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NASA Official Documents Reveal Depopulation Plan! Massive 2025 Culling in the Works Now!

Thursday, June 22, 2017 6:16
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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today



It’s Official:
(Video + Doc)



Actual NASA Official Documents Revealed

TMR Editor’s Note:
Sometimes only seeing is believing.
The NASA document posted below
in its entirety is a “MUST VIEW” for
that very reason.

So is the following video:

VIDEO: NASA Documents Prove Depopulation Plan In The Works

The content of this official NASA document,
as well as the material presented in the video,
warrant an immediate and decisive response
from the American people.

In the absence of an overwhelming show of
force by the U.S. citizenry, this depopulation
plan will undoubtedly proceed with all deliberate
speed … … … exactly as it has been unfolding
unimpeded for decades. 

The Millennium Report
June 22, 2017

N.B. The following information and data proves
beyond any doubt that the U.S. Federal Government
has been using taxpayer dollars to formulate
and implement a highly complex agenda to
depopulate the planet via so many new types 
of technologically advanced warfare.



“Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]”

Dennis M. Bushnell 
Chief Scientist 

NASA Langley Research Center 

Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] 

• Capabilities of the "Enemy After Next" 

-Ongoing Worldwide Technological 

-Economic Trends 

• Potential Nature of Farther Term Warfare 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

The 'Bots, 'Borgs, '& Humans 

Welcome You to 2025 A.D. 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 


USAF 2025 

National Research Council 

Army After Next 
ACOM Joint Futures 
SSG of the CNO 
Australian DOD 


ic Issues, 7/01 


Is meant to incite thought/ discussion 

Is based in all cases upon existing 
data/trends/analyses/technologies (e.g., NO 

Provides in some cases a somewhat broader 
view of prospective developments and issues 

Issues, 7/01 

Utilization/Application of 2025+ Projections 

» Inputs to Future Warfighting Concepts 
Development(s) (Enemy After Next & Blue) 

» Inputs to New Procurement Decision (15+ 
years to Produce, 40+ years in Inventory 

» "Heads Up" for Intel Community 
("Watches and Warnings") 

» Inputs to DOD R&D Planning 

Issues, 7/01 

"Going In" Assumptions 

• Politics can/does change "overnight" (e.g. 
Russia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.), Potential 
CAPABILITIES is the future warfare issue, 
not Who but WHAT 

Issues, 7/01 

Need to Plan "Differently" 

WORLD is in the throes of 
triple/exponential (IT/Bio/Nano) 
Technological Revolutions 

Changes occurring at scales of months 
(instead of decades) 

Zeroth order potential effects upon 
Defense/Offense equipment/conops/threat 

Issues, 7/01 


The crew are: 

- Plundering the ship's supplies 

- Tinkering with the temperature and life-support 

- Still looking for the instruction manual 

- Engaging in bloody skirmishes in every corner of 
the vessel 

- Increasing the size of the crew by 2 million 

P. Creola 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Humans Have "Taken Over" and 
Vastly Shortened "Evolution" 

• Of the Planet 

- Global Warming/Pollution/Deforestation 

- Huge "Public Work" (e.g. 3 Gorges Dam) 

• Of the Human Species 

- Genomic Design and Repair 

- "Mind Children" (Moravec) 

• Products/Life Forms 

- Cross Species Molecular Breeding 

- "Directed Evolution" (Maxygen etc.) 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 


• Order of 70 % of Worlds Research 
conducted outside of U.S. (to first order, 
a % of GDP, U.S. produces order of 18% 
of worlds GDP) 

• Order of 70% of U.S. Research now 
"Commercial" (as opposed to Government sponsored) 

Issues, 7/01 

NanoTechnology Research 

• 29% in Europe 

• 28 % in Japan 

• 27% in U.S. 

• 16% "Other(s)" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Technological Ages of Humankind 

• Hunter/Killer groups [Million BO10K BC] 

• Agriculture [10K BO1800 AD] 

• Industrial [1800-1950] 

• IT [1950-2020] 

• Bio/NANO [2020-?] 

• Virtual 

ic Issues, 7/01 

Hunter-Gatherer - "Nature Provided" 

Agriculture - Controlled Nature 

Industrial - Mechanized Agriculture 

IT/BIO/Nano - Automating 

Virtual - Robotization of 

Continue reading HERE. 

(all highly synergistic! at the frontiers of the small, 
in a "feeding frenzy" off each other) 

• IT 

- Silicon/bio/optical/quantum/nano computing ("no end in sight," another 10 6 +) 

- (Virtual reality/holographic) immersive ubiquitous corams., hyperspectral sensors, 
"virtual presence" 

- Automatic/robotic "everything" 

- Huge cost reductions 

• Bio 

- Life span doubling 

- Genetic engineering before birth 

- Plants irrigated by seawater (food, petro-chem feed stock, minerals, terraforming) 

• Nano 

- Carbon nanotubes (600X strength-to-weight of steel) 

- "Assemblers"/"living factories" 

- Huge cost reductions 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Worldwide IT Revolution 

• Comms/Computing/Sensors/Electronics 

• U.S. Commercial IT R&D - $100B/yr. 

• Factor of 1 Million further improvement 

• Beyond Human AI? 

• Automatics/Robotics "in the large" 

• Immersive multi-sensory VR/"Holodecks" 

• Ubiquitous multi physics/hyperspectral sensors 

• Micro/Nano sats/GNC/sensors,etc. 

Issues, 7/01 

[Worldwide] Impacts of Ongoing Revolution Upon Society 

• Tele-commuting 

• Tele-shopping 

• Tele-entertainment 

• Tele-travel 

• Tele-Education 

• Tele-medicine 

• Tele-commerce 

• Tele-politics 

• Tele-socialization 

IT Status 

10E6 improvements in Computing since ' 59, 
10E8 further possible next 30 years 
(10E3 provides "better than Human" capabilities) 

100 Million Telecommuters Worldwide NOW 
(expected to at least double in 15 years) 

India graduates three times more software 
engineers than the U.S., More software written 
in Bangalore than Southern CA 

IW effectively constitutes a 4th WMD 

(, 7/01 


Quantum computing initially available in 

5 years 

15% of all power today is used by 
computers, will reach 60% by 2010 

Wearable/implantable (on-person) 
electronics—comms, computing, sensory 
augmentation, health monitoring, brain 

Issues, 7/01 


Human Brain Characteristics/Capabilities 

• 100 billion neurons 

• 100 trillion connections 

• 200 calculations/second, (slow) speed of neural circuitry 

• 20 million billion calculations/second 

• Excellent at (parallel-computing) pattern recognition, "poor" at 
sequential thinking 

• Operates via "random tries" 
Machine Capabilities 

• Currently, 10,000 billion calculations/second; 100,000 billion by 2004 

• By 2010, 20 million billion is available (by 2025, on a PC) 

• By 2030, PC has collective computing power of a town full of human 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 


Begun in early 90's, funded by 16 organizations across 
5 agencies (NIH, NSF, DOD, NASA, DOE) 

AKA "Neuroinformatics" (intersection of neuroscience 
and informatics) 

"Exploding field;" 10,000 individual presentations at 
annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience (from 
molecular geneticists to cognitive psychologists) 

Determining detailed neuroanatomy of human brain 
("digital brain atlas") 

Use of IT to study brain, use of brain info to aid IT/AI, 7/01 


aka "Creativity Machine, " 
aha "Creative Agent" 

• Current AI "best bet," not a rule based/expert 

• GENERATES new ideas/concepts via starving 
a trained neural net of meaningful inputs, 
forcing it to "dream' 7"cavi tat e," create new 
concepts, etc. An attendant neural net used to 
capture/record/evaluate and report on these 

c Issues, 7/01 

'In this [Worldwide] economy our 
ability to create wealth is not 
bounded by physical 
limits/resources but by our ability 
to come up with new ideas" 

[However, even "universal wealth" will not obviate the other 
causes of warfare which include Politics,"Face",Religion, 
Megalomania and Territorial Disputes] 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Global Problems/"Solutions" 

• (Serious) Problems 

- Energy (2) 

- Water (2) 

- Food (2) 

- Land (2) 

- Population Growth ( 1 ) 

- Wealth Generation ( 1 ) 

- "Pollution/Warming" (2) 

"Killer Ap Solutions" 

- (1) Motivational/inexpensive 
Web-based Asynchronous "Distance Learning" 

- (2) Bio mass/food via seawater 
irrigation in current "wastelands" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Inexpensive Motivational 
Asynchronous Web-Based 
Distance Education Enables: 

• Demise of the U.S. "underclasses" 

• Wealth Creation from enabled "Invention" 

• Stabilization of World Population 

• [Even More] Rapid Technology Diffusion 

• Equalization of "Haves" and "Havenots" 

• Altered Political/military outlooks Worldwide 
- I.E. Changes "Everything" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Motivational learner/web-based asynchronous 
distance learninjpp3w£§^only method of providing 
requisite/improved educational 




- RESPONSIVENESS to shifting global 
economic warfare requirements/ accelerated 
increase in knowledge 

At orders of magnitude 

(1) reduced societal/individual cost 

(2) increased convenience/accessibility 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

By - 2025, 40% of Private and 15% of Public Colleges and 
Universities are Expected to Close Due to Web-Based 


A Northern VA Business man 
recently donated ~ $ 1 00M to set up a 
FREE Ivy League Class On-Line University, 7/01 

The "Ultimate" Education Approach - Plug and Play 

Direct Silicon (or other such) device connection to 
brain, (very rapid) uploads, Education in minutes 
instead of (many) years 

Advantages of Shallow Sea/Desert 
Production of Biomass (Via Sea water Irrigation) 

• Closed C02 Cycle (Obviates Global Warming) 

• Food 

• Petro-chemical feedstock 

- Materials/clothing, etc. 

- ENERGY (end reliance on Middle East) 

• Terraforming, alter desertification etc. 

• Preservation/Production of Fresh Water 

• Rich Mineral source (Seawater) 

• Utilization of "Wastelands" (Sahara, etc.) 

Issues, 7/01 

Probable Circa 2025 
Societal Changes 

• (Much) Increased Life Span (Bio) 

• "Solution" to Energy/Water/' Warming" (Bio) 

• (Far More) Global Distribution of Technology, 
Education, Economics, Wealth (IT) 

• (Tremendous) Increases in Capability of 
Automatic/Robotic "Everythings" (IT/Bio/Nano) 

- Resulting in Reduced Tensions Associated with 
"Have/Have Nots" and Historical/Religious Issues 

- Also Resulting in (Greatly) Increased Individual destructive 
power (Bio, IW, etc.) and General Societal Disaffection 
WRT "Machines" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Major Emerging Law 
Enforcement "Issues" 

• Privacy (Ubiquitous micro/nano sensors) 

• IT/Net Crime (wide spectrum) 

• Bio Crime (binary pathogens, genetics) 

• Protection of Human Electronic Implants 

• Protection of CONUS (Beyond Terrorism) 

• Societal Disaffection/Upheaval Caused by 
Rapid Technological Change(s) (Road/Air 
Rage, Psychosomatic Illnesses, Withdrawal) 

ic Issues, 7/01 

Of Particular Concern 



- Brilliant Robots (IT) 
- Nano-Replicators (Nano) 
- Rampant Recombinant Bio 

Current Competitive Landscape 

• U.S. produces only 18% of Worlds GDP 

• -70 % of Research conducted offshore 

• $400B/yr trade deficit 

• 32 other nations devote a larger % of their GDP to Research 

• 5th in No of R&D personnel/labor unit 

•3% savings rate vs. 30% in Asia 

• 13th out of 30 - Student Math/Science Scores 

ic Issues, 7/01 









o 15 

<98 - 29 lbs, 2000 mi., 1.5 gals. Fuel 
'01 - Transpac, 5000 mi. 

Provides Capability for Undetectable Ultra-inexpensive 
Swarms Against CONUS 

Interesting (Precision) "Payloads" 

- ISR 

- Smart Dust/Explosive 

- Target/explode Hazmat Trucks, Chem. Plants, Oil 
Storage/Refineries, etc. 

- Bio Dispensers (Anti-People, Things, Plants) 


- Brilliant/Miniature sensor/Mine Combos 

- CNT's (Power Lines, "Wire Blade") 

:gic Issues, 7/01 

Blast Wave Accelerator 

» Global Precision Strike "On the Cheap" 

» No barrel, ~200 ft. notched rails, 
sequentially detonated Distributed HE 

» Mach 21 or less as desired, up to 3000 lb 

» Base anywhere, ~$200/lb of projectile 

» Excellent stealth [no plume], 
affordability, ferocity, reaction time, 
survivability, recallability, effectiveness 

» Being worked at Aberdeen and NASA 
MSFC for lofting of Fuel and Nanosats 

Issues, 7/01 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

"Slingatron" for Global Precision Strike 

• lOKg projectiles, up to thousands/minute 1 Global, or less, range 

» $20M/device, 80m diameter 

• Mechanical "on-the-ground" propulsion via 
Gyrating Spiral Guide Tube (a multiple "hula hoop" 

• "Poor Mans" Global Precision 
Strike/"Takedown Weapon" 

Issues, 7/01 

Then Year Targeting/Connectivity etc. 

• MILITARY overheads/systems 

• Ubiquitous COMMERCIAL 

• SCIENTIFIC overheads/systems 
IN the context of: 

- Inexp. Reconstitution via micro/nano sats 

- Optical comms /GPS etc. 

- Ubiquitous inexp. UAV/HALE adjuncts 

Issues, 7/01 



• Extensive/increasing international assets (land-based, ship, aircraft 
(conventional/HALE), spacecraft) dedicated to measuring , on a global scale , details of land, atmospheric, ice, ocean, biota status/"dynamics" (to understand total Earth "system" and effects of humans on the global environment) 

• Extensive/magnificent/often redundant wide coverage and detailed instrumentation suite(s) (imaging radars/SARS/LIDARS/radar altimeters/laser 

altimeter s/radiometers/scatterometers/spectrometers/IR sensors/ magnetomiters/etc . 

• Terrabites+ of data archived/readily/publicably available increasingly in near real time 

• Sample measurements include: OH, 3, HCI, NO, N0 2, N 2 O, CO, CH 2, HN0 3, C0 2, H 2 O, aerosols, wind speed/vector/profile(s), vegetation type, temperature profile(s), humidity profile(s), soil moisture/composition, snow cover/depth/moisture content, cloud/surface reflectance, sea ice type/coverage/temperature, ocean temperature(s)/sediments/topography/salinity/currents, magnetic field(s), surface emissivities/reflectance, leaf area index, land topography/use/temperature/cover, ice sheet elevation/topography gravity field/gradients, fires extension/temperature, 3-D cloud distributions/temperatures/ice content, pressure distribution(s), ocean wave heights/period(s)/direction(s) 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Then Year, Global Targeting Capabilities 
are a Given - Major Issue is "Legs' VRange 
for Increasingly Miniaturized Affordable 


• Range Enhancement Approaches: 

- Airbreathing or "water breathing/' to first order doubles 

- Initial boost for cruise (ala Blast Wave Acceleror) 

- HEDM Fuels [Atomic Boron, Carbon, Isomers, etc.) 

- Drag Reduction (Wave/Friction/Drag-due-to-lift, Increased 

- Hypersonic Maneuvering Boost-Glide 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Summary - Major Influences 
of IT/Bio/Nano Upon 
Future Warfare 

• Ubiquitous miniaturized/networked multi 
physics,hyperspectral sensors 

• Robotics/Automatics "in the large" 

• Long range precision strike/targeting 

• Info/net Warfare 

• Mini/micro/nano Sats, Cruise, UAV's 

• Binary Bio Weaponry 

• Miniature/ubiquitous "smart mines" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Increasingly Critical Human Limitations/Downsides 

• Large 

• Heavy 

• Tender 

• Slow (Pysically, Mentally) 

• Require Huge Logistic Train(s) 

i.e. Humans have rapidly decreasing-to- 
negative "Value Added" 

ic Issues, 7/01 


(saves lives, enhances affordability, 
redefines risk/threat environment, 
enhances effectiveness) 

- Munitions 


• Air(UAV's) 

• Sea(UUV's) 

• Land(UGV's) 



RSTA (including NBC) 

Defense (across the board 
including counter 


- Obstacle breaching 

- "The Shooter" (especially 

- Mine Clearing 

Issues, 7/01 

Emerging Characteristics of Robotic Systems 
(Enabled by Ongoing IT Revolutions- 

• From expert systems toward AI and beyond 

• Much more reactive than humans, greatly increased 

• Greatly improved hyperspectral sensors/data fusion 

• Greatly improved accuracy and lethality 

• Greatly improved affordability/miniaturization 

• Redefines "risk," minimal casualties, salutes CNN 

• Greatly reduced logistics 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Robotic Intelligence 

Two "flavors 

- Traditional AI - Rule Based 

- Experiential - Behavior Based (Neural 
Nets/other "Soft Computing" 

Combination of these is current "best bet" 
(per Moravec) to produce artificial/cyber 
"life" which will possibly-to-probably be 
sentient but will not be anthropomorphic 

ic Issues, 7/01 

Evolution of Computer Power /Cost 

.MIPS pcrSlflflO (IWIigll.irtJ 

Brain Power liquivjlent perSIDOO of Computer 









20^0 Year 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 


Robotic/ automatic 

> autonomous warfare? 

- Computer capability will exist (beyond terra flop) to do "AT' (or better?), 
required connectivity is a "given" 

- Competitor capabilities /tempo sidelines the innate inadequacies of 
human interactions/education/conscious decision timelines 

- Little-to-no "troops" ► "Acme warfare Ltd." 

- Flat hierarchy ► demise of "main in the chair?" 

- High level/"soft sciences" human aspects " boundary conditions" 







Extent/scale, projected effects/ 
y Damage(s), personnel attrition 


Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

"Non-Explosive Warfare" 


PSYWAR "In-the-Large" 



- Chem 

- Bio 

- Micro-Mechanical 

Anti-Personnel MW/RF, Micro-Mechanical 

Issues, 7/01 

"Natural Warfare" 

• Sensors: 

- Utilize insitu plants/animals/insects as sensor 
platforms/instruments to indicate 

• Weapons/Munitions: 

- Utilize animals (e.g. urban rats)/insects as 
"delivery systems' '/munitions ("feeding/' 
swarming, biting, poisoning) 

- Utilize insitu explosive/destructive capability 
(e.g. offshore Methane Hydrate, Dams, etc.) 

c Issues, 7/01 

Characteristics - Future/Emerging 

• Inexpensive 

• Numerous- to-Hordes/Clouds/S warms 

• Small/light/ubiquitous 

• Readily Available (Largely Comm. Tech.) 

• Long Range 

• "Volumetric" or "Precise" 

• Both "Explosive" and "Non-Explosive" 

• Smart-to-Brilliant 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Potential Future "Orders of Magnitude" Increases in Overall 
Weapon Effectiveness/Availability at Orders of Magnitude Reduced Cost(s) 

• Bio/Chem/Molec/Nano Computing - (E6) 

• Ubiquitous Optical Comms - (E4) 

• Micro/Nano/Ubiquitous Sensors - (E4) 

• Bio Weaponry - (EN) 

• Co-operative Swarms of Cheap/Small 
Weapons/Sensors - (E4) 

• Volumetric Weaponry - (E4) 

• Cyber/Artificial Life (Beyond AI) - (E?) 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Major (Anti-U.S.) Asymmetries 

• Long increasingly vulnerable logistics chain 

• Long, "undefendable" coastline (esp. against underwater threats) 

1 Sensitivity to casualties (greatly enhanced by the "CNN syndrome") 

• Vulnerabilities to "terrorism" (esp. IT, bio) 

• Increasing over reliance upon vulnerable "overhead" assets 

Issues, 7/01 

Potential En-route Logistic Vulnerabilities 

Logistic surface ships and aircraft are non-LO 
and undefended , could be targeted and attrited 
inside the continental shelf by: 

-"Eggs" [subsurface floating encapsulated 
missiles implanted by freighters/SS/air] 

-SS [torps/missiles/subsam] 

-Transoceanic UUV's, UAV's, USV's 

-Blast wave accelerator 

-Cruise, TBM's 


ic Issues, 7/01 

Fundamental Problem With Future U.S. Power Projection 

"EAN" can have "country sized magazines" 
filled with hordes of inexpensive Precision 
strike "Munitions" - Area Denial 

U.S. Forces run out of "bullets" and die 

[Beam weapons not panacea, inexpensive workarounds available] 

Deep Water Subs with large loadout/"swimin" 
weaponry only survivable "Close-in" platform 

Issues, 7/01 

Sampling of TBM/Cruise Missile "Penaids" 
(Derived from Extensive Worldwide 
ICBM/IRBM RV Cold War Defensive/Offensive 
Studies Over Some Three Decades 

• Decoys (anti-sensor) 

• Ablative/subliming coatings (thermal [laser/mw] 

• Fluid injection (laser protection) 

• Wake modification(s) (anti-sensor) 

• Electronic/optical "shielding" (MW protection) 

• RAM/RAS/shaping (anti-sensor) 

e.g., current efforts involving beam weapons (laser, MW) 
"kills" of undefended" /"unpenaided" "dumb" incoming 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Potential "Workarounds" for Beam Weapon Effects on Missile 

Off board sensors 

(networked, everywhere, on everything) 
Optical Comms 
Optical/fluidic Computing 
Optical GPS 

Issues, 7/01 

Example 'Then Year" Direct 
Conus Attack Capabilities 

[-80% of CONUS population/infrastructure 
within - 50 Miles of a "coastline"] 

• Inexp. Transoceanic UUV's/UAV VCruise 

• Inexp. Blast Wave Accelerators 

• Inexp. Info/Net/Psy war 

• Inexp. Inshore AIP SS [mines/torps/SLCM] 

• Inexp. Binary Bio into Food Supply 

• Inexp. Semi-submerged Missile "eggs" 

• Inexp. 'Trojan Horse" "civilian" systems 

[Above in addition to ICBM/TBM] 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

"Unconventional" Nuc Delivery 

• Sink a ship offshore, detonate to produce Tidal 
Waves with Radioactive spume 

• Transcontinental UAV's, UUV's (nano, AI) 

• Ballons with GPS sport ' chutes 

• Ganged Micro Rockets (ala MIT) 

• Trojan Horse Everything (ships, boats, planes, 
cars, trucks, packages, cargo, containers) 

- Targeted "Effects" include Tidal Waves, EMP, 
Earthquakes, Radiation, Blast 

Issues, 7/01 

(Civilian) IW Examples/CONUS 

• (National) Banking System Computers 

- 3 sites/nodes - HE/EMP/IW/C/B (attack buildings, 
power, software, hardware) 

- Interruptions in National/International Payments 
system irrecoverable 

• Railroads 

- 4 sites, attack options as above 

- All freight cars networked, "everyone" on "just in 
time," no reserves/stockpiles 

- Takes down Auto Industry, power grid, chicken 
farms, all movements of "War Materials," ETC!!! 

c Issues, 7/01 

The Revolutionary Size/Capability/Cost Warfighting Spiral 

1 Commercial electronics/GNC/Comms/Sensors (Much 
smaller/cheaper/better - Allows: 

2 IO and "Precision" - Reduces Reqd. munition size and 
Numbers much-Leads to: 

3 Small/Light/Deadly/Inexpensive Munitions - 

4 Which Reduces requisite Platform size/cost - 

5 Which is reduced still further by (also enabled) 
"Automatics/Robotics" - Uninhabited 

6 Combined with Much lighter/cheaper Revol. 
Materials/Fabrication for structure and energetics 
(propuL/warhead) - Yields "Cheap Warfare" 

Issues, 7/01 

And Then There Is NANO. 

:gic Issues, 7/01 

Future Warfare "On The Cheap" 

• Info/net warfare 

• Binary bio [anti-functional/fauna] 

• Non-lethals 

• Miniature brilliant sensor-mines 

• Micro/Nano Sats 

• LO/Long leg/precision 

• Inexp./Superb/survivability ISR/comms 

• Blast wave accelerator 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

"Then Year" 
"Peer Competitors" 

Peer Competitor no longer defined by 
"megatonnage" of obsolescent Industrial 
age steel and aluminum Artifacts. The 
Drastically reduced entry investment 
enabled by "Warfare on the Cheap" 
ensures almost any nation or sizable 
organization can be a very worrisome 
Military "peer." 

ic Issues, 7/01 


» Surreptitious nano "tagging" (with MW 
interrogation) of "everything/everyone" 
(imprinted during manufacture/maintenance etc.) 

» Detonation of offshore seabed methane hydrate deposits to produce tactical/strategic level tidal waves against littoral regions 

» Demise of "stealth" via ubiquitous multi- 
static, multi-physics sensors operated on "take-a-vote" 

Issues, 7/01 



• Hordes/Swarms (country-sized/dispersed 
magazines) of small/inexpensive/brilliant 
cruise/UAVs, micro rockets, BWA/slingatron 
projectiles, UUVs (e.g. RPGs on jet skis) 

• Tyveknets 

• Attrite/"take out'Vthreaten APODS/SPODS 


• TBM/Cruise/HPM/Lasers 

• "The Sensor Web" 

ic Issues, 7/01 

Counters to U.S. "Information Dominance" 

EMP ("conventional," Isomers/other HEDM, Nuc.) 

Jammers "in the Large" 
"Fry" (MW, Lasers), "Blowup" 
Anti-Sensor (various, include D&D) 

(subvert/ deception/decimation/Troj an 
Horse/viruses/etc, other IO/IW) 

"Chaos" (Excite circuit nonlinearitys) 

Issues, 7/01 

Counter U.S. Logistics 

Take out pre-positioned everything 

Ubiquitous nano inexpensive multiphysics, 
hyperspectral land/sea/air/space military, scientific, 
commercial sensors; Nano tags (aka "The Sensor Web") 

Target/attrite logistic air/sea lift over continental shelf 
via Brilliant mines, cruise, UAVs, UUVs, TBMs, Micro 
missiles, prepositioned semi-submerged missile "eggs," 
Al/vortex SS weaponry (include Subsam), BWA, 
slingatron, Automatic MANPADS in CONUS (via 
Blast/EMP etc.) 

Small number of military ports/airfields in CONUS; 
C-17/5/141, Ro-Ro/other ships, trains inside CONUS are 
non LO, undefended 

Issues, 7/01 

Anti-U.S. RMA "Strategies/Tactics" 

Threaten Bio to force "suit-up"/degrade effectiveness 

Keep forces beyond range of short-legged fighters 

Attrite JSTARS/AWACS/ABL/Missile "cows" etc. platforms 

Miniaturize/Disperse EVERYTHING - no large/massed/ 
interesting targets 

Use "Hard to Degrade'VJam optical Comms/GPS 
Operate out of cities/International Commercial Entities 
Degrade U.S. Info Dominance 

Machine Intell. "automatic warfare," (much) tighter 
OUDA loop (faster than Human ops) 

Issues, 7/01 

Exploit "CNN Syndrome" 

Sink Carrier(s) via "swarm attacks" 

Capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time 

"Terror" attacks within CONUS (binary bio, 
critical infrastructure "takedown/' IO/IW, 
EMP, RF against Brain, etc.) 

Serious "Psywar" (collateral damage exploitation, etc.) 

Issues, 7/01 

The Key Technologies 

• Free form/"point of use" fabrication 

• Beyond silicon computing (quantum, optical, bio, nano, molec. 

• Optical comms/nav 

• Nano sensors/tags/materials/bots/GNC 

• HEDM explosives and propellants (NANO POWDERS, 

• Anti-personnel/material (Binary) Bio, MW 

• Robotics/Machine Intelligence 

• Miniaturized/brilliant/lightweight/low-power/inexpensive 
swarms of everything (SATS, weapons, robots, sensors, mines, 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Fundamental Military Issues/Metrics 

• Affordability ["Warfare on the Cheap"] 

• Survivability ["Can see everything, 
Anything you can see you can kill"] 

• Effectiveness [Lethality of Precision and Volumetric weaponry] 

I.E. Simultaneous ongoing Revolutions in 
all three of the major Warfare Metrics 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Given the Superb/Ubiquitous World 

Wide Sensor Suites and Precision 
Strike Capabilities "Then Year" the 


• Runways 

• Surface Ships 

• Manned (logistic/combat) Aircraft 

• Manned (logistic/combat) Ground Vehicles 

Due to their size & (multi-physics) 


ic Issues, 7/01 


• Almost wholly dedicated to/concentrated on 
offensive operations (DOO?) 

- Across the board (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, OSD) 

• (Apparent) wholly inadequate consideration of 

- Defense of Conus, especially from short time of 
flight inshore undersea attack 

- Defense of the offensive forces [especially in terms of 
the "enemy after next" capabilities definitization 
and response(s) thereto] 

- Defense of the logistics assets, especially "out of theater" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Typical Scenario - "Takedown" 
of U.S. by 10 People and <$10M 

• Binary Bio [via (imported Vitamins/Clothing, 
etc., food supply(s)] 

• Terror Bio (e.g. Aflatoxin) 

• IW ("usual" plus physical against key nodes 
such as Railroads - take down the economy) 

• Selective anti-personnel RF/MW (Towers) 

• Water Supply Contamination via 
Intercontinental UAV's 

Accompanied by SERIOUS "PSYWAR" 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Trends Summary 


U.S. just "one of the crowd" economically 

"Warfare on the cheap," many potential 

Warfare Increasingly Robotic 

Survivable/Affordable power projection 
via deep water subs and Blast Wave Accelerators 

CONUS and Logistics Defense increasingly worrisome, 7/01 


• It will soon be possible to connect human brain cells to silicon chips 

• Due to IT technology we will witness the "death of distance" 

• More than 2/3rds of the satellites are foreign owned 

• Large scale missile attacks will be able to overwhelm defensive systems 

• Development of genetically engineered pathogens that will thwart our bio detection/defense measures/cycles 

ic Issues, 7/01 

"Circa 2025" 

• Machines as creative/"smart" as humans "Robotics" the "norm" 

• Zeroth order "warstopper" - Binary bio into nation's agric/food distrib. system (every home/fox hole) 

• Next level of concern: Ubiquitous/Cheap micro-to-nano EVERYTHING (sensors, munitions, weapons swarms/hordes) 

• Battlefield attrition/CNN syndrome forces 
U.S. Army to look/act like SOCOM 

Issues, 7/01 

(Suggested) Major U.S. Future (2025) Warfare Issues 

• CONUS Defense (Requirement(s) for, potential approaches) 

• Logistics Defense/Protection (in/out of theater) 

1 Survivability/Effectiveness of U.S. Forces on/near the "Killing Ground" in an era of affordable ubiquitous multiphysics hyperspectral sensors, precision strike, volumetric weaponry, "swarms" and hardened munitions 

Issues, 7/01 

• "Non-explosive Warfare" (psywar, biowar IT/net war, "anti-operability 
war," Beam weaponry including RF, Spoofing/Cammo 

• Robotic Warfare "in the large'Ybetter than human AI/"Cyber life" 

• Alternative Power Projection Approaches (e.g. Deep Water 
depth/death sphere, blast wave accelerator, etc.), 7/01 

Future "Power Projection"? 

• Humans "hold" instead of "take" ground 
(go in after "Sanitization") 

• Sanitization via: 

- IW/Psy war 

- Global Reach "Guns" (BWA/Slingatron) 

- Deep water/large loadout Subs w/"swimins" 

- "Robotic Everything" w/V olumetric 
weaponry, non-explosive warfare 

c Issues, 7/01 

Future(s) of SOF 

• Becomes THE (only survivable) HUMAN Strike 
Force (Army/Marines forced to become "SOF-Like") 

• Increasingly The "Overseas FBI" to counter the 
increasingly capable (IO/Bio WMD) & horrific 
destructive power of INDIVIDUALS and Groups 

• Ops involve increasingly difficult-to-deal-with omni- 
present/omni-physics sensor/ID suites, Few-to-No 
exploitable Interstices for Covert/Clandestine 
"work" - THE Challenge 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Future "Warfare" 

• "Defense" against the "then year" multitudinous 
conventional and unconventional delivery 
methods for volumetric and precision munitions 
is essentially neither doable nor affordable. 

• Suggested National Defense Approaches: 

- Work Technology, Intel, Diplomacy, SOCOM for 
detection/interdiction/deflection of the "pre-delivery" 
phases (causes of war, motivational and decision 
processes, design and construction, test) 

RETRIBUTION to deter delivery (ala MAD) 

c Issues, 7/01 


Huiter/ Hunting Gatherer Grounds 

Agricultural Farm Lands 

Industrial Natural 

Re sou rces 

IT/Bio/Nam Sodtal 

Di s rpti m 

Strategic Issues, 7/01 of Warfare 

Tr i hi Ban as 

Prof. Armies 

Mass Lewe 

Hand Hid Thrown 

Mech./Ch en. 


IT/Bi d'Bots 

RMA Planning "Shortfalls" (NPS) 

• "Indications of the innovative paths 
adversaries might take or how they might 
adapt technologies from the civilian world" 

(Being worked in the "Technical War Games") 

• "The path from todays systems and 
capabilities to those hypothesized for the 
future (2020+)" 

c Issues, 7/01 

What is needed is a "Then Year" (-2030) 
Serious/Holistic Vision of Warfare Changes 
Resulting from the On-going 
IT/Bio/Nano/Virtual Technological Revolutions 

• Such does not exist, "bumper sticker" attempts extant. 

• All are agreed, warfare will become increasingly 
robotic and probably more affordable, swarms of 
sensors/shooters are a given. 

• A longer term "Vision" of these changes would 
enable "mapping" from the present, NOT AT ALL 
CLEAR HOW TO "Get There From Here" as do 
not know where "there" is! 

Issues, 7/01 

"War between mass armies weighed down 
with baroque equipment has become a third 
world sport. The advanced world, too 
vulnerable to survive a war of attrition or 
mass destruction, must learn to conduct its 
affairs by the Rapier- -by the threat or use of 
small specialized forces exploiting high 
tempo and strategic surprise" 

R. E. Simpkin, "Race to the Swift: 1985 


In the second half of the 1900 's 
Nuclear/Bio Warfare was 
In the first half of the 2000's "conventional" warfare may 
become so deadly/effective as to become "Unthinkable" ("Killer 
Aps" available to mitigate the "Causes of War") 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

Approaches to Countering Group/Individual Deployment of IO/Bio WMD 


- Universal inexpensive Web based educ. 

- Biomass via sea water irrigation 

- All Source Intel/Fusion/AI Analysis 

- SOF (Foreign) 

Future Strategic Issues, 7/01 

(Usual) Reactions to this Presentation 

• Is in the "Too Hard Box" 

• Not being done yet by anyone, therefore, will 
not be done 

1 They would not do that 

» We have to Hope they would not do that 

• Why go there, cannot defend against it 

» Some Disbelief, but agreement there is too 
much there to disregard 

Issues, 7/01 



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  • Man

    It states:

    “THIS PRESENTATION Is meant to incite thought/ discussion”

    so basically a ‘what if’ scenario. That is basically what 90% of the BIN articles consists of.

    • Canderson

      What planet are you living on?

      “Those who will not use their own brain,
      they are nothing more than meat on the table
      and beasts of burden by choice and consent.”
      - Albert Pike (1809-1891) *Morals & Dogma*

      • Canderson

        We find that Newton for his work in the Royal Institute – the Royal Society I should say. It’s Royal Society; he was made the head of the British Mint Department. They always give them a big payoff for working in the “Great Work” as they call it.

        Dr. Stan: All right. What is that “Great Work?”

        Alan: The “Great Work” you’ll find going back for thousands of years is to “perfect that which was left imperfect,” and this tongue-in-cheek phrase they use is talking about the recreation of humanity itself, the reshaping of man, and they go by the laws of nature. By the laws of nature they mean science and they believe that they will conquer all nature and reshape it into serving themselves, the elite; and man himself, the workers – we find this goes back to even Plato who wrote about it in the “Republic” where he talked about the Guardian class and the working class he called the “its” and he said these are basic building material. He said we can do the same as we have with domesticated animals. If we want tall people to pick apples, we’ll breed a male and a female and keep interbreeding them until we have tall ones. If we want someone to work down a mine, we can breed them short and squat and muscular for that task; and so basically they were talking about a form of eugenics. Reshaping society to serve what they claim is the elite themselves, the Illumined Ones.

        Dr. Stan: Well of course you know Pythagoras and Socrates and Plato and Aristotle and even Alexander the Great were all involved in the mysteries and in the mystery religions. They have one form of teaching for the common folks like us and then another form for the elite.

        Alan: Yes and interesting thing too is the tie-in all down through the many, many centuries with the banking system with these societies has always been at the hip and you’ll find that even Aristotle’s wife’s father was one of the international bankers of the time. His daughter married Aristotle and Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. You find the same tie-ins all down through history with the moneyed system, the lending of money to nations to create armies and war et cetera, all go together in this conflict, it creates the chaos and then they bring in the new order every time.

        • Canderson

          Why was Socrates sentenced to death?

          Socrates who educated the children of the elites, he told them that in a future, they would have to rebel against the system.

          In 399 B.C.E., Socrates — the father of Greek philosophy — was put on trial for impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens.
          The philosopher was taken to the near-by jail where his sentence would be carried out. Athenian law prescribed death by drinking a cup of poison hemlock. Socrates would be his own executioner.

          • Canderson

            Science and especially in the form of evolution (eugenics) is their inner religion (occult esoteric)

            Horizon Zero Dawn – The Heart of the Nora: Artificial Wombs

      • Man

        it is stated in this flawed article that you haven’t read! It is so crappy to read because it is copied text of a powerpoint presentation

        • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

          Every 12 years you have to remake everything :idea:
          Technically, if someone is copying text from a website,
          should provide a credit link to the source website.
          But mostly people ignore this like the evil world we live in :lol:
          We hear of deaths, wars, illnesses, conflicts, hatred, and all sorts of evil that happens.
          DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? earth is flat :idea: do some research :wink:
          NASA lies not about one thing, but everything they claim is a lie.
          But the ultimate goal is to make us believe that there is no GOD.

    • Equalizer
  • Syco247

    Good start with the entire left wing and muzrats. Remove most of them and the world will magically be much more civil.

    • HitleryforPrison

      But I make so much money on my ignorant lefty comrades.

      • Syco247

        The gravy train has to end someday. Sorry

  • Jeffery Pritchett

    Well at least someone is stepping up to depopulate this hell hole.

    We keep fixing all the failsafes that God built in to kill us all, like disease. We need to just start dying already.

    Glad to see NASA is taking action, hopefully they can thin out the heard a little bit, get rid of all these shitty people we have wasting space and breathing my air.


    In 3 years NASA will not exist except to be a garage used for their moon and mars movie sets.

  • Everette

    If you pay close attention these bastards keep referring to us as humans , humans are the problem , humans are causing the problems . This tells me these are negative blood reptilians or lizzards of the devils seed ! These pieces of manure have been using our tax dollars to study our weaknesses . Seem all they want is depopulation and control . You could take everyone on earth give them a 1000 square ft of land in Texas and the rest of the land masses would be unpopulated . So what’s up with all this depopulation crap ? These reptilians need to be sought out and put out of their messery ! They are litterly talking about killing masses of people , just like their kin Hitler who by the way was not a Jew ! He was a negative blood reptilian posing as a Jew ! His father was Rothschild ( negative blood reptilian ) by a maid who was Hitlers mother . Hitlers daughter Angela Merkel is now ruling Germany . Her daddy’s sperm ( Hitlers) was breed to Hitlers wife’s sister to try and make a close match as if Hitler and his wife would have had a child . How sick is this making a physco’s child ? She too is a negative blood reptilian who may end up being the woman that rides the beast . The pope , negative blood reptilian running the NWO , The queen of England , negative blood reptilian trying to rule the world , America’s past few presidents , negative blood reptilians that were pushing America into NWO . And many now in top world possession are negative blood reptilians . Can anyone see any patterns going on here ? These being posing as people ( shape shifters ) are the ones heading up the push for the New World Order , depopulation and control of only 500 million people . The lizzards need a food supply ! The rest of earths population they want gone , all 6 1/2 billion of you ! The lizzard people are the few ( them ) that are trying to rule the many ( us ) by using our tax dollars to discover how humans function . Our tax dollars could be saved and used to rid earth of criminals like these that want mass deaths of human populations !

  • Sulletje


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