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Tall Grey Alien Photographed By Hikers In Bulgarian Forest

Friday, November 8, 2013 15:04
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A group of young hikers insist they have photographed an extraterrestrial creature in a dense forest near Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


The group were hiking in Yundola, a large meadow between the mountains of Rila and Rhodoppe, when they came across the mysterious visitor.

Source: Stephen Hannard ADGUK·


One of the hikers managed to snap a picture of the creature before it vanished, an grey Alien perhaps?

Here are some past photos taken of alleged tall grey aliens.

The three show were part of a vdeo tape made in Australlia. 




This photo of a tall alien in purple garb was allegedly taken in Argentina. 




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  • anonymoustache

    Looks like a halloween cellophane decoration hanging from a hook…

  • Anonymous

    LOOKS like the ones in area 51 in Nevada. BUT it never from that one pose

  • fuzzy696

    Nope all phones have vid ……unless this thing moves it is BS.

  • Anonymous

    Tall grey’s do not have heads like the little grey’s. This is fake.

    • Smashy76

      Are you serious? Is your comment satire comedy?

      How can you seriously say “Tall grey’s do not have heads like the little grey’s. This is fake” ? What makes you a professional on alien species and how they look? How do you know that this humanoid isn’t a different alien species? Or a new one? How many alien species have you met, seen or discovered in the cosmos?

      I’m not trolling you, or attacking you, I’m only trying to stop disinformation about the alien and UFO category. If you’re serious about aliens and ufo’s, one would think you should have an open mind. How many humans or people look the same? White people, black people. asian people, Inuit, Natives, aboriginals, obese, old, tall, short, hairy, albino and so many more traits yet we’re all humans, even though we don’t all look the same.

      Keep in mind, “Anything is possible”

      • Raphael

        Tall WHITES from possibly Orion have nothing to do with the Greys. Check any list of ET races.
        I wonder do they walk naked all the times they are photographed? There isn’t such a thing as “Orion-Grey”. Zeta Reticuli is quite far from the orion stars.

  • LightandLife

    looks like Halloween costume hanging from a tree

  • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

    Looks like those regenerators from that playstation PS2 Video Game Resident Evil 4.

    Their arms stretch out and grab you to bring you in and they would chew on you. See youtube vid on what those regenerators or iron maidens look like. really freaky. awesome game!

    that was like from 2004

  • stompk

    Please take down the damn autoplay ads, or I’ll stop coming to this site.

  • Nowhereman

    Looks fake as Hell to me.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      How do you tell a fake picture of an Alien from a real picture of an Alien? Do you have something to go off? Do you know what a Real picture capturing an Alien should, or does look like? If so please share because millions would like to know. Or are there things in the picture that give it away as being altered, photo shopped, ect. ? If yes spread the knowledge and tell me what you see that points towards the altering. This way we as viewers could make claims based on some facts. It’s better then just calling stuff Fake or Real because we just believe we are so smart and know everything.

  • Bond007

    Looks like my old sex partner? Hahahahahahahaa

    Somebody sodomize this grey biaaatch and run her outta here!!


    these are about the worst fakes i have ever seen.whati want to know is how you got the purple one to where a suit like obamas gay green one

  • Anonymous

    “Please take down the damn autoplay ads, or I’ll stop coming to this site”.
    suggest you install free browser addon addblock
    but remember they have to get the money to run site from somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      What he said, STOP the AUTOPLAY, it’s annoying and I don’t watch anyway. As far as this
      thread, Gimme a break. Looks like the Saturday night live, Mr. Bill……..! I am serious about Aliens and disclosure. If it’s to be taken serious, these type of threads need to stop. Pure bunk. There are some serious threads out there and they are needed for disclosure.

  • Anonymous

    why did the hikers not go to the spot where alien seen to look for and photograph physical evidence. this is what I would have done, as it seemed not trying to harm them and just get away. if they saw it again just get good photos and back away slowly.

  • LukeSkywatcher

    “Mac n Me”!!

  • Mellissa

    Shame they do not look like animated creatures, more like a gumby.

  • Royal Payne

    FAKE ! In some of the pictures it looks like the alien is wearing a diaper.

  • Anonymous

    The Nephilim is bread from out of humans and fallen angels.
    If you believe in the Bible you will know that the Nephilim was very much Human like ,after all god created the Angels in his Image as he did create us in his own Image.
    There has been the Account of David and Goliath and nowhere in the Bible does it give reference that these Creatures look like Grey Aliens,but Giants like us,which makes sense.
    Therefore I don’t believe these Demons have anything to do with the Nephilim of the Past.
    And by the way @ ANON it is‎ not Niphilim as you spelled it more than once.

  • Earthmuffin33

    The shading on the picture is all wrong. why would just his face be in light . it’s a Joke. It doesn’t even qualify for a hoax. I’m not trying to be mean thats just my humble opinion. :)


    ok then, Photoshop 101- lesson #1 begins…..NOW ;)


    Ken Dolls DO NOT make good alien models ;)

  • A. Haver

    They are real and here. Those kids are lucky. The tall grays are particularly nasty and dangerous. And if there was one, there was at least one more about somewhere close by. More info on them here couched in a “fiction?” book.
    Or find ahaver on wordpress.
    Scrutinze with a sharp mind & clear eye.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try but a little too obvious with the blur tool.

  • NotSoAnonymous

    Looks like something that Phil Schneider said he encountered working underground for U.S boring tunnels. or it’s a Hairless Big Foot who’s undergoing chemo therapy

  • Anon

    Please research what LA Marzulli, Tom Horn and Chris Putnam have discovered about these “aliens”. They are no more than disembodied Niphilim/demons that have found (or created through their genetic experiments) bodies to live in. They, all of them small or large, are out to kill each and every person. Read, or YouTube and listen to, The Book of Enoch. It provides tremendous insight into where these things came from . These are the disembodied spirits of the children (Niphilim) of the 200 fallen angels that bred with women here on earth. The fallen angels petitioned God to have mercy on their children (Niphilim) and God said no so they are here to kill the ones, humans, that God does have mercy on through his Son Yahweh.

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