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Heads Way the Hell Up! Military Contractors Told to Prepare for Domestic Deployment (Videos)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 16:11
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Military contractors have been told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment. The Health Ranger offers more details on why military contractors are about to be deployed in the United States. Bottom line? You’ll BEG for them to help keep the peace and stop the riots.

Military contractors told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment

Mike Adams follow up video with more information

Domestic #deployment for #military contractors? MORE DETAILS

Sources Lion And Lamb

#civilunrest #military #martialLaw


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  • Anonymous

    Bush may have gained popularity from a false flag but that isn’t why it was done. It was just a by-product. They are about to take down the cabal. That will cause the riots because people are so clueless to what they have done.

    • Tom.E

      Right, but I think it’s a turf war for dominance between 2 factions of the cabal. Rothchild vs Bush, Trump being with Rothchild faction. If this sounds crazy I’ll explain my position in a post later when I have more time.

      • dennis48309

        Please give me whatever you are smoking. H.W. Bush is almost dead and his son is a flaming retard C student that couldn’t run a country if his life depended on it, not to mention Dubya was not even allowed CFR membership.

    • Anonymous

      I have a neighbor, who picks physical fights, is a petty vandal, files false police reports, talks about dying, and threatens to light everything on fire.

      I don’t personally believe that radicals are interested in a free marketplace of ideas, nor are they going to passively allow themselves to be purged from public life.

    • Busta Myth

      Whatever it is its will be iINSTIGATED by the Central Banksters like they will pull the Plug on Americas MASSIVE DEBTS

      Politics is a charade. We are bystanders. Both Trump and Putin are part of
      this classic Masonic dialectic. Of course, we prefer them but we are best forewarned.

      The bottom line: 1. The central bankers empower Freemasons to control society by fomenting division and championing both sides. <<<<<<

      This is why Trump is bound to disappoint (eg. no investigation of Pedogate, Clinton Foundation.) Also, just because some Freemasons pretend to champion the conservative values of nation, religion (God), race and family (gender), this doesn't discredit these values.

      The ILLUMINATI AGENDA ultimately is to re-engineer society by erasing them.

      PHOTO – (Left. Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain) of France

      Yeah Yeah we know, Hitler killed loads of Porch monkey Freemasons during WW2….so what?, they were useful idiots

      PHOTO – (Left, Hitler making the Triad Claw hand sign.)

      PHOTO – (Putin, Kissinger exchange Masonic handshake.)

      PHOTO – (Trump constantly makes Eye of Horus and Inverted Pyramid signs. Admits he is a Freemason)

      Freemasonry was behind all of the major players in WW2

      Freemasonry was behind the 'right-wing' Fascist Nazis. The Prussian Lodges in Germany were integral to building up the Nazi party. The Swastika is a symbol used in high Masonic Degrees today; apparently it is the ancient "Furthore" Rune Script for the letter "G", the most important and universal symbol in Freemasonry.

      ( Fascism is just as Masonic as Communism, hence their similarities.)

      Freemasonry was also behind the 'left-wing' Soviets. Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were all Masons. The flag of Communist East Germany featured the Masonic compass.

      Freemasonry was also behind the 'Capitalists.' Both Churchill and FDR were Masons.

      Politics and history are a charade. The real war is between Satanists and humanity. Freemasonry organizes our elections and wars so nations remain divided and are destroyed. (Thus British Masons betrayed British agents to the Nazis.) We are indeed mind prisoners of a satanic cult, mice in their laboratory.

      "Pope" Francis' Masonic Handshakes


      And in case you don't know, Kim Jong Rocketboy of North Korean was educated in the Lieberfeld state school in Masonic, Switzerland, not far from where the Bank of International Settlements is which is the mother of about 60 Plus Central Banks

      Kim also does the Masonic Hidden Hand and is a fan of Masonic architecture and Pyramids

      THE PARENT ORGANIZATION of the Bank of International Settlements in Masonic Switzerland IS THE UNITED NATIONS

      So, if the EVIL TRAITOROUS ELITES that OWN the CENTRAL BANKS DELIBERATELY CRASH THE US ECONOMY then the chances are that they will then use UN TROOPS to Quell the CHAOS, that they themselves orchestrated and started

      So yeah, HEADS UP !!


      • dennis48309

        Whatever you say retard. Trump worked out a deal with Saudi Arabia and they arrested all the traitors like Al-Waleed who were funding 9/11 and other terrorism. The puppet strings are cut and now all the Cabal traitors are running for cover.

        • Busta Myth

          Yes he did do a deal, he did a deal to sell Saudi Arabia another $350 Billion dollars in weapons and for the Saudis to invest (buy, own and Profit from $20 Billion dollars in Americas infrastructure…to be upped to $40 Billion dollars later on

          (the Bushes, the Clintons and Obama also sold the Saudis a few hundred billion dollars in weapons) so not much has changed there

          Putin just did a deal to sell the saudis a few billion dollars in weapons and granted them a license to manufacture Kalashnovs and ammunition in Saudi Arabia (that’s new)

  • Jnana Bhati dasa

    It is going to be the arrest of Hillary Clinton.

  • F16Hoser

    Contractor Soldiers will make good target practice in America. So will their family’s. Just saying… Chose Wisely my friend… :wink:

  • raburgeson

    If the people call invasion force on these contractors then the military can deploy. President Trump is the commander in chief of all the arm forces, not just the Marines. The nukes are mainly Air Force and NAVY. Why do you think Trump has the red button? Because he is the commander if chief.

  • dakota

    testing. testing

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