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Imprisoned Journalist Pete Santilli Speaks! 1st Exclusive Interview! You Won’t Believe What He Divulges

Friday, November 10, 2017 14:16
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By Lisa Haven


Former journalist, Youtuber and radio broadcaster, Pete Santilli, has just been released from prison for the crime of being a journalist. To date, he is the longest held reporter in American history and faced 7 months in prison for simply doing his job. 

In the video below I managed to obtain the first official interview. In it, we discuss his side of the story and the details that pertain to his imprisonment. All that and more in this bombshell report…

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  • Canderson

    He is a known psychopath, stay the hell out of the way.

    • Canderson


  • Anonymous

    He divulges that all the warnings about bending over to pick up the soap are true.


      Back in the good ol days, ain’t nobody never got cornholed in federal prison. That was purely a state prison pastime!!!

      (And I hope you crackers are good enough at Ebonics to work out a triple negative!)

      • Mayhem

        Do you mean like how…

        “Ain’t never seen no nigga on no horse before” – Django

        … makes me wanna slap the dumb out some folk?

        • AXLE FOLEY

          Have better luck slappin the black off a nigga.

      • Hayduke

        Math For Today: (-3 negative) + Ebonics – (Flat ‘Erf) + The Ferret = :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Pink Slime

    I was waiting for the guy to say to her, have you been crying? You look like you been crying. Do you want me to call back tomorrow? :lol:

  • The Ferrett

    Of all the people he could talk to, it had to be her . . . . ? But there again Pete is jewish, there you go . . . it all just figures!

    • NYCNative68

      As a 5-time deployed Military Veteran, I’m always perplexed why mouth-breathing anti-semites always pop-up in the comments section. Maybe, consider adding something of value to the discussion ?

      • AXLE FOLEY

        Ferrett Face adds all kindsa things to the conversation. Like the earth is flat. Adam was a white man and only white people have a soul. And da JOOOOOOEZ is in charge of da whole flat racist world!!!

        And no — before you ask — I am not kidding.

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          The only crackers with soul are Keebler.
          Joo’s, nig’s, muzzies, ain’t nobody make a cracker like the elf’s! :wink:

  • Mayhem

    This talk-radio host is “nonconforming press” ain’t that right Pete :wink: Which tells me he’s a “journalist” in name only for want of credentials.

    The Feds certainly don’t think he’s a journalist…

    … in fact they called him a conspirator at which point Pete sought a plea deal…

    … thus avoiding a possible 6 year sentence and all he had to do was eat a shit ton of humble pie by stating the Fed’s were right all along.

    • The Real Deal

      One word… Exactly.

      • AXLE FOLEY

        “Nor can Santilli possess a gun or any other item deemed a weapon by the government.”

        Ooooo. Now Pete gotta go strapped on the DL just like the rest of DA HOOD!!!

        • Canderson

          I thought you disappeared? We already are alloys. And we certainly do not need any more coal added. (makes things brittle)

          • AXLE FOLEY

            Lemme axe you THIS, Swedish Meatball…

            If you Swedes hate niggas so much, why the hell you lettin so many brown people into your WHITE ASS country? You think all your lily white swedettes gonna abstain from alla that COAL?

            Historically speaking Meatball… you is outta your ever-lovin mind.

  • Stefan

    Hate :mrgreen:

  • Hayduke

    I remember a while back Santilli told me that there were two suns in the sky. I told him bullshit, in southern Nevada we have THREE suns in the summer, that’s why we’re so hot. I also told him he was a numb-nut moron.

    That was the exact second he quit taking comments. I have felt guilty ever since. (Not really).

  • Anonymous

    Doubt there’s anything spectacular in anything you pimp or run your lying mouth about. What I wouldn’t believe is for you to fail to use some childish, idiotic, click bait headline. Anybody not insulted by your total lameness is as stupid as you are, Haven. You’re a damned bore, all anybody can say about you and your idiotic video factory.

    • Mayhem

      Well now, Anonymous, since you’re lecturing on stupidity i’ll have you know it is “damnable bore” unless you presume to be God that is.

      And just because you’re entitled to an opinion doesn’t mean you have to share it especially when it’s little more than a virtue signalling, low brow, put down.

      You have the choice to be here, stop blaming the world for your choices and never tell everybody you think they’re stupid for not being insulted by Lisa’s lameness.

    • Hayduke

      Well, that was mean.

      Sister Heaven is even worse than that, though. :smile: :cool:

      • The Clucker

        *Brother Haven

        • Hayduke

          Sorry. I don’t know how I forgot that since he banned me from BIN for a week just for describing how “Sister” Haven’s head was spinning around in one of “her” pics with her eyes bugging out and her nose shooting every which way.

  • Canderson

    That said he is very welcome to fight on our side, but no flip flopping,, and no open arms, no welcome into the crowd kind of stuff, just the fight. Because we all must FIGHT! To SURVIVE!

    • Hayduke

      We have to FIGHT!!! For our RIGHT!!! To PAARRRTY!!!!! :cool:

  • The Ferrett

    Axle why don’t you surprise us all and say something that actually makes sense . . huh? Like discuss, debate or contribute is some meaning full way- Is it all to hard? Or is it that you simply had less than grade school education and perhaps you’re still living in a black neighborhood and resent it.

    Please share, I promise I won’t laugh . .


      Let’s discuss the lunar eclipse, assmonkey.

      You go first. Explain to me the mechanics of that phenomenon as seen and understood through the flat lens of your flat earth universe.

      And I promise I won’t laugh, cuz won’t be nothin to laugh at as I already know you ain’t got the sack to pony up an answer to the challenge.

      Still incapable of using the REPLY BUTTONS just like everyone else here, but think you have something to teach the rest of us?

      Thrill me, Ferret Boy!!!

      • Mayhem

        Oh my!

        The other Axle was way more fun.

        See what you’ve done now, The Ferret?

    • Hayduke

      Maybe I’m speaking out of turn because I’m a cracker ass cracker. But it seems to me like Brother Foley has pretty much been right on target since he somehow rolled into the BINNERLANDS.

      He makes it embarassing to be white, sometimes. :cool:

  • The Ferrett

    Can you please translate that into English . . . if you can that is . . ?

  • The Ferrett

    Let’s start with the Flat Earth – debunk this:


      No, assgrabber…

      You don’t get to make the rules. I asked you to explain to me how the hell a lunar eclipse can EVER occur in your fallacious model of the solar system.


      Then I’ll destroy whatever you want me to debunk. Easily.

  • RAIN

    starting to look like a reunion around here.

    Those were the days, my friends.

    • Mayhem

      Shush :wink: i don’t think many have worked it out yet.

      No BS :lol:

      • RAIN

        haha!..and on a sentimental note..

        Dear Pete,

        Thanks for the memories.


        The Elders of BIN

        • Hayduke


        • Mayhem

          I bet Pete remembers the good old days although he’d probably describe them differently.

          • The Clucker

            Is it time fore the revival? Did Cluckmonger show up at the right time or am I late as usual?

          • Mayhem

            Your timing, Cluckenbruder, is impeccable.

    • Hayduke

      I thought they’d never end. :lol:

      • RAIN

        hey mitch!

        No time like the present. I sense a revival coming.. :wink:

        • Hayduke

          Yup, this is exciting. It’s what makes BIN, BIN. I just hope The Revival takes place before the world ends. Which is pretty much evry day in BINNERLAND so we have to get a move on. :smile:

  • The Ferrett

    Am I an”Assgrabber” or as “Assmonkey” . . . I can’t be both . .


      You Aussies might have short arms, but do you really expect me to believe you cain’t grab yo monkey?

    • The Clucker

      “Am I an”Assgrabber” or as “Assmonkey” . . . I can’t be both . .”

      I’m sure you can handle the challenge.

  • The Ferrett

    Hang on Axel . . let me try and answer: I’m a . .
    Assmokey grabber . .
    Monkey ass nigga . .
    Nigga ass monkey – sorry, that’s probably describes you best . .
    Ferret faced monkey backside grabba . .
    Ferret assed monkey grabba . . .
    Grabba ass monkey with a Ferret face . .
    Monkey ass meatball grabber . . sorry, that’s reserved for someone else I believe . .

    You choose Axle baby . .


      “…Nigga ass monkey – sorry, that’s probably describes you best . ..”

      ZZZING!!! Actually, dumbass — that’s redundant and just makes you look a fool. That would be like you saying to me: You BLACK ASS BLACK.

      Which, on second thought, does sound a bit like CRACKER ASS CRACKER. So I guess you can have that one.

      As for the rest… I choose ALL!!!

      Now go ahead and answer my question so I can git down to bitch-slappin yo supposedly irrefutable cracker barrel BULL!!!

  • Anonymous

    You know what is amazing and telling about this story? Pete Santilli stated he would shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina, wishing she would not die right away, would suffer for a good while. Now, you assholes who agree with this, just go to hell. We’re done.

    The rest of you think of this. I also detest Clinton, but you don’t shoot people in the vagina and desire their protracted pain unto death, unless you’re a damned psycho. You don’t do this to anybody, if you’re civilized. If you’re not civilized, you should shut the hell up what evils you accuse others of, as you’re just as bad. Any man who would advocate even the notion of shooting a woman in the vagina is vicious and sick as hell.

    Then consider this. Lisa Haven approves of this man, who would shoot a woman in the vagina. Let’s say somebody doesn’t like Haven, for their reasons, for her evils. I suppose it’s alright to advocate shooting Haven in the vagina, if you have a bone to pick about her being a damned liar? An exploiter of ignorant people, for click money? I wouldn’t have the skank in my home. If she dropped dead, I wouldn’t mourn, but I’d not advocate Haven should be shot in the vagina and tortured.

    As a woman, having anything to do with this man, Santilli, a man that is also a criminal in other ways, tells you what an evil skank and degenerate Haven really is. If you watch her videos, you feed her: you’re a dumb degenerate, too. This friendship and promotion of Santilli is most evil, a freaking damned disgrace, typical of the BeforeItsNews freak show. Haven is a fool and enemy of even her own kind, that is all women.

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