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Rover Sees Mars Lizard? UFO Flies By SOHO; USAF UFO Secrets Revealed; Moon Pyramid; And More

Sunday, February 3, 2013 13:14
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Lizard Man On Mars

Stephen Hannard ADGUK

Published on Feb 3, 2013


Stephen Hannard ADGUK has found another weird anomaly caught by Mars Curiosity. Whatever this is it stands out from the surrounding scenery, could be a weird rock formation, but it does look very like a creature of some kind.



If you look closely at the from legs or paws you can quite clearly see shadows beneath them, this indicates the appendages are protruding out from the main body, never seen a rock like that before!


 Have a look yourself:…

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UFO flies past SOHO satellite. 

UFO flies past SOHO satellite. One million miles out from Earth. 
Posted by Streetcap1



SOHO Satellite Photo. Lasco C3. These pictures are easily checked at Link -

Streetcap1 is on Facebook -



Naturally Occurring Pyramid on the Moon?






UFO daylight Stirling City

Feb 3, 2013

Brian Mcphee· filmed this big object flying east then turning west .Big Bright oblong bright white silver thing was one object then split in two then 3 then goes back to one don’t know what it is maybe UFO maybe drone or some type of airplane who knows.





Two Big Objects one fast one slow 1 Feb 2013.Scotland


Two Big Objects one fast one slow 1 feb 2013 Scotland

Just before cloud came over caught two objects one fast and one slow.

First object heading east southeast,second object heading west southwest.




“That’s Classified” Air Force UFO Secrets Revealed by Mike Schratt

Posted by eyes4ears

UFO Hypotheses featuring Michael Schratt, Volume One



The sixth “UFO Hypotheses” DVD follows Michael Schratt, who first made a splash with a series of exotic UFO photos. Schratt has visited Area 51 several times and filmed UFOs there. 

Schratt is a specialist doing civilian research in the aerospace industry and black budget projects, and he shares his own opinions (which he does not necessarily offer in his public lectures) in a brisk and interesting interview with Rick Keefe, following Schatt’s both visually involving and informative southern Arizona MUFON lecture regarding the state of the military, NORAD, NASA and the aerospace industry in the United States today. Intended for mature audiences.



 A Bridge on the Moon


1956 A Bridge on the Moon! True! Everything in this video is real. But how? How could that bridge last all these years? It is a natural bridge not found so far on any other planet or moon. Two holes side by side 12 miles deep and 6 miles deep. Pretty interesting just that.

My dad was a teacher of Math, Science, and also a Ufologist. Back in 1976 I asked Dad to see if he could find that taped interview about the bridge. I remember them talking about it when I was only 9 years old. He found it and this is what I got.



 It is interesting thinking back before calculators, computers, digital anything, or cell phones. There are a lot of unexplained things here on Earth too, as you will see, like the Nazca lines, (can only be seen from the sky), the Pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Puma Punku, Vimana flying machines, flying carpets, and the Book of Ezekiel in our Bible.

Here is what NASA has to say: Just when you think you have seen everything, LROC reveals a natural bridge on the Moon! Who would have thought? Natural bridges on the Earth are typically the result of wind and water erosion — not a likely scenario on the Moon. So how did this natural bridge form? The most likely answer is dual collapse into a lava tube. From the Apollo era, SELENE, and LROC images, we know that lava tubes did form in the Moon’s ancient past. SELENE and LROC images have raised the tantalizing prospects that lava tubes remain intact to this day. However this bridge did not form in mare (basalt), but rather in impact melt from King crater! More astonishingly, the same NAC image revealed two natural bridges – not just one!

The bridge is about 7 meters (23 feet) wide on top and perhaps 9 meters (30 feet) on the bottom side, and would be a 20-meter (66-foot) walk to cross from one side to the other. 

Credit: NASA/Goddard/ASU
› Unlabeled image

How do we know for sure that this feature is truly a bridge? Look closely at the west pit (left side) and you can see a little crescent of light on its floor. That patch of light came from the east, under the bridge. In another lower resolution image (see inset), you can see light passed under the bridge from the west. So there must be a passage. How did this oddity form? The impact melt deposit on the north rim of King crater is over 15 km across and was emplaced in a matter of minutes as the crater grew to its final configuration.

A large (17 km east to west), smooth impact melt “pond” on the northwest rim of King crater (72 km diameter).

 Credit: NASA/Goddard/ASU
› Larger image

The impact melt that was thrown out of the crater pooled on the newly deposited ejecta and must be many tens of meters thick, allowing its interior to stay molten for a long time. As the local terrain readjusted after the shock of the impact, the substrate of this massive pool of melt was jostled to some degree. Local pressures built up and the melt moved around under a deforming crust. You can see that the south end of the bridge extends from a small local rise, shaped something like a blister. Perhaps some melt was locally pushed up forming the rise, then the magma found a path to flow away, leaving a void which the crusted roof partially collapsed? Right now we do not know for certain the details of how the bridge formed, however, the LROC team is processing stereo images into topographic maps to aid scientists in determining exactly what took place on this fascinating melt sheet. 

There are actually six NAC images in which you can find the bridge under varying lighting (M103725084L, M103732241L, M106088433L, M113168034R, M123785162L, M123791947L). Why so many images? The melt sheet north of King crater is a region of interest — a high priority for LROC coverage. As the pair of images below vividly illustrate, having a set of images of the same under varying lighting allows scientists to more confidently interpret the local geology and thus better prepare for future exploration.

Left shows the bridge when the Sun is 42 degrees above the horizon and the right is the same area when the Sun is 80 degrees above the horizon (near noon). M113168034R on the left, M123791947L on the right, both are 128 meters across, north is up. 

Credit: NASA/Goddard/ASU

Explore the entire LROC NAC image and investigate the variety of geologic features in the King crater melt sheet. Can you find the second natural bridge in the full NAC frame (hint – it’s fairly close to the one shown above and about half its size)?

Seems there have been a few “Ancient Astronauts” that have visited here before us, as they left unexplained and unmistakable proof for all to see and ponder. Here is a link to see all of them.


Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Dave Herbert


Here are some othet  links:

Bridge on the Moon info from NASA.…

Xheli .com


Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

Disney Store



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    Read the books: “Secrets of Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon,” by Don Wilson and “Somebody Else is on the Moon,” by George H. Leonard if you can get a used copy from AddAll.
    There is enough proof in these two books to convince any die-hard skeptic that our moon has been hollowed out and is being used by a race of aliens for more than 350,000 years. By the way, the ancient Arabic meaning of the word: “Cairo,” is “Mars.” Also read Richard C. Hoagland’s book: “The Monuments of Mars,” for the evidence about Mars having pyramids, etc. Also, read the book by David Hatcher Childress: “Extraterrestrial Archeology,” where you can see many photos of the alien constructions on the moon and Mars…….

    • the Swede

      JAFO BLUE THUNDER, you are absolute right, I often listened on C2C and there are incredible expertise and information, and check out the site Exopolitics with Alfred Webre, there’s tons of evidence of hidden things.

  • Anonymous

    If the Race was that technological advanced,why would they hide underground?
    What is their Nourishment?
    There are thousands of Amateur Astronomers looking at the Moon and even the lowest cost Telescopes of today, would notice any movement across the Moons Surface.
    There are no waist Materials visible.No Smoke, no water and of course no atmosphere.
    Why would they not have come and taken earth long ago when Earth had no defenses?
    I like to believe that at one time both mars and moon might have had life.
    That there is evidence of Structures on the Dark side of the Moon I do believe.
    The hollow Earth theory is another hard Seller.

  • Don't be hating!

    Again, we will never know the truth. Mankind will have to tap into their human conciousness and obtain knowledge and wisdom> on their own. The Elite can keep playing with their toys, but it won’t last forever. What goes up, must come down!

    • RPeternell

      You always have something condescending to say. Where is the positive outlook?

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