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Chained Dogs Abandoned to Die Alone in Hurricane Harvey Floods (Videos)

Friday, September 1, 2017 4:25
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(N.Morgan) Hurricane Harvey has brought devastation and destruction to many parts of Texas, and as rescuers and media enter so many of these flooded areas, they have made the heart-wrenching discovery that pets, especially dogs, had been left behind when people evacuated. 
Despite advanced warnings from authorities of the need to make arrangements for yourself and your pets, not everyone heeded the information, resulting in these heartbreaking photos of dogs left in harms way emerging on social media. 

Even though many families were able to evacuate with their dogs, evidence is showing that a number of dogs were just left behind. 
Many were found having taken shelter on a tiny patch of higher ground, but the number of dogs found chained or simply tied up and abandoned to fend for themselves as the floodwaters caused by tropical storm Harvey rose around them is shocking.

With the heavy rains continuing and waters still rising from both the natural disaster and those man-made disasters like the release of water from dams, anyone who chained or tied a dog to poles or trees handed them a death sentence.

Thankfully, many of the courageous bystanders who saw these dogs in trouble never thought twice before wading in to save them, and although greatly overwhelmed, the humane societies and authorities want to help save them also, and are taking each report seriously.
These two dogs were chained up on properties, but photographer Ruaridh Connellan untied them and took them to safety.

Not all of the dogs were found chained, some were simply left behind. Fortunately for this dog, a kind neighbor took him in.

My neighbor left their dog out in the back yard and evacuated… so lord knows I took him and brought him into my house ????

— Cøurtney∞ (@weiszass8) August 25, 2017


One reporter covering the hurricane captured this photo below. At least their family had the good sense to put the two dogs in a boat.



“Sadly a family had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood in Dickinson, #Texas without their dogs,” the reporter wrote. “Hope they’re ok. #houston”

He later added, “I should add, I think the people have every intention of coming back to get the dogs,” he wrote.

“Food was left behind and I suspect it had to be a tough choice and that they will come back for them as soon as they can.”

Other dogs have been found trying to find dry ground or something to hang on to, like this dog did to a guard rail.

Fortunately for him, he was rescued by 4 Paws Farm, who are in Texas and working tirelessly to help save stray and abandoned dogs.

Not every dog has been so lucky. One person shared this sad photo of a dog killed by the other dangers caused by a hurricane and flooding – downed electrical wires.

“Neighbors evacuated yesterday. They left their fur baby behind. He was electrocuted at 5:30 a.m. He was a beautiful German Shepherd.”


Ahead of the storm, law enforcement agencies urged dog owners to unchain their pets.

The Roman Forest Police Department issued a stern warning on Facebook, after witnessing some dogs left chained outside homes.

They explained that their chief had witnessed a chained dog drown during a past flood, writing,

“The dog barked and barked as the water kept rising until the water got high enough and the barks stopped.”



“Please do not keep your family members tied to a rope or chain. It is against the law to keep a dog on a chain during extreme weather conditions,” they wrote.

“I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains they’re dog in extreme weather conditions,” Chief Carlisle added. “Dogs are your family members too.”

In the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, some 250,000 animals died or were displaced.

If you are looking for ways to help stray animals stranded by Hurricane Harvey, contact a Texas animal shelter or rescue organization and see how you can help.

Many are looking for temporary foster caregivers, food supplies and funds.

How you can help in the effort to save these animals:

At this time, Houston PetSet is looking into how we can be a resource and potentially partner with our civic leaders, law enforcement and national partners to support those working “in the trenches” to make a difference.

In response to an outpouring of support from friends both near and far – even friends from across the globe! – we have set up a Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund to begin raising the critical funds that will be necessary for animal rescue and welfare-related efforts.

If you are so inspired, please consider making a donation and Houston PetSet will be sure your dollars are used wisely in helping all animals and their owners affected in our community.

If you are an existing Houston PetSet Grantee in need of emergency funding, please send an email with details including an estimated budget and your plan to spend the funds to serve animals and their owners in affected areas to for our review and consideration.

Thank you all for your support during this time of tragedy. Together, we can help alleviate suffering caused by Hurricane Harvey… For The Animals!

To make a donation, go HERE


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  • The Real Deal

    I’m a huge dog lover. Thank you for sharing, N.

    • Equalizer

      Damn those liberals! No respect for life whatsoever!

      • Equalizer

        Thank God ANTIFA and their abuse of domesticated animals and civil humans is being aggressively addressed! ANTIFA Berkeley,CA location Kills with no recourse!!!

        • Equalizer

          Recent veterinary research has clearly shown that true “libertarians” and “conservatives” love their animals and treat them with generosity, kindness and respect. ANTIFA atrocity of life must be STOPPED!

          • Equalizer

            “Real” pet-lovers protect their animals as their own family, no distinguishable separation of life and love. Ponder this question with Bill Clinton and Al Gore…good luck!

      • Anonymous

        Its a bad scene all round.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      Having fun talking with yourself?

      The Equalizer = BIN’s average user

  • Anonymous

    No offense is intended toward the OP, per se.

    But, I am suspicious of whether the same, chief praetor, complaining, here, has restricted the movement of free people, to tend to their households.

    Is it necessarily their fault.

    • Anonymous

      Citizens, in violation of mandatory evacuation orders, are regarded along the lines of dangerous intruders.

      Independent animal-rescuers can be endangered, so that the crony, statist, in uniform, can make these heroic tweets and fb posts. :roll:

      He is triggering people, emotionally, for the sake of Marxist propaganda.

      I am not saying that this the contributor’s fault, necessarily.

      I would also encourage the private pet owners to be responsible as humanly possible. If you walk your dogs, it will always, always be the same kinds of people — in the way of longstanding stereotypes — who need a minder. Captain America, here, enforces their social promotions, at public expense.

      • Equalizer

        Anus-you-mouse…Go to your “safe room” and shut the Fuc-up.

  • Zabwe`

    The Earth and Nature inspire everything we do……..All things are connected……..Except fools and their monies…..
    If she does not let you in its all – movies – soap opera’s – commercials – seasonal adjusted economies and tax breaks for failing companies…………
    Compromise the vision and purity of mother nature and she will scratch out your worlds of impurity – pollution….
    Four in a row – One down three to go….$150 billion and counting.. and the wind cried Irma…….Prozac fuelled petroleum army now aa pedophile protectorate…

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3,

    Charlie here. I’m amazed nobody has been bitten by the dogs and also am surprised what some people really think of their dogs. Enough to abandon them. So much for dog lovers.

    Doughnut lovers, as you know, take their doughnuts with them and have not heard any reports of people abandoning their doughnuts. They are a DELIGHT at times like this. Instead of being a dognut, you should be a donut! :lol: :lol:

    They are much like loyal dogs. But they, instead, allow themselves to be bitten. :cry: :cry:


    Charlie (bringing you the good, the bad, and the doughnut) :lol: :lol:

    • Zabwe`

      Dogs eat all manner of shitte – But they will not bite a yank swallowing and wallowing in their own sewage….. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Anonymous

      Some of these dogs (like the people) are effectively abandoned, on a good day, are not well-socialized, and do bite.

      It is my policy not to hurt what will not hurt me. I will meet, halfway, whatever or whomever is deserving, regardless of the circumstances. Don’t wait for teotwaki, people, reading in good faith; you are obliged, by your intelligence (when you have any.) If you know what that is, do the honorable thing, yourself. Don’t complain to other, feckless people, expecting them to do it, for you.Don’t just write it on the whichever convenient kiosk, low-obligation internet site, or bathroom stall. Or, shame on you.

      All people, who will not help themselves are equal, afaic. Passive talkers are on par with the pro-active abusers of animals, if any are reading.

  • truck driver

    Dogs have parasites that infect you and makes you the dog’s slave. People like male cat piss in there face. Because of parasites

  • Cousin_Jack

    I think the same should be done to their owners, or a trip to the lake with a concrete block and chain might be in order. Hope they find out these people are and take proper action against them, surprised they didn’t leave their kids there too.

  • Jeffery Pritchett

    How are these people having to evacuate without their dogs?

    If you can drive, put them in the car, if you have to walk, put them on a leash.

    People are such pieces of shit.

  • Deputy Dawg

    My Best friend and roommate is a six year old pug. I live in a neighborhood miles away from Texas totally unaffected by Hurricane Harvey. Sadly the phenomena of people cruelly abandoning their pets, leaving them for dead is not localized to those escaping superstorms. Here in the part of Sacramento where I’m from cats are victimized far more than dogs , but the problem is identical.

    It is commonplace for felines to be left behind when people, mostly renters decide to relocate. Their cherished little puff of purring fir suddenly becomes as disposable as a soiled wet-one, treated like trash. As a result the feral cat population has exploded. Animal Control if someone complains traps these bewildered animals then further traumatize them cut tagging their ears, spaying them then returning them to where they were abandoned in the first place. These are domestic cats but they are treated like wild animals. These pets have a real difficult time fending for themselves among ferals and often starve to death or die of disease.

    I believe owning a pet should be no different than raising a child. It should be considered a full time job, a life long responsibility that if or when you drop the ball you are held to account. All pets should get a serial number tattoo so the animal can be directly traced back to it’s careless owner. If abandoned, much stricter penalties must be imposed on these animal abusers.

  • Canderson

    This was manufactured, you could as-well be a Human lover! With pictures. Weather warfare is by treaty only allowed to be used by your own people on your own people, and your government did it again, the Catarina disaster was the firs time they did it big scale!

  • F16Hoser

    People suck! That’s all there is too it. I hope the dogs survive and the family drowns. Nuff said!!!

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