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Time Travel Claim: Al Bielek Travels to the 28th Century

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:34
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The Philadelphia Experiment was a naval military experiment alleged to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sometime around October 28, 1943. The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was claimed to be rendered invisible (or “cloaked”) to enemy devices. 

The story is thought to be a hoax. The U.S. Navy maintains that no such experiment was ever conducted, and details of the story contradict well-established facts about the Eldridge itself, as well as commonly accepted physics.

 Al Bielek (Ed Cameron) dives into the water with brother Duncan Cameron, with plans to swim ashore, after seeing the horrors of the disaster the Philadelphia Experiment did to the men, including brother Jim instead of hitting the cold water, they found themselves flying through clouds and blacked out.




When they awoke, they were in the hospital with radiation burns of the ionizing type, memories wiped and everything was cool, until an orderly turned on the TV


Credit:  BackToConstitution


Presently Al Bielek speaks publicly about his involvement at Montauk and the Philadelphia Experiment.


He has been on over 50 radio talk shows and a featured presentator at over 40 conferences


After Ed and Duncan jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943, they landed in the year 2137.


They both spent six weeks in a hospital bed recovering from radiation burns suffered from being in hyperspace.


Toward the end of their stay, Ed is moved, by means unknown to him to the year 2749.


Ed returns from 2751 to pick up his brother Duncan and together they travel back to 1983.


From 2137, Ed Cameron travels alone to 2749 for a period of two years.


Ed is a tour guide and remembers floating cities built with anti-gravity technology and a society run by computers.


The programmers of the computers are called the “Wing Makers”. Ed had several meetings with then where they explained their agenda.


After two years, Ed goes back to the year 2137.


Al Bielek was born in 1927. His first memories of being Al Bielek were when he was nine months old during a family Christmas party.


The odd thing about his memory was that he fully understood the conversation that was taking place around the piano.


As Al went through grade school, he was know as the “walking encyclopedia”. Before graduating high school, he took an electronics test and was the only one to pass. The Navy needed people like him during the war years and recruited him. 


Al later completed his education and took on various vocations in the field of electronics. While contracting for various Military contractors, the people who worked with him began to reveal the truth about our involvement with Extra Terrestrials and PSI Ops (Psychic Operations) programs.


Strange things started to happen to Al soon afterwards.


While in Hawaii in 1956, he had a brief encounter with, who he believes now to be Mark Hammil – the actor in Star Wars.


Soon after he was recruited into the Montauk Project. 


He would work his normal job in California, and take the underground subway to Montauk Long Island to carry out his duties there.


After the time tunnel was perfected, he would simply be teleported to the underground base and returned back to his apartment.


During the 1970′s, Al was the Program Director for the Psychics who manned the Montauk Chair. Since the Montauk Boys were a key program at Montauk, Al had some influence with the Montauk Boys program.


His duties were to handle the operations of the Mind Control program. He was in regular contact with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols. Stewart Swerdlow was one of the Montauk Boys programmers under Al Bielek.


In the 1980′s when the time control programs were operational, Al participated in some of the time travel experiments. Both he and Duncan traveled to Mars on several occasions. He now remembers several other trips he took with teams to a research station in 100,000 BC, other planets to get canisters filled with Light and Dark Energy, and to the year 6037.


In January 1988, after seeing the movie – “The Philadelphia Experiment”, his memories started returning. Al believes his involvement with Montauk ended with that revelation. Over time and though meetings with Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and others, many more memories returned. Ironically, just after his memories returned, Dr. John Von Neumann tried to get in touch with him – a promise he made to Ed Cameron, should his memories ever return.


Al made the decision to go public with the information about his involvement at Montauk and the Philadelphia experiment in the 1989. He has been a prolific speaker on both radio talk shows and conferences.


He believes he has not been harmed or stopped because his time traveling experiences locked him into this timeline. Somehow, by being here today, he, among others in the program, serve to balance the effects they produced from prior time traveling experiments.


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Total 16 comments
  • Archon

    I would like to purchase $5.00 of whatever this guy is on!!!

    • Equalizer

      All factual

  • MG

    They have to release it in this manner as to discredit what he says. If you think time travel isn’t possible then you got a lot to learn about the world you can’t see. Youre probably one of those people who think everything is real… ask john lennon…

  • Anonymous

    What a joke. Want to prove time travel? Go back in time. Buy 10 copies of Spiderman #1. Bring them back.

  • Jay

    Nice Science Fiction but the man’s psychology betrays him. He is creating his “Shangri la” and inviting us all to take the trip with him. It was common among people of his era to fantasize about perfect utopias and Platonic city states. He just got carried away and had to keep the fantasy going ad infinitum .

  • Stēkō

    Ok, when did the Cubs when the Series?

    Tickling ears, why don’t you starting asking for money too?

  • Usefuleater

    “After Ed and Duncan jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943, they landed in the year 2137.”

    “Ed returns from 2751 to pick up his brother Duncan and together they travel back to 1983.”

    “While in Hawaii in 1956, he had a brief encounter with, who he believes now to be Mark Hammil – the actor in Star Wars.”

    When was he in the 1950′s to meet Mark Hammel? He allegedly went from 1943 to 2137 to 2751 to 1983…there’s no 1950′s in there. By virtue of his alleged time travel he never would have experienced the 1950′s 60′s or 70′s and would have only memories of 1983 and beyond.

    • Blackie the faithful border collie

      Stop making sense :lol:

  • Anonymous

    Better yet, go forward in time to 2014. Bring us a copy of the New York Times from any day in that year.

  • Neil Armstrong

    This mans name is misspelled in this story it’s suppose to be spelled Al Beback.

    • FaSolLa

      Do a Google search and you will see that Al Beback is not the man pictured above.

  • Don't be hating!

    Sounds like another script for Hollywood. Time travel does exist but we will never know how!

  • Enough is Enough

    This is a very interesting site concerning the above.

  • Anonymous

    Although the Philadelphia Experiment took place and very strange things did happen,this Story and I agree with Usefuleater is full of Holes and false statements.
    Once you are in that Year 2751 should Mankind still be around how did he manage to time travel ?the Equipment of the Eldridge is gone and so is the technology that supposedly got him there in the first place.Nothing makes sense.I did not even bother watching the Vid.

  • POC2014

    And I traveled back at speed of light to the Year 3912

  • Casbah28

    How could Al Bielek go on for decades with fabricated tall tales about time travel without anyone ever challenging his claims? Now, after he passed on, debunkers are going after him!
    I knew from the start that Bielek facts about his alleged time travel did not add up. There are so many holes in his stories.
    One big obvious fact that stands out is his claim that he met or saw only one black person in his alleged time travel in the 28 century!
    There is another person out there claiming he time travelled when he was a child. Andrew Basiago is also alleging stories of time travel, under secret government projects as in DARPA. He and other kids used jump sites to go back in time. This guy has been showing around a photo of him when he travelled back in time at the Gettisburg site where Abraham Lincoln was speaking? Basiago claims are in parallel with the late Al Bielek. Where are the debunkers to go after Basiago?
    Unless, someone could show me a time machine and uses it and comes back with solid tangible proof, I am afraid, it is and would remain, a good fiction book!

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