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While You Were Distracted by the Superbowl: House Passed Spy Bill and Facebook Got in Trouble

Monday, February 5, 2018 12:04
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By Lisa Haven


If you are a freedom loving patriot who values American principles, then you are likely already aware of the massive amount of censorship happening on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and other globalists linked organizations which target individuals who bring attention to their continuous, creepy corruption.

Considering Donald Trump is president, censorship has ignited and been set ablaze all across the world wide web. Alternative media news outlets are having to work double, with less pay, in order to get the truth out, while progressive news websites are being spring-boarded to the tops of search engines.

Well, I’ve Had ENOUGH! It’s about dang time we expose the corruption of these fakes and at least have a fair fighting chance to win the affection of the sleeping public who are continually being censored from the truth.

If there ever was a video that needs to go viral, it would be this one! Please forward this message to everyone you know… Otherwise, we could be looking at the rise of a ‘globalists network of brainwashed goons…’



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Total 16 comments
  • 2QIK4U

    I thought you guys didnt get paid anything doing this? Thats what several contributers told me….. ? Hmm

    • Just me

      Lisa has become the queen shill.

  • Pink Slime

    Well, I’ve Had ENOUGH! It’s about dang time we expose the corruption of these fakes and at least have a fair fighting chance to win the affection of the sleeping public who are continually being censored from the truth.

    That’s exactly what I do when people (like you) proclaim the Negro as “President”. So it depends on what you proclaim as truth. I base mine on FACTS.

    You base yours on how you FEEL. This is liberalism. And is very much represented by your communist-like flag. :cool:

    • Rockledge

      I didn’t vote for cheneys house boy obama either.
      But your childish posts make righties look like immature fools.
      “the negro”. Goddamn fool, what kind of schoolyard childishness is that?

      Obama was not the problem anyway, he is obviously another lackey to the neocons and just a placeholder until the corporations could get another stooge like reagan or bush in office.

      That is exactly why I hesitate to tell anyone I am registered as a republican, it seems that the republican party attracts the most intellectually and emotionally lacking white trash.

      And none of us know if our current “President” is anything but just another con job on us all.

      As it stands, he appears to be just playing another cat and mouse game with congress in order to amuse the herd.

      His name is obama. Learn it so as to stop appearing to be an 8th grade slow learner.


      • 2QIK4U

        S-O-E-T-O-R-O Non documented U.S Citizens are the Cause of Americas problems and you voted for one twice ! He should be in a refugee camp let alone on death row awaiting Execution. With the entire democrat party and dick cheney plus friends

        • Rockledge

          Yeah, I know, and it all must be true because the entertainers on AM talk radio told you so.
          The republican party has done far more to further the globalist agenda than the dems.
          The only difference is, the republicans are far more insidious about it and far better liars.
          As are the AM talk radio hosts who make a fat living entertaining intellectual midgets.

      • 2QIK4U

        I agree about Trump. Clinton should have been in cuffs in the first hour. When podesta spoke for her losing the election i had hoped Trump had instantly arrested her but it seems they all pass Go and collect $200 and Advancing to Mayfair while not going directly to jail.

      • Pink Slime

        LOL! obama? Or is it Barry, Harry, or whatever the Negro likes to call himself. Stop being a lover of Negroes. We freed them and now feed them.

        Let them go….. They hate your guts anyway. :lol:

  • unidentified

    more like planning todays market crash :sad: :wink:

  • Link

    So every year they put on the Superbowl so the politicians can sign bills and keep us at bay? Fucking bastards, I knew it!

    • Rockledge

      Actually, they put on these childish sports events because the immature herd will pay BIG money to the private enterprise known as “organized sports” and even volunteer to build their stores for them ( called “arenas”.

      They know that this country has had a declining IQ and the average intelligence has gotten so low that they can take advantage of any distraction available.

      Having one more smoke screen to occupy the easily amused herd can be exploited to their advantage.
      They would have the kids ball games either way.
      And of course, the fat lazy spoiled herd have their electronic toys and their SUVs as well as their idle entertainment, and are very easily manipulated and exploited, and the powers that be are experts at being the exploiters.
      As long as the herd has those things, everything is ok.

  • The Ferrett

    It looks like sh’e ready to laugh . .

  • freedomringsforall

    It doesn’t matter the NSA is tapped into the lines and they can decrypt everything and record everything over the internet.
    They don’t have to go to Google or anyone else to see everything happening on the internet.
    VPNs are a waste of money if you are talking about the NSA.

    They may stop your neighbor or some commercial entities or even most commercial entities but NSA – NO way

    • Rockledge

      Indeed. And it was the cheney administration that hammered laws through that allow them to do so, them and their imperialist fear mongering conning the public into supporting them.
      Again, both parties are the enemy of true patriotic flag waving Americans.

      • Just me

        Thank you – the sooner we get this the sooner we can fix it. Reps and Dems are the two legs of the NWO Beast – both going the same direction. Trump is no different – he’s just a fantastic self promoter.

        • Rockledge

          The herd will not get it.
          Typically anyone seeking real information is inspired to do so because they have a high enough intelligence to be able to understand what is going on.
          I am talking real attempts at gaining knowledge and the logic skills to synthesize that knowledge into possible scenarios.
          In other words, in order to figure this shit out you have got to at least be as intelligent as the evil bastards putting all this in motion, which, in the united states the herds average intelligence is no longer that high.
          And of course the educational systems are just brainwashing tools.

          By doing research and gaining real info, I am not talking about memorizing and regurgitating the shit they hear on talk radio and NPR as well as the news outlets.

          Even with this, the only real alternative we have is the net, and that is suspect as well, but at least it is so far free of the clutches of big brother.

          In reality the only conclusions any of us can make is that something is definitely wrong, and it could be this or that or the other. Government agencies and officials, the media, and all the conspiracy theorists are all dumping their own shit on us all and chances are we will never completely understand any of it in this life because it is all so very complex and corrupt, as well as insidiously masked.

          One thing we know for sure, and even the lowest intellectual tiers of the herd now realize, is that the shit just isn’t right.
          Sadly, it is far too late to do anything about it. The herd is brainwashed worse than moonies.

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