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Alien Base On The Moon In Detail, Clear UFO Photos Released By NASA Taken By Astronauts, Pilot Films UFO From Air

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 14:03
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Alien Base Discovered On Moons Surface In Old NASA photo, Amazing Detail.

Posted by Scott C Waring, author UFO Sightings Daily


Date of discovery: January 2013

Location of discovery: Earths Moon, near Bessel crater and North of Mara Serenitatis



Waring says, “I was looking over old Apollo photos when I cam across this one that looks like a definite structure created by intelligent beings. The circle structure has an arm the goes off to a four leaf clover-like area with buildings on it. This is really strange and I ask that others look into this by clicking on the links below.”


One link in an official NASA link. It no longer has the hi-res photos but only the low-res photos of the area. The other link is of a persons site that saved massive amounts of NASA photos ten to fifteen years ago for the public to view. His photo of the same area is hi-res and gives us this amazing close up that is mind boggling to say the least. The hacker Gary McKinnon said in an interview that he hacked into US military computers and saw first hand documents that stated the US military has off world officers stationed on an alien base, and since the moon is the closest celestial body it has to be there. SCW


NASA Link:

Moon Photo Site (Hi-Res):


More: UFO Sightings Daily

UFO Pictures Released by NASA – Taken by American Astronauts



Dr. Franklin Roach, said that based on his careful analysis of the photos and video footage provided to him by the astronauts, he concluded and later published in the book Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects that while in orbit the crew did iun fact witness a visual sightings of what later came to be known as UFOS, after his publication NASA attempted to explain the sightings as mere debris, this explanation was later dismissed by experts in various fields of science. 


Additional video evidence was later obtained from the crew of mission STS-48 of the Space Shuttle Discovery, the full crew report indicated that while in orbit on September 15, 1991 a flash of light and several objects were witnessed flying in an artificial and controlled fashion around the shuttle. NASA explained the objects as ice particles reacting to engine jets. James Oberg claimed that the flash was from a thruster firing. Philip C. Plait discussed the issue in his book Bad Astronomy, agreeing with NASA. 

Dr. Jack Kasher analyzed the movement of the objects in 1996, and found five arguments that the footage could not depict ice particles. However, Lan Fleming uncovered severe discrepancies in the video time stamps of the video first released by the NASA FOIA office in 1999, leaving many of their conclusions inconclusive and undetermined. While in orbit mission STS-75 of Space Shuttle Columbia Astronauts witnessed hundreds of objects flying around the shuttle and began to captured the event on a camera capable of seeing past the visible light spectrum, this incident was archived by NASA as Undetermined and Classified, the complete documents, footage and video evidence was never released by NASA for further study. 


Another similar video was taken during mission STS-80 of Space Shuttle Columbia which were analyzed by Mark J. Carlotto which show three different unusual phenomena on December 2, 1996: Two slow moving circular objects; a strange rapidly moving burst of light near the earth’s surface; and a number of fast moving objects in space near the shuttle. The first two can not be accurately verified as shuttle debris. 


The fast moving objects in space near the shuttle appear as bright streaks, and analysis of their speeds and directions indicates that they can not be shuttle debris nor meteors. This incident with all it’s material was classified and archived by NASA as Unidentified Flying Objects.



Incredible UFO Filmed By Commercial Pilot 2013 1080p HD

Published on Jan 30, 2013 Stephen Hannard ADGUK·



Footage captured by a pilot over costa rico appears to show an unidentified flying object. The footage corresponds to a flight on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In the video we see a rapidly moving object below the aircraft.

The video was captured by the commercial pilot Joseph Daniel Araya, who has more than 500 flight hours. Araya says he was recording with his cell phone when suddenly the camera screen saw the object moving, When he looked out of the aircraft there was nothing, said the pilot,


To find an answer to what happened we went to Jose Alberto Villalobos, astronomer and UFO researcher Alexis Astua.


Villalobos estimated that the object on the screen could have a length between 7 and 10 meters. Its speed could reach 3600 kilometers per hour, seven times more than the ship from which the footage was captured,


Meanwhile Astua does not rule out a UFO but also a secondary reflection theory.The sighting in the South is not strange, since in this region there are constant reports.


Main ADG Website:


ADG Facebook:


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  • Watching you

    The first photo is the luna modual.

    • Confederate

      No the first photo is the command modual as seen from the luna modual. But you are right that is NO ALIEN BASE! I am so sick of people misidentifying photos, or presenting blurry photos of rocks & shadows as some sort of alien base. I think the one that gets me the most are the a-holes who make a crapy computer model, Photoshop it into so moon picture and swear up and down its an “alien base”. I knew there were a lot of nut jobs in the world, but did not release how many until I started viewing this “fake” news site!

    • Equalizer

      Yes, there are a lot of “Alien Bases” on/inside the Moon but these are images of Apollo space craft, you goof.

      • WeBeDoomed

        LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • MG

    Considering we’ve never actually seen a real image of the moon landing, I find it quiet humorous. Every image clearly shows the edge of the studio. This trick is used is filming they used the first version of the green screen. There’s always the line you can follow that shows the edge of the real landscape and the fake back drop mountains. It’s fake as fake can get. In the first landing they didn’t have that back ground so it just drops into blackness as if only a few feet away from the lander it’ll be pitch black. Light doesn’t work that way. They know we’re ignorant so they don’t care.

    • Watching you

      There was no such thing as green screen back then. Plus video was no where as advanced to pull off what you are saying.

      • Risc

        Ummmm…Chroma key or “green screen” was first successfully used commercially on film in the early 1930s.

    • Cobain\'s Bane

      Film works that way. Try reading up on exposure and light.

    • bknowl13

      MG, “we’ve” seen plenty of images of all the trips to the Moon. The people making the claims that the photos are fake are all not one thing, people trained in the field. Every ‘anomaly’ or issue with the pictures has been soundly explained. All you need do is look with an opened mind at the explanations. NOT with the preconceived notion that the explanations are BS. Some go into a lot of detail with examples to illustrate. Many times you can re-create them on your own with little difficulty.

      Then there’s my biggest problem with the whole “faked the moon landings” hypotheses: Why didn’t the USSR cry foul? They had the technology and the motive.

  • Reaper

    They’re here or rather they never left—–I can recall one asking me when I came upon it i a silver gray craft looking thru a Black Box—observing Earth (this is real and was very vivid) What are you doing here when I was practicing Astral traveling—–When I replied “just looking and laughed all of a sudden I was “blasted back to my body and immediayely awakend—TRUE STORY…

  • OneNineSixSix Ajai Dev Malik…… top right….. the logo seems so familiar….. from the Mauritius Meteorological Services…..

    The duck in the logo looks cute…..

    But One question still remain unanswered….. why the images I get to see on the day next are always flipped L/R……

  • rfk55tn

    What a putz. That’s the CM (Command Module) as seen and photographed from the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). Please tell me no one is buying this bilious c**p.

    • Confederate

      Well RFK55TN I hate to say it but there are a boat load of nut jobs buying into this crap! Just look at the comments on any given link on this site!

      • Mellissa

        I actually get entertainment from a great deal of the comments here. It has become more so the last while. There is a fine line between entertainment and bafflement sometimes tho.

  • Anonymous

    First off I’m like rfk55tn above me here.. You have got to be kidding me right?
    The photos at the top of the page are of the Apollo command module looking straight
    on at it as if it was coming right at you.. Lousy photos of it as well, put on intentionally?

    It is so sad that someone can mistake an Apollo command module as seen from the
    Lunar module as a moon base.. LMAO.. Now if you look at the window sill that you
    are looking out of, then you are looking at a moon base of sorts as when the Lunar
    module lands on the moon, it did become a temporary moon base for the astronauts!
    So, yes the only moon base you are seeing in the top photos is the window sill of the
    Lunar module.. Wish people wouldn’t put out fake stuff like this.. Why do we have
    to teach you what it really is? hmmmm? Do research as to what the photos really are
    please, or you lose all credibility!

    • Neo

      So then, the obvious question to ask is why would someone insert deliberate BS into their own story?

  • 120Hounds

    Scott C Waring is a complete jerkoff. This is a ten second google search that shows the command module in flight over the moon, even though it is another jerkoff who purports to find “orbs” in the video. Spending 10 seconds is 5 more seconds than you spent with this “news”. Maybe Mr. Waring and this guy can get together and have a circlejerk.

  • Knarlydawg

    First photo….BS. The photo is of the Command Module, head-on view. The rest of your stuff is now in doubt because of the first ridiculous claim. This kind of crap just muddies the waters in the search for truth…..maybe that’s exactly what you intended.

  • Flazz

    Donkey ,that was the lunar module.

  • Robtob

    Apollo command module in first few pics…c’mon guys it is a no brainer..anyone with any knowledge of the space programme would have known this. Scrutiny needs to be better before posting these…

  • BG300

    That first picture what ever it is, is bad photoshopping. All other objects have shadows on south of theme, and that object in questioin has it on the north.

  • Pix

    Hmm, that’s interesting. Perhaps NASA would tell the Japanese what film they used. It would be fantastic to have a film that can be used in high radioactive environments that doesn’t fog. You know so they can see inside their destroyed nuke plants. Film fogs 100% normally if exposed to radiation for any length of time, it penetrates cameras and exposes the film like it would to light, and certainly would completely fog if it went to the moon and back. Just saying. :wink:

    • Mellissa

      I am sure they would love to know how to deal with the long term human exposure as well. I have always wondered about all the different camera views and angles of the men while there. It looks like in some that they had more cameras then people moving with them. The shots were very dramatic as well.

  • Faraday

    With regard to Gary McKinnon a UK man who was almost extradited to the US for hacking into US military PC’s. I’ve not heard anything else about his findings, & think it’s all a bit odd. Has he been told to ‘shut up’ by a govt? :?:

  • Thane36425

    Someone put a pin on Google Moon at those coordinates. However, the resolution is very low there meaning unless that thing mile across, it isn’t going to show.

    Not that it would anyway since that’s the lunar module, as others have noted.

  • Anonymous

    Another wast of 10 minutes

    • ghost

      so why bother your ass coming here every comment you make is negative debunker of possible truth! yes anyone with half a brain knows there is buildings and a crashed spaceship on the moon! it may take russia or china to release this info! you are no less than a brainless paid up bottom feeding shill! apologys for the brutal honesty! there you go! thinking outside the box is both revolutionary and inspiring! you should try!

  • Indian in the machine

    Earth On Cabal-Defeat Track! Cosmic Energies Predicted To Trigger DNA Changes And Disclosure Events In August-September

  • Redeemer

    Diabolical experiments are being carried out as we speak!

    More here……

  • Muggles

    This video is unavailable, check your video links before posting, too many time we see a story with a video and it does not exist, did it ever exist in the first place? I do wonder if your taking the piss.

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