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Huge! North Korea Urgently Evacuates 600,000 From the Capital in Anticipation of US Strike! Leaked Intel? (Video)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 15:37
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Kim Jung Un has ordered the evacuation 600,000 citizens from the capital of Pyongyang. Igor Korotchenko is the editor and chief of the National Defense Journal he seems to think the US may use a Nuclear strike on the capital or up to 600 Tomahawk cruise Missiles over whelming North Korea’s response capabilities.


From Israeli News Live

North Korea Evacuates Capital Anticapation of US Strike

From Paul Begley

BREAKING: “Kim Jong Un Orders Immediate Evacuation”

Referenced in the above video:

North Korea Tells Journalist Prepare For a ‘Big Event’ on the 105th Anniversary of ‘The Day of the Sun’ (Tomorrow). Big Deal or Not? (Video) click here

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  • Don - 1

    NKorea playing around with nukes and taunting the USA with nuclear devastation was VERY foolish. The same goes for any other nation that tries that nonsense.

    • Takealook

      If you believe the MSM story about NK you are an idiot. NK creates these weapons because the US and it’s zionist owners attack or have attacked almost every country on the planet. Who exactly has NK attacked. And how many countries has the US attacked since WW1? Hard to poit fingers when you are the biggest terrorist and support ISIS 100%. But our MSM would never tell the truth. They never have.

      • BatMan17

        AGREED! If the USA was not so aggressive and had not been CONSTANTLY in my entire life time and obviously way before that timeline as well, HAVE ALWAYS been in a war with someone and are the ONLY nation to have EVERN ACTUALLY DROPPED NUKLES ON ANYONE so this is a game that became very lame years back! If the USA would stop invading and blowing up other countries then there would be less aggression world wide but they are in the face of every place in the world making like the hero all the time! All that is happening is caused BECAUSE of USA and their retarded foreign policies and licking Netenyahoo’s ass!

    • VirusGuard

      You don’t need to taunt the USA if they don’t like you because they will carry out false flags on you and i had you down as being a bit smarter than this but it seems you don’t even understand that the bankers took over the USA on 9/11 and needed to get yourself an education.

      Don’t attack North Korea and it won’t hit back but i guess you still think that puppet trump is the best man that ever lived and then you think everyone in Korea has been brain washed

  • jdpent01


    • Equalizer

      There will be no troops on north Korea’s streets. They will receive massive ordnance penetrators… The latest/and largest bunker busters in America’s non-nuclear arsenal.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    He’s gonna bomb it himself, blame the US, launch nukes that wont make it past Trumps “Armada”, get his country destroyed in return, that will turn China and Russia against us, and start WW3.

    This is all orchestrated behind the scenes, with Kim Jung Fatboy, since all world leaders are in on everything together.

    • Eggzactly

      If he does it himself how is he going to tell anybody the USA did it? He will be vaporized! :grin:

      • Cintus Supremus


        Fat people are impervious to nuclear weapons.

        • DISPENSER

          We are harder to kidnap too, but we make great hostages to hide behind.

    • trashman

      Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes:: : Normally we dont see eye too eye , but on this one, i am afraid your right. That would explain Why he knows when something is about too happen. Kim Jon Un is almost speaking as if he is orchestrating it and warning everyone he is about too do it. , and of course he would blame either the U S, or he would blame Britain, or whoever he wants. Then on a international level he would feel he has Justification too attack the U. S. WOW! This world is getting crazier everyday :eek: :eek: BTW Comments down below are asking why he would vaporize his own capital since it would vaporize HIM., well……. I can guarantee you one thing, he either has a underground bunker, or he is nowhere near his capital city today. I would love too know his Itinerary today , I”d be willing too bet he is nowhere near his Capital :lol: :lol:

  • Pink Slime

    North Korea is to fall soon. I do no believe by anything horrendous. Possibly a coup or the fat boy changes his mind and capitulates.

    For the final and last “of the end” must come. THEE GOSPEL preached unto ALL nations, as written, then the END SHALL COME.

    NK is the last hermit nation on this planet that THEE Gospel has not been preach too. The Cuban phony died and already THEE Gospel is getting preached there.

    Rom 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

  • VirusGuard

    I think ,the story is fake news but i can see the logic of sending people out into the countryside so that North Korea can protect itself from puppet Trump and the bankers that pull his strings.

    Please don’t stop with NK and do the same to Israel who not only have illegal nukes but also hold biological weapons and make even more threats than little Kim or his dad

    if this war that i am sure they are saying will be over in days results in nukes going off then i think the elites days are numbered and people will rise up and ask why we are attacking someone who’s not attack us and is not backing ISIS like the jewamericans are.

  • krew09

    there is no such thing as nukes…Anybody can go watch these ridiculous videos of nuclear explosions…and see the pathetic editing they used to dupe people with…film technology has come along way you know.

  • Man

    nothing is going to happen in North Korea.

    some people are easily distracted by the government…

  • my2pesos

    Then PRNK ‘IE’ Path ~ The ‘pink’ panther…………..(14) – (AG)
    1. North Korea has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. …….(25%)

    2. North Korea in 2009 confiscated the savings of all their citizens leaving them only 35$ at most. ……(Reset)

    3. North Korea is estimated to have close to $5 trillion dollars worth of rare earth minerals. …….(Rare)

  • tatsmaki

    The 2nd Korean war by USA and S.Korea and Aggression against Syria are never allowed by the Creators
    March 5, 2017; Renewal: April 13, 2017 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    The Allied Forces of the USA and South Korea of 200 thou. people scale are staging every year the military exercises from March 1 till May 1, near the border of N. Korea. This military exercises are aming at operations for overthrow of the North Korean polit.power, the murder of Kim JonUn, occupation of N.Korea, its colonization and the unification of the colonized Korean peninsula by US imperialism.
    This is the major threat of life or death for such a little nation, as N.Korea. Thereby, N.Korea is staging nuclear explosion tests and IRBM and ICBM shooting tests against the US. And US president D. Trump declared regarding the preemptive strike against N.Korea. USAF bombers sally out from military bases in Japan, and Japan suffers counterattacks from N.Korea.
    Destruction of nuke plants in Japan may be possible, next to the nuclear explosion of Fukushima nuke plant-1 caused by Israeli Magna BSP (in charge of the nuke security) and US GE (its designer) after the major earthquake in the North-East Japan by the US earthquake weapon HAARP.
    This equivalents to the military exercises by the other nations of 600 thou. people scale in population ratio offshore Tokyo bay, or 1.77 million people scale – offshore NYC.
    It’s pity that China and Russia supported the one-sided resolution of UN on the blame of N.Korea, standing on the side of US imperialism.
    Therefore, such military provocation aiming at the 2nd Korean war by US armed forces is never allowed by the Creators.
    Next to the sweep away on March 14, 2017 (US E time) of Wall Street being the worldwide fort of plutocratic slave domination of Earthers, one of proper sanctions was staged by the Creators for preventation of Earth destruction.
    Thus, US nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which was in the navigation process then towards the offshore of Korean peninsula from the north-eastern offshore of Formosa, was swept away by the Creators on April 10, 2017.
    In the USN head office surprise and unrest occurred due to the disappearance of Carl Vinson. After sweep away and reconstruction of few times of the Pentagon and CIA Headquarters, these were swept away newly by the Creators on April 11 (US E time) for the peace and security of Earth.

    • Pink Slime

      LOL! It is North Korea communist imperialism!

      But somehow you only resent American imperialism. Too funny…… you lieberal educated jerks. :lol:

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