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10 Weird Injuries and Crazy Accidents

Sunday, April 15, 2018 21:04
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While some people die from injuries like falling while skiing or hitting their head, some people survive intense freak accidents that should’ve left them dead.

Let’s take a look at some of the most gruesome and amazing crazy accidents that people have been able to survive. These will make you think the next time you complain about stubbing your toe or spraining your ankle.

1. The Guy with Half a Head

This might sound like a 90’s alternative rock band name, but it’s actually the reality for a guy named Carlos Rodriguez.

What started out as a night of drinking and drug use ended with Carlos driving under the influence. He crashed the vehicle into a pole and was launched out the window.

What makes this one of the top crazy accidents is what happened after he was ejected from the car: Carlos landed on his head.

In order to save him, doctors had to remove a large part of Carlos’ skull and flesh on his head. Carlos now leads a normal life besides the fact that a large part of his head is missing. He also uses himself as a prime example of why you shouldn’t drink and drive.

2. Rod Through the Brain

The story of Phineas Gage is well known in high school science classes.

The year was 1848. A man named Phineas Gage was working on the railroad. His task was to pack powdered explosive into a hole with a large iron rod.

Unfortunately for Phineas, this caused an explosion that shot the iron rod directly through his cheek, through his brain, and out the back of his skull. Phineas was never quite the same after his accident, but it’s understandable to be a little different after having a rod explode through your skull.

Phineas lived to tell his tale and became one of the most studied men of the age. This is on the list of top crazy accidents because not only did this accident not kill Phineas, but this accident also lead us learning about the brain and how brain damage affects people.

3. Pigeon Carnage

Matthew Brealy was cruising down the road on his motorcycle at a smooth 50 mph. A pigeon crashed into his helmet. Because of his speed, the impact knocked him unconscious.

Brealy was knocked out, which lead to the throttle accidentally being pressed by his dead weight causing him to accelerate to 140 mph. He eventually crashed into a tree.

This accident left him with brain damage, broken ribs, a broken leg, and a skull fracture. Thankfully, he survived and is back on his feet. We can’t say the same for the poor bird that was left in pieces stuck to the bike helmet.

4. The Parachute Didn’t Open

A cliche nightmare became a reality for Brad Guy and his skydiving instructor. During a tandem dive, their parachute failed. As they plummetted towards the ground, the backup parachute also failed after getting tangled with the failed first parachute.

Both Brad and the instructor fell to the ground. They both survived with minor injuries and were hospitalized. Besides suffering from nightmares and anxiety (quite understandably), Brad is doing well.

5. Struck By Lightning 7 Times

The odds of being struck by lightning is 1 in 1,083,000. Unfortunately, Roy Sullivan beat those odds 7 times.

As a park ranger, Roy spent a lot of time outside, which could account for why he was struck so many times. He continued to beat the odds by surviving each strike without serious injury.

Sure, one strike lost him a toe and another set his hair on fire, but at least he lived through it. Otherwise, his employer could’ve had a wrongful death lawsuit on their hands. Read more on that here.

6. Toilet Explosion

After men had worked on the water lines in his Brooklyn apartment, Michel Pierre went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet.

This caused the toilet to explode. And not in a comical way, either. The porcelain shattered into shrapnel that hit Michel directly. He suffered from severe lacerations and bruising along with toilet-flushing-PTSD. To this day, he has to tie a rope to the toilet and exit the room to flush.

7. Lost in a Storm

Famed paraglider Ewa Wi?nierska was training in Austrailia one day in 2007. She ignored thunderstorm warnings to go for one last glide, which she probably regrets in hindsight.

As she was in the air, two huge storms sucked her into their vortexes. The GPS she was wearing at the time showed her climbing up to 32,631 ft, which is the height that many commercial jets cruise at.

She lost consciousness because of the lack of oxygen and extreme cold (40 degrees below Farenheight). After being trapped in the storm for over 3 hours, she landed safely.

8. Run Over by a Train

No, this isn’t a Three Stooges sketch. A man named Truman Duncan slipped and fell onto train tracks, which resulted in him being cut in half by the oncoming train.

He didn’t die instantly, and he didn’t even pass out, even though his lower half was squashed in the train wheels and one of his legs was literally hanging on by a thread. He actually called the paramedics himself.

Over 20 surgeries saved his life, and he is now back to living a normal life.

9. Plane Crash and Elevator Malfunction

This isn’t just one, but two crazy accidents combined. In 1945, Betty Lou Oliver was working as an elevator operator. A normal day was interrupted by a plane crashing into the floor above where she was working.

She was quite badly burned, but she managed to survive. Emergency responders told her to take the elevator to escape the building.

Poor Betty Lou couldn’t catch a break: she entered the elevator only to have it malfunction and plummet 75 stories to the ground floor. Miraculously, she survived this second freak accident without any serious injuries.

10. Bad Airplane Food Leads to Broken Rib

We’ve all been there: airplane food not sitting right during the flight. This was especially true for major league baseball player Tom Glavine.

He threw up airplane food so violently that he broke a rib. That’s an odd way to end up on the disabled list.

Top 10 Crazy Accidents: Wrapping Up

However gross or gruesome, freak accidents have always been oddly interesting. These 10 resulted in some bizarre injuries, but they all lived to tell the tale.

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