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Do Not Read This Unless You Want Pure Truth: Science Proves Earth Doesn’t Move. Peer Reviewed Proof!

Friday, August 11, 2017 15:04
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The earth was LONG AGO proven to be stationary by actual peer reviewed science which everyone CLAIMS they will believe if they see it. Well, I not only present one peer reviewed paper which 100% proves the earth does not move (and the experiment, ‘Airy’s Failure’ can be repeated easily and inexpensively) but I also show peer reviewed Michelson experiments with Michelson-Gail, Michelson-Morley, Martin, SAGNAC, and others. So, what – you STILL don’t want to believe that even though science has no peer reviewed papers showing that the earth does move?

So, along comes Einstein to save the day for the ball earth Illuminati shills who run the world. His special relativity stated that the measurements of light in the Michelson type experiments COINCIDENTLY SHRANK the light measurements in the EXACT amount that they were looking for. Thus, they could not really tell if the experiment was valid or not. The result, Th Michelson type experiments could be tossed aside and Einstein is elevated by the rulers of the world to be a genius of geniuses. He saved their butts – that is why he was a hero. Only one problem, Einstein’s E-MC2 was itself INVALIDATED by the fact that the C (which has to be a constant speed for the formula to be valid and stands for the speed of light) is NOT a constant. In fact, it is slowing – even to this very day. Einstein admitted that would invalidate his entire theory. Only science acts as if it is as true as ever. You are being lied to – WAKE UP WHILE THERE IS TIME!

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  • Jango

    Yep, you got it right. Hard to break through to the brainwashed though. Eventually some will get it. For a Biblical perspective see

    • 2QIK4U


      • Firmament Does Exist

        Except everything’s not traveling

    • Knarlydawg

      There are three repeatable methods of proving earth’s motion:

      1) Stellar Aberration discovered by James Bradley in 1725…….

      2) Stellar Parallax first successfully measured in 1838 by Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel

      3) The Doppler effect…..

  • Bunker Radio

    Stellar aberration is a fundamental fact known by all astronomers but is not related to the notions of this video.

    As an amateur astronomer I ask, have you ever noticed the stars moving around the earth at night? They as well as the sun, the moon and the stars move from east to west. This is because the earth rotates on an axis. If the stars were moving around the sky instead of the earth rotating then the stars the furthest from us would have to move at incredible speeds even fast than the speed of light to maintain their position in the sky amid all of the stars. By the use of equatorial mounts with clock driven gears the motion of the earth can be countered to keep a star fixed in the field the telescope all night.

    The aberration of light (also referred to as astronomical aberration or stellar aberration) is an astronomical phenomenon which produces an apparent motion of celestial objects about their true positions, dependent on the velocity of the observer. Aberration causes objects to appear to be angled or tilted towards the direction of motion of the observer compared to when the observer is stationary. The change in angle is typically very small — of the order of v/c where c is the speed of light and v the velocity of the observer

    You have two motions of the earth at play here, the rotation of the earth and the orbit motion of the earth.

    • Firmament Does Exist

      What a bunch of bs, they teach you that at NASA?…..they can’t even produce a believable CGI let alone a real photo of Earth from “space”

    • Hayduke

      No fair using science!!!!! This is BIN!!!!!!! Critical thinking and science is guaranteed to get you a lot of down votes in BIN.

    • 2QIK4U

      Intelligence and FLATHEAD’S don’t mix. 90% of Flathead’s are American and 100% of them all believe a book that even the Vatican admits is WRONG.

  • Jan Beute

    Thx – The only feasible explanation is to accept a concave world – living inside a ‘ball’. Scientist advocate the earth’s orbital speed around the sun is about 67,000 mph and the earths own orbital speed is 1000 mph. The satellites are fixed in heaven and they are not affected by the crazy orbital speeds? We seem to swallow everything thrown at us.

    • 2QIK4U

      You swallowed that garbage. Do you know your maths? Never met a Flathead that can count. 😂 read my comment at top then work it out and you’ll see you were fooled.. FK NAZA


      “…The only feasible explanation is to accept a concave world – living inside a ‘ball’…”

      Explain season in your ‘only feasible model’.


      Nevermind. What’s the use. You slept with your smartphone under your pillow and now you think walls are made out of meat.

    • Knarlydawg

      How in the world do you have day/night cycles with a sun in the middle of a hollow earth ? How do you explain stars, comets, meteorites and asteroids ? How do the magnetic poles work and where’s the north and south polar regions ?
      Sorry but there are even more problems with this hollow earth model than the FE model.

  • Anonymous

    How do you then explain gravity?


      No such thing. We all have Elmer’s glue on our feet.

    • Knarlydawg

      I use velcro !! :lol: :lol:

  • Hayduke

    Da ‘Erf is still. Da stars are just itty bitty pin pricks in a yuge black curtain. Da sun is a yuge military flashlight 30 miles away from da ‘Erf. We ain’t ever been to da Moon. Da ‘Erf is flat. Der are aliens on da Moon.

    Astronomy According To BIN. :cool:


      “…Da stars are just itty bitty pin pricks in a yuge black curtain…”

      Dumbass. Didn’t you see The Truman Show? There is no curtain. It’s a dome with high-intensity stage lights.

      Try an keep up.

  • Andoron

    Strong in the stupid flat-earthers are, breed they should not.

    • 2QIK4U

      To late it is see I.

  • Canderson

    well Christopher Watson did you just take a combo vaccine containing 50 vaccines just before posting this or what? This is ludicrous.

  • Jeffery Pritchett


  • Firmament Does Exist

    Hahaha, 1500 feet…..thats not space


      Oh my. You really are touched, aren’t you.

      The photograph I linked to exposes, in a single frame, the utter FALLACY of the FLAT EARTH fever-dream.

      You did at least view the image, didn’t you?

      And I thought you would at least lie to me and tell me I doctored it. Or NASA did.

      But no. With you, it just does not compute.

      Glad you’re over there with them.

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Firmament Does Exist

        Viewed photo you linked with nice flat horizon but have seen better with GoPro camera at 80,000 ft.

        • RAIN

          evidence of a horizon is the crux of the matter here.. and what is a horizon? well that’s the give away isn’t it..

          Hey check this out.. Shot from an amateur rocket that hit a record 385,800 feet:

          “The GoFast 2014 rocket officially set a new world record on July 14, 2014 as the highest and fastest amateur rocket ever launched into space.”

          “Analysis of the data from the recovered military grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that flew onboard shows that the GoFast rocket reached 385,800 feet above mean sea level (73.1 miles) and hit a top speed of 3,580 miles per hour. The old record held by the CSXT’s GoFast 2004 rocket was 72 miles with a top speed of 3,420 mph.”

          ..and I love this comment:

          “Excellent find. So, either the video is fake and doctored (“fisheye lens”, etcetera), or, especially in the last minute, it provides evidence that the earth is a sphere:
          GoFast 2014 HD OnBoard Cameras”

  • ButtPincher

    You would think just out of shear curiosity that people would want to know what all the commotion about flat earth is about. They see it posted almost daily and yet.. they still refuse to at least take a look at it on youtube.. You can’t see something unless you take a good look at it. Anyone who has not done the research has nothing to say of value.

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