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Dog Chained in the Rain Lights Up When He Sees Someone Approaching to Help (Video)

Monday, April 17, 2017 6:04
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(N.Morgan) One of the saddest things to see is a dog, left outside to endure the brutal elements, chained or tethered and obviously forgotten, neglected, and ignored.

Belinda discovered two dogs living abandoned in her neighborhood, and she took them in. Giving them food and a home was easy, but her landlord did not allow dogs in the house she was renting, so she had to keep them outside. And without a fenced yard, that meant Mama and Oreo had to be chained.

One day, Mama broke free of her chain, and wandered away. But Mama and Belinda were lucky, because the County animal control officers brought Mama back home and shared with Belinda, now Mama’s human ‘Mama’, some very special contact information which would change their lives.

In the last several years, organizations have been popping up all over the world to help rescue these precious souls and give them the loving, happy, free lives they deserve, one such group is Coalition to Unchain Dogs.

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs is an organization that “improves the welfare of dogs living in under-served communities as well as dogs continuously chained outdoors by offering information and free services including wellness care, spay/neuter, vaccinations and fences. By providing nonjudgmental assistance and building relationships within the community, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs bolsters connections between dogs and their human companions.:

In the video below, see how rescued dogs Mama and Oreo react when the rescuers let them off of their leashes and they get their first real taste of freedom.

The compassion demonstrated by the rescuers for these precious beings is awe inspiring. 

Please visit Coalition to Unchain Dogs’ website for more information and learn ways you can help.




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Total 18 comments
  • billybob

    chain the owner of the dog and let them spend some time in the weather on the end of a chain.

    • Cinders777

      Some people can’t afford to build kennels, you numb nuts! Having a dog on a chain doesn’t mean they don’t love their dogs. Thankfully there are people like this organization who help those who can’t afford to build kennels for their dogs.

      Why don’t you go rail on a people issue that’s really important? :!: :!: :!: :!:

      • Me

        If you can’t afford to give dogs what they need, then you should make the choice to not have dogs, like I had to. I’m not home enough to give one the attention it requires, so I don’t have one.

  • Leo

    Great story in the midst of all the hell that is going on in the world :cool:

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3,

    Charlie here. I would be more worried about the hundreds of people that get bitten or maimed by these dogs ending up dead or in the trauma centers across this nation.

    Horrible sight, ghastly wounds, terrible – no words for it. Physically and psychologically scarred for life. No animal is worth a human life. The worse is children getting killed or bitten by them. I can’t imagine the trauma on these little ones or their families when they are MAULED to death.

    Won’t you visit one of these victims in a hospital today, or pay your respects if they did not survive? :cry: :cry:


    Charlie (offering doughnuts might come in handy at this time) :???: :???:

    • Mayhem

      That’s the way, Pinky, blame the dogs and not the parents that couldn’t be bothered teaching their children that eyeballing a dog from up close while baring ones teeth (smiling) and patting the dog on the head is a recipe for disaster.

      Sure there’s overly aggressive dogs about, i’ve got scars that attest this fact, but i’ve never been bitten unless i was encroaching on the dog’s safe space (territory) and had ignored the warning growls.

      Register owners, not dogs, and part of the process is proving owners have the means to provide proper care.

      • Cintus Supremus

        Put the children on the chains.

        Problem solved.

        Everybody wins.

        • Mayhem

          Yeah… no… although, wait, do you mean “raise em right and metaphorically beat some sense into em so the chilluns don’t get tripped up by their stoopid too often”?

          • Cintus Supremus

            Well, sure. I mean, you could do that too. I guess.

          • The Clucker

            When I was about 8 or so my dad got us a family dog. He was a beautiful husky mix with one blue eye and one brown. We raised him from the age of puppy to the ripe old age of 1 1/2. Some of the neighborhood kids were over and this really stupid little girl about my age picked up a stick and started whackin’ friendly ol’ Freddie in the head with it.

            He clamped his jaws around her forearm and snapped it in half. He wouldn’t let go either. My pops had to come outside and save her stupid arse. Her worthless bum of a dad tried to sue but was only given money for the medical bills. (Should have taught his kid how to treat animals, considering that they had their own dogs.) Her dad was well known as the town drunkard. He ran his own business fixing boat motors. The only problem was he’d take people’s money then never fix their boats. When they came back to complain he didn’t have their money anymore.

            Stupid people raise stupid kids, stupid kids abuse dogs, stupid kids get their medical bills paid for by the insurance company of owner of said dog, then Freddie gets euthanized. Unfortunately that’s the end of that story.

          • Mayhem

            Ban all dogs with one blue eye and one brown eye!

      • Pink Slime

        Oh, I see. BLAME the parents! Gotcha!! Bad parents, BAD parents for feeding your children to the dogs.

        BAD PARENTS! NO DOUGHNUTS!!! :lol:

        • Mayhem

          Generally speaking, Pinky, yes parents should not allow their children to approach any dog on a chain. Further more they shouldn’t allow their children unsupervised access to any dog not well known to them.

          I know there are exceptions and i’ll thank you kindly not to strawman me into defending them (i bet you don’t even know what that means) all i’m saying is understanding “dog speak” will go a long way toward preventing horrific encounters.

          Feeding their children to the dogs? Don’t be so melodramatic.

  • Cousin_Jack

    How do you think this dog felt when found? Mark my words, I’d make you wish for a nail to be driven in your head, words can’t describe how animal cruelty makes feel, really they can’t.

  • Andy

    a million innocent people (nearly half of them children under the age of 5) die every week due to a lack of food, clean water and a simple vitamin A pill


    this is a big part of what’s wrong with our “civilization” – lets save the dogs while millions of humans die,,, lets cut the CO2 while we pollute literally every corner of this planet,,, let’s worship our fav fairy-tale character while we literally rape/pillage/plunder/pollute & destroy everything we touch with everything we do

    time to grow up – or go down

    • Mayhem

      That’s sound criticism, Andy, with which i mostly agree.

      But i bet you can’t figure out what i meant by “mostly”.

      Give it a go, you might surprise me.

  • sarah

    What a nice thing kindhearted people did for these animals.

    If everyone would help just a little others and the animals to find some happiness along life’s way what a better place the world would be.

  • The Real Deal

    I knew the video was going to make me ball my eyes out, and i watched it anyways. Love dogs.

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