the early 1930′s but it was mostly porn that he wanted burned not that Hollywood wants you to know that but today it’s replaced on the tinternet with “Fake New” bans and was these new rules to be working as it says on the tin then this place would be the first to be closed down

    • Jack Shlitz

      You’re shittin’ me? It’s bad everywhere. If something big or divine doesn’t happen soon I think I’ll be forced to believe that this is all apart of G*DS plan. I mean honestly how much more can we do or take shy of nuking the entire planet?

      • Andy

        maybe one day you’ll wake up and realise there is no god and no plan

  • VirusGuard

    You are all being played and the NWO is far from dead.

    Even Russia Today is grabbing people off the steets to ask them about terrorists and painting a picture that we are all begging to be “Protected” by the state when we are not and we should be demanding that something is done about cancer that is killing 50% of the population.

    Does anyone here know a friend of a freind of a freinds killed by Terrorists (excuse 9/11 false flag) and no who in the past ten years have not seen at least one member of the family killed by cancer. Fuck it’s like ducks fearing the water and not chinesse restranrant owners when you look at it

    • Bob DD

      Author: Light up another joint, and drop some more LSD. NWO will drop the hammer, they are strong as ever.

  • stompk

    Yes, we are winning, but now is not the time to let our guards down. It’s now time to really get to work to heal this nation, and rebuild it…

  • petebin

    Although great to hear this type of news, don’t for one second hang up those gloves. Remember, the Rothchilds have 500 trillion at their disposal. I rather see some mercs take out the scum at the top before I start to relax. All of them must hang.

    • Jack Shlitz

      Yeah, that’s the spirit! Only 500 trillion. At that pace we should be able to foil their plans right before our sun goes Nova….Just kidding. :wink:

  • truthseeker4809

    Watch out!!! World War III is brewing in the Middle East. If Russia does not defend the rest of the Middle East against Israel, maybe Iran and China have to do it. These are the result of the Satanic Verses in the bible and Quran.

    The most damning texts designed to destroy humanity on earth. Someone called them “Sons of the Snakes” and was even killed by them. He had no blood relationship with any of those snakes.

    Graham Hancock is not lying, the old testament bible is truly a bullshit story.

    The reptilians are going to laugh out with joy celebrating their success for destroying humanity.

  • Leo

    The NWO is defeated ? Talk is cheap, prove it, I will believe it when I see it :cool:

  • what if...

    At the heart of all these problems are the CORPORATIONS that can do anything they want to and have acted as if they have been COMPLETELY above the law. The US government, all the alphabet agencies like the CIA & the FBI & NSA, Mainstream News networks, Monsanto ALL have done what ever they want to toward humanity. THIS MUST STOP NOW. Absoluteley no more chemtrails, or nuclear radiation poisioning because humanity is not comprised of lab rats who belong in cages!

    The new Republic must serve the people of the world and NOT the CORPORATIONS who MIGHT AS WELL BE alien overlords by the control they have greedily taken over humanity to make us their slave laborers. I DO NOT CONSENT!!!!!

    • P

      Rats most certainly do NOT belong in cages- they are trapped and abused, like all of us humans. This is what you believe? If so, volunteer to be caged, perhaps in a prison; see if your thinking changes and how quickly. Change your belief and perhaps we have a chance to get out of this mess by imaging that all creatures deserve what is good, not torture and imprisonment in a cage- no matter the size. I read an article that said positive thoughts have actual energy- enough positive thoughts got DT elected, more positive thoughts will bring about good changes throughout this world…

  • Einstein

    AIPAC/MOSSAD created and run the pedophile sex rings in DC, London, Brussels, Paris and other national capitols…..

  • TC

    You’ve been smoking the naughty stuff again.

    These guys are not defeated so easily. Remember the contest this election was who would serve the Zionists better. Trump won, but that doesn’t mean the master has changed.

  • Man

    this read likes george bush his mission complete speech

  • Morgana Le Fay

    The only thing that has been halted are the synaptic firings in your brain.

  • Canderson

    They are exposed, light shining on their former shadow position, vantage point. Action needed to make change.

  • billorights

    Nothing is over until we see the rotting dead corpses of the George Soros, David Rockefeller, and the Rothschilds. Along with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama behind bars in prison (minimum). Talk is cheap, this is no time to rest easy.

  • Stefan

    Maybe we should just believe this !!

  • 2QIK4U

    Lol mean old SOB bloody auto dictionary on a Chinese phone.. I should of proof read before entering.

    • Jack Shlitz

      Happens to me all the time… :lol:

  • propel7

    The Globalist Banker satanists bunkers will become TOMBS. They will be strung up by the People they murder, like Mussolini, with their heads bashed in beyond recognition. It begins with the serpents at the SOURCE of it all, who have created all these FRONTS to hide behind, to execute their subversion, robbery and murder of the innocents and powerless. The JESUIT satanists at the Vatican ARE that SERPENT. Time for the serpent’s head to be crushed. Every MASONIC satanist FRONT (which they created) with them. Their final hour began and they are ignorant of it. Their master Lucifer will be thrown into the bottomless pit within a decade, then made an utter end of. They will be cast into a lake of fire along with the weak little watcher gods they sacrifice the innocent unto. “The great day of His wrath is come, and who is able to stand”?

    • Buck

      propel7 – The jesuit order appeared to receive a deadly wound 25 years before the papacy appeared to have a deadly wound. Yes, i do believe jesuits will be destroyed before the “end” along with the death oath chemtrailing “corpses” of the knights of malta. “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.”

  • Spikey Norman

    The NWO is not yet defeated, but that is not the main issue.

    What is more important is that the NWO and its associated evil is now being fully exposed, and people are waking up to the fact that they have been fooled for a very long time.

    This is polarizing people. Every person has to decide for themselves which side they are on in this war of good versus evil. That is the important point of all this.

    Everyone conspicuously takes sides, and everyone knows which side they are on.
    Self judgement if you like.
    We are now well into the end times, and who wins this war is not really that important.

    What is important is which side you choose to be on.
    There can be no middle ground.
    All these disasters and earth changes are leading up to a finality.
    Some will survive spiritually, and some will not.

    The choice is entirely your own, and this has absolutely nothing to do with religion.
    You could be some uneducated primitive worshipping a sacred stone, and survive spiritually.
    Or you could be some Pope or Ayatollah and be damned forever.

  • GodhelpUS
  • Ideas Time

    Will know the Cabal is beat when the Chem-trials end. They were hitting us hard yesterday in the Phoenix area. To spray overtime if their is any clouds mixed in but they are still super easy to spot. They elimination of Chem-trails is the one event we can all see for our own eyes. The local govs, talk shows and media never bring up the subject. Must be major of limits for them to do so.

  • pkt

    not so fast!while operation deep state has suffered some huge setbacks they are notorious for adapting their plans to continue and just as son as possible hey will try can count on that.the election of a good president is not enough,the entire infrastructure has to be taken man cannot do that,but president trump can make a great difference,but the opposition is very wise in their deceptions,and even a good president can be deceived to do the bidding of these evil is great that trump is wise and has so far been able to see through their lies,but they are so embedded in our government in every organization,and they control what the president sees there is much room for them to push him in areas they want addressed.without GOD’S help he has no chance!

  • Sun Rabbit

    I get the impression that Millenium Reporter gets all his information from published research and not from personal experience. It’s not as simple as what he makes it out to be. There is NO NWO and NO global conspiracy and there will never be a one world government because all people are selfish and everyone wants a piece of the same pie.
    Stock prices are not that important in the greater scheme of things because they’re a tiny part of the financial system. More bonds get traded in a single day than all the stock markets trade in a month, and more currency gets traded in a single day than all the stock markets trade in 3 months via the various vehicles like FOREX, forwards, futures, and most importantly interbank.
    The only way you can manipulate the markets is by having the power to change interest rates. In the US, this is done via the Fed, widely thought of as a central bank which it is NOT. It’s a consortium whose head is appointed by the US government. All international payments to the US go directly to the individual commercial banks and/or banks where the respective institutions keep their Loro/Nostro accounts. The Fed is out of the picture. However, if you send a wire to say Tramtaria, that money hits the Tramtarian Central Bank first before hitting its destination. In that sense, the Tramtarian Central Bank functions as a true central bank because it also issues its own promissory notes.
    Interest rates change stock prices because the inverse P/E ratio should be higher than the interest rate. Simple as that. Real estate prices have not fluctuated as much as people think when you factor in mortgage interest. CPI is an indirect function of interest rates. Low interest rates, anticipated inflation, and “news” are what caused Gold to reverse from contango to backwardation in 2008.
    Nothing in government affairs or international relations happens by accident. We all knew Brexit would happen and that Trump would get elected, just as we know that LePen will win and Merkel will be ousted by the CSU. Rich globalists don’t live forever, and their new generation will make more money this way.
    For TRUE change, you’d need to get rid of POLITICS. Politics is the worst system of government there is. So is representative democracy, where it isn’t the people that rule, but elected POLITICIANS whose only talent is conspiracy and platitudes.
    It’s the system. It’s also human nature, which is selfish.
    People keep complaining about the international bankers without stopping to think that if they themselves were offered the chance to become one, they’d do it in a heartbeat. And if the average person who complains about all this were to run the show, the results would be exactly the same as the status quo ante.
    Nothing ever changes on this stupid planet. It’s a closed system and a zero sum game.

  • Canderson

    Why you come to that conclusion?

    • Canderson


      • Canderson

        separate strings of control.

      • Sun Rabbit

        It’s based on my own experiences, which can seem illogical given the fact that I don’t see the whole picture. It’s similar to somebody describing a visit to a strange foreign country. No amount of videos, or reading will convey that same impression as actually being there. It’s also coloured by my own biases because I think it’s pretty obvious that there is no class of people I hate more than politicians because politics is the worst form of government there is under the circumstances.
        Every person persecutes his own truth, and by title of the fact that I view representative government as anti-capitalism, anti-free market, and anti-freedom in an age where the business of government and the government of business can all be done via the internet.
        What we really need is a subsistence government. A pay-per-view, pay-as-you-go type system where everything is free market and where citizenship, and votes can be traded as a commodity. Sure, the rich will dominate that system, but that happens in every single system, no exceptions.

  • Anonymous

    The NWO is alive and well, it or they are a tool of Satan, just like the United Nations and many other things and people. Thinking because Trump was elected that all is going to be rosy, is not a good idea. He is a puppet to them just as all since at least, Lincoln. What you see today, will be considered child’s play tomorrow. Nothing is going to change Satan and his minions are alive well and still in action.

  • Morgawr

    Why is this junk report still at the top, The Deep State Has “not” Been Defeated and the NWO is going through a hiccup, they will always be waiting to jump straight back in, the only way to end them is to slaughter every last one of them and until then it’s not over.

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