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Here’s Why Russia Bashing Has Gone So Crazy — Red Herring!

Sunday, January 8, 2017 4:53
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The True Reason For So Much Russia Bashing


“If it looks like the Russians did it,
then the Russians didn’t do it.”
John McAfee 



There are multiple reasons behind the unprecedented anti-Russia propaganda campaign.

However, it is the massive and overwhelming war crime spree in Aleppo that the Obama Administration seeks to cover up

And, it is Russia that possesses all the hard evidence of intentional war crimes and proof of deliberate genocide

State of the Nation


Special Note:
The anti-Russian propaganda has been so relentless because there are no better distraction, diversion, and/or misdirection techniques than those that prop up high a bogeyman. In this regard Russia has always served as ‘perfect’ enemy of the American people when in fact they are really our best friend.  Nevertheless, the Democrat-Republican Uniparty currently faces the utter necessity of distracting the electorate from so much pervasive criminal activity at the highest levels of the U.S. Federal Government. Not only did the Democrats try to steal the election from Donald Trump by fabricating anywhere from 3 to 5,000,000 bogus votes for Clinton, the DNC secretly conspired with the Mainstream Media (MSM) to rig the entire electoral process.  The extremely incriminating WikiLeaks emails clearly provide evidence of this grotesque subversion of the American Republic and the democratic voting process. The sheer criminality of the Clinton Foundation operations, an illegal CIA-directed NGO, has been documented on the Internet with one data dump after another by WikiLeaks, Guccifer, Anonymous, and various whistle-blowers within national law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, the list of crimes against We the People by the political class and abetted by the establishment is actually endless.  Not only has Pizzagate been blown wide open, so has the much larger global Pedogate crime syndicate.  However, it is Russia that poses the greatest threat to the Anglo-American Axis power structure because of the evidence that Putin’s Kremlin has accumulated over many years.  Not only does Putin possess evidence that proves that 9/11 was an inside job, the FSB also has indisputable proof that the U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Special Secret Services created ISIS, as well as Al-Qaeda. _______________________________________________________________________


After the unlawful wars in Iraq, the U.S.-fabricated war in Syria represents the greatest war crime spree in American history.

This was not a civil war by any standard or definition; it was a completely unprovoked war of overwhelming aggression by the USA and the coalition of warmongering nations who covertly conspired to conquer Syria.  Simply put, they each wanted a slice of the stolen pie.

This coalition of stone-cold war criminal nations purposefully colluded to commit genocide against the Syrian people, as well as cause massive displacement of the indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands.


The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus


Please click on this photo to enlarge.

Fake Syrian Civil War

In the conduct of this patently illegal war, the Obama Administration perpetrated the most serious war crimes in modern history throughout the Northern Levant.  Not only did Obama & Company (The C.I.A. is also known as The Company in intelligence circles) create and materially support the Islamic State, arm and supply ISIS, and fund and finance ISIL, they used this terrorist organization to wage illicit war against the sovereign nation of Syria.  In short, the criminal coalition has repeatedly attempted to unlawfully overthrow the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The US-backed ISIS perps and Daesh proxies could not help but commit one war crime after another.  All they’ve done is conduct barbaric acts of terrorism wherever their CIA-MI6-MOSSAD handlers have told them to do so.  Hence, the entire theater of war has been defined by brutal and savage campaign of terrorism never seen on a modern battlefield. When considered in the aggregate, the U.S. coalition is directly responsible for state-sponsored terrorism in Syria on a scale never witnessed on Planet Earth.

There is now a prodigious body of evidence that both Russia and Turkey have amassed which clearly demonstrates the real scheme of the Western powers.  The US military cynically supported the so-called ‘rebels’, who were recruited (and bribed handsomely) from Wahhabi communities around the Mideast and transported to the Syria battlegrounds.  In this way the US government funneled billions of dollars in arms and armaments, munitions and supplies to the rebels, who then provided them to first, Al-Qaeda, and then to ISIS.

No, this was not a civil war by any means; it was a violent revolution designed and engineered in Washington, London and Tel Aviv to set the stage for a coup against the democratically elected President Al-Assad.


Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: Secret Back Story Reveals Why The West Cannot Topple His Government

The destruction in Aleppo.

Aleppo: The moment of truth has arrived

There are very good reasons why the Russia-bashing is now reaching a crescendo.

One of the main reasons is A L E P P O!

Now that Russia and the Syrian Government have successfully liberated Aleppo, the extent and seriousness of the incomparable war crimes are becoming known.

The depth and breadth of the American, British and Israeli war crimes in Aleppo is both staggering and unrivaled.  It was, after all, fundamentally a Zio-Anglo-American war plan that was executed with the vital assistance of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011.  In fact, the military conquest of Syria was just another of several CIA-coordinated color revolutions that were undertaken according to President Obama’s Presidential Study Directive-11, a blueprint for the manufactured Arab Spring.

Clinton and Obama, the Arab Spring and the Creation of ISIS

Now that Russia’s military operation to save Assad and the Syrian people from the proxy armies of the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) has been completed, the dust is settling quickly. As it settles, the numerous horrific war crimes are coming to light.   The participating AAA countries bear direct responsibility for each of these war crimes and may soon be held accountable by a new international body, not too unlike the Nuremberg trials.

Of all the population centers in the Northern Levant, it is Aleppo which was brutalized the most.  The pattern of war crimes was such that the US-backed terrorists would kill the civilians mercilessly without provocation as they destroyed their homes and businesses without any justification.  After different phases of this unrelenting death and destruction, the CIA-directed rebel terrorists would then bomb a hospital and quickly blame it on the Russian military or Syrian government …even before it could be properly investigated.

This exact stratagem played out over and over whereby agents of the Western powers would carry out the false flag terror operations and then accuse Putin and Assad when they had nothing to do with the war crimes.   After the final tally of cruel death and wanton destruction has been taken, the AAA leadership will be held accountable for crimes against humanity, genocide, as well as a litany of egregious war crimes.

A Mideast Conflagration Was Stealthily Set Up By The NWO Cabal

This rapidly evolving predicament is the primary reason for so much false propaganda being generated by the MSM across the planet.  The Zio-Anglo-American sponsors of the Syrian war are so guilty of so much murder and mayhem that their only way out is to blame the parties that stepped in to stop the carnage.  The more Russia intervened in the Syrian theater of war, the more they got bashed by the English-speaking media.  And, the more President Putin was demonized by the MSM.

An Official in the Syrian Regime: the Estimated Cost of Destruction in Syria is $250 billion


It’s a quite common tactic by a criminal aggressor to blame the victim(s).  Criminally insane psychopaths do this routinely in order to escape blame for their many odious crimes. When rogue governments do this, they enlist all the sociopaths and psychopaths they can assemble to carry out the fake blame game agenda.

The MSM organs of propaganda have been in overdrive for months in anticipation of this moment of truth.  They now host one US government official after another who spout nothing but lies against Russia and falsehoods toward Putin.  These homegrown American agents of disinfo, misinfo and false info only know how to prevaricate and mislead.  That’s what the United States is experiencing today as it will until Inauguration Day on January 20th.

The Obama Administration, in collusion with the D.N.C. and MSM, have willfully perpetrated serious high crimes of treason and sedition against the Republic.  These high crimes and felonies are being distracted from by attacking Russia day and night, week after week. TPTB know that, absent an alien invasion from outer space, they have no other way out…except an engineered stock market collapse that would throw the world community of nations into even more chaos.  And even this option has been recently closed to them.

State of the Nation
December 7, 2017


Syrian Holocaust: Turkey Copies The Armenian Genocide Game Plan

President Putin Reveals Possession Of 9/11 Satellite Imagery Evidence Indicating USA Gov’t Complicity In False Flag Attack

Turkey’s Erdogan: ‘Confirmed evidence’ US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria


*Anglo-American Axis (AAA)

“The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.”
(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)


U.S. WAR CRIMES IN SYRIA: The True Reason For So Much Russia Bashing | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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  • apache5

    what did you expect the entire MSM news system are owned by only a few people who are part of the NWO and so since most of the public is still in the brainwashed mode, the elite nwo do as they wish. the internet has been used to awaken lots of people and that is why they are so urgently trying to control it! and IF they succeed the population will go back to sleep in the controlled brainwashed state.

    • my2pesos

      Internet Man ~ Entrainment
      Internet Man ~ Entrainment………..(AG)
      1. To pull or draw along after itself.
      2. Chemistry: To carry (suspended particles, for example) along into the current or vapor phase.
      3. Zoology: To adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronizes with an internal cycle such as that of light and dark.
      4. To board a train
      The Free Dictionary ~ Treachery Notified……………..(17) – (AG)

  • Man

    people protested. Assad started to massacre his people…

    But if you want to go all slanted tin foil har.. say it it is jews… they were technically in a war With Syria before the war started. Their status is similar to the war status of North and South korea.

    Anyway i am speaking to deaf ears cause you are basically a walking confirmation bias

    • Andy

      Assad is the legally elected leader of the nation of Syria

      MODERATE people protest and vote unwanted leaders out of office

      RADICALS take up arms, ignore the law and start shooting to force change illegally

      you got evidence that Assad started to massacre the people of Syria?

      52 nations are fighting in Syria, but only TWO are fighting legally – Syria and Russia

      • Man

        right… that is why a third of Americans buy arms.. because they want peaceful change in the US..

        besides… radicals don’t have access to chemical weapons Assad has

        • wiseoldlady

          Is your IQ about 60?????????????????

        • Andy

          um, Americans just instigated peaceful change via the electoral process – this is why Trump is president elect

          traditionally freedom fighters around the world used mortars, RPG’s, machine guns & small arms – now we see the Syrian rebels have multi-million dollar motorised anti-aircraft guns installed on brand new toyota pickups, stinger missiles & other advanced weaponry like chemical weapons

          if you’re not yet aware that ISIS was created, armed, trained and funded by the U.S. & her middle eastern allies, then i could understand your stance

          • sim1776

            Youre right on the money. The funny part is the author’s refusal to acknowledge Turkey’s part in dealing with ISIS.

        • Einstein

          I can’t believe people in the US government are still telling the lie that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Syrians love Doctor Assad who is a great humanitarian and an even greater medical doctor who built a great modern western style society, where all lived in peace and prosperity. That is until Israel decided to run a gas pipeline to Europe through Syria. Doctor Assad and the Syrian people refused to grant Israel easement rights after suffering over 50 years from of bombing attacks by Israel.

          Syrians elected Doctor Assad by a wider margin than the 70% Donald Trump got here in the USSA. Or if you believe the lying scumbags who have hijacked our government, it was only 45% with Trump barely squeaking out a victory. The only reason it was even close was they couldn’t steal any more votes. I can’t believe that anybody with an IQ over 70 would still believe anything this government says after constantly being caught lying about everything.

          The US government created the terrorist groups who they finance, arm and use to take down governments who don’t play along with the Jew World Order. The US government supplied their terrorists with chemical weapons which they used on the Syrian people. This was proven beyond any doubt but vomit stream media refuse to expose the truth.

          Now they are using their terrorists to invade Western nations who may pose a threat to the Rothschild Mafia’s plan for world genocide and enslavement. It’s time to pull your head out and wake the hell up! We will have a lot of traitors to hang once we have a real DOJ in place.

  • Anonymous


    … NEW….. HOLOCAUST…???… 6,000,000 LIES …!!!..

  • my2pesos

    The Arctic ~ Architect
    They estimate that 85% of the world’s undiscovered oil & gas reserves lie in the predominately Russian controlled Arctic region.
    That puts a large target on Putin’s back I suppose?

  • unidentified

    they are the largest country in the world, its freezing cold in siberia, youd have to be an eskimo to live there, but the country is full of natural resources and could make the elite fabulously wealthy selling the gas and petroleum fossil fuel reserves, they been advised by banking circles how to bank their profits, share the wealth, profit sharing ideas, its a fluid situation and could eventually have a global impact

  • Anonymous

    Well written article. Let us pray that all the secrets of the wicked psychopaths who are part of nATO and the AngloAmerican Axis see the light of day very soon. They cannot avoid their black karma and the MSM’s attempts to make Russia the scapegoat are not being swallowed by those of us who are correctly informed.

  • truthseeker4809

    Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the destructions in the photo happened in the cities of Israel. Something you can not imagine. Something you don’t think it can happen. Somehow it is justified it can happen in Syria but not in Israel.

    If you believe that way for some biblical reasons in your faith, you are a hopelessly brainwashed individual who is a part of this crime against humanity.

  • propel7

    The Jesuit satanist owned-and-operated CIA murdered JFK, started Viet Nam for their Jesuit masters OPIUM trade. Same in Afghanistan, where the Taliban had SHUT it down. Iraq was attacked and MILLIONS of INNOCENTS have since died for FALSE weapons of mass destruction. Libya, who had the BEST economy in Africa, was destroyed by them to weaponize ISIS with Gaddafis weapons. Now they want to start WW3, according to their Jesuit satanist Albert Pike plan, to destroy Israel and Islam, and take over the world. It is time to FLUSH this PILE of SH*T. These are TREASONS that REQUIRE EXECUTION. The time has come for these enemies of the American People, who have ONLY worked to subvert, rob and murder them, to have their necks to SNAP at the end of a rope. Swinging right beside their Rothchild/Jesuit satanist Banker masters that contrived them. God no longer bleeds.

  • David


    Here is persuasive, unassailable proof that it was Jewish revolutionaries who invented and supervised the horrors and ravages of Communist totalitarianism. Karl Marx, a Zionist Jew, was inspired by Moses Hess, a Zionist Jew, to formulate the dogma of the Communism system. Then, Lenin, a Zionist Jew, teamed up with Trotsky, a Zionist Jew, and other Illuminati, Zionist Jews to seize the Russian Empire and turn it into a massive, bloody, killing and torture factory rivaling anything George Orwell (1984) could have ever conceived. In this groundbreaking book, you will be shocked to discover what and who is BEHIND COMMUNISM.

    “The Jews and Their Lies – Part 1″ sermon filmed for Marching to Zion


  • my2pesos

    The Befores ~ Best ‘of’ Here
    1. Syria’s population had increased 800% since the end of world WW2. (Ours is up 120%) This means the country was a collection of various immigrants from around the middle east.
    2. Only 10% of Syrian territory is suited for agriculture and along comes the drought of the millennia which depleted their underground aquifers leaving them high and dry.
    Droughts ~ God’s Hurt
    Droughts DR’s Tough

  • Dave 1963

    The most hypocritical thing about the released “intelligence report” is the fact that WikiLeaks has given evidence that the DNC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, and Fox are all guilty of doing exactly what the “intelligence agencies” THINK the Russians did.

    This BS draws attention away from the fact that the DNC violated their own charter by running against Bernie. They also defrauded donors. Donors had a reasonable expectation that their money would go to support Democratic candidates. Using their money to run a campaign against a Democratic candidate constitutes not only fraud but also conspiracy to commit a felony and organized criminal activity.

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