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HealthRanger: Military Contractors Told to Prepare for Domestic Deployment

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 14:23
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HealthRanger: Military contractors told to prepare for DOMESTIC deployment

[Zurich Times - November 28, 2017] 

Mike Adams aka the HealthRanger is claiming that his sources are telling him something big is coming to American or going down in ever Divided and Eventful America.

Unfortunately, we have heard such claims before and we doubt any such events this year as they would disturb the ever important Black Friday and Christmas Shopping Season which are critical to the economy. However, the Deep State Psychopaths are Remorseless Monsters so nothing is beyond their thoughts and actions.

If Trump is really Draining the Swamp why are all the Swamp Critters still roaming around free as birds? When will this Drain actually be Drained?

We keep hearing of the Coming Indictments which never seem to ever Come to Fruition? Why Q Anon and Why Roger Stone and Why Alex Jones?



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  • Universal spiritulaity

    Bush was deep State.. To imply that another non deep state president would do this is just another way to manipulate the masses. Can you just tell the facts without trying to manipulate people.. Give the warning that Humanity must prepare for navigating this world undergoing Great Waves of Change.

    But stop the fear mongering and Stop the manipulation. I am sick of Fake News and the manipulation of mind sets.
    Just state the facts without your personal perspectives.

    Recommendations for living in a world experiencing Great Waves of Change.

  • Josie

    Maybe it’s because of the eminent arrest of so many in politicians and the pedophilia people. I hope it’s not because they want to divert people attention away from that or try and stop it. Don’t forget the UN has thousands of their Blue Helmets in the US just waiting for a signal to pounce on us. The nuke will probably be off the coast of New York to flood the city. You can fold the old 20 dollar bill and it will show water going over the buildings in NY. The illuminati always leaves clues, the minions of Satan have too. To be sure our President knows what is going on. We have drones, why don’t we use them on these elites behind-the-scenes. I can’t believe our government is so stupid to just sit back and wait for the travesty…I have said all along that there would be a huge false flag before the elites and illuminati would be let themselves be arrested. Animals with no regard for human life. I’m sick of all this and ready for Jesus to return…

    • Andy

      people have been ready for jesus return for 2,000 yrs and you canwait another 200,000 yrs to no avail

      fairy-tale characters do NOT visit humanity, except in the dreams of religious delusionists

      • dakota

        Jesus is NOT a fairy tale. However, I agree with you that He’s not coming back.

        It is the antichrist who pretends He is Jesus who is coming. Although, he is not referred to as Jesus, but he calls himself the messiah. he will be the false messiah. Not a messiah at all, but the son of Saytn.

        • dennis48309

          The Jesus story is a regurgitation of older stories. Nimrod/Tammuz, Osiris/Horus, etc…

          • unidentified

            half of the world population has never heard of jesus, those that have heard dont believe the story written in the bible about his early life or when he would be out preaching/teaching uneducated nomads, its true no one has an accurate record of his life, people dont believe ancient civilizations existed and they had high tech back in those days many thousands of years ago, remember atlantis :?:

    • dennis48309

      A nuke placed in the seabed by the Cabal is what allegedly caused the Fukushima tsunami.

  • raburgeson

    We do not except contractors, we will kill every last one. You use the real military and if they get to illegal processes like rape, culling exec. we will take them out. They will observe and protect the constitution at all times. Your black water type shit will be burnt alive from the buildings they snipe on. We are tired of the crooked government. The crooked politicians are done in this country. No foreign troops, none of that manure you traitors pull on the people will pass from now on. 3 days with us and you war mongers, all 36,270 are on our cull list. Jump little frog, we are waiting for you.

    • 2QIK4U

      You would be surprised how easy it is for one man to take out an entire tank with little more than a chemical fire extinguisher…

      • dakota

        Really? How?

  • berp

    if your american….lets pray those domesic terrorist are run out of here:) please fly the proper purto rico flag above yours…that is where your coward phony flag is registerd british colony”amerifake” ass kicked 1812

    • dakota

      If you think there is even one country that has not been infiltrated by the enemies of decent people everywhere, then I’ve got swamp land in Florida and Puerto Rico to sell you.

  • R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

    RAT POISON: You have reported TRUTH and then cast DOUBT upon it with your skeptical thoughts. Rat poison is 98% healthy cornmeal and 2% poison…and it kills the rat who ASSUMES it is healthy. People, learn to discern TRUTH and stop feeding on the doubts.

    TRUTH: Drake Bailey reported events that happened in 2012 between the military and Patriots in the original states. A 28 pound box of paperwork to reestablish the SOVEREIGNTY of those states was sent to The Hague, received, and processed according to International Law. This reporter sought and received Certified-and-True copies of the the shipping records for the box, including the Chain of Custody form used at the Hague for that paperwork. Since 2012, the states have been moving under the political table using the military to gain control over the “deep state”, which was weaponized under Obama, who was trying to stop the movement. The Hague sent notification to the U.S. Government Corporation the week that the states regained their sovereignty. The USG learned that it was not the sovereign nor in control over the USA…and today it is desperate. Trump is working with the military-Civilian units.
    LINK to pdf interview:
    R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.-sciences

  • 2QIK4U

    Domestic…. Been waiting for trump to pull martial law but hoping it’s to get them all at once. Imagine a prison full of police and politician pedophiles and how much they’d all turn and eat the other in order to save thier own ass. At least the wall isn’t there to keep you in if martial takes effect.

    • dennis48309

      Even ex-NSA guy Jim Stone is convinced now that McCain has a GPS tracking device. The one photo he’s holding the cane in his left hand but the boot is on his right foot. Then in another photo the boot switches to the left foot. We also know Hillary is wearing a similar walking boot supposedly from injuring her foot running up/down stairs. Since Hillary can’t even use stairs without 1 or 2 people holding her hand, we know that explanation is bullshit. The NSA obviously has all of Hillary and Podesta’s emails as well as every other Cabal goon’s too. Their biggest mistake might be the fact that they didn’t prevent white hats from getting access to that stuff.

  • dakota

    We don’t hear of indictments because there never will be any. It’s all part of the game to deceive us with anything but the real news. Do not partake of this baloney.
    Move on to seeking out the real news daily.

    Local radio station is talking about
    NOTHING BUT the Trumpster and the stupid Pocahontas remarks for days now, from morning til night. I shut the radio off in the morning and turned it back on at supper time and they were still talking about it. This is a skill in itself. They must have gone to school to learn how to talk about nothing. They have paid people call in to pretend they are callers interested in these stupid subjects. I don’t think real people can be that stupid.

    Then there have been months now where the only other subject of talk radio is the pedophiles in D.C. and the celebrity pedophiles. This should be enough to tell you that we are experiencing NEWS BLACKOUTS.

    This means plenty is going on that they do not want reported.

    Above all, do not call in to these radio shows. If you have the radio on just to hear the chatter to keep you company, don’t let them know you have it on.

    Better to shut your radios OFF when they do this. This will not make their sponsors happy.
    They are cheating you out of news that should be reported. Kiss them off.

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