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Glenn Beck to Release Name of 70 House Republicans for Showdown w/ John Boehner on Amnesty Bill

Thursday, June 13, 2013 21:48
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Glenn Beck to Release Name of 70 House Republicans for Showdown w/ John Boehner on Amnesty Bill


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    Is this the big “in 24 hours” announcement in which the GOP & Democrats would fall? I thought he had some whistle blower that was going to testify. This must be something else. But what the BIG Announcement?

    • Boxed in Freight

      Knowing the Obots and how they work, I think this is a plant story on BFIN to mislead. This is regular news that everyone already knows. The real story is coming soon. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Equalizer

        Glenn…grow some “brass balls” we are all waiting…if I had your viewership… one would become a “crusader for truth” and once again you just call wolf. Your spinless.

    • TruckerDave

      Yeah. I’m in suspense once again.

  • bill o\'rights

    Please tell me this isn’t the ‘big one’. I don’t think I can handle another false positive right now.

    • DIgnified

      The announcement was some passport that suggests John Roberts might have been blackmailed with the aca. Naughty emails, threats etc.

      • Omerta

        No. It’s the fact that Obama is Osama.

  • wizard

    Bugger. I wait 24 hours for this #hit. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    • hostile177

      You did…really??? Fool me once shame on you…fool me 29 times…who’s the ass now?

  • Monticello

    Another epic fail. Why bother even listening to this shill. Does he really think there’s going to be a political solution to the ills of the U.S.? The politicians ARE the problem.

    • ThenAgain

      People being surprised at this point is a problem. Beck’s pretending to be against amnesty when he’s part of the system. When did he say anthing about Chemtrails or the fake ‘wars’. They pretend to be on one side on a problem while in whole they keep the problems going. It’s fine he’s saying something but this is about the rest of us. How many go to a church that’s pushes amnesty? Why. Notice he says nothing about the TPP which between the TPP ‘trade’ agmt which together with amnesty will kill the US. Best to do, tell others people to pay attention, and for that matter against all immigration at this point. That video Frosty’s always pushing is actually good ‘immigration poverty and gumballs’. It’s only six or seven minutes and makes the point. Should have had a better title but watch it. As for phony beck and limbaugh and the rest, ten years covering up chemtrails speaks for itself. Here’s good vid of beck fake crying -
      Tell others about amnesty and also the TPP trade agmt. Agenda 21 is nothing next to TPP. Those are what people should be protesting on the 4th.

    • hostile177

      He hasn’t been the same since that anal probe they stuck up there went awry.

  • gsummit

    Just another “List” in the pocket. Glenn Beck’s channel must really lose money to go to this extreme over and over.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon, everyone knew it would probably be something lame-o that nobody would do anything about anyway. Politicians doing this type of thing is not news. It’s how things are today. Guaranteed no one will give a damn.

  • hungry4food

    Hey what a way to Increase Consumer Spending HUH ??????
    The Whole Economic Recovery with the 85 billion a month Fed injection is a Fraud just like this Administration’s handling of the policies that are designed to retain power for the Democratic party !!!

    ILLEGAL Immigrants Receive $Billions Yearly via IRS Loophole INCOME TAX FRAUD

    Confluence of Scandals: IRS, FBI, and NSA , Let alone the Political manipulation of this security system to use this Information against a political Opponent which now has been unleashed and will be used by either party because of a presidents selection of an attorney general that will not prosecute the crime , the perversion of the system due to the Threats of civil liability has created the Politically Correct Leverage that is benefiting the Terrorists and is why Free societies are losing the War on Terror is why we are seeing this Breakdown in what was supposed to be a Improvement to a Post 911 security policy .

    • ThenAgain

      And people dumbly go along while the dollar is killed every month non stop. Don’t forget who is behind it all – see also and notice how beck always pushes for zio israel. Not a coincidence. They own it all including media and beck.

  • MG

    People who are against amnesty are actually being paid by the likes of China and IRAN to force the Nation into the worst economic disaster in the history of the United states. The fact is, all the arguments and racists comments are being used to make you mad, so you’ll not be willing to understand the reality of this situation.

    We have no choice but to put the people who are already here onto the books. This isn’t a want this a must happen now.


    Because the economy must expand. Expansion runs our economy.

    CUTS = are loved by our enemies. Because they know if we start cutting, we’ll end up like the Soviet Union a broken shell.

    You can hate mexicans all you want and there’s no law saying you have to like them, but, if your against adding them to the books, your actually working for our enemies.

    You all have a choice, add them to the books, or watch the us go down as the stupidest nation in history.

    • ThenAgain

      No, that ‘expansion’ bs is how we lost tens of millions of jobs thanks to NAFTA and GATT and know-nothing globalist ‘expansion’ parrots as yourself.
      The canard goes ‘if you’re not expanding then you’re contracting’, which anyone capable of thinking for themselves can knows is an absolute Load. Just because a business has reached a steady point does not means it goes out of business. You’re tooling for dupes and amnesty. 70% of illegals are on the dole, the bill also will give a $3000 tax break to employers who hire them over Americans. No one is interested in your math-less sellljob.

  • wanda

    Glen Blech is a hollow gram… that is all he can be….

  • Jarheadusmc

    You can fit all the people in the world into one half the area of Jacksonville, Florida, without touching one another. All man made and used areas add up to less than 1% of the worlds liveable land surface. We produce enough food to feed six times our present popuplation and could produce with just existing farm land enough to feed 200 times our present pop. Wars, droughts, fraud, etc, are the reasons for area shortages, but the world itself can support over 200 times our present pop of 6.6 billion.

    Lastly, God said, multiply and subdue the earth: If there is a God, and I believe there is, He certainly knows what is going on and will take care of whatever is needed – including punishing the majority of us for our sins and apostasy = WAR which is a punishment for sins.

  • babajanks

    What a Jokester go away Beck you a shill….working for the NWO… spewing division and dumb ish….

  • babajanks

    What a Jokester go away Beck you a shill….working for the NWO… spewing division and dumb ish…Boehner Bots … go away Beck you lie no 24. Hr Blockbuster…

  • anonymous

    @jarhead Jacksonville,FLA is the largest land area city in the US, next to Anchorage Alaska, last I heard. Still that stat is impressive.

  • airspoon

    I can’t help but to think that as soon as the mic is cut and they off the air, everyone in that studio breaks out in laughter as Beck himself says, “suuuckers!”

  • Rovi

    I think the 24 hours a long since up!

  • muscadine threefour

    If I might speak for Southern nationalists, on this one issue, they do not associate the party of Lincoln with libertarianism.

  • muscadine threefour

    Discussions on documentation apply directly to the whitebread Americans, who use it to function.

    Time and again, host govts essentially invite a ‘fifth column’ of invaders, to lower the bar of public discourse.

    During the first Civil War, whites were legitimately concerned about how slavery affected their own standing in society.

    You see, to call the invaders subhuman is only half of the process.

    In the second stage, you say the people are no better.

    In the following stage, the change agents become obsolete.

    That’s if history repeats itself.

  • Neil Armstrong

    And if they were really concerned about what Glenn’s about to release he would have already been ‘gotten to’. Like dead, dissapeared or coerced into changing the story.

  • watertiger

    Glenn Beck says 9/11 happened as the 9/11 commission says it did…………..need I say more??????? He is an insider , controlled opposition and always has been. There is 0 truth coming from his mouth.

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