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Five for Friday #44

Friday, April 21, 2017 3:25
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(Before It's News)

I am a mother of four in my mid 30′s and I have been told that I have some psychic abilities, mainly psychometry, paranormal, and lately remote viewing. Things come to me in the form of pictures in my mind, feelings and impressions, and sometimes sounds. I typically get them when asked to focus on specific objects or events. I clear my mind, think of the question or object and this blog is an example of what I get. This blog is a way for me to organize all my thoughts.

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to another eye-opening and mystical Friday Five (#44). As always, Da-da’s questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1: When is a Magic Blacked-Out Gorilla NOT a Magic Blacked-Out Gorilla?
Google has blacked this… whatever it is (in the bottom right hand corner)… in Google Sky. What is that thing? A magic gorilla? Some people are calling it the “red dragon” from “Revelations,” but somehow I doubt it. 

What Lynn Saw
“I get that there’s a comet there, just trying to figure out why they’re blocking it. Ah… they’re hiding it because they don’t want any rumors or hysteria around it. It’s not this item exactly, but exploring around this will allow people to see or discover something more. There’s something else in that direction. The sister sun or something else is nearby and by seeing this region it might enlighten people.” 

[And we certainly can’t have that.]

Image #2: When is a Pretty Twinkling Orb Really Just a Bug?
These are apparently fairies in Wales… or are they just bugs?

What Lynn Saw
“This is gonna sound crazy, but I think they ARE fairies. I get that, most times, when a fairy is photographed, it’ll look like an orb. That area of the world I’ve always felt that they were there, or perhaps originated there. That’s a legit fairy pic!” 

[Note: I actually have pics of our “Good Friends” (aka, fairies) having seen and even filmed them myself. Like Lynn said, they usually look like pretty, twinkling orbs, even in daylight. I was going to share but they asked for privacy.]

Image #3: When is a Comet Just a Comet?
This is comet Panstarrs, which is swinging by right now. Anything to it, or just your basic comet?

What Lynn Saw
“This is a little weird, but… I hear this phrase, “You would never want to touch it.” I see someone touch it and they start vomiting profusely. Anyone who touches this thing would die instantly. It’s best that it stays where it’s at.”

[I then suggested that we might not want to include this image, as the PTW might try to use this info to potentially make life difficult on Planet Earth.]

I say keep it. When I focused on it I got that it was too far away for them to touch it. If it was to make it to earth, it would not be by their force. I also get that “we aren’t ready for it” and I couldn’t get clarity on what that means, but we feel safe and insulated from it. The PTW can’t touch it (and I get they wouldn’t know how to handle it without killing themselves in the process, anyway).”

Image #4: When is a Cobra Just a Cobra? (And is that a fake beard or are you just glad to see me?)
Did the Ancient Egyptians decorate with cobras on foreheads to represent the energy coming from the pineal gland? We know that the “Eye of Horus” is really just the pineal gland in cross section.

What Lynn Saw
“To some extent YES, however it’s more than that. It’s also represents wisdom. There is some element of wisdom and observation and this feeling of being all-knowing at a certain level of spiritual achievement. We have two MORE eyes (when you see with your pineal gland AND your human eyes) that allow you to see and know so much more. This was the Ancient Egyptians’ goal, to have this all-knowing understanding of things, seeing with your eyes and pineal gland. it represents VISION and different perspectives of knowing.”

Image #5: When is an Extra Galilean Moon Just an Extra Galilean Moon?
Here’s a pic from 2016 of Jupiter and its Galilean moons… and something else. There are only four Galilean moons, so… what’s that extra object? Sphere Being ship?

What Lynn Saw
“Yup. Sphere Being ship. I’ve always seen something special about Jupiter. It is like it is a pit stop for beings (more the moons than the planet). There is some kind of gas there that they can use (like a fuel??). Oddly, the beings in this ship pictured look like humans, but distorted (like you would see in a caricature). To be honest though… I think they are masking what they really look like because it feels very “mask like.” They feel neutral to us, like they do not care and have their own agendas.”

Bonus: First Crop Circle of 2017
And here we have our first crop circle of 2017 carved into some (thrilled) farmer’s safflower seed field. What are the ETs trying to say here? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this has something to do with The Event.

What Lynn Saw
“I see this as a story. When the moon aligns with the earth, and another object (looks like a comet) comes into play and looks to slingshot around the moon, there is going to be a huge (positive) shift. We all will seem to feel the vibration, and I see and feel the whole earth rumble (like a mini earthquake). I don’t want to spread fear, and honestly, it doesn’t feel fearful because before people even realized what happened, its over. It only lasts a short time, but energetically it’s a huge shift (like a consciousness awakens). I’m trying to get a date… I want to say around December of this year… Wow!! That was intense (but not bad, or scary). More curious and exciting.”

Fakes and Duds
And by popular request…

A. Just an Antarctic iceberg… we think.

B. Just an energetic leyline-y whorl off the South African coast.

C. Just some fake Antarctic UFOs.

D. Just a map of Colorado. (NO, there is no mystical alignment in CO that mimics the Constellation Orion. Damn.)

E. Just a floating plate of pancakes. Little blue man? What little blue man?

And that is so very very it. Join us next time for Episode #45.


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