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1.3 Meter Body With Crown In 65 Million Years Old Pyramid Found In Crimea, Ukraine

Thursday, March 6, 2014 9:06
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 A Ukrainian scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world. Most interestingly, it was found in the most beautiful corner of the country, in Crimea. As the ICTV channel reported, the finding was revealed by accident, when during his test of alternative methods for finding water Ukrainian scientist Vitalii Goh discovered an underground unknown object, which proved to be a giant pyramid of 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters, according to Aliye Beki

Date of discovery: 2001, but added details in March 2014 report.

Location of discovery: Crimea, Ukraine

Source 1:

Source 2:

Source 3:

Goh said that the pyramid was built during the time of the dinosaurs. “Crimean pyramid” has a truncated top, like a Mayan pyramid, but its appearance is more like an Egyptian. It is hollow inside, and a mummy of unknown creature is buried under the foundation. “Under the foundation is a small body in the form of a mummy long 1.3-1.4 meters with a crown on his head.” “There is a resonance chamber of so-called Sphinx. The pyramids were built in the era of the dinosaurs,” says the scientist in an interview with ICTV. It remains unknown who build the pyramid. The unique building is the oldest on the planet, says Vitalii Goh as reported by Beki.  



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  • Pateriot

    It’s too bad the Ukrainians don’t have cameras so they could take a picture of one of these pyramids. Lots of claims and articles and not even one picture of a Ukrainian pyramid that isn’t modern… not to mention one that is 65 Million years old! I have to call BS on this one!!!

    • Krispy Critter

      Being that the structure is buried beneath tons of soil, trees and foliage (after the great flood) I think I’ll take a pic and sent it to Better Homes & Gardens magazine. They enjoy pictures of soil, trees and foliage.

      I would imagine that any exposed areas of research are guarded to keep away any vandals and thieves looking for access to the area.

      I think I will send a camera over there and see if we can get to the bottom of this.

      I call BS on Pateriot. (Is that supposed to be “Patriot?”)

      • Beforeitscrap

        If its buried under all that soil and trees, how do they know its age and what’s under it? It took them hundreds of years to know what’s inside the Egyptian pyramids, but they already figured all that out magically here. If they can figure the first 2 out, then a simple snap of a camera would be the simplest part to do. I call BS on all of it.

      • IMC

        They are using some kind of ground penetrating imaging device that is sharp enough to render images that can be interpreted as a pyramid, and mummy wearing a crown. If there was any truth to the story one of those images would have been printed off and shown as evidence of the discovery.

      • John

        yeah lol this isn’t the 18th and 19th century

      • Dustdevil

        Actually, Chichen Itza in Mexico was buried as well. Amazing what a local project to unearth a valuable artifact (like Egypt did the Sphinx again after Napoleon’s time) can do to reveal important stuff.

    • DIgnified

      “how do they know its age?”

      Oh dear god…

      • Tchtniev

        Carbon Dating

      • HereAmI

        Carbon dating is only good for the last few thousand years, because the half life of C14 is only 6000 years.
        Interestingly enough, every carbon-containing artefact ever unearthed, ( including the oil and gas and coal ( and diamonds ) supposed to be hundreds of millions of years old), is very rich in C14, which indicates that these things are of recent origin.
        In the presence of water, and the kind of pressure and heat found a mile or so underground, wood turns into coal in a very short space of time; a few years tops.
        If we turn to the uranium-lead dating method, it is supposed to reveal ages of the order of those being quoted here, ie 65 mya. The problem however is that uranium emits helium as it decays, ( these are called alpha particles ) and this light and highly-diffusible gas is present in these samples at concentrations much higher than would be expected if they were indeed millions of years old.
        Thus, they are again, of recent origin.
        Everybody should understand the reason behind these anomalies.
        If the earth is as old as the rabbis tell us; ( they were the first ones, in the first century, to ascribe a 15 BY age to the universe ) then it is at least arguable that evolution from microbe to man could have occurred.
        Actually, even given these time spans, evolution could not have occurred, but that is a separate story.
        If however everything is much younger than we are told, then evolution could definitely not have occurred, and in the absence of this failed theory, there is only one other candidate ready to take the strain.
        As we read, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”.
        Argue as you will, but eventually, everyone will be made fully aware of the truth of this statement.
        It has stood over us for 6000 years now, and as we read, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away”.
        Of this you may be absolutely confident.
        These are the words of your, and my, Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Confederate

      There is a pyramid that was found in the Ukraine but it is NOT 65 million years old, it is more like 3000 years old & was made during the Bronze Age!

      • Tchtniev


  • Amminadab

    built by the Dinosaurs?

    • Saber

      apparently a small midget race that had already mastered metallurgy and sacred geometry.
      And I’m not being cynical here. I do believe this story. Another case in point regarding ancient civilizations that coexisted with the dinosaurs is the Ica Stones. Call it fantastical… but i’m a romantic at heart.

      • HereAmI

        This is hard science. Check out Dr Mary Schweitzer.
        Read Job chs 40, 41, too.
        They live.

  • Mymy

    So …WHY then is it stil standing horizontal after 65 million years in a mountain region where landmass tectonic slide did a great job?

    And so close to the surface would make it 10.000 years at most.

  • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

    The triceratops dinosaur creature laying there underneath the tent was the same mechanical models they used in jurassic part movie prop.
    COOL Looking GOOD :mrgreen:

  • Mirabolin

    Well dinosaurs were very intelligent. Look at how intelligent crows are and dinsaurs would have had brains near human rather than peanut size.

  • The Cosmic Truth

    This is DISinformation.

    We already proved that here:

  • Donovan

    This goes along with the nwo script to rewrite history, which started with the Westernization of the Holy Bible. These structures may have been built by the Lost Tribes of Israel whom the descendents are the Mongolian hordes which occupied the region. The Mongolians eventually migrated to the far east, but left many of their descendents in the area of Anatolia and Southern Russia known as Tartars Pg. 90 The Ten Tribes of Israel by Timothy R. Jenkins

  • Sean

    This is not the oldest Pyramid, nor is it the only pyramid to have little grey alien mummies in it, Egypt and Peru had these also and there is photos if you look deep enough

    The Pyramids in Indonesia have yet to be the Oldest Pyramids are in Atlantis, that were said to be found only last year in the Bermuda Triangle

    They are made of Crystal and hold the 3rd hall of records, 1st being in Tibet (Hitler) 2nd being in Egypt ( al-Sisi )

    • Faye

      I just can’t help but wonder if these discoveries are due to frequency drops bringing images into focus .. and with the showing of these dinosaurs .. I’m now wonder if the ascension process will first lower our gravitational field into the underlaying sister realities BEFORE the Shift over to the higher frequency’s gravitational field of the Eden like New Earth ..

      If so that would coincide with some of what the Hopi prophecies said … like “ Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state.  There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations.  … AND “There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days, some from the past and some that we have never seen”

      It would also coincide with that verse which says “every knee must bow” .. which in celestial terms is also referring to lowering frequencies at connecting points … we’re in some interesting times ..

  • hardline

    yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing some pics as evidence

  • summerrose03

    The triceratops footage is from Jurassic Park.

  • Top Cat

    It’s pre flood. Not 65 million years old. Max about 10,000

  • Anonymous

    Just plain POOP.

  • jay67

    Rought translation I can’t believe people are stupid enough to watch us video in a dark hole in a foreign language while we poke fun at them.

  • The Cosmic Truth

    This story is BS

  • bknowl13

    “According to the first results of ground penetrating radar
    (3D laser scanning)”

    They explain radar as laser. THIS is how stupid either they are or they think we are.

  • bknowl13

    The picture from above ground shows a square opening with a wooden framework but in the video of the descent the opening is round and there is no framework (that’s why those at the surface are on a grating).

    They are stupid or they think we are, again. Maybe they think such blatant BS will go un-noticed.

    • Sun Rabbit

      Exactly. And if you check out Anonymous’s post below, he thinks the second picture is actually from Oak Island where supposedly Blackbeard’s treasure is buried, and that was actually the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw it.
      The dead giveaway that this is BS is the second-to-last video where the guys are clearly saying that it’s an old well. The one guy also makes a mistake in calling that dead snake an adder, which it’s not.
      The fact that there’s no images of sidescan sonar, or a picture of the mummy is also telling, as well as the fact that all the sources he cites are superficial at best, possibly even bogus.
      And even if that mummy was 65 mio. years old they can’t use C-14 dating because C-14 has a half life of only a couple thousand years, besides the fact that there’s no real way to date stonework.

  • AmbrociousXP

    I just got done watching the “proof” video of the Pyramid…BUT THERE WAS NO PYRAMID. Completely bogus and I now will not believe this story nor any like it in the future. Everyone must now discredit Alton Perrish for posting utterly outrageous horse manure with NO proof.

    Show us the actual Pyramid up close if you want to provide “PROOF” otherwise you make yourself out to be the equivalent of a completely insane person when you cry out “PROOF! PROOF!” and honestly, there is no proof.

    • Sun Rabbit

      Well Alton Parrish is not exactly an expert on archaeology. He’s a professional market researcher.

  • AmbrociousXP

    Oh look! NOT A PYRAMID! Such amazing proof ya got there.

  • Anonymous

    The picture of the entrance with the rope hanging in it, is from a site supposely showing one of the shafts on Oak Island where Blackbeards treasure is buried.

    • Sun Rabbit

      That’s actually the first thing that popped (or pooped) into my mind when I seen it. I did a reverse image search and it’s not Oak island, but that image is always used by websites who reference either this site or one of those 3 sources he cites above. I did track the story back to its original source, which was a very short article in a Pakistani newspaper where it says it’s from Tbilisi. And Tbilisi is not in Ukraine, but in Georgia. Plus, that guy Vitalii Goh does not seem to be a real person.

  • ExposingTheEnemy

    “Dinosaur” was invented in 1841 by Sir Richard Owens, it means ‘terrible lizard’…. what did we call them before? Well all the lexicons and dictionaries before this.. called them… DRAGONS. You people need to be freed from this EVOLUTION LIE;


  • Jack F00BAR

    You can’t date a rock unless you carbon date a soil sample at the lowest part of the structure. Which, if it’s underground, means it hasn’t been dated. Which means the story is BS. I’d love for this to be true, but it has no data whatsoever supporting this claim.

  • Sam Frodo

    and how your scientist tested dinosaur..that are 65 millions olds? or its only work when your scientist creating BS like Darwinism

  • Sam Frodo

    I know, it’s so difficult to take that Russian Slavo- Aryans were the 1st and original people that populated the world :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  • abnegative

    The depth and layer analysis of the sediment would give some kind of idea of the dating but a guess at best . It is most likely pre flood as many remains found deeply buried are pre flood including many giant skeletal humanoid remains . Would like to see the mumified entity .
    There are many theories supporting the idea of advanced cultures on earth for millions of years so it is not completelt beyond possibility , just beyond the box we have been taught to think inside of by our educational system and mainstream science .
    There have also been unearthed very ancient advanced metal castings/devices in rock itself , this would make these devices well beyond the thousands of years grouping .

  • joshmbp

    So, for those of you that don’t understand how carbon dating works… try this link: ; Essentially, carbon doesn’t disappear in 6000 years, (its half life isn’t even 6000 anyway, its 5730) half of it decays into something else.

    I sort of understand the whole “blind faith” thing, but maybe you should try using your own brain and see what happens. If you have trouble understanding a concept, I am certain that there are many places on the internet that will help you understand the theory. But in the end, the more I think about it, the more “blind faith” seems like mind control to me. Don’t think about it, just put your faith into it. Sounds evil as shit to me. :evil: :twisted: :shock:

  • jknbt

    show us the body & crown

  • Krispy Critter

    The only crap around here is what you left behind, Troll.

  • Krispy Critter

    What happened to the comment that I responded to. Hummm… Is there a new system of comment removal in force here at B4IN?

    (My above “Troll” comment was not meant for the author of this article.)

  • Confederate

    I guess this means the crap they left behind is you, Shill!

  • John

    yippee for you

  • Monnkz

    why are you complaining Krispy? isn’t this the same thing your god worshiping friends do on ?? remove comments they disagree with??

  • Sun Rabbit

    Just look at the date of that article: 3 September 2012, which means it was invented almost 3 years ago. As other readers have pointed out, apparently they don’t have any cameras in Crimea where they could at least show a picture of the mummy? What also cracked me up was that the mummy is 1.3 to 1.4 m in length. I mean, 10 cm is kind of a big difference, isn’t it? So apparently they also don’t have any measuring tape in Crimea as well since they just estimate these things.
    I have an idea: I’m gonna start importing measuring tapes to Crimea, and charge them -oh- 5 to 15 Euros for each of them.

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