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America About to Suffer a Fatal Blow—This Report Prove it’s Worse Than You Thought

Friday, March 9, 2018 10:22
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By Lisa Haven


It’s now obvious that Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are on a “censorship rampage” that is targeting conservative and patriotic websites in order to silence any opposition to the New World Order or their globalists agenda.

Additionally, the systematic silencing of conservative views is deemed necessary by Democrats in order for them to gain control of our election and win seats in the House of Representatives during mid-term elections.

Anyone who loves the First Amendment should be outraged by this! Once they establish control, then they can move in to impeach our president and silence any opposition. This will put us in the pages of George Orwell’s 1984 novel.

Now is the time to stand against it! All that and more in this bombshell report…


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  • Hayduke

    Dear Sister Heaven,

    Youtube is a private corporation so guess what? If they want to “censor” this *** FAKE NEWS *** BS that is their right. They can shut down anyone they want. I actually commend them for this because I’m personally getting tired of watching Soros die five times and having several heart attacks. In addition to Nibiroobooboo hiding behind the Sun ready to obliterate da ‘Erf, every Wal-Mart being a FEMA camp with oodles of headloppers, and death trains.

    Oh, and the Gulf getting ready to blow up from methane. :eek: :cool:

    • Hayduke

      Plus, I can see why you love BIN so much, Sister Heaven. BIN actually censors REAL news. If something actually happens in the world, then BIN censors actual news. So, which is worse?

      Since you are click-whore of epic dimensions I guess that was a rhetorical question.

      It should also be known that BIN censors and takes down comments if the comment hits a little close to home. For example, this dumb-ass mod named Mike banned me and took my comment down just because I described a photo of you in vivid detail although I didn’t break any BIN regulation. You didn’t say anything about that now, did you? :smile:

      • Anonymous

        “BIN actually censors REAL news. If something actually happens in the world, then BIN censors actual news. So, which is worse?”

        Reality violates BIN terms of service. Besides, so few would understand it.

    • Anonymous

      What you’re advocating really would bring on the apocalypse, though. Well, among the click whores. They would have to get a real job! Stop lying!! (For Jesus, of course.) ****** BONE CHILLING!!! ****** (No Video)

      • Hayduke

        Brother Anonymous,

        No. “CHILLED TO DA BONE”. There IS a difference. :smile:

        • Anonymous

          I do declare I can see the distinction. Saw Brother Hodges, aka Mr. Potato Head, or maybe it was Jelly Rolls, or both, getting all jacked-up every click monkey, click chimpanzee, baboon and great white ape needs to write Trump (Do these people have a plastic Trump on their dashboards? And does he strike them as a fellow tin foil hat?), make Trump demand that tin foil hats are allowed to stink-up anybody’s web platform they wish, for free, while sending everybody who doesn’t communicate in some white trash Esperanto or carry on a running dialog with Star Trek on their TV heading for the exit, and pay them for ruining the neighborhood. It’s like inviting Bubba and his skinhead buddies, no, correction, it’s like Bubba, et al, think they have a right to gut and barbecue a wild pig in your living room, or turn your home into a crack house, should even be compensated for it. And let’s face it: do advertisers generally want to target delusional idiots?

          I stopped using YouTube years ago, because I refuse to spend hours finding something that was worth booting the computer for. There are page after page of useless, idiot videos, for many topics. Who is going to watch all that, pick through some landfill, until you find something worthwhile? I read for knowledge, choosing the subject and serious material on the subject. If a video is involved, I want something real, 100% honest, always, on topic and of depth I can learn from. Only this works, intellectually. Anything else is a real waste of time. It’s like Facebook. Every moron thinks they’re a star, that is, especially morons, the idiocy of deception and narcissism going hand in hand, these manipulative, center of attention, control freaks most people won’t long tolerate in their lives, in person. You pay them, reward them, and that’s just toxic. This is a slippery slope that has turned the cyber neighborhood into a ghetto, this rewarding deception and stupidity, simply insane for any society. This is one very poisonous departure from the past, that these narcissistic, deceptive idiots and devils have a platform, that every crackpot expects society to now support them, too stupid to realize they never had a right to an audience to use, abuse and disrespect.

          Screw YouTube and screw Facebook. Unless I’m looking for something quite explicit to research, I refuse to have my intelligence insulted, by any lying son of a bitch who thinks they have a right to set the agenda. It makes absolutely no sense to even allow this delusional, Satanic propaganda into your mind, is of no profit, whatsoever: it only detaches people from reality who are snookered by any of it, damages their thinking. It’s evil. Lying is evil, one of the big ten evils, and at around the top of that list. I have never tolerated any delusional idiot to get in my face and run off at the mouth, leech my time, so why would I allow somebody on YouTube to do that?

          There are people on BIN who are way out in left field of literally mentally ill paranoia, obsessed every Baskin Robbins flavor of boogeymen that DON’T EVEN EXIST! These people think they’re living Twilight Zone episodes, it’s just that silly. They think there’s all this classified information on the web. They believe there are conspiracies of thousands and tens of thousands. They believe every false prophet, though they’re always proven liars, none of it comes to pass, though a true theologian knows there are NO extra-Biblical prophets of the future, even believe these crackpots who write for God in the first person, in Dick and Jane English, bad grammar and all! (God became illiterate, you see.) It’s pitiful. These clickbait headlines? Let’s just be frank. These home baked narcissists and semi-literate journalist wannabes and plagiarizers of other websites are real morons, that can only hold an audience of morons that don’t mind being lied to and manipulated for clicks, must be too stupid to fail to be insulted by it, not see what’s going on, how they’re being used, and that’s really is a poor, dumb slob that is just a click monkey. No wonder they can’t use whole sentences. It really is sad, to be serious.

    • harry

      Point well taken- but “Lisa has a point” – how will the truth be exposed? I actually agree with your comment and welcome your comment on BFN – because you do have an alternative view that is worth reading. Why do I go to BFN? Because the mainstream media just fills the pages with far left opinions they try to pawn off as facts. If youtube does effect a censorship – who controls the news? The real news? No one! Where will one go to find the truth?

      • Anonymous

        We all agree Lisa has a point. On top of her head. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying her talents are a total waste, believe she could use those barn burner headlines and tell a really scary ghost story to Boy Scouts, maybe do Mr. Ed impressions. In the name of the little children and for Jesus, of course, even for a discount, if you use the coupon code.

        “Where will one go to find the truth?”

        If you didn’t have BIN? One supposes you’d have to go back to your comic book collection. But you’ll be alright, as long as you don’t believe your lying eyes, start asking for evidence, like all the deep state comments section paid shills do, or think for two seconds, just heaven forbid on that count! (Especially if you see these two worlds, “critical thinking”, immediately move on: that’s the NWO trying to fool you and then snatch you bald.)

        I wouldn’t worry. I doubt BIN is going anywhere. They will keep Googling, then copying and pasting all the usual classified information. So you’ll stay up to date on secrets of the universe, hidden by God Himself for millennia, until YouTube came along. You’ll be kept apprised of everything going on at the CIA, the NSA, in Trump’s office, in Putin’s office, in Kim’s office, including everything whispered, as well as the diabolical Zionist plans being hatched, deep beneath the Antarctic or New Mexico wastelands, chemtrail reports to let you know when it’s safe to go outside, get to hear from all the replacement Jesuses and monetizing, new prophets on the web. You’ll get fair warning of when FEMA is going to act on the dot of death placed on your mailbox by the Post Office, and, like me, you’ll manage to survive the past 2,384 daily outbreaks of WWIII and economic collapses, most of which we managed to prevent, by a BIN patriot (cough, cough) spilling those true beans in a must see, bone chilling, monetized YouTube video, that really must be scary to all the little children and furry creatures, too. I wouldn’t know, as I’m not fool enough to be suckered… I mean, uh, well, too busy to watch the videos, I meant to say.

        Correction. Maybe I didn’t survive the last outbreak of WWIII and was replaced by a crisis actor. I ask myself that sometimes, when I’m not busy inventorying and stocking my bugout bag, or mapping the woods. Say! Do you know where I can get some Slender Man repellent?

        • Hayduke

          Another up-vote. For Jesus, of course.

        • Hayduke

          When you are literally afraid of everything in BIN including clouds, bunny rabbits, stars in the sky, and choclolate milk…lol…I mean what chance do you have in life, really? :smile:

      • Jerry

        As mass arrests are made, the news services will no longer be held to putting out fake news as they will be free from the deep state. The people will learn the truth from real, not actor journalists as you will find our mainstream news once again becomes a trusted source of information.

  • diane

    Censorship is already on Before Its News. As I said last night much of the time they swipe off the articles with my comments minutes after my posting.

    So, I do believe censorship is rampant. Yes, and I am waiting for the day when Lisa will interview me, a targeted woman for over four years. My daughter was destroyed by the group that has been targeting me with Stonr’d, emf, microwaves, implants and poisons.

    I have proof, my boyfriend is an electronic engineer, and I have electronic data proving the emf’s. I have photo’s and x rays showing bogus data. Dental X-rays showing the tracking implants. Also a microphone which was shoved on my chest during surgery. Come on Lisa get courageous interview a targeted woman. My father inlaw was a four star Adm. Was I targeted because of something he knew? or did, perhaps a stand he might have taken against the drug wars in the 1980′s. My daughter was targeted on campus with drugs, she was 15 years old. My father in law Admiral WFA Wendt hated drugs! He met with President Reagan in 1984. Did they discuss this issue, did it get back to the CIA? My life, and my daughters life changed after that meeting between President Reagan, and Admiral WFA Wendt, my father inlaw. I wonder how long this comment will be on.

    Lisa, you are missing out on a great interview to “touch” the ‘Deep State’. Oh by the way, Orwell’s 1984 has been in our midst for a long time.

  • Jerry

    Hi Liza. I like you and appreciate your efforts to inform, but you are always so negative. You focus on only the negative and spread fear. Are you aware the more you spread fear, the more you contribute to what you fear happening? We are creative beings, so we need to focus on what we want the world to be, not what we don’t want. I hope you are not offended by what I am saying. It isn’t my intention to offend, but to help you become aware. We are close to the end of this course and love and peace will be coming soon with a few bumps along the way. All is well, so please remain calm and know God is in charge and our path has already been determined. We will have major changes and it will take a couple years to reorganize to a totally new lifestyle. It will be one of love and cooperation after the changes take place. Be well, think positive and be love. Thanks for listening. :o )

  • CUB4DK

    Oh, and the Gulf getting ready to blow up from methane. :eek:

    I hope that your being facetious here Anonymous…lol. I have been into conspiracy theories for 8 years and there definitely is a lot of bullshit to weed through. Especially after Trumps “FAKE NEWS” comment…he seems to have stirred up all the chickens in the hen house…lol
    Best Regards, Dr. Cannabis Rex

    • Hayduke

      I was being facetious, Sir. Thankfully that danger has finally passed, and the planet Nibiroobooboo took its place. :smile:

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