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Caught on Camera! Liberal Protesters and Rioters Get What They Deserve!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 13:43
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You’ve seen them blocking streets, keeping people from getting to work and even hinderings emergency services vehicles.  And the police have done very little…until now.  Share everywhere and leave your comments.

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  • Pinto Beans

    Hats and bats boys! Hats and bats! :lol:

    • Equalizer

      PB- Hats and bats! Too funny!

      • Equalizer

        Stupid Libtards…”Trix are for kids”

  • wbb

    They’re no getting what they deserve. They need to get a life.

  • Ralban

    Go Go Police. Shut them little thugs down.

  • Busta Myth


    America is looking more and more like a cross between Nazi Germany and the ferkin Looney Tunes every day

    Smells like the elites oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer, the rise and fall of “empires”

    Same old sh’it, Different Century

    don’t get on the trains :twisted:

  • Pink Slime

    Now the police have to do the spanking. Typical of liberals – let government raise your children. :lol:

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    Man the far right have sure mounted themselves heavily in this “do it like the Nazis” style of running things.

    Think about the statement you’re cheering “Protesters get what they deserve”.

    Now think about that.

    You are, and there is no other way to say it, saying that people should not be allowed to gather freely, and voice their opposition to political views, and if they do gather, and rally their point, then they DESERVE to be beaten by heavily armed police?

    So, ok, if you really think that, sure.

    Hopefully you never oppose anyone, and if you do, hopefully you’re quick to remember that you deserve the beating you get.

    • sim1776

      Did you even watch the video?

      These are not protestors practicing the methods of Ghandi or MLK. Riot batons and pepper spray do not qualify as heavily armed. No tear gas or water cannons means the police weren’t too concerned. Most of it is Antifa and Black Bloc types, as well as a few victims of mob mentality, who get up in the face of the police or try to stop people from going about their lives.

      Nice generalization going from these people as representative of genuine lawful protest to anyone being against them and the consequences of their behavior as a reason for denial of rights at a future time.

      Be glad it is police and not a cavalry charge as was the solution to riots for millenia. Make no mistake, these are riots based on the behavior displayed and not lawful protest. Watch how the Tea Party folks behaved or March for Life. Those were lawful protests. Why the Tea Party people could even articulate a position and reason for their protest.

      Perhaps the author should have just said “liberal rioters” instead of “Liberal protestors and rioters.”

  • Everette

    It’s a shame to see that America has become so lawless . How they can feel that free protesting also gives them the right to destroy personal and public property , is beyond my thinking . And for ignorant asses to walk up in the faces of human beings trying to keep the peace and swing at them , scream at them and spit in their faces and then think that they will not respond to their ignorant actions shows how stupid they really are . With Trump lawlessness is over !!! Like Madia said woop their asses ! They are getting the whooping their daddys should have given them . Oh that’s right their liberal messed up parents minds allows them to have affairs and even cross the fences to same gender , or animals and expect their wives and husbands to put up with their scum bucket thinking ! These poor youths more than likely don’t have whole families . They have screwed up mixes of ignorance that their parents say is what stability is supposed to be and that defies the youths human thinking of what reality should be . No wonder the youth are so wacked out ! Look at their parents messed up minds ! Maybe we need to knock on their doors and woop their asses for messing up family values and messing up their children’s minds ! And possibly even the pets minds too ! This is what lawlessness leads too !

    • Everette

      Well here are 2 commits . I thought this one was lost . The page shut down on me , the screen went dark after getting it back up . The log in shut me off . Then erased my commits . The post button just kept spinning and never would post . Then the whole page disappeared . I rewrote it several times . But here it is after finally tricking tgem I got one to post . Now there are 2 . Don’t know how they did this because none of the others posted . But here it is . The one underneath says about the same thing . It’s funny how they try so hard to stump you up and make you loose your train of thought . Its probably taken me an hour trying to get just one post in . But now I got 2 .

  • Everette

    What a shame ! We have become so lawless that our streets look like 3rd world countries . How anyone can expect a human being to stand and let other human beings filled with lawslessness have a swing at them or scream at them or spit in their faces of those trying to keep peace , is beyond my thinking ! Madia said it best , woop their asses ! With Trump lawlessness is over ! The parents need to be held accountable for their screwed up liberal thinking . Maybe we need to visit them and woop their asses . For these stupid ones to think they can go over to the neighbors house and screw their neighbors wives , or screw their buddies or screw the dog and expect their wife to except their actions is pure ignorance . The wife maybe doing the samething . Then these youth are left with some stranger or left alone to try and make sense of their parents dumb ass actions . No wonder they are so whacked up . So we need to give them the wooping their parents never gave them . It’s called pain pleasure principle . The pain tells you that you don’t want to go there again and do the evil actions the pleasure of not experiencing the pain lets you know you are headed in the right direction .

  • propel7

    Obama had better HIDE in his Bunker …little Muslim P*SSY.

  • DJ

    Some of the cops were a bit aggressive to a few women. People can protest, but blocking the roadways is illegal. You have a right to protest, but I have a right to drive to my destination. Your right to protest, does not nullify my right to get to where I’m going. In general, people are tired of the protests…and when the protesters obstruct and trample on other people’s rights things get ugly.

    • Pinto Beans

      Aggressive toward women? Are they special in some way?

  • VirusGuard

    The left wing are scum parasites who only know three words used in any debate

    1. “Racist”
    2. “Homophobic”
    3. “Xenophobic”

    Scum they are but not as bad as our SS style pigs who call themselves police men and only protect the elite

    • Equalizer

      Stupid Libtards… They need to do their homework…Follow the money trail directly to George Soros.

  • Arse

    It’s about time………….knock them Dems :cool: down.

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