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Perpetual Radiation! Fukushima Scientists Say Billions Are Being Exposed & Will Leak Until the End of Time (Videos)

Thursday, February 23, 2017 8:51
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This is highly disturbing and our leaders are doing NOTHING about this! The video below from BP EArthwatch puts the reality out there for us and it is not good! Not good at all!

Scientists fear Fukushima radiation hitting US to worsen… “A lot of people are very concerned” — Experts: Billions are being exposed… Reactors “will continue to pour water into Pacific for the rest of time”

From Alex Jones

Fukushima Radiation Destroys 7th Robot

Fukushima has destroyed it’s seventh robot and it appears that it is continually getting worse, showing no signs of improvement.


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  • apache5

    it is so hot they cannot even get close enugh to start trying to seal it with concrete!






    • Mayhem

      The disaster didn’t even depopulate Fukushima, let alone Japan, but it’s going to be an extinction level event?

      Me thinks you’re a tad full of it.

      • LifeIs

        (1) The biggest problem is the radioactive cesium in our food. It irradiates our cells directly, inside the body.

        There is a lot of radioactive cesium in spent fuel. Which is now in our water and food.

        (2) The next biggest problem is the cancer that will develop, from inhaled particles of plutonium and uranium.

        (3) The radioactive material around us, and in us, from Fukushima is ADDED TO what we already had, from previous accidents and bomb tests, and uranium munitions.

        (4) The various forms of cancer people will be getting take years to develop. Like this, and note that the Hiroshima bomb was 140 pounds of uranium, and the Nagasaki bomb was 14 pounds of plutonium.

        The fuel assemblies at Fukushima were 90 tons and larger, uranium (and plutonium in Reactor 3) And the amount of spent fuel was several thousands of tons. And much of it burned in the air.

        And here is the time frame for cancer from 9 11:

        “As of June (2016) 5,441 of the 75,000 people enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program have been diagnosed with at least one case of 9/11-related cancer, according to data Newsweek obtained from the program. And many of them have multiple cancers, with the total number of cancers certified at 6,378 as of June”

        (And yes, some of that is radiation-caused. The USGS didn’t give the isotopes, but they did include barium and strontium, in their report on the dust. Which shouldn’t be there unless nuclear bombs made them. There were craters under the elevator cores. (Described as “ice age caves” the builders didn’t notice) Eyewitnesses at the time described fireballs coming up from below ground. AND seismographs recorded the explosions, before the buildings fell down. Underground bombs dropped the elevator cores and pulled those towers in on themselves. And yes, what you saw “live” on TV was CGI and not real pictures.)

        YES, you are full of radioactive material. And yes, I knew when I first saw the explosions that Fukushima was worse than a nuclear war. Because I had some idea of how much material was involved.

        • Mayhem

          About the same amount of material as was released in the Chernobyl disaster except that was an instantaneous release and not a long slow process like Fukushima and yet we didn’t all die.

          Not to mention the more than 2,000 nuclear tests, many of them atmospheric, which have to add up to a fair amount of radiative fallout.

          • LifeIs

            Absolutely a lie. Reactor 3 blew up. Photos taken by a drone showed the reactor itself ceased to exist. Fuel pellets (from the spent fuel pool no doubt) were found 30 kilometers away.

            That was a plutonium/uranium reactor. 90 tons of MOX fuel burned in the air.

            The spent fuel/fresh fuel in the pool in the Reactor 4 building burned. It was reported at the time. The wind was blowing south. Our military dependents in the Tokyo area were evacuated to North America.

            The 3 “meltdowns” (reactor 4 was not fueled and was not operating at the time; its fresh fuel was in the spent fuel pool) released more than Chernobyl.

            Thousands of tons in the spent fuel pools was also released, by burning. Into the air and sea to the east of Japan, mostly, and from there around the world.

            And like I said. The contamination from previous accidents– You forgot to mention Kyshtym and Sellafield and Santa Susana –and well, here:



            — is added to contamination from uranium munitions. The uranium burns in the air and produces dust.

            And to contamination from bomb tests and use in war.

            And to nuclear waste, like that released in the WIPP fire.

            It adds up. The radioactive polonium in your cigarettes from the phosphate fertilizer is added to the uranium and plutonium in your lungs.

            The radioactive cesium bio-accumulates, in what you eventually eat.

            Cancer produced by Fukushima contamination (on top of the contamination we had already) will kill over a period of decades.

            And it will keep killing for thousands of years.

          • Mayhem

            An absolute lie is it? We’ll see.

            According to Timothy J. Jorgensen (Director of the Health Physics and Radiation Protection Graduate Program and Associate Professor of Radiation Medicine, Georgetown University) we can forget Fukushima because Chernobyl still holds the record as the worst nuclear accident for public health.


            Perhaps anticipating self proclaimed interweb scholars dismissal or criticism Prof. Jorgensen included, in the above article, links to no less than the following sources.

            Jim Mahaffey (author of-Atomic Accidents: A History of Nuclear Meltdowns and Disasters: From the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima) who was senior research scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute and has worked at the Defense Nuclear Agency, the National Ground Intelligence Center, and the Air Force Air Logistics Center, focusing on nuclear power, nano-technology, and cold fusion.

            Not to mention…

            IAEA, WHO, Princeton University, University of California SF, International Journal of Cancer, American Thyroid Association, Nature Research, British Journal of Cancer, AAAS, and Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology.

            … whereas you, LifeIs, provided two Wiki articles. Hmm, who are folk to believe?

          • LifeIs

            Here’s one for the AMOUNT of material in the various fuel assemblies. Scroll down. Then notice how much of that was either blasted into the sky and burned, or burned on the ground, from reporting at the time.


            You can believe your own eyes. By looking up the aerial photos, showing that reactor 3 no longer existed, post explosion.


            And by looking up the report from Japan, that fuel pellets were found 30 kilometers away.


            You can believe what was reported at the time, about the fire in the reactor 4 building. Which blew holes in the building. As you can see from pictures:



            Note: the reactor was not running, was not fueled. There was no source of hydrogen. The adjacent Reactor 3 had blown up March 14.


            The wind was blowing toward Tokyo, as reported at the time, and HERE is the fuel that landed in the Tokyo suburbs:


            What you have there is proof that the reactor 4 spent fuel burned, and that some of it came down in the Tokyo suburbs.

            You have proof that reactor 3 blew up, that’s about 90 tons of uranium and plutonium, and it burns on contact with air.

            You have fuel pellets 30 kilometers away, probably from the spent fuel pool.

            Spout official lies, if you want, but the reality is RIGHT in front of you. Photos and reports from the time.

            The Wikipedia links are lists of accidents/incidents. Which contributed to the contamination of the biosphere.

          • Mayhem

            While all that is quite probably true, LifeIs, it doesn’t change the fact that Chernobyl was way worse than Fukushima.

            Just compare the size of the exclusion zones. Japan’s is less than half the area of Ukraine’s.



    The original seismic data of the earthquake responsible supposedly for the damage to the plant and the tidal wave has been shown to be man-made to cover up the japan depopulate earth program, there are two very large squares just off the plant in the water which may be the leeching outflow of the depopulation device. The Japan company at Tepco was running a plutonium breeder reactor there and it is believed for nuclear weapons but it is likely the purpose was to make a fake nuclear accident, proof you ask, well all they have to do is build a dam on the ocean side literally all they have to do is pour a couple hundred tons of cement til its about 20 feet thick right off the deck of the ocean and that would seal very quickly the potential of the ocean leaking into the open pit mine that would be large very large earth excavating equipment and dig the whole thing up, they don’t want to do that because its a depopulation program. The released a statement today that will take 40 years or when 3.2 billion are dead. Remember a cryptic message of the location was chosen for the depopulation program in memory of those killed in Hiroshima the name is FUK US HI MA as a tribute to their mothers to let their mothers know they are killing their mothers murderers by saying FUK the US saying HI to their MA at the same time depopulating the earth together with the secret cabal NWO that erected the Georgia Guide stones likely erected with GHWB $ nazi hitler collaborators.

    • Mayhem

      If conspiracy whackjob doesn’t work out you might consider writing comedy, Observer, because that is some funny stuff.

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