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TODAY! Mike Zullo – with breaking insight into BC investigation and Arpaio’s criminal court case!

Friday, April 21, 2017 9:23
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5-7 PM TODAY – Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups

Former Investigator MIKE ZULLO will be on the entire first HOUR with Carl Gallups today. He will give new info and deep insight into the Obama fraud BC case as well as the Sheriff Arpaio criminal court case. Zullo will set straight the FAKE NEWS about both of these matters. Calling out the frauds! Don’t miss it!

Mike Shoesmith, Brandon Big B. will join Carl in the second hour to give opinions and insight into all the latest headline news as well as prophetic/biblical insight.


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  • King of Shambhala

    Obama’s the Antichrist.
    His real name is Barry Parks from Topeka, Kansas.
    Why didn’t Mike Zullo go all out on that lead?

    He didn’t do good police work.

    Time to catch up now.

    Show he knows how to do his job and that he actually likes the truth.

    Or else stop lying and say he’s not even looking for the truth is following some private agenda.

    Why not follow where the facts take him? Why not investigate Topeka?

    Did Mike even go to Topeka?

    Why not if he didn’t?

    • King of Shambhala

      She explains why Mike Zullo’s investigation of her story went wrong. He called up a Stanley Dunham in California and said Linda’s story was bogus because that person was alive and well. Then he backed off by saying it was a CIA coverup that he couldn’t deal in. Linda explains here that that Stanley Dunham was the cousin who’s identity was stolen by his cousin to be able to go the Army when he was stull underage.
      It’s not rocket-sceince. Even Mike Zullo can grasp it if he’s been given a few seconds to think. This is Mike Zullo’s channce to set the record straight and stop the lies and deceiving. Obama’s real name is Barry Parks. Linda Adams says Obama’s mother’s real name is Stanley Pope unless I’ve misunderstood this. LInda will set this straight when we interview her. The Cold Case Posse must set up a Skype interview with Linda or else go interview her at her home and get her full story on tape. Grill her on the details. Get to the nitty gritty of what she has to give in terms of witnessing about the past. This is the biggest story of the history of the world. This is MUCH MUCH BIGGER THAN WATERGATE. Hurry up.
      The biggest crime and injustice occurred back I 3/61 when the KKK decided to lynch an interracial couple who had got themselves pregnant. and succeeded in lynching the 16 year old dad , but the mother got free and ran for help and three died that day in the melee that ended with three bodies under the water in the Kansas River just outside the Topeka Ks city limits on land that was under the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of engineers . just where Soldier Creek fed into the Kansas River, called the Kaw River at the time. WHO HAD JURISICTION OF A MURDER INVESTIGATION AS IN THAT TIME THERE WAS NO CIVIL RIGHTS LAW OR HATE CRIMES LEGISLATION. J EDGAR HOOVER? . My source is the young 15 year old girl, my second cousin who was found by the authorities who came searching the bank of the river for bodies herself.. pregnant and injured ….. begging for help and the world turned its back on her.. who had been sent to live with some of her mothers relatives at Westboro Baptist church a few years earlier and she had had to get away from that horrific situation as her Gdn Fred Phelps would not sing for her to do on to Topeka HS after she graduated from Capper Jr HS at the end of the 9th grade as a straight A student. she THE ONLY HELP WAS TO GET HER TO A HOSPITAL THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN INVESTIGATION AND THE WHOLE MATTER COVERED UP AS IF IT NEVER OCCURRED. you see: Kansas has not had a ‘REPORTED LYCNING SINCE 1922″ just rumors and missing bodies….. and no one poke of the deceased victims who were never convicted of ay capitol offense by any court of law and the family would take the shame o themselves as if their loved one has done something to cause the hate crime. against them an their family .. THE CURSE OF THE WORLD is the cover ups of such injustices and the far ranging effect such has on the future when we do not face the horrors of the basest of human nature manifested and society ignored the crimes and the victims as all of us eventually become such.. THERE WAS AN UNBORN BABY HERE AND ALL FORGOT ABOUT HIM.. Stanley Ann the younger did not know her own dad’s real name as Pope. and had no idea she had family I Topeka ks to go to for help. her mother had kept her isolated from her husband’s Family and there had been marital estrangement also … and he was often overseas on hush hush government business..
      The hospital had the good sense to not send this 15 year old pregnant girl out with no one to be responsible for her. and authorities contacted the real Stanley Dunham in Liberal ks and he knew who had taken his ID and where her paternal grandparents lived in Sterling Colorado Helen (Hardy) Pope , my dad’s sister who was born Olga Romanoff , and her husband Millard Fillmore Pope (pictures on Linda Joy Adams on FLKR)
      There are two Stanley Ann Dunhams.. and the older one IS NOT THE MOTHER OF FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA… and this gets confusing for any one trying to sort out an elusive bio… Daniel Wayne Pope , my first cousin, took the ID of the older one to go to WWII at age 14 and the time line shows he and his girlfriend were also pregnant at an early age… he disappeared from his summer job and did not return home for school in the fall and my aunt and uncle searched for months to find him. and did I the Army, married and a baby and did not interfere with the ID change. Another took Dan’s ID and lived as him later on.. and that caused Lt Zullo to dis me after one phone call as he found him on line in CA. but I had not been aware that that ID change had gone on until his recent death.. and someone anonymously sent me his obituary and picture and ITS A RELATIVE ALSO BUT Lt Zullo made the comment that this was a CIA BIO OVERUP ETC. AND GOT SCARED OFF OF ANY FURTHER INVESTIATION AS HE SAID HE WOULD NOT GET INVOLVED.. if HE HAD CHECKED THINGS OUT AND HELPED A LITTLE I MIGHT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE CONFUSION . AS THE PICTURES DO IT.. as they had different looks even though related. , Jarl Rove knows but he has turned on his real past also and forgets that all families have those that fall from grace at ties. and one has to deal with it.. and not cause one to think all the family is the same.
      WHEN LY ZULLO WOULD NOT GET INTO A CIA COVER UP MATTER. THEN HE SHOULD HVE ENDED THE WHOLE BIRTH CERTIFICATE INVESTIATION AS ITS A HUNDERED YEARS OF SECRET THINGS AND MUCH HAS TO DO WITH HIGH LEVEL GOVT INTRIGUES. source; MY EYES AND EARS OVERHEARING THINGS AS I GREW UP THAT NO ONE WOULD MENTION.. and one learned to not ask. or one would not be able to learn much more. I SHARE THIS JOURNEY FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE ONLINE FROM 7/26/12 THROUGH THE FALL of 2012 in Daily Recaps trying to share how one would not know where their birth certificate is.. or birth was …. it is a social issue of the past that I modern times we deal with better. BUT MANY IN KANSAS STILL ARE NOT READY TO DEAL WITH.. AND WHY THE LYVHING PROJIECT IS NEEDED TO PUT A MEMORIAL ON THE BANKS OF THE KANSAS RIVER TO HEAL SOCIETY SO WE CAN OVERCOME ALL EVIL AND NEVER LET ANOTHER HUMAN BEING EVER DO SUCH TO ANOTHER AGAIN.. now we have jihadists manifesting the same kind of evil in this world. As we do not learn from the past when we cover up it and do not face it.. and have justice for victims of even recognizing they ever lived.
      THE TWO STANELY DUNAHM FAMILIES; Dan Pope goes off to WWII as Stanley Dunham and his wife and new born daughter take the same names aw the older ones. AND I do not know if Obama’s mother ever lived in Wichita at all. but she graduated from HS in mercer island Was.. as after Pres Obama was born in Topeka KS at Forbes air force base hospital AT TOPKEAK KS where MY MOTHER WAS PRESENT and the newspapers carried the birth as Mr and Mrs Barauch Obama baby boy at Forbes .. and a future in-law of mine gave them a ride home to her live inn job at the Catholic text book warehouse and book store that she was in charge of..on Kansas Ave in Topeka KS. where I first saw him soon after birth My dad, Rev Tracy Hardy ( born Alexis Romanov..) married the Obama’s in 6/61 in a marriage arranged by her dad and they did not live together I ever knew of.. at McVicar Chapel at Washburn University where he Alpha Phi black sorority put a wedding together for them and was present. .It was t give the baby a name and cover of a marriage certificate in an era WHEN A WOMAN WOULD BE OSTRACIZED BY SOCIETY IF SHE DID NOT HAVE THESE.. MORE OF OUR INSENSITIVITY OF THE PAST . TOWARD EACH OTHER ..
      Om 5/61 I was nearly murdered and would have been but for a DIVINE FORCE MOVING ME OUT OT THE WAY jut in tie to avoid a missile to the head.. and no one investigated that either.. .. it had become known that my parents had gdnship of my dad’s 15 year old pregnant great niece. . I have never doubted that their is a Divine entity and helpers who do at times make themselves knows to us in times of great need. but the underlying trauma did affect how I handled things later and was not aware ot it.. I should have made sure he found out the truth of his origins later one.. but my parents had great fear for my safety also… and tried to shield me even more. from involvement as I was only 16 at the time myself,. Times come that we cannot ignore and I forgot about the innocent baby that needed to know things also .. and his grandmother was insistent HE NEVER BE TOLD UNTILONE DAY HE NEEDED HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND ‘EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT HIS ORIGINS BUT HIM.. AND BY THE TIME I DISCOVERED TO OLATE AFTER THE 2008 ELECTON, I COUL DNOT GET PAST VALORIE JARRETT AND when a whole fake bio has been created and the principle does not know or did he by then . and got talked in to the fake one?? I had not seen him in person since 1994 and then never spoke to him.. at that time as did not realize who he was until after he had left the church service. The Kansas cover up continues and although I have sent via e mail my Daily Recaps I was shoved aside. s the TRUTH IS NOT WORTH MUCH IN THIS ERA OF FAKE NEW. AND WE GO ON MAKING THE SAME HUMAN MISTAKES AS A SOCIETY .. thanks TO THE king OF SHAMBHALA WHO PROVES THAT THOSE OF VARYING FAITHS AND BELIEFS CAN WORK TOGETHER IN THIS WORLD FOR TRUTH TO BE KNOWN.. MOST OF US ONLY HAVE PIECES OF IT. LIKE ME AND IT TAKES ALL TO PUT THE WHOLE TOGETHER… as individuals , not as thought zombies molded in the thought processes of fake news. and gossip and rumor and those afraid of finding the truth may be different than what they have set out to know and be paid to know. As for the Hawaii birth certificate the state of Hawaii determined in 3/61 that his grandmothers forgery was just that and did not certify it.. but no one cares to know about that either and the sate law passed as a result to have all hospitals lock up the blank forms so another grandmother would ot help herself to a blank form, and fill it out and drop it in the box for the receptionist to call in and did to the papers and state.. who did their job and did not certify the forgery . Linda Joy Adams

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m listening now!!!!!!!!!!!
        Listening to Mike Zullo right now and he’s not brave enough to accept that he flubbed the probe into Obama’s real name of Barry Parks.
        He’s crying about nobody wanting to help him out.
        But he’s not confessing his shortfalls so far, a quarter way through the hour.

  • King of Shambhala

    Zullo’s upset about criticism.
    I understand that.
    But what we want is for him to just do his normal job which is follow the lead to where the facts lead to.
    Not make up a conclusion and let the facts lead to where they lead to.

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