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The Cure for 97% of Diseases

Sunday, October 22, 2017 7:10
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It may sound like an incredibly bold statement, however, Dr. Bergman will discuss exactly how 97% of diseases can be prevented and cured. The belief system of the medical allopathic model of healthcare is beginning to shift to a vitalistic approach to healing that supports the body’s natural systems. It’s time to change the world and it begins now.


skip to 46:23 for bottom line…

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  • unidentified

    what about people that are healthy, people that get a seasonal cold or flu , should they get vaccinated?

    • Takealook

      Absolutely not. Vaccines are the vehicle to introduce disease and cancer. Doctors who
      have exposed this fact are taking a dirt nap courtesy of Big Pharma.

      • Sean

        YouTube took my video down – Six hundred threescore and six – right after I did this thread.

        In the video I showed you just who the beast is in Revelation. Its You, The Human Being and everyone should look at themselves and what have they done to help others and what kind of life You have led, life is very short.

        So Everyone should ask the question also knowing holistic cures, light, etc. work to help human beings are the Doctors and the entire fake Medical Industry part of the Demonic agenda.

        You’re not even a Mammal but Organic this is what 2 videos I did on it here is one the other is called Human Nature.

        So you can only say that they are All part of this Demonic agenda to keep you Enslaved.

        Now I did a video called Daniel that YouTube took down after I did a thread on England aka Babylon and the Hurricanes.

        The video showed a flat earth, The Heavens in slow motion at night and all famous structures, churches, mosques, etc. are designed to reflex this, with God above all.

        Its truly done out of THE DEEPEST LOVE FOR CHRIST OR GOD.

        But, they don’t tell you and you think its just a beautiful structure, without knowing the true meaning, so now you know.

  • AJ

    Why can’t you jerks just write the article instead of baiting people to watch a shitty video?? Morons

    • Anonymous

      Because BIN is a scam. Like this video, an intelligent person knows it’s a scam, the medicine man in a covered wagon, snake oil, but it tickles the ears of the gullible. Think about this. BIN is a platform for KOS. There are no depths they will not sink to for clicks.

      What perplexes me is what sort of advertisers would want to be associated with this. You can see tabloid “journalists” or people selling survival stuff to tin foil hats, but do the YouTube advertisers want to be associated with this? If I saw a product in a YouTube ad, then saw one of the lying and stupid videos here, that insult peoples’ intelligence, I’d want to avoid that product, would be pissed at such a sponsor. Most of it is very slanderous and inflammatory lies, evil stuff. Perplexing advertisers piss money away in this regard, shoot themselves in the foot, will pay to stain their own names!

  • The Watcher


    • Anonymous

      That’s right. Leave your children defenseless against over a dozen deadly diseases. Let them be containers to spread those diseases to other children. Tin foil hat idiot. Now, let’s hear about chemtrails and a flat earth.

      • Firmament Does Exist

        Government troll

      • Andy

        “Let them be containers to spread those diseases to other children.”

        you mean vaccinated children? surely they have nothing to worry about because they’re vaccinated, right? :eek:

    • Gerred

      There are still some important vaccines that protect people, especially the newborn babies.

      • Christian T

        I think that if you put your statement to the test you’ll find that actually there aren’t any vaccines that work. In fact the whole ‘science’ is founded on a misapprehension going back to Edward Jenner. He failed dismally with his cowpox cure and set off an epidemic of smallpox. Now we have a fundamental misunderstanding embedded in Biology which is that antibodies protect you from disease. It’s the lymphocytes and phagocytes that do the attacking, not the antibodies. They are just what is left over when the battle has been won – like a scar might be after an injury has healed.

        One should ask another question which is why they are so damn keen to put these vaccines in more and more of us? These are not people who ever have our best interests at heart and everything they do should be questioned. Sadly they so often have our trust but we know they are not doing this for our benefit. What could be more intimate than directly injecting us with poisons to debilitate us but yet, after a few decades, cannot be definitively traced back to cause. I don’t believe it is just the adjuvant poisons either. I suspect is is the family of 60 or so Herpes viruses that seem to be the cause of all the auto-immune type diseases. Epstein-Barr, Fibromyalgia, ME, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Guillane-Barre, Lyme’s and suchlike. If I were to have more children this is not a risk I would take.

  • Everette

    Vaccines are toxic ! They contain Aluminum and Mercury . These are very toxic to your body and organs . Beside the vaccine they give has a live virus , your body can not make anti- bodies to a dead virus . And how the hell do they know that all the thousands of virus they inject you with are weak strains ? They don’t ! And besides they hit you with at least 10 different viruses . Believe you me one of them will knock you down and make you sick . And one of the other ones will hide ( like the Chicken pox virus ) and wait till the next time your body is weak , then it will emerge and kick your butt , or probably kill you ! Here is sure fires disease control weapons , I have used ll of them to cure different people . Silver water or colloidal silver has been proven to kill 650 bacteria and viruses known to man . Cancer comes from a virus that mutates the human cell . Silver water injected into the veins can reach most all cancers . The brain is a little more difficult , the silver in the eater must be micro to pass thru this level . Silver water can be drank , it takes longer to reach the disease because of passing thru different parts of the body before reaching the blood . It takes a little longer to reach the disease area . The tiny silver partials touching the bacteria and virus will collapse the breathing parts in the disease and suffocate it to death with in 5 minutes . Electricity of a 9 volt battery will also kill many viruses . Attach a battery clip that pops on the top of the battery with 2 wires , one positive the other negative . Then attach 2 longer wires to the lead wire . One you will attach to your toe , the other you will to to your head . The wires have been striped back to revel the wire . Wet the toe area and the head , then tap the wire that is free to your head . You will feel a slight tingle , this lets you know the electricity has passed thru your body . Tap at least 25 times . Then swoop the wire on your foot to the other foot ( toe ) repeat the same tapping process to the head . Try to hold part of the wire with your fingers , then when you swoop make sure to hold the tapping wire with the other hand . This process will insure almost every part of your body gets the tiny shock . the shock will kill the viruses . I cured my brothers swine flue with this process . The first time he went to the hospital , the next time it relapsed on him I used this device , the next day he was up busting wood and felt well . Baking soda is another substance that can be used to even kill cancers . Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a gallon jug of water and shake it up . Drink a cup full twice a day . Put it in the fridge to keep cool . Herbs are also great . Get a chance look up thieves oil . It was used by herbalist to keep diseases away . It was discovered when some herbalist created a mixture of lemon oil , Eucalyptus , clove , cinnamon and rose marry . This mixture kills 99.97 % of germs and viruses . Put it in a diffuser or a few drops on a piece of cloth and in front of the fan and it will kill almost all the germ in the room . Smells pretty good also . Here are just a few of the many curing disease fixture that are waiting for people to use them . Stevia the sweetner in pure leave state cures limes disease . Grow you some ! As you use it to sweeten you foods and drinks you I’ll be warding off diseases also !

    • beLIEve

      Very interesting comment Everette.

      Reference the …9 volt battery..cure, a number of others have proposed an ELECTRIC WAVE treatment;

      Nikola Tesla, Dr Royal Raymond RIFE, Antoine Priore and Dr Bob Beck.

      * * *

      * * *

      Royal Rife and Bob Beck: Can Their Electro-Medicine Defeat Cancer?

      • Everette

        I have also used frequencies on people to help cure them . Royal Rife frequencies list if you look this up you will find hundreds of frequencies specially suited to the disease needed to be addressed . There are different kinds of cancers , so Rife found that to address each one sometimes different frequencies were needed . There are some small machines with hand held pegs that can be bought that run different frequencies for about 20 minutes aimed at killing diseases . What I did was down load a Rife frequency generator file on line that was supposed to be some of the frequencies Rife mainly used . I then acquired a stereo system of about 150 watts . I ran my computer into the radio system . I created a wiring hook up system I used to pump frequencies into a cancer patient that had stage 4 . It killed the cancer . I could up the wattage by dialing up the sound volume . Of course there was no sound because the speakers were removed . But I had a small speaker I could hook up to make sure the frequencies were working by listening to the sound the frequency admitted . A good example of this system is on the Internet . Look up corn starch and frequency monsters . You will see videos of monsters coming to life once the human frequencies are obtained . They stand up and dance even look like they are having a orgy . It’s crazy ! But this will help you understand the power of frequencies . Scientist say GOD sang the universe into being because everything vibrates at a certain frequency . Humans vibrate at a frequency of 62hz -74hz . If the human drops to 58hz they catch colds . At 52hz they get guillion bars disease . At 48 hz they acquire cancer . Our electrical power gride system runs a 60 hz . Your body mimics the frequencies to understand what it is receiving . So we find our bodies now running at 60hz , no wonder most everyone feels like crap anymore . Some TVs are now running at 120 hz instead of the 60 hz most of them are running at . This is better because you may now find yourself pumped up . Higher frequencies kill bacteria and viruses . Everything has a frequency . Plant Herbs vibrate at higher frequencies , Rose oil is the highest With a frequency of 320hz . Thus it kills more diseases and is very pricey to obtain . Every food has a frequency it vibrates at . Change your diet to foods of higher frequencies and feel alive again . A cup of coffee has a lower frequency level and will lower your bodies frequencies for a little while . Plus coffee is acid , your body needs more alkaline to help kill cancers . There is a (vibrational frequency list ) that helps explain the Rife frequency system . Every organ in your body vibrates at a different frequency . Foods vibrate at different frequencies . Youtube has some solfeggio frequencies that you can listen to . These help heal and bring feelings of well being and wellness . They are sound frequencies made to suit every need . Check them out ! the government is also using frequencies on people . Look up ELF frequency towers and see they are the towers you thought were cell phone towers . But these pump lower frequencies at people . That is why certin cities have more of one type disease than others . Each seems to be a Ginny pig set up . Trying to find out what frequency works best at breaking down humans . Now they are adding mulitlevels to the towers . They can run 5-6 frequencies at you at one time . Many people are hearing frequencies ringing in their ears . I suffer with this problem from time to time . They even change sound frequencies at different times of the day or night . In my younger years I had a brain wave frequency machine that could put you to sleep and then take you into the different brain wave frequencies like altered states , dreaming , deep sleep and awake energizing frequencies . These brain wave frequencies are Delta , Alpha , Theta and Beta waves . Each has different levels of frequencies . And each group takes your body into different states . What a drug addicts dream without drugs ! I used mood scape tapes to help the sleeping person go into dreams of exotic places created by their own minds at different frequencies levels by using music sounds and frequencies and blinking light glasses . Some were swimming with Dolphins and whales , one visited the Pyramids . The music helped each mind go into their own fanticy worlds . But one of the greatest things is it kills diseases . The opera singer hitting a frequency note can break glass . Why because she hits its frequency vibrations and it over resonates it which causes it to shatter . The same happens to diseases . There was a video that showed how using frequencies and a microscope , one could see the viruses explode and die before your eyes after the frequencies were aimed at the viruses .

    • ButtPincher

      Nice post.. 2 words ..Nano Silver.. a word to the wise is?

  • Pink Slime

    So what is this about? Vaccines? Started the video listened to some of it but don’t have time and stopped it after several minutes, when I can’t get the gist of it.

    I think he could have summed it up in the beginning, I have a cruise coming up. Pay at the front…… :twisted:

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      Pink, I need 2 dozen doughnuts to by a used MIG! UPS’em FAST! Used MIG for sale article floating around here somewhere. :oops: :lol:

  • Andy

    i know the cure for 100% of diseases – death :wink:

    • Pink Slime

      I know the cure for death – life! :wink:

      • Andy

        cure for death? so, who are we going to bring back from the dead?

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          Elvis!!! Hell, I just saw him around here awhile ago. :lol:

  • Anonymous

    Defend yourself from flus, colds, teeth, mouth problems, etc etc. etc. 1 Glass of fresh ozonated water in the morning.

    Make sure your body system is slightly alkaline. If not use baking soda, to reduce acidity.

    Aches and pains ? Magnesium, this stuff is a miracle you can take orally, guess what happens when you take to much, so go to the health food store buy magnesium chloride mix 50/50 with distilled water, spray on body and yes your going to love me.

    Teach yourself pendulum dowsing to know your bodies needs.

    • Andy

      nice post – well informed

  • Man

    take only animal vaccines.

    See any autistic vaccinated pets? nope…

    Those animal rabies vaccines are effective

    • Andy

      lol, domestic animals cop exactly the same medical problems as do humans – because we feed them the same shit we feed ourselves :roll:

      of course there are autistic & also schizophrenic pets, however we’re allowed to put them down :wink:

  • Anonymous

    very good information
    watch everything and follow the advises

  • this is name i have chosen because i like it so i know i am smarter than you now i am here with name

    it is pickles lol

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