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Massive Child Sex Ring Busted in CA — 474 Arrested, 28 Children Saved

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 16:35
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By Matt Agorist

In a massive statewide operation targeting human traffickers, hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually-exploited children were saved.

The bust was part of a statewide operation to combat human trafficking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday.

According to KTLA, more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces, as well as the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, participated in the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” enforcement operation, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The operation resulted in 474 arrests including 142 males on solicitation charges, and 36 males for pimping.

It is important to note that some of these arrests included people trying to simply pay another willing adult to have sex with them.

In the Land of the Free, it is against the law to get paid to have sex, unless that sex is filmed, distributed on DVD, and taxed. One of the least talked about systems of oppression in the US is that of persecuting prostitutes.

When referencing prostitution, it is critical to point out that we are talking about the mutually beneficial exchange of sexual favors for money by two or more consenting adults; not forced human trafficking.

That being said, however, during the operation, officers rescued 28 children who were being sexually exploited and offered services to 27 adults they said were victims of sex trafficking. These victims were not part of a voluntary process and instead were bought and sold as commodities to sick individuals without their consent.

As corporate media writes off talk of ‘pizzagate’ as if it’s some tinfoil conspiracy theory that couldn’t possibly happen, this scenario shatters their claims. In fact, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says the arrests represent a “very sad commentary on the condition we’re dealing with.”

“Pretending this issue doesn’t exist only makes us more complicit in it,” newly elected San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott said.

While it is currently unknown if any of these charges involve high-level government officials or law enforcement, the fact that it existed should not be ignored. Throughout the first and second weeks of December, since the mainstream media first reported that Edgar Maddison Welch, of Salisbury, N.C., fired a shot inside the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria in Washington, DC, the mainstream media has been declaring the so-called child-sex “Pizzagate” child-sex ring, a false conspiracy theory based on lies.

Welch was reportedly searching for child-sex slaves inside Comet Ping Pong based on stories he’d read online involving pedophilia and the Washington elite. Ironically, and without any real investigative, Chris Hanson style journalism being conducted, the mainstream media and its pundits have declared all the claims found in the conspiracy theory to be false, lies constructed by “fake news.”

In fact, The Washington Post simply declared, “None of them were true.” That may, indeed, be the case. But if it can happen in California on such a large scale, it can certainly happen anywhere else in the United States, and all such claims must be investigated thoroughly by properly trained police officers with the tools necessary to uncover such deviant sex crimes involving children. We applaud the California authorities for their investigations of child-sex rings. May justice be swift to the sickos involved in exploiting children.

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  • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

    Not joking in the least…
    Just got a sick to the stomach feeling…
    Could this be like The War on Drugs?
    The PTB way of removing competition?
    Just in a different field.
    We cheer the officers on and thank God for saving those children…
    Just like we do when we hear of a big drug bust, when we know, in the drug war, it’s just the removal of any competition.

    • No time

      Its one thing to have sex with children. But do they have to eat them afterwards?

    • 2QIK4U

      Look at the LA county sherrifs badge and you will see FIVE PEDOPHILES SYMBOLS on each star point. A qaurter of all American law enforcement badges have pedophile symbols clear as day. See for yourselves. All the law enforcement agencies are pedophile slaves even if a good hearted cop doesn’t know it he wears pedophile badges as an honour.

  • my2pesos

    Ring E-Port ~ Reporting………(AG)
    I woke up to this number today 635,000.
    Gore ‘in’ RPT ~ Reporting………(AG)
    Grr! E-Point ~ Reporting……..(AG)
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    • b4

      more regular nonsense from an idiot who talks only to himself since nobody else knows wtf he is posting-not even worth 1peso

      • Apollo is the A/C

        LOL. Right? WTH???

  • Morgawr

    This is clearly good news, certainly for victims, but artichoke makes a great point, and to bump up the number of arrests sounds like some dirty tricks were used, I just could not help thinking it’s designed to distract us from the big players in the child sex trafficking world like we seen in the UK.
    Let’s not let one success story make us forget about all the others, don’t switch off because this is just a drop in the ocean and children are still being slaughtered.

  • krew09

    when they carry out operations,they provide a list of names of those arrested ,where is it? If there is not one,then this is just a publicity stunt.

  • wiseoldlady

    Why on earth would they expose their technique leading to arrest….absolutely stupid !!!!!!!!! Now birdbrains what will you do the next time since you just exposed yourselves to the world. Obviously this police force are liberals as they never see down the road for consequences.

  • Fokofpoes


  • Fokofpoes

    But yeah, only 474 arrests, only 28 children rescued, though a good thing, is perhaps not exactly dealing with the institutionalized abusive systems.

    • PixiePaul

      Until you change your disgusting screen ‘name’, I am from now on going to ‘Dislike’ all your comments. In fact, why don’t you do everyone a favour and do as your vile ‘name’ suggests.

      • Fokofpoes

        It’s supposed to be directed at insecure fuckheads like you, you know, people who consider the word vagina more acceptable than cunt, or poo more acceptable than shit (even though it’s the same thing).

        So no, I won’t change my screen name. Go ahead, downvote.

        • PixiePaul

          Your response and your ‘name’ obviously describes you to a T

          • Fokofpoes

            Fucking wonderful. You have no fucking clue what I’m about, none whatsoever. You can think of me whatever you want.

            Just because I use words that have the EXACT same meaning as more “politically correct” words that you happen to find acceptable, because I don’t do bullshit niceties, you take issue.

  • allendaves

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    Rev 19:13. .. and HIS NAME IS called THE WORD OF GOD

    Ps 138:2. praise
    THY NAME … for thou hast magnified THY WORD ABOVE ALL THY NAME

    Isaiah 52:1. . 6.
    Therefore MY PEOPLE SHALL KNOW MY NAME: ..What NAME do you “KNOW”.?

    1Jn 2:3. And

    Titus 1: 16. They
    profess that THEY KNOW God; but IN WORKS THEY DENY him…

    Rev 3:8 kept MY WORD, and hast not DENIED MY NAME; …

    .Jn 17:6. I have

    NAME above every name that saves us 1Pt 3:21

    - If God placed
    His “THE WORD” ABOVE all of God’s various NAMEs – and Jesus NAME IS
    called “THE WORD” no other name saves Then it must follow that the
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    Download the full

    Also there is this…..I’m not Roman
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    and his presentation is kinda slow at first but very methodical and sound ..Basically
    it is an examination of the Reformed theologies (John MacArthur, James White, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, Michael
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    you that one in prov 26:12

  • SIF

    This is my thing…child trafficking. Somehow will help with this not sure how. Absolutely sickening. But what is particularly horrible is the lack in faith that the rabbit hole goes down this far. Choosing to feel comfortable in the world they live in, they reject this fundamental fact: some people get off raping and murdering children. Did the Jason Wetterling event and all of the harmed children of the 70s 80s and 90s teach us nothing? These people who do this are the bottomless pit. Hell exists and it is in the lives of these poor dear children. :shock:

    • Fokofpoes

      Well let’s say, society masks and supports the horrors, terrors and abuse in hypocrisy and politeness, their abject depravity, their denial, in niceties.

      • Fokofpoes

        And personally, I’m fucking done with that shit.

    • 2QIK4U

      Your first six words made me choke. Maybe word it differently next time. Just letting you know in case you didn’t realise. :smile:

  • Cobber Digger Blue

    They will not re-offend , chemical castration or life in prison should their only choice

  • MediaMike

    The only way to restore the once great Republic of these United States, is to eliminate the child-sacrifice, child-sex, child-trafficking, child-abusers from the entire country. It must be up to other countries’ peoples to oust heinous abusers of human rights from their own ranks.

    China is great at making islands. Perhaps we can team up with them to make an island where we first sterilize these abusers, then put them all on that island, with no way off.

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