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Pole Shift Alert! (Videos)

Thursday, November 16, 2017 19:44
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We are really at the end of the end, and everything is going to cut loose back-to-back real quickly… Anyone who is numb will probably wake up

Isaiah 24:20 The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls–never to rise again.

Pole Shift Causes Earthquakes and tsunamis, so anything long past due is about to take place! This is why it is so important to get spiritual affairs in order! Do not live by the rules of man , but rather by the rules of God at this time now more than ever!

The big one that will be felt all over is coming up real soon!

Some of you are catching on to the fact that there are WORLD WIDE EARTHQUAKE OCCURRENCES TAKING PLACE and scientists are expecting the Big One through the San Andreas , but of you are not aware that there is something EVEN BIGGER that will soon affect the world on a much grander scale causing VIOLENT GLOBAL cataclysmic events. A POLE SHIFT!


420-year-graph-of-annual-magnetic-pole-shift (1).jpg.

Quoted below in Wikipedia

The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis suggests that there have been geologically rapid shifts in the relative positions of the modern-day geographic locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events.

Reversals are the rule, not the exception. Earth has settled in the last 20 million years into a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 to 300,000 years, although it has been more than twice that long since the last reversal.

Cosmic Rays Could Reach Earth’s Surface. Our magnetic field doesn’t just give us beautiful auroras: it keeps us alive. Cosmic rays and the solar wind are harmful to life on Earth, and without the protection of our magnetosphere, our planet would be constantly bombarded by a stream of deadly particles.

What is the Condition of the Magnetosphere?


The Magnetosphere is Very very VERY vulnerable.

As per Fiona Macdonald reports May 11 2016 studies reveal just how rapidly earth’s magnetic field is changing.

The North Pole is shifting! since this time period there have been ‘waves” that have hit planet earth weakened it every further. Scientists show ‘breaking waves’ perturb Earth’s magnetic field. … New research has shown that similar Kelvin-Helmholtz waves also frequently occur in Earth’s magnetosphere and allow particles from the solar wind to enter the magnetosphere to produce oscillations that affect Earth’s protective radiation Sources here


Sources here

This trend has continued thus weakening the magnetosphere dramatically.


Nibiru is also in earths solar system acting as a catalyst contributor.

Nibiru Effects On Earth’s Magnetosphere And Earth’s Core

Other credible sources reveal concerns likewise

Prophecies and predictions

Edgar Cayce deemed the “sleeping prophet” and American Christian mystic /celebrity and many of his prediction came into fruition. He predicted that earth will experience a pole shift in 2018. We know to steer away from specific dates, but 2018 is around the corner and many others worthy sources are saying the time period at any time given the other contributing factors escalating this process.

The results will be shocking to say the least.


When asked “What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D.?” Cayce answered: “When there is the shifting of the poles; or a new cycle begins.”

2017 will end of course in just a month in a half.

October 2017 ALERTS

Salvation is key!

Love God and Love Each Other !

Vicar General Cardinal Kelly Patrick

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Credit and Sources God and his son The Holy Bible Angelus Domini the Imperial Regent of the Lord I do not claim ownership of any of the photos/pictures in this story/alert ascendingstarseed.wordpress. Useruploads in the you tube videos User accounts are Nick Thomas TV Published on Dec 29, 2014

Ufo Sightings Footage Published on Jul 30, 2017

Free Daily Horoscopes Published on Oct 16, 2016

Nibiru near earth Published on Oct 13, 2017

Nibiru near earth Published on Oct 27, 2017

DISCLAIMER: As a representative of and The Ecumenical Order of Christ itself does not officially endorse the views, predictions, interpretations or conclusions drawn by outside sources; we simply post them and discuss them so that you may be awake to, and aware of, important events and prophetic patterns as they unfold. It is your duty to exercise discernment when presented with any information given here or elsewhere. Further, we do not officially proclaim specific dates or events unfolding during the end times period, because we are bound by the Acts 1:7 words of our Lord.

Head to Israel close to Mount Zion to make ready or go to Baja Mx/Ca and make contact-limited time!!

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  • 2QIK4U

    Not happening. Especially like this. HAARP will suck the ocean dry and dump it on you like Texas to make you think it though. If pole shift were to happen it would of at the time of Texas. They’re trying to use CERN to create your earthquakes and screw with our magnetic field to change north and south to east to west. They want Antarctica thawed to get the civilisation that’s older than all bible’s and Koran’s/Torah’s on earth. … Russia’s artificial starnis actually two and were found on the suncam either side of our sun reflecting to earth. Global warming is still a lie. Our ozone is the thickest it’s been since the hole above Australia healed itself in under five years… The more they lie the evidence against them naturally

    • 2QIK4U

      Edit. Russia’s artificial star……… , Naturally increases

      • atdf

        What, I mean I can get behind some things, but all of this is what.
        I mean dude, Over 30% of Antarctica, has melted showing green, and petrified forest, I can see the equator moved last year and thats when all of the rapid melting of the arctic happened. It can all be explained quite simply through our solar systems new findings. Second, Our whole solar system Is heating up, that even means Pluto, it is showing signs of weather and climate change. So it’s more like our solar system is getting compressed and heating, and will repeat an Ice age, and expand and cool. So I mean please explain why Russia and the government are doing this? in detail.

        • Andy

          i think you’re from the wrong planet dude

          antartica’s ice is growing massively, there is nothing green there and humans can only work there 3 months of the year it’s THAT COLD

          greenland and arctic ice is also growing massively, so much so a science vessel sent to measure how much the ice had melted got STUCK in ice and couldn’t even get to the arctic, let alone measure it

    • TheDirectHouseofDavid

      If you understand the magnetosphere and what has been occurring the past few years up to now …it is not hard to see that it is already in the works.

      HAARP cannot touch a fraction of this not can you explain how nthe waves came from space to earth .. not a HAARP thing.

      Anartica is among the safe zones, but not exactly God’s plan for gathering his flock there.

      Of course global warming is a lie… the Messiah is doing this through God’s will and ability

      I am sure the “ozone” seems thick with all the chemtrails all these years lol You can say that, but you are not among the scientists that are reporting otherwise

      The creation and destruction of the ozone layer does not involve the magnetic field. Instead, its factors are chemistry and sunlight, and the “ozone hole” is around the geographic poles, not the magnetic ones.

      The ozone layer is maintained by an equilibrium between creation of ozone by ultra-violet sunlight, and its destruction by various natural processes (this is not my field, and I do not know details, but a lot of chemistry is involved). During polar winter, the polar cap is dark and ozone is not created, just destroyed (near the pole, with just a few hours of sunlight and the sun shining at a shallow angle, ozone creation is also reduced). The observation of an “ozone hole” in recent years suggest accelerated destruction, as predicted by Rowland and Molina.

      Nasa source

    • DK

      Cern is not that powerful, the magnetic field is just where the particles are during acceleration, it is not a Tokamak reactor. Sure it eats power and used 420 capacitors to supply it ( therefore is not always on.

  • EricLogan

    It’s going to be one of the most amazing, eerie, terrifying things to watch the sky change when all this reaches its peak.

  • atdf

    I just did an article about this, Only because, I work with dogs, and they line up north and south to go to the bathroom, well recently they all are pointing east and west. Two days ago, I saw the little dipper, and it was Lying on the eastline ~30*-50* degrees off of it’s standard upright North Position. And yeah this time of the year, It’s not suppose to be that far off, a offset of 5*-15* is normal.But even if it was off, It would be lying more north, not east.

    • Hayduke

      My dog Lacy just took a dump and her ass was pointed right to the north. So I’m guessing the pole change isn’t affecting southern Nevada like where you live. Plus the little dipper is right exactly where it has been for the past millions of years. I just live in a boring town and it’s even more boring since Paddock moved on. :cool:

      • Busta Myth


      • RAIN

        “..since Paddock moved on.”

        DID HE?? :shock:


    • 72FX

      I try not to watch my dogs shit. But I still have to clean it up. The turds are really randomly placed. What does that mean?

      • RAIN

        means nobody piles crap like atdf do.

    • 72FX

      I don’t bring a protractor when I poop scoop though.

    • RAIN

      well whaddaya know.. muz be Pointers.

      My cat don’t aline with nothin’ so when it’s show time, the shit fly everywhere.

  • Priestess Monte

    There are so many different factors occurring in these End Times. Thank you for sharing this information. Hopefully, people will start to see the truth and wake-up.
    Proverbs 1:7
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

    • Hayduke

      See what truth? None of this crap is true, you can be assured of that.

      Science is just not BIN’s forte, I’m afraid. :smile:

    • Andy

      what end times? oh, my bad! you’re referring to those holy man-made fantasy fairy-tales – people such as yourself have been claiming “end times” for thousands of years

      time to grow up hon and grow out of your imaginary friends and your fantasy role-play game of religion

  • Razor

    YES, we are aware, and, only an IDIOT would blame MANKIND like these GLOBAL WARMING LIARS!….MAN has NOTHING to do with this. Than we have these mental NUT CASES who want to blame things on Russia. TOO DAM FUNNY, where did your critical thinking go fools?….We think your 3RD world lack of intelligence is funny. We know EVERYTHING, and YES your Government has been keeping the FACTS away from you. ITS THE SUN IDIOTS!…….This has happened a few times thousands of years ago, so it’s NOT NEWS, but to the LIBTARDS and the BRAIN DEAD, it is. A lack Of proper education is obviously missing here. Must be the LIBTARD teachers we have now teaching our children on how to be a TRANVESTITE, rather than critically think. We are headed into GLOBAL COOLING, where Canada will see SNOW all year round at some point, but hey, the LIBTARDS are bend on man made global warming. IDIOTS!…..The chem trails are RADIATION management, I Suggest you educate yourself on Astrophysics and our SUN! But wait the LIBTARDS need those LGBT parades organized and that is more important, FOOLS!….So how are you going to be able to grow food?…..WELL????? You see LIBTARDS your support of mentally ill human’s has really got the best of you IDIOTS this time. Time to ale up FOOLS, and NO it’s NOT HARP, I am going to be as nice as I can here, please educate by reading all information on these two web sites. and BPearthwatch. These guys are NOT perfect, but they do have the SUN part correct. I do hope none of you were sun tanning, radiation levels have been OFF THE CHARTS for about three years now. GAMMA is reaching ground level which it should NOT be doing, and why is this happening?…..WEAK EARTH MAGNETIC FIELD CAUSE SUN HAS WEAK MAGNETIC FIELD!……Your Earth is dying now, you have over 40 volcanoes erupting and that alone will cause a MASSIVE COOLING, but hey, a Parade for mentally ill sick brain dead fools is more important…..ENJOY THE MAIN STREAM LIARS and their LIES, you IDIOTS have fell for it HOOK
    Line and SINKER….SUCH FOOLS YOU ARE!…….GET EDUCATED, and TURN OFF FACEBOOK SND TWITTER! It’s turning your brain into the same crap I flush every morning. LIBTARDS ARE TRUELY BRAIN DEAD!

  • Pink Slime

    It’s not global warming or consumption that is bringing all of this, you idiot. It’s SIN!! What you see happening to the world is a result of SIN.

    Specifically SODOMY. The more sodomites the more the earth reels to and fro and wants to VOMIT it’s inhabitants out because their CRIME goes against nature.

    Look around. The sodomites are coming for you. :twisted:

  • Enki

    Yes, You are facing a pole shift soon. No, it happens about every 10400 carbon years. It happens when Earth crosses the ecliptic or equatorial plane of the Sun. It is part of Earth cycle and what happens in a cycle repeats in a cycle. It is more intricate this time because there is something that you do not know about. I have done a post about it a couple of years ago.

  • patann

    Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest 11/17/2017
    All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

    Listening To Selah, I Got Saved,, to John Starnes, “Midnight Cry,”

    -As To Be Inundated With SunShiney Days, When It Is From Such Beaming, A Catastrophe Upon The earth Is Come
    -A Siege Upon All Kingdom and Nation Building Assuredly As Gabriel 2004, Mention A Seventh Angel, A Warning To All Souls, Escape Continuance Into America !

    -Will it, this poleshift, feel like the whole earth, just dropped from beneath its inhabitants’ feet, now just this bottomless, black pit? There have been three times in my prophetic ministry I experienced this, one time, it was first as far back as the late eighties. I was at work, I was sitting preparing a report, when the bottom just felled out of the earth and sank it’s mighty weight like into a black abyss below only to sprang back again up, under the chair I sat. Immediately I was reminded of Jeremiah’s lamentation, and now, presently with many such extinctions levels pending, it’s the allegory of Apostle John’s witness. It is of Revelation 18, regarding the fall of Mystery Babylon/Western Rule, the beginning to the end of all kingdom and nation building, so cried Angel Gabriel 2004, mention of a seventh angel.
    -The second time I was at home, around 2010/11 where it wasn’t long before I realize there was an outbreak the deadliest of earthquakes and I and my surroundings were experiencing everyone of them just before they happen, just these taxing trimmers, to earthquakes. One of a sort, I was sitting in bed like now, my husband, who is a Jesus husband in my dreams even now after his passing, 02/22/2012, (see Cameron’s Brexit), was up preparing for work when the whole room shook, windows, walls all, frighten and started I looked at him who didn’t flinch, did you feel that? Feel what? He said totally clueless.
    -Only days later I was in my living room, when I experienced yet again, the earth fall, collapsed from beneath my feet, this horrid, horrid thing and just as so come back up like it was on springs. It was a time later, I experienced something like it, even more climatic, one that involved children. I remember giving it as a warning, about a heart gripping, mind blowing fall, even through the earth’s bottom, of the children. While Saddam Hussein was being haunted down, and though I’d by a dream witnessed a huge container fall on him and declared him injured indefinitely. I not only by bible prophecy placed him ( Hussein/Islamic reign), in the whitehouse, but as America’s President, I made him the most powerful world leader.
    -Only President Barack, Hussein Obama administration was given exactly two weeks and seven years as it was founded upon a timetable already in progress (actually the prophet Daniel’s 70 weeks of years, 9-12 chapters), for some seven years now, Dec. 25th, 2001, come a weight of blood guilt. That until fifteen years, ten months and here lately, yet of Ezekiel 4, forty days be finished, horridly meaning, by the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas 2017, as not to exalt one day over another; that it is by something named a Noah’s (NOAA:s), cousin natural or nuclear, tens of millions US soil alone could be dead.
    -To say we now know what it is to be as the days of Noah; as those of Moses’ Exodus; as the days of early Prophets, especially Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel; even see here,; as the days of early Apostles, their very Actions to fulfillment; as John and Peter, seeing the end of everything, even this planet, is indeed, frightfully the understatement, get it, get Jesus and get (ascend) out of it, the only sacrifices God will blessed is now open to a world of exodus God’s Trump Jesus or America’s Truexit, Trump, decide, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

  • Cifer Therrien

    Things are beginning to get more serious

  • Corey DeFrancesco

    The day that it completely flips will be most scary. How much more time before the people realize the truth?

    • RAIN

      Corey… Corey??

      You one of them Corey boys what got “shafted”?

      Musta done funny things to your mind too.

  • Knowledge-Is-Powerful

    Pole shift is what makes the earth wobble… Ever wonder why some of the stars are out of line?

  • Cardinal Monte

    The rapidly weakening magnetosphere, which is something scientists have known about for years, is a major sign of an impending pole shift. Remember, the media started talking about this roughly 1.5 years ago, but attributed it to “climate change”… LOL! Seems they have the order of causation slightly backwards. But the bottom line is, the proof is out there, just have to do your research.

  • Andy

    a magnetic pole shift is going to be rather annoying for all creatures which use earths magnetosphere for navigation – we may also get to see aurora the globe over

    other than that? NADA

  • TheDirectHouseofDavid

    I hope everyone knows that Christ is here now ..!! Yes, the Moshiach is here now. He is confirmed by bloodline and in the Torah code. Pay attention. There is very little time remaining. Read Revelations 19:12 – His timing is perfect and his new name is Rayel of the branch of David. His name means Word of God. You will not know if you do not seek :!: :idea:

    • Mayhem

      David Koresh was a branch davidian as well, just saying.

    • Christian T

      And in this case you’d be better off if you don’t seek.

      Incidentally, you seem to have missed the scripture where Jesus tells us how to recognise the false messiahs – not that anyone is coming to our rescue, least of all Rael.

  • Greg

    Hard to deny the changes happening worldwide… unusual weather patterns and eerie trumpet sounds… beached whales, fish and birds migrating off course…

    • Mayhem

      I’m from downunderland, as well as your future, and we’ve had whale strandings throughout all of my 50 plus years so nothing new about that and the unusual weather patterns theory has no data to back it.

      You’re either stupid, deceitful or about to prove me wrong with something more substantial than your opinion. So which will it be, Greg, balls in your court.

  • patann

    Article, We are really at the end of the end, and everything is going to cut loose back-to-back real quickly… Anyone who is numb will probably wake up, Article… numb is an understatement, more like comatose, even the Hawaiian inbound missile scare of a wake up call, is like it never, even happen, beware, Apb

    -After 31 years of seeing and prophesying major, major cataclysms happening from the west coast into midland America, especially Memphis, TN, even by dreams, it’s first, national evacuation. I’m saying right into the day or so prior to Hawaii incident I was warning about these very things these specific areas. Only like a week earlier, by a dream, I had someone approach me and ask me, as I was to be a guide, what are the secrets of Memphis? Caused me to then wonder about the New Madrid fault, and to question whose the actual sleeping giant, this fault line, Yellowstone, this pole shift, even the San Andreas, then of course there’s the pacific subduction zone, why I say, they’re all coming, get Jesus and get out, beware, Apb, The RAM

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