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The Deeper Reason for Drug Ads on Television

Sunday, March 11, 2018 7:26
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The deeper reason for drug ads on television

By Jon Rappoport

Television viewers are inundated with drug ads from Big Pharma. It’s a flood.

Have you ever heard of these drugs? Otezla, Xeljanz, Namzaric, Keytruda, Breo, Cosentyz? Not likely. If you have, do you know what conditions they treat? Highly unlikely. But there they are, splashed in commercials.

Why? Who is going to remember to ask their doctor whether these and other obscure meds are right for them?

What’s going on here?


If Pharma can pay enough TOTAL money for ads, for ALL drugs, and dominate the allotted TV time for commercials, it can control the news—and that is exactly what it wants to do.

Pharmaceutical scandals are everywhere. Reporting on them, wall to wall, isn’t good for the drug business. However, as an industry ponying up billions of dollars for TV ads, Pharma can limit exposure and negative publicity. It can (and does) say to television networks: If you give us a hard time on the news, we’ll take our ad money and go somewhere else. Boom. End of problem.

Face it, the billions of dollars Pharma is paying for TV ads are a drop in the bucket, compared with its profits gained from selling the drugs. The ads are a good investment. As a bribe.

Control the news.

There is another reason for the insane flood of TV drug ads:

By their sheer number, they convince viewers that medical drugs (no matter what they are) are absolutely necessary.

Hour by hour, viewers numbly watch drug commercial after commercial. The overall message is: To keep illness from your door, to cure illness, to alleviate illness, you must take these medicines. THIS IS LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. You’re all sick, and you need help, and this is the ONLY kind of help there is.

The drug companies could invent names of fake drugs that don’t even exist, advertise them in a cascade on television, with the same intent. DRUGS ARE AS VITAL TO LIFE AS WATER OR AIR.

But what about all those dire warnings of side effects from the drugs? By law, the companies must include them in their commercials. Well, the companies have calculated that, on balance, the stark, front-line, unending message of DRUGS, DRUGS, AND MORE DRUGS will outweigh the warnings in viewers’ minds.

If the television audience is nailed with the idea that they can’t escape; that their health always hangs in the balance; that dire illnesses are always waiting in the shadows to strike; that the slightest ache or pain could be a precursor to a crippling or fatal disease; and drugs are the only solution and protection—they’re going to overlook the warnings about side effects.


That’s the approach. Pharma is blasting out 24/7 news asserting modern medicine’s central and commanding role in the life of every human.

It’s a gigantic and stupendous piece of mind control, but when did that ever stop tyrants from inventing reality for the masses?

Implicit in “ask your doctor if drug X is right for you,” is the message: “go to your doctor.” That’s the key. If the ads can put a viewer into the system, he will be diagnosed with something, and he’ll be given a drug for it.

So the drug ads are also promotions for doctors, who are the arbiters and the decision makers. Some kind of medical need (drugs) always exists—and the doctor will tell you what it is. And all patients should OBEY. Even if, in the process, they go broke.

Take the case of Opdivo, a drug that treats squamous non-small cell lung cancer. Cost? $12,500 a month. Patients on Medicare will pay $2500 a month out of their own pockets. And the result?

Wall St, Journal: “In the clinical study on which the Opdivo ad bases its claims, the drug extended median patient survival to 9.2 months from the start of treatment…”

The cancer patient pays $22,500 for nine months of survival, during which the suffering continues, and then he dies.

The ad isn’t mentioning THAT.

The ad relies on the doctor to convince the patient to go along with this lunatic program.

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years.




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  • Pateriot

    Odd thing. Has anyone else noticed that most of the drug ads lately feature a mixed race couple or family with the guy being white and the woman of African descent? Neither here nor there… just odd. As if there is some cultural agenda they all suddenly want to push.

    • Ted

      The television networks must be playing both sides of that. It seems there is a law firm advertising a class-action suit against drug companies, for every drug ad! :wink:

    • Pink Slime

      Yes, I have noticed that too. Negroes all over the place. In ads, movies, TV – MUST INCLUDE a NEGRO!!

      But I also see, unbelievably mixed race couples holding hands and stuff like that.

      LL Bean (who recently decided not to sell long-arms to under age 21) shows lots and lots of Negroes in their Winter ads. Yeah, Negroes in cold country.

      This company is becoming a politically correct entity and filled with moronic white guilt. :???:

    • Rockledge

      It isn’t just drug ads.
      It is everything.

      When I see a company advertising with that kind of pandering, fuck em, I buy a different product.

      Vote with your dollars. Every dollar you spend is a vote.

  • Hayduke

    I like all of the disclaimers.

    “If your dick falls off, your heart quits beating, you stroke out, or you have a hard-on lasting 10 days or more, see your doctor immidiately”!!! :shock: :eek:

  • Anonymous

    “If you give us a hard time on the news, we’ll take our ad money and go somewhere else. Boom. End of problem.”

    For once, a conspiracy with merit, that passes muster with critical thinking. (You must have posted to the wrong website, or your browser was hijacked! Facts and truth violate the terms of service at BIN.) I agree, something I surmised long ago: all these ads make precious little sense, if sales is the goal. The patient does not prescribe their treatment or drugs. Sure, some doctors are in the pocket of pharma, get perks for quotas, but, by and large, a doctor prescribes what’s best and required, not from a patient coming to them thinking they need a new drug, because they saw it on TV, and the doctor throwing their therapy to the wind, to prescribe some new drug that’s even unproven, over the long haul. Doctors, as a matter of fact, resist the newest therapies, unless the drug has no tried and true antecedent. It’s idiotic to spend the huge sums of money pharma does, just to try and lasso some few patients who have a doctor they can dictate their own therapy to. Prescribing drugs is not a popularity contest. Neither are you going to rally, as if, some grass roots movement of cheerleaders, to overwhelm the entire medical profession with demands for some new drug, enough to make trying to get patients involved worthwhile, for the huge sums they’re spending on advertising. People are mainly going to take a piss or hit the mute, while they’re pitching the latest dumb name (can you get over the ridiculous names?) in overpriced drugs. Yep, you could say, “Ads, tens of millions. Covering up the sicker and the dead, priceless.”

    Excellent article. This is BIN. Are you running a fever? Better turn on your TV, to find out what to tell your doctor to prescribe, from the latest offering of petroleum distillates and Franken-chemicals a body doesn’t fully know even what to do with.

    Oh! And something else, if you want to hear a real hoot. If you’ve read many drug data sheets, many drugs they’re not sure even how they work, nor the long term effects on human physiology: it’s right there, in black and white. Classic examples are many psychotropics. Yet this is fine with the FDA. We’ll check the body count in a decade or two. Maybe it’s the trial lawyers, pulling everybody’s strings! (That was just a joke. No, I don’t have a collection of tin foil hats.)

  • Pink Slime

    TRUE! You should read the ads flooding all major magazines. This is to convince you to go to a doctor and mention this so-and-so drug says it can cure my my (insert symptom) and this FORCES the doctor to subscribe the drug or at least take note of it or it may work the other way around.

    But you should read the side-effects of many of these drug. The “Frankenstein” effect, as I like to call it. :twisted:

  • truck driver

    Pharmaceutical companies alter your children’s brain with vaccines they have to take to go to school. And the side effects force children to become blind, paralyzed or kill themselves

  • Rockledge

    Back in the 50s and 60s people didn’t know what “dandruff” was nor did they consider it until shampoo companies convinced them that having visible dandruff turned them into lepers, there was an experiment, either intentional or accidental, to see just how gullible the buying public is.

    I suspect all these drug adds are the same thing, to introduce people to sickness they didn’t know they had until being told that taking longer to piss when you get old is a serious problem that needs medical attention.

    They are simply to turn us into a nation of hypochondriacs.

    Which, to a greater degree, is how the medical/insurance monolith got a grip on us.
    We already are hypochondriacs. The drug companies just exploit the fact and increase the rolls.

    • Rockledge

      I quit doctors and the poisons they fed me ( I was up to meds a day at one point) and started eating right and using herbs, and within months I went from being a sick tired old bastard that was near bedridden at times in agony to having my health back and functioning every day.

      Fuck doctors and the medical industry. Unless I break a leg or get busted up because of having some illegal run a stop sign or something and a squad takes me away, I can do just fine with reefer and aspirin.

      And NONE of the side effects and horrid withdrawals their dope laid on me.

  • raburgeson

    Black box cures are coming or we go to Russia to get cured. Big Pharma is going to die completely. It is going to be cures and no treatment in the future. The US has been hiding electromagnetic cures since the 30s when Tesla and Rife invented it. We expect full disclosure on all scientific advancements all the way to present.

  • wunmansho

    Drugs are necessary. They are a part of life. Everyone should be on 3 or 4 different meds at all times. Drugs are miracles. They are our savior. You are dangerous if you dont do what they say. We have no choice but to spend our money as were told. Obommy said so….

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