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Q Anon: New Posts – What! Is Q and Trump the Same? Watch the Hand Signal and the Verbatim Language Q Used in His Post! Plus: We Were Sold Out! (Video)

Thursday, March 8, 2018 20:19
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Terri Hoskins23 minutes ago (edited)Watch the beginning of Trump’s speech for the steel tariffs today…watch it slow and careful.  Q has said “set the stage” a few times, and very recently.  Trump explains they had to “set the stage” and while he is saying “set the stage” watch his hand/arm.  He makes a Q!!!  How exciting!  How confirming!  Go look :) 


Here’s a freaky thought: Just what if Q gets traced back to Trump? WHAT!

Q ANON: Latest New Posts – “We were sold out”

Source Just Informed Talk

#Qanon #politics #corruption #sabbotage 


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  • Anonymous

    Perhaps this is what the Q distraction is all about. A group of scientists claim to have completed a seven year study that proves without a doubt that the Earth is motionless and definitely NOT a spinning ball. Full documentary to be released on Mar 29th 2018.
    Houston, we have a big fraud problem.

    • Hayduke

      huh? :cool:

    • Hayduke

      If this were true, wouldn’t that mean that half da ‘Erf would always be in sunlight like da Moon? I’ll bet you $300 right now that this is *** FAKE NEWS ***. But hey, as far as BIN goes this is real as it gets. Do they think da ‘Erf is flat too? Maybe that’s their second documentary. :smile:

      • Anonymous

        If it is true, it would sure explain why the criminals are attacking the second amendment and are so desperate to disarm us. It would mean that billions of dollars are owed to the public. There will have to be reparations, jail sentences, wealth confiscation and millions of fraudulent occupations will have to retrain into honest jobs.
        There is ample evidence all along the coastline that the scientists are right but I suggest you contact the scientists at I suspect that they will be more than happy to relieve you of your $300.

        • Hayduke

          How about a side bet just between you and I? If da ‘Erf winds up being shaped like a toilet, you win. If da ‘Erf winds up being a sphere, I win.

          What do you say??? :cool:

          • Anonymous

            I’d do it in person but I never said anything about a toilet. I will only bet you that we are not living on a spinning ball. You will have to give me your email. Willing to put it on here? I doubt it.

          • Anonymous

            Can I get me a side bet, too, dat da ‘Erf is shaped like a spherical toilet? (Dats called a great BIN compromise. Warning you, I gots real blurry pictures to prove it, and a video, where I talk at my laptop and should be paid millions for you to see me talk at my laptop.)

            And you better not wind it, because dats really da ‘Erf flush handle, though it look like a key to a set of plastic Lisa Haven chattering teeth. On second thought, maybe it needs be we wind it.

            Hi, Screw Diligence.

      • Anonymous

        Paid comments shill o’ da New World Odor! You well know da ‘Erf is just a crisis actor prop. If you go to the other side of the mountains, wearing Dave Hodges goggles of the Apocalyptic Era of Hermetically Sealed Freeze Dried Cheeseburgers of Certain Doom, which is daily and already upon us, by the way, you’ll see da ‘Erf ends with a wall, back side made of a network of two-by-fours, a lot of them even borrowed, during HAARPed storms and on the foggiest chemtrail days, for Jews and Jesuit Freemasons to use, to shoot the town scenes in movies like Tombstone, which, by the way, starred da Earp. (Illuminautical prophetic connection, like The Simpsons.) Everything else is just a prop. That’s why the Zionist Jew deep state killed so many climbers on Mt. Everest: climbers made it up, but never made it down. What did they see? Think about it! But you probably already knew that, if you’re on the Project Blueballs intergalactic super secret, deep state news feed, hidden, except for on Google and YouTube.

        • Anonymous

          Ha ha, Real science can make theories look like fraud very quickly. Related> Notice how the staged shootings are located in Fool Schools, controlled environments?

        • Hayduke

          Another up-vote. Getting tired of this. :cool:

  • Hayduke

    I think that Putin is really Q and he’s just having a little fun at our expense. :smile:

  • Hayduke

    Look at what we have here! We have Anonymous trolling BIN, no make that TWO Anonomouses trolling BIN closely followed by a butt-hurt Anonomous who thinks da ‘Erf is not round but shaped like a toilet, and yet ANOTHER Anonomous who doesn’t know WTF is going on.

    See why I love me BIN in da morning??? :lol: :cool:

  • The Ferrett

    Q Anon correctly identifies a global elite that is evil, satanic, and bent on pedophilia. In his descriptions, this elite group deals with international human trafficking, it orchestrates false flag events to advance its agenda, and conducts occult rituals behind closed doors. It owns and uses Hollywood, mainstream media and social networks to control the narrative and to censor the truth. All true, but he NEVER mentions Jewish involvement in anything.

    In short, Q Anon is just too slick for my liking. It’s professionally presented and oozes money with a media exposure that has become phenomenal in record quick time. The most obvious thing about Q is that he is unashamedly 100% pro-Trump and in full accord with Trump’s entire political agenda. From a PR perspective alone, it is an effective and innovative way of bolstering support for Trump while bypassing mass media.

    Is Trump truly taking down a network of globalist Satanists? Is this why 90% of the media coverage of Trump is negative? Conversely, is The Storm actually a way of gaining the support of “truthers” while, in actuality, no storm is actually happening? Could it be the most elaborate LARP in human history, conducted by a brilliant troll?

    One thing is for sure: There is something profoundly messianic about the Q phenomenon. Prophecies of great tribulations and promises of delivering the world from Satan’s followers indeed take on epic, biblical proportions. Through “miraculous” tweets and pictures, Q has converted droves of skeptics into devout followers who are now believers and are ready to spread his word. Q himself adds to this mystique by often mentioning God and quoting the Lord’s Prayer, no doubt for Christian Zionist support.

    So, is Q the real deal? I seriously doubt it, as the track record of global elite exposure by serious truthers in the past has usually always led to their quick demise . . .

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