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Two New Files You Need to See About the JFK Assassination… Busted!

Saturday, October 28, 2017 12:03
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By Lisa Haven


A haunting paragraph has just been unearthed by from over 3,000 never-before-seen documents that are rattling Americans to their core about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The paragraph has revealed explosive information about a cover-up of a possible second shooter.

Further, also discovered by in the JFK data dump, a planned false flag attack was being orchestrated on Miami to blame Cuba in order to take out Castro. All that and more in the report below…


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  • unidentified

    infowars is full of crap , i wouldnt even bother visiting their website for real news and real opinions :twisted:

    • Deputy Dawg

      I’ll agree someone is full of crap alright bud and it isn’t Alex Jones. In case you haven’t noticed smart guy just about every major breaking news story over the past decade has begun at Infowars or one of their many affiliates. Alex is often abrasive and is obviously far from perfect, however mistakes and inaccuracy are of course casualties of fast paced, competitive journalism. Unlike his agenda driven competitors when proven wrong Alex makes timely correction. Roger Stone is both a regular on Infowars and a close personal friend of the Presidents. Although foul mouthed at times Rodger is an honest man with integrity who pulls no punches.

      You go ahead bro suckle the teats of a dying animal, nourish yourself on the manipulative poison of professional liars. We who actually educate ourselves outside main stream media’s circle of influence totally reject their propaganda. That’s why their approval ratings are so embarrassingly low! Kind of like your opinion of Alex Jones, Trump supporters aren’t buying it!

      Deputy dawg

      • Hayduke

        Brother Dawg,

        Are you Alex Jone’s boyfriend? Just wondering here. Pretty much no one here feels the way you do about him. And then you talk about sucking his tits.

        You may find BIN is not your cup of tea. :cool:

      • THOTH

        “Trump supporters aren’t buying it!”

        You basically just destroyed your own argument with that statement..

        All that suggests is that Trump supporters must be induced into a state of infatuation by fat men telling lies.

        I’m not surprised that Trump supporters are Alex Jones fans. Both Trump and Jones have the temperament of a spoiled child, always quick to throw a tantrum when things don’t go their way, or when they hear something they don’t like. Both yell over opponents to stifle objective discussion. Both men are literally salesmen, with Trump selling his name brand, along with a whole bunch of nonsensical rhetoric, and Jones selling male enhancement products, along with nonsensical rhetoric.

        Before you start typing a strawman argument, based on the false assumption that I must be a MSM regurgitating Hillary supporter, or a democrat in general, let me assure you, I am neither of those things. I don’t believe in the illusion of choice that comes with the current two party system.

        One does not have to subscribe to any “ism” or “ocracy”, to see the contrast between what Trump proposed during his campaign and what he has done after being elected. So, either Trump simply said what his advisors thought the people wanted to hear, or he actually intended on doing those things, until he was elected and found out that the president is just the PR guy and he could do none of those things, if he wanted to remain president.

        • THOTH

          In either case, it’s bad news.

  • The Ferrett

    Agreed unidentified – infowars is indeed controlled opposition, always too afraid to go too deep down the rabbit hole.

    My question though, is why BIN constantly gives Lisa Haven “headline status” when she barely deserves being heard at all with her usually under reported and marginal stories at best. We have far better contributing authors that post here that usually don’t last the day – why is that? For lack of reader interest . . . or something else?

    Why this elevation that she far from deserves, especially when she has proven herself over and over to be simply a paid, pro Zio mouthpiece for the mainstream press with NEVER EVER anything to reveal of any substance . . ?

  • rmstock

    According Saint Jon Hunt and his father E. Howard Hunt, the JFK
    assassination was a escalation of the “Bay of Pigs thing” as President
    Richard Nixon used to call it. Remember that in 1961 the Soviets put
    nuke missiles in Cuba and the CIA was kicked out of Cuba. Only the Mob
    was able to keep feet on the ground through the Casinos in Cuba. At
    28:30 Jerome Corsi enters the show and congratulates Roger Stone with
    his efforts in convincing President Trump to get the JFK files released :

    The Secrets of JFK Assassination – Saint John Hunt, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi
    by rmstock , Published on Oct 27, 2017
    “The Secrets of JFK Assassination – Saint John Hunt, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi
    as seen on :
    EXCLUSIVE! The Secrets of JFK Assassination – Full Show
    by War Room , Published on Oct 24, 2017
    Roger Stone breaks down the impending release of the final cache of
    documents from the JFK Assassination. Jerome Corsi gives us his take on
    the forthcoming data dump, and reveals the extent of the redacted
    material from his examinations of the documents earlier this year. ”

    Here’s a great introduction to the newly released files :

    What You Need To Know About The Trump JFK Release
    by WeAreChange , Published on Oct 27, 2017
    “In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest
    breaking news on Donald Trump decision on the release of the secret
    classified JFK documents. Which of course are mirrored with coverups
    even now as we go over some of the latest revelations that were just
    National Archives:
    [ ... ]”

    Infowars full of shit ? I don’t think so. E. Howard Hunt was no supporter
    of President John F. Kennedy, but many others in positions of influence
    were of the same opinion. The order to kill JFK – a Catholic Christian -
    came from Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson – a Freemason.

    • rmstock

      Please realize, remember, never forget and fully understand the importance
      of the fact that Richard Nixon served for eight years as vice president
      to Dwight Eisenhower :

      “Nixon was elected to the House of Representatives in 1946 and to the
      Senate in 1950. His pursuit of the [Alger] Hiss Case established his
      reputation as a leading anti-communist and elevated him to national
      prominence. He was the running mate of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the
      Republican Party presidential nominee in the 1952 election. Nixon
      served for eight years as vice president – at 40, the second-youngest
      vice president in history.”

      The number one enemy of the USA was then and still is to this very day
      the internationalist Communists. When Nixon was vice president, he
      signed of – shortly before Kennedy became President – on that damned
      “Bay of Pigs thing” and had full knowledge of that.

  • The Ferrett

    An extract from “The Illuminati Exposed” by Ray Novosel – comes this:
    After President John F. Kennedy was murdered in 1963, America became deeply involved in the Vietnam War. Within a few short years, heroin addiction in America reached epidemic proportions. In the background, Israel aggressively expanded its borders by force and became a colonial empire ruling a nation of angry Palestinians. A new BOOK “Opium Lords” by Salvador Astucia – reveals how Israel exploited the Western powers’ long history of opium trafficking as a means of toppling the young American president. The following points summarize the well-documented information presented:

    Opium was the glue that held together the rivalling factions that conspired to kill JFK. The main factions in the conspiracy were Zionist instigators, the American Mafia (headed by Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky and his lieutenant, Santo Trafficante), French-Corsican crime syndicates in Marseilles, France and Southeast Asia, and the US military. Heroin smuggling was first introduced in the United States in the 1920s by Jewish gangsters such as Meyer Lansky, “Legs” Diamond, and “Dutch” Schultz. One of the reasons President Johnson escalated US involvement in Southeast Asia was because the American Mafia and French-Corsican heroin traffickers needed a new source of opium for their heroin factories. Turkey had been the main source, but its government was about to eradicate opium production.

    Joseph Kennedy, Sr’s three sons were viewed as a new American dynasty that threatened Israel’s plans to expand its borders. The Kennedy Dynasty would last until 1985 if each son served two terms in the White House. It is widely known that Joseph Kennedy Sr developed a strong loathing of Jews from his business dealings with them in finance, Hollywood, and politics.

    A decree was issued to kill JFK by Nahum Goldmann, founder of the World Jewish Congress and its president in 1963. Louis Bloomfield of Montreal was then assigned to set up the hit. He was an influential international lawyer with an extensive espionage background – including, British intelligence, Haganah, OSS and the CIA. Martin Agronsky and other Jewish journalists and media moguls collaborated in the plot by pushing a false cover story that Lee Harvey Oswald and he alone killed JFK. Right-wing extremists joined the coup initially but broke ranks and declared a holy war against Jews immediately after JFK was killed. The assassins were the lieutenants of French-Corsican heroin trafficker and convicted Nazi collaborator, Auguste Joseph Ricord. He was living in Argentina at the time of the assassination.

    Later he moved to Paraguay, which became a major hub for smuggling heroin into the United States. The actual assassins were Lucien Sarti, François Chiappe, and Jean-Paul Angeletti—all French-Corsicans. Nixon, (no friend of the Jews) was driven from office because he destroyed Ricord’s heroin cartel, established détente with the Soviet Union, withdrew forces from Vietnam, and ended the draft. Under Nixon’s orders, police in Mexico City tried to arrest Lucien Sarti – the man who actually shot JFK in the head. When Sarti fled, Mexican police opened fire and he conveniently died in a hail of bullets on April 27, 1972.

    JFK made powerful enemies within the military/Industrial establishment including Israel, when he attempted to establish détente with the Soviet Union in the summer of 1963. He also wanted to put an end to the evil of the Federal Reserve System and to prevent Israel from acquiring ”the Bomb.” Abolishing the Fed would have been a crucial blow to the establishment elite’s dream of a New World Order, so it was decided that JFK simply had to go, by those that had the most to loose. It also sent a most powerful message throughout the Washington establishment that has not been lost on potential “buckers” of the ZOG system.”


      About on the same level as your usual accuracy and attention to detail.

      You don’t know up from down, flat from sphere, or truth from satire.

  • 2QIK4U

    Just another distraction to make #PIZZAGATE seem further and further away….


    “Haunting” ….”rattling Americans to their core”…. 😱😱

    “Further, also discovered by in the JFK data dump, a planned false flag attack was being orchestrated on Miami to blame Cuba in order to take out Castro. All that and more in the report below…”

    That’s Operation Northwoods and it was not discovered by Infowars, not any time recently anyways. It’s been in the public domain for years.

    • THOTH

      I first read about it in a book published in 1991. In the same book, I also read about Alex Jones being a shill. No joke

      • THOTH

        Ask Alex Jones what he thinks of Bill Cooper.

  • Global Grist

    The bullet hole through the windshield is merely confirmation of old news. Bottom line: Oswald was not a lone wolf assassin, this took a significant amount of planning including help within our own goverment, and there are doubts if he even fired any of the shots.

  • Everette

    LISA ! Do a search on ( JFK murder solved – is James Files telling the truth ) ! This is a confession by the person in the grassy knoll who shot Kennedy . In this confession James Files implacates 2 accomplishes in the murder : Johnny Roseilli and Charles Nicoletti , both known as dual operatives for the CIA and the mafia boss Sam Gianacana of Chicago . Bush of the CIA is also in on the deal . He lied about being in Texas , but pictures prove he was there . JFK was going to pay off America’s debt . The crown of Europe and their head leader the Vatican did not want that to happen . Debt means that the borrower is a slave to the lender . Now the road gets a little crazy . I read that Hillary was secratary to Johnson durning the investigation . She was even the one who carried the Kennedy files to lock them up in the vault ! Billy boy and Hillary blackmailed Bush Sr to have him set them up in the white house where they could take care of the documents for him . Billy boy and Hillary want to try out the seat of president . So the information she knew landed her husband in the presidents seat with the help of Bush SR . The files came open 50 years later in 2014 . Hillary was Secratary of State .she helped to have it revealed . She again blackmailed Bush to help her land the seat of presidency . If you will remember Bush was against his republican member Trump . He even give Trump a cut off your head sign in one of his speeches . The Media barely touched on this . Now let me tie everyone together . Remember the ansestary linage thing that was going on for awhile ? Obama was kin to Chaney , Chaney was kin to Bush and Clinton was also kin . What was it ? 34 presidents out of 44 at the time were kin to each other . Now I will make a statement , every president since Reagan has been working with the NWO Vatican to take down America . Everyone of them has been negative blood ( as science says ) reptilians . The queen is a negative blood reptilian , the pope is Negative blood reptilian , and tge presidents I mentioned have been negative blood reptilians . Bush Sr started the push for the NWO vatican take over openly . In his speech he told America about its work and then stated in the end it will be successful . He should have been taken out and shot for Treason for pushing a foreign entity on America and telling them it was going to take them over and that he was a Member of its plan ! I remember when Gore and Bush Jr were running against each other and Florida had to decide the vote , really Bushes brother was governor . But anyway the statement was made it does not matter who wins the presidency they both belong to us ! From that statement I then knew that the Vatican had not only taken control of the democrats but now even had a republican in their hands also . The Bible tells us in Revelations that the Vatican has lead kings and kingdom astray into condemnation . It even places them on 7 hills and is surrounded by water in both sides . It is the richest entity on planet earth ! They have since its beginning stolen artifacts and goods from nations that its armies have taken over or destroyed . They are in their under ground vaults that no one is allowed to see . Except for people they choose to do their wirk and biddings . And most people don’t know that the Vatican brings its worship all the way back from Nimrod of Babylon . The mother holding the baby is Nimrods mother . When Nimrod grew up he married his mom . Nimrod soon died . The child she was carring was Nimrods child . When the child was born she declared that Nimrod has returned and arose again in this child . The child had Nimrods DNA and was apart of Nimrod . This freaked out the minds of the people and they begn the worship of the sun ( son ) god that brings forth its light again and again everyday . In the Vatican is the sun burst for the sun god to remind them of their past . This is also why Jesus birthday was moved by the Vatican back in 325ad by the council of Nicaea to the sun god’s day the summer solstice December 25 . This is the day the sun begins lengthening its light upon the earth again until the winter solstce . Why am I pointing out all this ? Because the Vatican is the root behind all the evil going on in our government . All roads lead to Rome . They help set up the shadow government in 1871 in America , they declared Washington DC a separate entity from America , so therefore the rules do not apply to them . They stole our gold and silver coins by having them round up . Then melted them into bars and transported them across the ocean . They help set up the federal reserve that uses pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents to criminally trap nations . The nations borrow the money , it is then printed , but the interest money is never printed . So therefore how can it be paid back . I’ll tell you , by oil , gold , silver , diamonds and other goods deemed worthy as trade . Soon the nations run out of goods to pay off the loan . The debt mounts up . They borrow more money hoping to break even . Then the plan they have waited for takes place . The foreign entity begins taking land , houses , buildings , ships for scrap like happened with our warships Obama had cut up . Corporations are sold off like Chrysker and Smithfield ham to foreign entities so they can gather money to pay the loan . Soon the nation is bankrupt . Now enter the world leader who will solve the crisses , The Vaticans man of sin lucifer ! The problem could be solved if Trump would declared America debt free because of criminal planing and ochistrated intent against America and its people that has been set up to destroy the nation for a criminal take over with pieces of paper worth nothing more than toilet paper ! Not to mention the goods , gold and silver stolen with the criminal plan . If they refuse the declaration of debt freedom , then bomb the hell out of them . Then go get our gold and silver back . Many when the crimes come to light say America did it and is responcible for it . No criminal thieves , murders and liers did it ! We were deceived in to a lie just like the JFK murder that involved the CIA , Bush , FBI , Johnson and Hillary ! Kenedy was shot at least 2-3 times . The film shows his head going forwards from one shot then suddenly going backwards with the other shots . Like I say , look up the files mentioned above in JFK murder before it is removed . All the eveadance was proved to be true as stated by James Files . Take a look see !

  • Anonymous

    Lisa, I find you quite attractive. Can I have your phone number? BTW, it was LBJ who killed JFK. Everything else is just details.

    • Hayduke

      You are just in love with her nose is all. Get a grip. :eek:

  • wiseoldlady

    What both Everett and Ferrett said are both quite convincing. As for the exact shooters….there could have been 6-7 shooters in different locations. Remember Dallas people said they heard 6-7 shots…..NOT one.

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