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The stunning Truth about the “Age of Aquarius” exposed during New World Birth’s trecena report

Saturday, January 12, 2013 9:11
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   Scott Davis shares in the video below “Astrologically, the 1 Night trecena begins with Jupiter retrograde which is the only planet still appearing to move backwards from our vantage point on Earth. This being the 13 day period where the Mayan Tzolkin brings more focus on contemplating the stars and also the time when both Mercury and the Sun move into Aquarius, I thought I’d discuss the truth about the “Age of Aquarius”. One of my personal pet peeves is that so many astrologers discuss what’s popular without doing any research into the truth. But why should I blame them, their public would rather hear information that makes them feel better in the moment, rather than something that is actually useful. I, on the other hand, cannot do that for two reasons, one I have integrity and two I want to know what is real for myself, not what other people agree on without any proof. My role in life is as an heretical investigator and that’s what I bring to these reports.

   Every other astrologer that I’ve been exposed to, is of the opinion that we are either in the Age of Aquarius or about to enter it, and their audiences want that to be true, just like they wanted December 21, 2012 to be the end of the Mayan long count, but unfortunately wanting something does not make it so. I covered the details of the controversy of the long count end date during the1 Earth video from December 18th 2012, if you are interested in why nothing changed on the last solstice. And of course those same astrologers pooh-poohed the Mayan calendar after that date, rather than looking at their own lack of investigation into this important topic. Let me not digress.

   To understand Ages we need to understand something called the Axial Procession of the Equinox which is a 25,772 year cycle, often rounded to 26,000 years and called the “Great Year” in astrology. The Procession of the Equinox is caused by the fact that the Earth has a slow wobble on its axis, which causes us to move through the themes of the zodiac in reverse. Moving through the “Great Months” like the Age of Leo, then Cancer, then Gemini, then Taurus, then Aries, and currently Pisces. These ages are each 2,148 years long, which becomes the first major problem with the “collective wisdom” regarding these cycles because almost all modern astrologers have rounded these Ages to 2000 years, which creates an increasing margin of error of 148 years compounded every 2000 years. We experience 1 degree of movement through the Zodiac every 71.6 years.

    Ages are named in relation to the constellation the Sun is aligned with at the moment of the Vernal Equinox. Of course most western astrologers use the tropical system and discuss the Sun entering into 0 degrees of Aries as the moment of the Equinox, but the tropical system is based on looking at the alignments of planets to constellations as if we were in the Age of Aries. The sidereal system looks at the planets’ relationships to the constellations as they currently are.Here I’m going to give you verifiable proof of our current age, find software that can produce sidereal charts and plug in the information for this year’s Equinox being March 20th 2013 at 11:03 am GMT or 7:03 am EDT or convert that time to your current location. Use any location that matches the time zone entered, because after all, Ages effect the entire planet at once, and look at the placement of the Sun. You will find that on the upcoming Equinox, the Sun is at 5 degrees and change almost six degrees Pisces. So not only are we currently in the Age of Pisces, we are almost 400 years away from the Age of Aquarius. There is not a single person on this planet that will be alive in their current incarnation when we enter the Age of Aquarius. So when you hear folks talking about us being in or entering into the Age of Aquarius, you can now be aware that what you’re hearing is “new age hogwash.”

    So why would folks continue to spread this type of false information? Because most people digesting this type of information are like trained rats hitting the feeder bar for the next instant gratification date, because we have become trained to look for a date when we will experience… enlightenment, unity, oneness, ascension… without actually having to do the work. We have become slaves in a system of spiritual entitlement, rather than doing what spiritual people have done before us, which is going through the trials and tribulations that come from walking the path across the razor’s edge. Obviously for whatever reason, you have chosen to look at my information. So why do I keep reporting on what is verifiable and what is being made up in these reports? Because this is the “Care and Feeding of a New World Age” and I do believe we are entering a new world age, and there are plenty of real cosmic energies that are currently effecting us without having to make anything up. I feel like following an astrologer discussing the Age of Aquarius, is like using “Fodor’s Travel Guide to Italy” when you’re in India. Not very practical, so my commitment is to providing the most accurate information about what is really affecting us now, so we can all benefit in moving to the new world age together.”



Scott Davis presents the 1-Akbal (night) trecena spanning from January 13th to January 25th. Also see video here

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  • Enki

    Humanity believes at this stage, that earth revolves around the sun once a year while it rotates on its own axis every 24 hours. From that the following is calculable. The earth’s spin alone results in a surface speed of 1,000 miles (1600km) per hour on the equator. The speed of the earth due to orbital motion around the sun is 66600 miles per hour. This is 30 times faster than a rifle bullet. During an average human’s lifetime of 70 years, 41 billion miles are traveled. During the time it takes you to read this page you will have traveled more than 1,000 miles! The overall speed of the Galaxy is 1.1 Million miles per hour.
    The concept of Heliocentrism is fundamentally correct, but incomplete in its description. As result the calculation above is incorrect.
    Earth does not revolve around the Sun the way that is commonly believed, rather, She revolves with the Sun but slower; the same as the way the moon circles Earth.
    The problem is that Astronomers are not taking the rotation of the Suns core and its equatorial planes magnetism into account. If we did orbit the Sun as believed, surely we would see what is behind the Sun six months of the year and not almost the same sky every night. Earth would also flip polarity as it would have to cross the Suns equatorial plane every 6 months . Our stellar picture shifts 30 degrees every 2160 years at present (Earth is spinning faster but I will explain). That means that Earth rotates with the Suns core but spinning in the opposite direction in Her orbit as is almost everything else in our planetary system. The equatorial velocity is 90 degrees east at midday.
    It takes Earth 25920 years for one rotation of the Sun and we do so in reverse contrary to popular belief. We are dragged around the Sun in His rotational direction spinning away just like a magnetic gear so to speak. No one really knows what is behind the Sun yet; hence the misconception of a Nibiru collision? His rotation being opposite to ours gives you the perception of moving around Him fast.
    During this journey, because of Her angular birth point of 8 degrees as opposed to His equatorial plane, Earth crosses This significant equatorial energy twice in what is known as a Great Year (every 12960 years). Because Earth is ferrous She is kept in perfect orbit, in His magnetism.
    But there is more:
    At present, Mother Earth is spiraling around her original trajectory path too and away from the Sun to aphelion and perihelion. The resulting ellipse has a radius of 2.5 million kilometers and was a result of a comet strike about 6500 years ago. This is the real story of Noah. The comet hit North Africa. Her wobble of 23.5 degrees is another result of the comets impact at the change of Gemini/Taurus.

    In a conversation with a geologist I was told that the theory will stick if I could fit it into proven carbon dated events. This meant reducing the timescale from 12960 to around 11 000 – 10 000 years ago.
    Due to the angle of impact, the comet increased Earths revolutions from 290 to 365.25. Carbon dating is basically the measurement of the reduction or decay of carbon 14 over a period of time. The time it takes Earth to travel in her orbit from the beginning of Leo to the end of Pisces is a constant. What earth does in revolutions has nothing to do with the distance she travels in space so the exposure to the elements is also a constant. The percentage of increase in revolutions is 20,6 %. That gives an original period of 5145 years before the comet that changed to 6480 after the comet, but the exposure is the same.
    Your ancestors mathematically named 12 segments of 30 deg each as Ages much the same as we are used to a 24 hour day. Every Age lasting for 2160 years. When you get to the end of Virgo/beginning of Leo you cross the Sun’s Equatorial plain again and Earth tilts to a new position that could really be anywhere. The previous position was Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. What happens in a cycle repeats in a cycle.
    Earth’s cycle, a Great Year oscillates Her across the equatorial plane of the Sun crossing it every 10290 carbon years.
    The geometric North point was also our magnetic point as it was set at the start of Leo or the first Age after the deluge or as you know, the Great Flood. We are now entering the point which is exactly 180 degrees opposite to that catastrophic event and we are about to cross the Suns Equator again to the opposite polarity. We are heading or rather being attracted like a magnet with our North Pole going into its attracting polarity. Once deep enough into this field we will have to swing polarity
    When that happens Earth will, for a brief moment in time, become a magnet. That will attract space debris from far afield into Her atmosphere (Nibiru dust). This is what is described in the Bible in Revelation 16:21.
    Due to the velocity of Her tumble, it is hard to say when this would happen but it is not far away.
    So when you hear all these stories from NASA etc, you will see their lies!
    Matthew 24:36King James Version (KJV)
    36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    Summery taken from the book
    Where to from Here: Cognition

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