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Just Say No to Smart Meters

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 16:09
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This page is dedicated to help people understand the health risks and privacy assault that Smart Meters represent. 

Independent health researchers, electricians and electronic experts have been coming forward to educate the public on this issue. They are donating their time to overcome the propaganda being fed to the public from the government/corporate/NGO alliances (Public Private Partnerships) that are pushing this ‘dangerous technology’ called Smart Meters.
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Scientific expert explains Smart Meter technology: The Dark Side of Smart Meters

Comments from Harvard Public Health physician

Smart Meters are not even legal (read more)
Smart Meter Notice of No Consent
Public Private Partnerships and Smart Meters (read more)
Walter McGinnis is part of the EMR Health Alliance of British Columbia
Public meeting and discussion panel on Smart Meter technology

Pulsing radiation from Smart Meters

Smart Meter impact on wildlife – and the impact of foil on Smart Meters

Sample letter to local government:
Abundance of Scientific Evidence of Dangers of Smart Meters
Smart Meter handout
What Power Companies are Not Telling the Public!
Highly recommended web sites:
EMR Health Alliance of British Columbia

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News



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  • Redlist Renegade

    WHY are they really pushing this so aggressively now ? My electricity provider (Utility company) really tried to pressure me into changing my meter over last year and even sent a service worker to my door . When he tried to give me the “hard sell” I told him to get off of my property and not come back ! Since then I’ve posted No Trespassing / Do NOT Enter signs around my property and their employees are STILL coming onto my property so I’ve had to get really aggressive with some of them and remind them that they need the property owners Permission to enter the property or tamper with or replace ANY equipment !!!

    • dakota

      Why? They get kickbacks for every meter installed. In a sense, it is door to door selling.

      AND it is complete govt surveillance of the people. It suits their agenda to install this unit in your house because the radiation from it causes cancer AND this is connected to every outlet throughout your house and it not only admits radiation in your house 24/7 but it also listens to you 24/7.

      It’s in your best interest and that of your family to NOT agree to this. You don’t have to.

      They act like bullies if they have to, so you act like a bully and take care of it.

      • Redlist Renegade

        YUP !!! :twisted:

  • Spikey Norman

    Silly buggers put a field strength meter within inches of a smart meter and go Oh-Ah this is dangerous.
    Do you sleep within inches of a smart meter ?

    Kind of like putting a thermometer right into an open flame and measuring a thousand degrees and saying all fire is absolutely lethal, even striking a match can kill you instantly because of the temperature of the flame.

    Total Hysteria by idiots.

    • Eggzactly

      Is that Dr Spikey Norman or Spikey Norman? And you dare call others idiots. :wink:

      • Spikey Norman

        There certainly are idiots out there, are you one of them ?

        Not a Dr of anything, just a retired electronic engineer with considerable RF and communications experience, and a slight knowledge of how the domestic intelligence services operate..

        I know all about smart meters and the real agenda behind them. But it has nothing to do with mind control or inducing medical problems. Its just simple electronic surveillance via other “smart” electronic products you may unfortunately have in your home.

        • Cintus Supremus

          Not so. Smart meters were invented to give us uncontrollable flatulence.

        • frosty

          You may know the safe exposure level to RF radiation based on frequency and distance from the source for an hour or two. But this type of measurement and analysis has never been extended to determine a safe level which will not induce medical problems, or genetic damage in humans, or other forms of life, over a period of 1….20 years.

          So this argument that “We don’t have a clue, but trust us anyway…it’s safe” is not scientifically sound and most folks know it.

  • Just me

    I live in the country, and no one asked us if they could install one. You come home one day, and there it is. Once it’s installed it’s illegal to tamper with them We have no choice anymore – there’s not way to say no.

    • Redlist Renegade

      That’s why people should do what I did when they came around trying to install one on my rural mountain property ! If they see you come out to confront them wearing a serious sidearm on your hip they KNOW that you mean “BUSINESS” when you tell them to get the hell off your property and NOT return unless they have YOUR express permission to do so !!!! People should put some kind of barrier around the area where there meter is to prevent them from access to the meter unless they have the permission of the property owner (especially if you have your property clearly marked with Posted NO Trespassing signs all of the way around) !!!

      • Just me

        They will wait until your not around – and a barrier is no use because they own your meter box and are authorized to legally break in to service it. Sorry – eventually they will get you.

        • Spikey Norman

          Or they might just say F you and disconnect your power.

          • ehecatl

            As I understand it in most places in the US you are not legally allowed to live there without the electric utility hookup. But f… them. If people dont resist then surely they will lose their freedoms.

          • Redlist Renegade

            I doubt that the WOULD disconnect someones service for not allowing them to change out a meter that was fully functional but even if they were to do that with me I have three different power backups that will run as long as I need them to so I don’t even need the power company !!!

        • Redlist Renegade

          Not unless they can scale an eight foot iron fence with razor spikes and razor wire at my place and beat a high grade security system with power backup and MANY high def night vision cameras and motion detectors along with some REALLY unpleasant “surprises” !!! :twisted:

          • Cintus Supremus

            Why the F did you surround your property with razor wire?

          • Redlist Renegade

            In answer to your question below to me Cintus ; I just DON’T Trust certain types of people and I LIKE my Privacy !!!

  • dakota

    next time they come, just dial 911 and have them arrested. And, NO, they do not have a right to be there. That’s what a no trespassing sign is for. Do NOT warn them. Do not talk to them anymore. Just call the police and tell them you want these guys arrested. Don’t come out. Let the police arrest them. You can also file a civil suit against the workers themselves who come to your door.

    Tape a note to your door that says, you will not answer the door when they come, but you will pick up the phone and call the police and tell them to arrest the trespasser(s) on your property who are harassing you.

    I did that with social services who desperately wanted to interfere with my life. I don’t even have any kids. When your note on the door says u will sue them personally, they no better than to come again.
    Yes. You can sue.

  • dakota

    I should mention that they can come in to take an ACTUAL read of the meter, but they have to wait til u give the an appointment. However, they may hide the smart meter on their person, so you had better check yourself and do not take their word for it.

    Tell them to send a letter to state why they need to come in.

    But BEWARE of where it says, “we also recommend you update your meter”. At that point, call them to set up appointment for ACTUAL meter read only. The ayyy hole in my vicinity, said NO, we are not coming for a reading, we are going to REPLACE THE METER. I said, NO WAY.

    Of course they threatened to shut off water. THEY CAN’T, so sayeth my attorney.

    Sent certified (signed for) letter telling them ok to come in for ACTUAL meter read but NO meter replacement. In the letter I, again,I said if they wanted an appointment to read meter only, they can let me know and I’ll grant them an appointment. Haven’t heard a word. My lawyer is on stand by.

    Their letter stated they wanted to come in for an actual reading and then they refused to come for a reading.

    Their letter said they RECOMMEND replacing the meter. RECOMMEND. It is not mandatory.

    The water company’s letter was misrepresentation and fraudulent. Not to mention their meter is an endangerment to my life and anyone who comes here. The next move is theirs and I’M WAITING.

    I made the offer for the read and they refused their own request. Done.

    Just pay your bill on time whether it’s an estimated reading or not.

    Some companies are going to monthly billing and they don’t want to have to send out an estimated bill every single month. Tough. That’s what they get for making the actual reading I used to send in by mail, disappear.
    Ok, now we also have MAIL FRAUD (U.S. GOVT MAIL). Then I went there to deliver the payment with the actual reading card and they said they never got it (the card. not the payment).
    Then I sent it by certified mail and they never returned the green card, which means he coerced the mail carrier to not take the card. Now we have MAIL FRAUD from within the postal service as well.

    Then I sent the card to the companies post office box. Guess what? It disappeared. MAIL FRAUD AGAIN.

    Just recently, I sent a reprimand letter stating some of the latest charges I have against them (always keep copies + 1 set for attorney) certified and it got in.


  • Spikey Norman

    Oh I think you will find in most jurisdictions, emergency services, police, fire brigade, ambulances,legally have access to anywhere, and putting up a no trespass sign or locking a gate will not keep them out.

    Likewise the utilities can run wires across your property or bury pipelines or build roads or whatever, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Start threatening people with guns, and you might find yourself in a siege situation. Is it really worth losing your life over ?

    • Cintus Supremus

      Clearly you don’t live in Texas.

      A Texan can post SPECIFICALLY for police to keep off his property. (Unfortunately, that means the fire department will never come and save your ass if your house burns. But then again, most places out in the country, the fire department wouldn’t ever be there in time to save your ass anyway.) And the ONLY way the utility companies can come onto your land (without getting shot) is if they have an easement. But even then, they generally call first because some folks might just be hunting or shooting on their OWN FREE LAND…

      …which is their right to do as long as they have sufficient acreage. So:

      10 acres for shotgun and rimfire

      50 for centerfire

      But generally, anyone with 3 acres and a .308 does whatever the hell he feels like and no one says boo.

      Try living like a free American again.

      • Redlist Renegade

        That’s also a GOOD reason (fire) to have your own fire fighting pump , large water tanks and as many jugs of Barricade fire fighting gel on hand as possible !!! In case of a wildfire you won’t have to rely on the fire department (I know all about THAT first hand) !!!

  • dj dawg

    Yes call up your electric co. and just say no! See how that works out for you then get back to me.and by the way redneck renegade the power co.does not need your permission to go on your property to check your meter go ahead put a bullet in him or sic your dog on him and when you get out of jail get back with me lemme know how it worked out for you

    • Spikey Norman

      This whole aggressive attitude of do it my way or die is typically American.

      Every single little problem that arises instantly calls for the application deadly force.

      God help you all when the financial collapse arrives, and law and order completely breaks down.

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