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Very Graphic! The Critical Unseen Bloody Shooting Aftermath Video They Are Wiping from Social Media (Shot Victims up Close!)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 13:12
% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

This guy grabbed his camera right after the shooting and recorded exactly what was going on on the fairgrounds as he closely recorded those hit by gun fire!!

Let’s get to the point.  Here are the links.  Copy them, Mirror them…whatever you have to do to get this out there!!



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  • Don - 1

    Extremely graphic photos of dead people at the concert.

    • 2QIK4U


      • Don - 1

        I guess I was able to see it before it was scrubbed….it was absolutely horrific. A lot of very dead people…most were wounded in the head.

        • Bob DD

          Oh shot from 3 football fields away and shot in heads just like Sandy Hook? Yeah right?

          • Malcontent

            The vid shows simple probability. The shooter wasn’t making intentional head shots with full-auto ARs are 300yds.

            How many feet or legs or even lower torsos do you see in this pic?

            What DO you see a lot of? Standing, crouching, doesn’t matter.

            Plus, the vid is several minutes after the shooting stopped. Those lying on the ground are not the walking wounded. Almost 60 dead, over 500 wounded. In the vid we’re seeing the ~11% of those hit that didn’t make it to the hospital.

        • 2QIK4U

          Ah OK I missed it.. I haven’t seen a single victim and trump hAs already visited them in horsepiddle. I mean hospital… Trump has always played the Illuminati game or he wouldn’t exist

          • stompk

            I saw the video before it was taken down. I’ve seen dead and dying people, these people were dead. Guy checks the pulse of one girl, her eyes have no life, and blood oozes out of her mouth. One guy is not quite dead, blows a bubble. But why did they take it down? I think it’s because of how the shut the lights out, and some guy says everyone on the ground is deceased, even though it’s obvious many are still fighting for their lives. That’s that odd part.
            Pretty sure these were real dead people. It’s a very disturbing video, one I really wish I hadn’t seen, but I was an important video, something in that video they don’t want us to see.

          • Sean

            I seen the video you are commenting about an absolute Joke, the guy was doing it sideways, BLURRY and not even a full screen and not even at the site of the concert so they got rid of it real fast.

            Las Vegas shooting hoax/FEMA drill. Beware of gofundme scams.


            Las Vegas Shooting Victims CGI-ed Hoax. Mandalay’s Windows and flood lights.


          • The Clucker


            I’m not sure why you got downvoted because I saw that same video on Liveleaks. The guy who “blows a bubble” was shot in the head and still breathing, and the guy filming the video was going around yelling if anyone needed an EMT. A staff member for the event (possibly) asks the guy filming if he’s an EMT, to which the guy responds with something like “no, but I’m just trying to help.”

            Right before the two start talking the lights went out, and there were clearly people still alive on the ground. The guy filming tells them they need to turn the lights back on, but the worker just says something like “Everyone still here is deceased.” Clearly they were not all deceased. It was a very bizarre video.

            Also, the guy who was shot in the head that was still breathing… for some reason the idiot filming reached down and started wobbling his head back and forth as if he was going to make him snap out of it or something. He should not have been touching him.

            So yes, that video did exist before it was taken down, and I saw it with my own two eyes.

      • vewpoynt

        On Oct. 2, LiveLeaks released a video of the Las Vegas Mandalay victims that is visually unmatched. Surprisingly, it is not being shown elsewhere. The orchestrators clearly paid for the best that money can buy. It looks authentic; the injured, dying and dead look real… the blood looks real. Although it was, by all appearances, a costly production, they decided against using it because one of the actors blew it when he went off script and exposed it for what it was. Otherwise, they would have distributed it to every media outlet and got their money’s worth. It was produced for the sole purpose of false proof, but it is too full of holes to be useful for its intended purpose… so, it’s in the process of being shelved. It’s the most important piece of the puzzle because it fully proves it was a staged event.

        Even after I determined that it is fake, it was still hard to watch… so, be warned.

        Aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting victim bodies still in the field (Graphic)

        The cell phone video is 4:34 in length, choppy with quick darting glimpses of the field… but one can easily see that it is the field where the Mandalay shooting occurred and that the vast majority of the attendees (around 20,000) have left the area with only a few dozen people scattered about remaining.

        Near the end of the video, the main, unnamed character refers to himself as “an innocent bystander.” For simplicity, I will refer to him as Stan. The other significant character I’ll refer to as Dick. As Stan plays doctor… because he explains “my mom is a nurse”… he examines/touches a number of the injured and calls out for EMTs 10-15 times and then says “there are no EMTs and they’ve turned the lights off.” When Stan asks for the final time, “where are the EMTs?” Dick approaches and answers with an explanation, “all the people on the ground are deceased” To this Stan says, “no, they are not.” Stan points in a direction and says, “I have a medic working one over here”… points in a different direction and says, “I have a medic working one over here. Stan points in 4 different directions simultaneously saying that he has 4 different medics working on 4 victims. Take note, not only did Stan go from playing the “innocent bystander” to the triage director of a non-existent medics team… he also, within a few moments, went from repeatedly calling for EMTs and saying, “there are no EMT’s” to saying he has 4 different medics working on the injured. Question why Dick said that every person on the ground was dead when several were audibly groaning, visually gurgling, breathing and even speaking. When Dick explained that there were no medics present because all the people on the ground were dead, did he mean that the medics did not come because they assumed, or were told that there were no survivors? Or was Dick saying that the medics came and saw that all the injured were dead and so they left when they realized that they were too late to save anyone? Real medics would not have arrived on the scene and left without loading the injured into the ambulances and transporting to the hospital. Question why the man on the ground that declined help saying that he and his companion were alright remained laying on the ground in the carnage. If they were alright, why didn’t they leave? Were they laying about unwilling to leave so they can continue to watch the show, or were they more concerned with earning their crisis actor pay? There are additional discrepancies.

    • HypothesisFree

      None of the links from the initial video work, and so I was not able to see the footage of the bodies laying on the ground. There was a message of the video content being in violation of their terms.

      • Don - 1

        I saw the video this morning before it was scrubbed….I’m still sick when I think about what I saw. A war zone of dead people.

      • 2QIK4U

        Good old poo tube

    • DennisB

      Fake blood used. I sure have seen lots of real blood. As soon as real blood hits Oxygen it turns Very Very dark red. That happens when the blood cells absorbs the oxygen. Inside your body it’s bright red. Looks like the fake blood they used at the fake Boston bombing event. I would say Actors used in Vegas shooting event.

      • JKnTX

        The blood turns dark red or brown within a few minutes.

        • Jeffery Pritchett


    • JKnTX

      50 or so of them? Where please?

  • 2QIK4U

    Where’s George Soros’s Craigslist ad for crisis actors. Every other event is advertised on Craigslist as you would be aware and no other person has shown it for this event. Get onto it Christopher and beat dahboo to the punch.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the Boston Marahoax all over again. Look at her legs (top photo). The blood is obviously poured from above as the crisis actor is laying there. Otherwise, where is the wound that the blood is coming from since blood runs downhill? Are people this stupid in 2017 that they fall for this ridiculous Organized Crime hoax?

  • 2QIK4U

    What’s with the Fraud Steven seagull acting like he’s some Russian master that talks to Putin. Steve segal has always been Hollywood’s joke. I’ll back a fourteen yr old I’ve been training against the lardass anyday… Anyway it just confirmed that CIA /Hollywood actors seem to be trained for a certain country… Wonder who the China connection is…. All mass shootings have happened 7 days before Congress votes on gunlaws! That’s the pattern. The last four shootings including the politician playing baseball have all happened deliberately before Gun voting! See for yourself mate there’s your reasons and to know when the next mass shootings will happen. I’ll bet your lives on this fact. These are DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPS

    • 2QIK4U

      The murder of innocent people can be tracked to CONGRESS. Someone in Congress is giving the nod for these events. CLINTON ETC ETC

      • LindaJoyAdams

        No govt in charge of USA since 2002 by act of Congress and HIllary is the suspect who alred and earmark of a 6000 page bill that took away the right of the real govt to spend one penny for internal audits or criminal investigations and or prosecution o f a govt contract as the whole govt form local to federal began to be contracted out and soon the cohorts began to get all contracts as no govt to referee some basic rules of fairness.. and LYNN BLODGETT RULES US NOW AND FEW KNOW HIS NAME AND CONGRESS VOTED FOR AN ILLEGAL GAG ORDER RULE TO NOT MENTION CONTAT OR HAVE A CONTRACTOR TESTIFY AND NONE NKNOW AS THEY ILLEGALY LIST THEIR PHONE NUMBERS AND ADDERESSES AS GOVT WHEN THEY ARE TO SAY NAME OF CORPORATION AND AGENCY THEY ARE CONTRACTED TO AND LYNN BLODGETT HAS THE INTERNATIONAL SECURITY FORCE GS4 SOME IN BIN SAY IS INVOLVED …

        • 2QIK4U

          You are exactly right. She also helped pass one of your secret laws that they can legally take your children for no reason and sell them for profit under adoption programs.. She really actually legalised this when Bill was pres. Then obama bin Laden came and completed the rest of the legal kidnapping laws.

        • 2QIK4U

          Really nobody but Columbus has ever ran America and that was only until he reported the find…. Then the secret societies began.

  • Just me

    Planted photos – to silence those who are awake. Big deal – Hollywood does this every day. Where were all the “live” photos as it was happening? NONE. Surely someone skyped a photo or two. Oh right – there was nothing to see at the time of the “event”.

  • stompk

    I’ve got to admit, when the guy blows a bubble, that a dead man. This was not faked. And I’m one on the hoax side. This is disturbing.

    • The Real Deal

      It’s most definitely not a hoax. My wife’s co-worker was killed. My son’s gf’s mother works at a hospital here, and she is still shocked by the amount of victims, and blood she saw. They were dripping blood everywhere. Many were not coming in by way of ambulance, many were driven in by cabs, and passersby. They were running in the street jumping in to vehicles. Not everything is a hoax with crisis actors. At least you have some brains, unlike a large number who comment here.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      The government does not use crisis actors, that is internet bullshit to make conpisracy idiots look like morns

      why would the governemnt leave 560 people alive as evidence?

      they wouldnt

      they kill people

      that is what a false flag is

      these people died

      and the government murdered them

  • Hayduke

    How could there be any victims if they were all crisis actors? :eek:

  • Pink Slime

    None of the videos play. :twisted:


    I saw a video of a guy with a cell phone going from victim, to victim calling for an EMT. I saw a lot of people on the ground, and a lot of red, but I didn’t see any actual wounds. The video was of pretty bad quality, but that is what I saw, and didn’t see. I don’t know if that is the video referred to.

    • Don - 1

      I saw that video [now deleted]. The faces I saw, about 5 or so, were pale, blue, blood everywhere, some with staring blank eyes and looked very dead. Several had blood in their mouth. People were checking for a pulse. Yes, the video was made by someone who was frantic.

  • Jeffery Pritchett has the best coverage of the event and most events like this if you don’t mind hardcore porn ads and navigating a site that specializes in horrific videos and photos.

    Theyve got all the original videos, not edited, multiple guns shooting at the same time, dead people everywhere, etc.

    These arent crisis actors guys.

    The whole crisis actor thing for any of these events is a moronic idea for one reason.

    All the crisis actors.

    You really think the government is going to let a bunch of people pose for dead in these events and trust them not to blab about it?

    Don’t be a fucking moron.

    People die at nearly all these events, maybe with the exception of Sandy Hook.

    The government isnt going to use actors to play dead.

    They’re going to kill innocent people, make them really dead, and use it to swing their agenda.


    DONT BE FOOLED send people to these facts

    Official story from the authorities paints lone gunman Oswald style with another person not shooting, The shootings will continue, the NWO wants martial law for when the economic crash comes, they need the martial law to set up controls on the polulation, the authorities will take 80% of their bank accounts over 100 – 200k, , they will have new money to trade your old money for likely 10 to 20 percent on the dollar for exchange, they may also make 100 dollar bills non negotiable, the did it in cyprus and india. They need the martial law before the crash because 200 million pissed Americans could cause the military to defect to them when they go crazy for being ripped off,, pensions will be gone, SS is in doubt it could continue, inflation will spiral, the courts and protests will be prohibited, the courts will not take any lawsuits under emergency orders and there will be no way for the people suddenly woken up to go after the NWO elite that have stolen 20 trillion plus, sold everyone down the river giving away the farm to the FED, the traitors in Washington gave away all the jobs to NAFTA & GATT. Prepare to be boarded all hands on deck.


    All videos mentioned are blocked and not possible to view

  • Geagle1

    The link is to another Las Vegas article on BeforeItsNews. The reason I placed this link is because I can’t post a pic in the comments section from this article, but please take a look at the double-pic from two different TV screen shots immediately under the George Bush video.

    In the screenshot pic, CNN and MSNBC both state/list 9 to 11 minutes of shooting…9 to 11 minutes? 911. Weird. Why not 8 to 10, or 10 to 12 minutes?

    Comments please?

  • The Seer

    So many numb nuts think its a hoax, geese have you lot stupid it was real


      I believe people were shot. I question some of the videos and interviews, and I really question the official story.

  • Morgawr

    I thought people died in Vegas shooting false flag, but if the only evidence I got is that video my view will change, and then to add to my thoughts, after a time of seeing the video it struck me, considering people have lost family and friends the mourning levels seem almost none existent, I still think people died, but I have questions, does that make me bad ?

  • unbubbleslayr

    The video is still up on live links. One news video showed a lot of lawn chairs after everyone was gone, this one I just saw trash, but in the background was Mandalay Bay and Luxor. Where were the police, shouldn’t they be securing a crime scene?

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