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Rosie Thought She Was Slamming Trump, but It Backfired! Here’s How!

Friday, January 13, 2017 19:33
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Martial Law….individual freedom and Taxation…what do all these have in common?

This conversation and video courtesy of Rosie O!

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  • Ideas Time

    Can the writer define who is a tax payer? How about define who is a citizen? It will be interesting when the alternative media starts addressing the real fraud. Below is some help about how things really work. We are being bulldozed by fraud, badges and powerful people who control the fraud and con us out of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the name of profits, control by the fraction of the 1%

    Some help for those who think that State Nationals are citizens of the foreign owned and controlled DC in Washington DC. See above links when you have time and learn.

    • kom

      Semper fi
      All i want to know
      Is when can we let God sort them

    • Citizen of Arizona

      Tax Payer is one who is a “U.S. citizen” or “individual” or “resident” of this state with “state being one of the judicial district or administrative divisions or political subdivisions of United States (corporation) and subject to its jurisdiction.

      A “U.S. citizen” is a completely different type of citizen compared to a Citizen of one of the several States of the United States of America. (see Slaughterhouse cases).

      As for publication you put here, I have determine that those people with Quantum Grammar as full of crap for they have made certain claims that they cannot prove and logic behind their theories is not proper. Commander Russell-Jay: Gould refuses to answer my questions, will divert away from specific questions, and even their Federal-Postal-Court,or whatever syntex they proclaim, is not a recognized or registered agency under Title 28 as they refused to show up during a “show cause” hearing to prove that they are legitimate. They also make claims over being in control of the martial law which, I had asked them to cease and desist immediately. They also sound wishy-washy when talking about agents not arresting their “Grammar-Parse-Syntex-Language members ” which shows another contradiction.

      Finally, they claim to have created and control the proper Grammar structure for language and when asked what duty we have to accept their style, they remain silent for they know that nobody can force us into any duties to use anything anyone has to offer for any force or compelled force use to create a contract, makes that contract null and void, at the beginning, as unenforceable.

      I’m so tired of these scam artists who appear to offer something legitimate only to see them misleading people and causing injury. I am looking for people who are honorable and will stand within the correct context of law and dignity. I give my honor, my very self, to all that stands in the light and are here to help others so that we can improve lives and not continue to cause suffering here on earth. Those who stand by truth and observe what I show them, they will be blessed with the correct knowledge. I am a true servant of God.

  • Citizen of Arizona

    Dear Rosie O’Donnell,

    In case you do not know, America has been under a soft-form of Martial Law since the inception of the Lieber Code which is also known as General Orders 100. You see, the reason why this country is currently under martial law, is because of socialists and communists like you who, like the Borg in Star Trek, you cannot accept that some people actually want to live life with 100% responsibility over their actions and do not need someone to manage their affairs.

    Unlike you and most of Hollywood, who, might I add, it is starting to become more clear that many of your buddies like to touch little boys and girls on their private parts or take part in some drug-induced satanic cult ritual including spirit cooking and human sacrifices to demonic beings, we do not have interest in your ways of life and we take great exception when sickos touch little children or are involved in sex trafficking or any type of involuntary servitude.

    While I am not accusing you of such things, what angers most people like myself is that you think that because you star in fantasy movies and have been on talk shows, that this automatically qualifies you as a leader when you are uneducated in history, law, politics, diet and nutrition, and even in how people operate. So here I am, acting like a fool by responding to your sickness because only the foolish engage in fools, but because I too suffer from my own inadequacies, I might as well broadcast to you to shut the hell up and go away.

    We are so sick of all of you Hollywood people. I even turned of the television and just so you know, I haven’t been to a movie theater in over four years. I cannot give you or any of your actor friends any of my time and attention. I cannot watch TV shows like Charlie Sheen who made millions of dollars only to spread diseases and have sex with men who suffer an identity crisis and has breasts. I cannot even watch old Bill Cosby episodes knowing he drugged up women to take advantage of them.

    So you want the people to listen to what Hollywood says when we know you have created a false or distorted image of reality while most of you participate in spreading lies about “Global Warming” and crusades to trick people into giving up their right to protect themselves by gun registrations or confiscations?

    What part of unalienable Rights do you not understand?

    I bet you do not even know the difference between a Right and a Privilege for when one registers property, they abandon their Rights to get a benefit or privilege. Of course you wouldn’t know that, but I do. I know that I can travel without a drivers license because I do not drive, I travel. I know I can have boatloads of unregistered guns and there isn’t anything your communist government can do to stop me. Of course, i am a man of peace and I have no reason to injure people or damage their property. I do not have to resort to the same psychotic behavior because I actually respect other people’s property rights and their personal rights–even morons like you who spout off such ridiculous nonsense and the Fake Main Stream News Media has nothing better to do then to broadcast people like you.

    But I’m not worried Rosie. You are one of many who have no sense of humanity and you have no shame about it. We the People will be fine with or without you rambling on and on about what you think.

    Finally, I am not one who says “There should be a law…” every time something happens. What I say is “I should know better and protect myself better.” You see, I do not blame others for my own mistakes and I’m not looking for a government corporation and it’s corporate agents/actors to rescue me. I do not even trust anyone in those offices whether it is Obama or Trump. I sure as hell do not trust Hillary for she has broken so many laws that she should be in prison, but of course, you support her. Maybe you and her belong in a cell together…

    Rose O’Whatever, go craw into a hole and leave the People alone because we are sick of you and the rest of your mentally unstable Hollywood class of socialists and communists.

  • 2QIK4U

    Just another HOLLYWIERD Kardashian that’s in the spotlight for no reason at all.. Like I said.. Fire them anyway her new Chinese owners wouldn’t put up with not making money. New and fresh edumacated people needed to not turn into self centered nobodies.

  • Arse

    Crazy stupid ignorant woman :cool:

  • Citizen of Arizona

    Hey “The Donald”

    I’m Rosie O’Donnell


    (myum myum) -> good tasting potato chips

    So I was thinking (myum myum) (slurp)


    Okay, so I was thinking about that martial law joke.

    uh, (chomp chomp myum myum – slurrrrrrrrrrrrp)


    Prove you you and the prostitutes didn’t pee on the bed by showing your tax returns.
    I’m just saying, if you didn’t do it, then we would know because there wouldn’t be a tax write off for the damages.

  • Redlist Renegade

    Rosie OH DUMB ASS !!! Opinions are like assh*les and Every ASSH*LE seems to have one , don’t they ?!!! ESPECIALLY all of the really BIG and FAT and WEIRD ones in Hollywierd and New York that are “Has Been’s” and Wanna Be “World Leaders” !!!

  • Eggzactly

    Rosie says Donald is crazy but is Divorced from 2 other women.
    Rosie says Donald is crazy but her own Daughter ran away from home and married a older guy. Why did she run away from home and get married to a man? Because she said her Mom ,,,,,,,was Crazy!
    Why was she Fired from The view?,,,,Because She is Crazy!
    Common sense will sort out nonsense every single time. :wink:

  • coveredlikeatent

    I guess she’s pissed because her name is O Donald, kids ran away and say mom is crazy, view says this TARDS Sufferer is crazier than the others here, Fugly inside and out, desperately trying to stay relevant and a life time away from that, stop posting about this dingle and she will fade to black because NO BODY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT ANYTHING THIS LARD TARD HAS TO SAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yuri Bezmenov discusses the concept of the useful idiot, in his free, Youtube videos, on “demoralization.”

    Democrats are akin to Trotsky. She is a slob.

    And, Republicans are akin to Stalin. He is a fascist.

    They are false alternatives. Class warfare is a matter of rhetoric. It’s makework, like a secular sport or soap opera. Red vs. blue gives cantankerous people something harmless to do, like a fool’s errand.

    In countries, where you are actually allowed to use the word communism, where it is not just a conspiracy theory, they are called democratic republics. Why do their countries use the same exact names and concepts, as your political parties.

    They directly say that they got the ideas from the US. They credit us for starting a worlwide, anti-monarchist movement, and claim they are carrying forward with our good work. Have you actually heard the way a dictator describes himself, in his own words. What do they think, and how do they live.

    If you were a fly on the wall, they might actually look rather ordinary, like in a fictional, parallel universe, in which one or two trivial details have changed. They might say the same sorts of things about you, as you say about them, and have the same kinds of people, there.

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